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AS16509 –, Inc.

Field Value
Country United States
Hosted domains 100,276,292
Number of IPv4 47,330,560
Number of IPv6 5,191,904,808,727,229,882,747,655,815,168
ASN type Hosting
Registry arin
Allocated 24 years ago on May 04, 2000
Updated 12 years ago on Mar 02, 2012
Netblock Company Num of IPs, Inc. 262,144 Reserved 256 Byte Orbit (PTY) LTD 256 Byte Orbit (PTY) LTD 256 United Communications Networks, LLC. 256 ECOUNT Inc. 256 Microtel Technology Pte Ltd 256 IT Eagle Eye 256 CKMATES INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD 256 VADACOM LIMITED 256 VADACOM LIMITED 256 mlytics 256 mlytics 256 JWS Services Pty Ltd 256 Engage Australia Pty Ltd 256 Axiom Design Studio Pty Ltd 256 MediaMall Technologies, Inc. 256 VX GROUP - AWS 256 Zeald IP Limited 256 Telzio, Inc. 256 Innodata-Isogen India Pvt Ltd 256 PIPELINE PTE LTD 256 Atmail Pty Ltd 256 Enjin PTE LTD 256 ZENDESK PTY LTD 256 ZENDESK PTY LTD 256 Shell Energy Operations Pty Ltd 256 Route Mobile Limited 256 PIPELINE PTE LTD 256 PORTIQO Tech Private Limited 256 Route Mobile Limited 256 Route Mobile Limited 256 Netpico Labs Private Limited 256 MATRIMONY.COM LIMITED 256 CyberLink Corp. 256 CyberLink Corp. 256 SBI Holdings, Inc. 256 SUPER RETAIL GROUP SERVICES PTY LTD 256 FYERS Securities Pvt Ltd 256 Contacta Pty Ltd t/a Sproutsend 512 54N Ltd t/a 54North 256 54N Ltd t/a 54North 256 CoinJar Pty Ltd 256 Setel Ventures Sdn Bhd 256 Isoton Pty. Ltd. t/a Oasis Systems 256 Tosspayments 256 Tosspayments 256 Hubco PTE. LTD. 256 JOBIS Villains Inc 256 Zerodha Technology Private Limited 256 Vista Entertainment Solutions Ltd. 256 APPTIOPTYLTD AU 1 256 APPTIOPTYLTD AU 2 256 SABA SOFTWARE (AUSTRALIA) PTY LIMITED 256 SABA SOFTWARE (AUSTRALIA) PTY LIMITED 256 SABA SOFTWARE (AUSTRALIA) PTY LIMITED 256 SABA SOFTWARE (AUSTRALIA) PTY LIMITED 256 Bigtree Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. 256 A5-DB OPERATIONS (M) BERHAD 256 A5-DB OPERATIONS (M) BERHAD 256 Sportsbet Pty Ltd 256 Unit 24 Hume Ave, Park West Business Park, Dublin 12, D12 YY88, Ireland 256 NINE ENTERTAINMENT CO. PTY LTD 256 Quantcast Corporation 256 ActiveCampaign LLC 256 Quantcast Corporation 256 Quantcast Corporation 256 Taiwan Network Information Center 256 oVice Inc 512 LLC 256 IPXO 256, Inc. 512, Inc. 512 Reflexion Networks, Inc. 256 IPXO 256 Doosan Corporation Digital Innovation 1,024 IPXO 256 TTMFS Singapore Pte Ltd. 256 Sportsbet Pty Ltd 256 Gamesys Ltd. 256 ARN Group Pty Ltd 512 Amazon Data Services Japan KK 2,048 ONEPLACE WEB SOLUTION PRIVATE LIMITED 256 ACL MOBILE LIMITED 256 Gaming Investments Pty Ltd 256 Australia AWS IPA 256 Australia IP 256 Red Matter Limited 256 Red Matter Limited 256 Shell Energy Operations Pty Ltd 256 Infoblox KK 256 Amazon Corporate Services 1,024 Route Mobile PTE Ltd 256 WALKOVER WEB SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED 256 Splunk inc. 256 Amazon Data Services NoVa 256, Inc. 256, Inc. 256, Inc. 256, Inc. 256

The list on this page is limited to 100 results. The totality of IPv4 ranges for this ASN is available through our ASN & IP Ranges APIs.

