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Summarize IPs

Summarize IPs is a free IP data visualization tool that allows you to get a visual overview and insights for a list of IP addresses.

Simply paste a list of IPs, or upload a text file, and the tool will visualize the following: location, IP types and privacy statutes, top ASNs and companies they belong to, top countries, and cities. You can summarize upto 500,000 IPs.

Check out these sample reports:Amazon IP Ranges,Abusive IPs

Map of IP Addresses

You can also use this tool via command line by setting the CLI query param.

$cat ipList | curl -XPOST --data-binary @- "ipinfo.io/tools/summarize-ips?cli=1"

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Pingable IP Finder

Pingable IP address lookup is a free tool to help you find IP addresses that can be pinged using the ICMP protocol.