How can I keep an eye on my request volumes?

When logged in your account page shows a graph of your request volumes.

What happens if I exceed my rate limit?

The free plan has a hard rate limit, and we'll return a 429 status code when reached. The paid plans have a soft rate limit, so we'll continue to return the standard response to you and send you an email notification that you've gone over your limit. If it happens regularly we'll ask you to upgrade to a larger plan.

How often do you update your data?

Our data is constantly updated, with many of our fields being refreshed daily. All of our data is updated at least once per month.

Where can I reset my password?

If you've forgot your password you can reset it here. If you can't remember the email address you signed up with then contact support with whatever details you do have and we'll help you track it down.

How can I submit a correction?

See our corrections guide.

How can I contact you?

Your question not answered above, or you want to share some feedback? Get in touch.