Netblock Company
2001:43ff:d000::/48 Byte Orbit (PTY) LTD
2001:4f8:11::/48 Internet Systems Consortium, Inc.
2001:4f8:b::/48 Internet Systems Consortium, Inc.
2001:678:264::/48 SIMgroep BV
2001:678:890::/48 Global Supply Chain Finance AG
2001:678:934::/48 PA Media Group Ltd
2001:678:f64::/48 Sean Consulting OU
2001:67c:144::/48 Cliq BV
2001:67c:2c3c::/48 Lars Bo Rasmussen trading as AiO-IT
2001:67c:2ccc::/48 Richemont International SA
2001:67c:b4::/48 Gareth Campling
2001:67c:bf0::/48 PA Media Group Ltd
2001:67c:e0c::/48 Pierre Gaulon
2001:dc1::/48 Taiwan Network Information Center
2001:df0:59c0::/48 Nanjing Tiankai Information Technology Co.Ltd.
2001:df2:b740::/48 Axiom Design Studio Pty Ltd
2001:df2:f8c0::/48 FYERS Securities Pvt Ltd
2001:df3:aac0::/48 S2 Factory Inc
2001:df6:6880::/48 PORTIQO Tech Private Limited
2400:6500::/32 Amazon Asia-Pacific Resources Private Limited
2400:6500:ff00::/48 Amazon Asia-Pacific Resources Private Limited
2400:6700::/32 11F Shibuya Cross Tower
2400:6700:ff00::/48 11F Shibuya Cross Tower
2400:9920::/32 oVice Inc
2400:a4a0:30::/48 2400:a4a0:115::/48
2400:a4a0:41::/48 2400:a4a0:115::/48
2400:a4a0:42::/48 Atmail Pty Ltd
2400:a4a0:a100::/48 Atmail Pty Ltd
2400:a4a0:aaa2::/48 2400:a4a0:115::/48
2400:a4a0:aaa4::/48 2400:a4a0:115::/48
2400:a4a0:aaa5::/48 2400:a4a0:115::/48
2400:a4a0:b100::/48 Atmail Pty Ltd
2401:1d80:3000::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3004::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3008::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:300c::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3010::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3014::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3018::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3020::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3024::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3028::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:302c::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3030::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3034::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3100::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3104::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3108::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:310c::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3110::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3114::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3118::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3120::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3124::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3128::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:312c::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3130::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3134::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3200::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3204::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3208::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:320c::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3210::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3214::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3218::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3220::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3224::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3228::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:322c::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3230::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3234::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3300::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3304::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3308::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:330c::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3310::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3314::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3318::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3320::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3324::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3328::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:332c::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3330::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:3334::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:4000::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:4004::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:4008::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:400c::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:4010::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:4014::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:4018::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:4020::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:4024::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:4030::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:4100::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:4104::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:4108::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:410c::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:4110::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD
2401:1d80:4114::/46 ATLASSIAN PTY LTD

The list on this page is limited to 100 results. The totality of IPv6 ranges for this ASN is available through our ASN & IP Ranges APIs.

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WHOIS Details

ASHandle:       AS16509
OrgID:          AS16509
ASName:         AS16509
ASNumber:       AS16509
RegDate:        0000-00-00
Updated:        0000-00-00
TechHandle:     AA00-AAAA
Source:         AAAA

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Hosted Domains

There are 100,276,292 domain names hosted across 1,053,131 IP addresses on this ASN.

IP Address Domain Domains on this IP ██████████ 28,946,649 ██████████ 28,942,809 ██████████ 8,221,310 ██████████ 8,194,576 ███████ 6,980,186 ███████ 6,978,015 ██████████ 4,790,557 ████████ 4,211,483 ████████ 4,210,152 ██████████ 3,924,872

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There are 512 peers for this ASN.

