IP to Country + ASN Database

The IP to Country + ASN database is a joined single database that combines the data from our - IP to Country and IP to ASN database. The database join is done with respect to the IP address ranges and is optimized for IP address lookups. It is part of our free IP data downloads offering. The database is updated daily, provides full accuracy and includes both IPv4 and IPv6 information in one database download.

Database Schema

The IP to Country + ASN database contains the following fields:

Field NameExampleData TypeDescription
start_ip1.0.16.0TEXTStarting IP address of an IP address range
end_ip1.0.31.255TEXTEnding IP address of an IP address range
countryJPTEXTISO 3166 country code of the location
country_nameJapanTEXTName of the country
continentASTEXTContinent code of the country
continent_nameAsiaTEXTName of the continent
asnAS2519TEXTAutonomous System Number
as_nameARTERIA Networks CorporationTEXTName of the AS (Autonomous System) organization
as_domainarteria-net.comTEXTOfficial domain or website of the AS organization

Sample Database

A screen image showing the table provided by our IP to Country + ASN Database Download with keys as rows