Peers Name
AS1003 andrewnet
AS1031 PEER 1031 LLC
AS10779 StepBroBD, Inc.
AS1103 SURF B.V.
AS11164 Internet2
AS11178 AccessPlus Communications, Inc.
AS11537 Internet2
AS1221 Telstra Limited
AS12302 Vodafone Romania S.A.
AS12350 VTX Services SA
AS12389 PJSC Rostelecom
AS1239 Sprint
AS12552 GlobalConnect AB
AS1257 Tele2 Sverige AB
AS12637 SEEWEB s.r.l.
AS12713 OTEGlobe
AS1273 Vodafone Group PLC
AS12735 TurkNet Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S.
AS12779 IT.Gate S.p.A.
AS1280 Internet Systems Consortium, Inc.
AS12859 BIT BV
AS12969 Vodafone Iceland
AS1299 Arelion Sweden AB
AS13004 Serbian Open Exchange DOO
AS13030 Init7 (Switzerland) Ltd.
AS13058 serve-u - Buchholz und Suenderhauf GbR
AS13194 UAB "Bite Lietuva"
AS132337 Axclusive
AS13237 euNetworks GmbH
AS132559 Gatik Business Solutions
AS132847 Network Solutions Group Pty Ltd
AS132884 Summit Communications Limited
AS133210 EN Technologies Pte Ltd
AS134823 Sky Digital Co., Ltd.
AS1351 University of Vermont
AS135607 Infinivan Incorporated
AS135814 Extreme Group
AS135895 Centorrino Technologies Pty Ltd
AS136557 Host Universal Pty Ltd
AS137409 GSL Networks Pty LTD
AS13760 Uniti Fiber Holdings Inc.
AS13786 Seabras 1 USA, LLC
AS13830 PureVoltage Hosting Inc.
AS138997 Eons Data Communications Limited
AS139009 Windstream Communication Limited
AS14041 University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
AS140627 OneQode
AS142271 EWS DS Networks Inc
AS14259 Gtd Internet S.A.
AS14490 Nexavo Ltd.
AS14537 Continent 8 LLC
AS14618, Inc.
AS14630 Invesco Group Services, Inc.
AS147295 Metro Engines Inc
AS14840 BR.Digital Provider
AS148968 Falcore Investments Pty Ltd
AS14907 Wikimedia Foundation Inc.
AS149172 54North
AS150000 Data-Beam Business Solution
AS150369 TelHi Corporation
AS151332 CoinJar Pty Ltd
AS152668 PopUp WiFi
AS152744 PT Rapi Utama Indonesia
AS15435 DELTA Fiber Nederland B.V.
AS15547 SA
AS15576 NTS workspace AG
AS15605 Connesi s.p.a.
AS15623 Cyberlink AG
AS15802 Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company PJSC
AS15830 Equinix (EMEA) Acquisition Enterprises B.V.
AS15935 ha-vel internet s.r.o.
AS15943 GmbH
AS15958 CETIN Ltd. Belgrade
AS16238 Telecom2 Ltd.
AS16552 Tiggee LLC
AS17350 Moody's Corp.
AS174 Cogent Communications
AS17494 Telecom Operator & Internet Service Provider as well
AS17639 Converge ICT Solutions Inc.
AS1764 Next Layer Telekommunikationsdienstleistungs- und Beratungs GmbH
AS17676 SoftBank Corp.
AS17766 Nexon Asia Pacific Pty Ltd
AS18041 Taiwan Digital Streaming Co.
AS18106 Viewqwest Pte Ltd
AS18187 Source Telecoms Inc.
AS18233 Philippine Telegraph and Telephone Corporation,
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There are 23 upstreams for this ASN.

upstreams Name
AS1221 Telstra Limited
AS1299 Arelion Sweden AB
AS174 Cogent Communications
AS2914 NTT America, Inc.
AS3257 GTT Communications Inc.
AS3320 Deutsche Telekom AG
AS3356 Level 3 Parent, LLC
AS3491 PCCW Global, Inc.
AS3741 Dimension Data
AS38195 Superloop
AS4637 Telstra Global
AS4755 TATA Communications formerly VSNL is Leading ISP
AS5511 Orange S.A.
AS6461 Zayo Bandwidth
AS6830 Liberty Global B.V.
AS6939 Hurricane Electric LLC
AS701 Verizon Business
AS7018 AT&T Services, Inc.
AS7474 SingTel Optus Pty Ltd
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There are 42 downstreams for this ASN.

Downstreams Name
AS10779 StepBroBD, Inc.
AS14490 Nexavo Ltd.
AS14618, Inc.
AS147295 Metro Engines Inc
AS149172 54North
AS151332 CoinJar Pty Ltd
AS152668 PopUp WiFi
AS152744 PT Rapi Utama Indonesia
AS16238 Telecom2 Ltd.
AS19198 DRW Holdings, LLC
AS198812 Whitelake Communications Limited
AS199873 Ezetop Unlimited Company ULC
AS209975 Edward Campbell trading as INCA
AS211275 Thomas Rogdakis
AS21239 DNS-Belgium
AS213151 Christian Elsen
AS214555 Treasury Limited
AS214618 Hack The Box Ltd
AS215913 Chun Ming Ou
AS215980 Eleftherios Touloumtzidis
AS216107 Noah van der Aa trading as Frumentum Media
AS216304 Ydio LLC
AS216393 Selim Yazicioglu
AS21664, Inc.
AS26341 Corelight, Inc.
AS398378 DISH Wireless L.L.C.
AS400688 Daniel Marks, Sole Proprietorship
AS400785 Partenos, LLC
AS400883 Check Point Software Technologies Inc.
AS400944 PopUp WiFi LLC
AS400989 Ydio LLC
AS401041 Axis Security
AS401305 NIL Investment Link LLC
AS44196 Edward Campbell
AS51019 Kjartan Hrafnkelsson
AS60044 EMnify GmbH
AS62785 Services, LLC
AS7224, Inc.
AS8987 Amazon Data Services Ireland Ltd
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Related Networks

What is an ASN?

Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) are assigned to entities such as Internet Service Providers and other large organizations that control blocks of IP addresses. This network page, and the organization field that's shown on the main IP address information page and also returned in the geolocation API are based on the ASN.

The ASN details will often correspond to the IP address owner, but for smaller organizations it may be that organization's parent, or their ISP. Find out more about AS16509 at robtex.

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