Russia ASN Summary

The report below shows ASNs assigned to Russia, ranked by the total number of IP addresses currently active on each network. Click on the ASN for full IP address information, whois details and more. You can also view our hosting report to see the networks ranked by how many domain names they host.

ASN Name Num IPs
AS12389 PJSC Rostelecom 9,313,536
AS8402 PJSC Vimpelcom 2,264,064
AS8359 MTS PJSC 1,241,344
AS12714 Net By Net Holding LLC 1,209,344
AS3216 PJSC Vimpelcom 1,200,896
AS31133 PJSC MegaFon 787,712
AS42610 PJSC Rostelecom 523,264
AS31200 Novotelecom Ltd 504,832
AS25513 PJSC Moscow city telephone network 449,536
AS49505 OOO Network of data-centers Selectel 378,368
AS8342 JSC RTComm.RU 366,848
AS20485 Joint Stock Company TransTeleCom 355,584
AS39927 E-Light-Telecom Ltd. 352,768
AS8369 Intersvyaz-2 JSC 326,144
AS28812 PJSC Bashinformsvyaz 324,608
AS12332 PJSC Rostelecom 307,200
AS35807 SkyNet Ltd. 305,152
AS20632 PJSC MegaFon 276,224
AS3267 Federal State Institution Federal Scientific Research Institute for System Analysis of the Russian Academy of Sciences 272,896
AS2854 LLC Orange Business Services 263,168
AS8615 Central Telegraph Public Joint-stock Company 262,144
AS41733 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 258,048
AS15774 Limited Liability Company TTK-Svyaz 246,528
AS12958 T2 Mobile LLC 236,288
AS25515 PJSC Rostelecom 234,496
AS21127 Joint Stock Company TransTeleCom 232,448
AS13238 YANDEX LLC 199,936
AS12683 PJSC Rostelecom 198,656
AS24955 JSC Ufanet 193,536
AS200350 Yandex.Cloud LLC 169,984
AS12668 LLC KomTehCentr 164,096
AS12695 LLC Digital Network 162,304
AS12768 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 152,320
AS51604 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 150,272
AS35154 PJSC Rostelecom 147,456
AS25490 PJSC Rostelecom 145,664
AS8732 OJSC Comcor 139,520
AS29124 Iskratelecom CJSC 134,400
AS25159 PJSC MegaFon 123,136
AS50340 OOO Network of data-centers Selectel 122,880
AS51570 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 122,368
AS21453 Flex Ltd. 121,856
AS12772 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 120,064
AS33934 PJSC Rostelecom 119,808
AS56981 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 117,504
AS42682 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 116,736
AS21017 PJSC Rostelecom 114,688
AS13118 PJSC Rostelecom 111,104
AS8570 PJSC Rostelecom 108,544
AS31514 OOO Trivon Networks 106,496
AS34123 Netorn LLC 105,984
AS34533 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 102,656
AS34602 MEGASVYAZ LLC 100,352
AS8371 PJSC Vimpelcom 99,840
AS12722 RECONN LLC 97,024
AS60496 MTS PJSC 95,488
AS31036 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 94,208
AS34665 Petersburg Internet Network ltd. 94,208
AS34137 PJSC Rostelecom 90,112
AS16301 PJSC Rostelecom 90,112
AS3253 PJSC Vimpelcom 89,344
AS47165 Omskie kabelnye seti Ltd. 89,088
AS20597 PJSC Vimpelcom 88,064
AS48642 Joint stock company For 87,808
AS8439 JSC AIST 87,040
AS197695 Domain names registrar REG.RU, Ltd 87,040
AS49392 LLC Baxet 87,040
AS28890 INSYS LLC 87,040
AS8492 OBIT Ltd. 82,944
AS6854 PJSC MegaFon 81,920
AS29182 JSC IOT 79,616
AS29190 MTS PJSC 78,848
AS47764 LLC VK 78,336
AS34584 PJSC Rostelecom 78,080
AS15582 AKADO Stolitsa 76,800
AS31213 PJSC MegaFon 75,264
AS57044 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 74,752
AS29497 MTS PJSC 74,240
AS8595 OOO WestCall Ltd. 74,240
AS34974 PJSC Rostelecom 73,728
AS8470 JSC Macomnet 73,728
AS25086 MTS PJSC 72,704
AS42277 Limited liability company Kursktelecom 71,680
AS35816 Lancom Ltd. 71,168
AS39435 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 70,144
AS15468 PJSC Rostelecom 69,632
AS51645 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 69,120
AS2895 OOO FREEnet Group 68,608
AS56420 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 68,608
AS12418 Quantum CJSC 68,608
AS15640 MTS PJSC 67,584
AS35728 MTS PJSC 67,584
AS13056 PJSC Rostelecom 67,328
AS8443 PJSC Rostelecom 65,536
AS5563 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 65,536
AS2875 Joint Institute for Nuclear Research 65,536
AS8905 Digit One LLC 65,536
AS48524 INTERRA telecommunications group, Ltd. 64,512
AS8580 MTS PJSC 64,256
AS41843 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 64,000
AS25408 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 62,976
AS41668 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 62,976
AS31214 TIS Dialog LLC 62,464
AS3226 OOO NI 62,464
AS6863 PJSC Rostelecom 61,696
AS8331 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 61,696
AS6856 IC-VORONEZH 61,440
AS25227 JSC Avantel 61,184
AS9123 TimeWeb Ltd. 58,624
AS57378 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 58,368
AS42116 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 57,600
AS31163 PJSC MegaFon 57,600
AS50498 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 57,600
AS47241 Joint Stock Company TransTeleCom 57,344
AS16345 PJSC Vimpelcom 56,320
AS50543 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 56,064
AS41682 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 55,040
AS39493 CJSC Kolomna-Sviaz TV 54,272
AS35000 JSC Severen-Telecom 53,248
AS20807 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 52,224
AS52207 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 51,712
AS21353 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 51,456
AS29194 MTS PJSC 50,688
AS34590 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 50,432
AS41560 UGMK-Telecom LLC 50,176
AS50544 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 49,920
AS51819 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 49,664
AS47395 PJSC MegaFon 49,152
AS31359 PJSC Vimpelcom 49,152
AS12730 PJSC Rostelecom 49,152
AS8427 Joint Stock Company TransTeleCom 49,152
AS49342 OOO MediaSeti 48,640
AS30922 MTS PJSC 48,128
AS8334 LLC SETEL 48,128
AS34267 PJSC Rostelecom 47,104
AS25549 JSC Avantel 46,592
AS201776 Miranda-Media Ltd 46,336
AS42038 Krivets Sergey Sergeevich 46,080
AS42362 PJSC Rostelecom 46,080
AS34456 Rial Com JSC 46,080
AS41754 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 45,568
AS31257 Orion Telecom LLC 45,312
AS35539 Information and Communication Technologies LLC 45,056
AS41134 PJSC Rostelecom 45,056
AS16285 Joint Stock Company TransTeleCom 44,544
AS41661 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 43,776
AS50512 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 43,264
AS15974 Joint Stock Company TransTeleCom 43,264
AS29648 PJSC MegaFon 43,008
AS47541 VKontakte Ltd 43,008
AS39812 Closed Joint Stock Company Radiotelephone 41,984
AS8416 Infoline Ltd. 41,984
AS44507 OJSC Kostroma Municipal Telephone Network 41,984
AS8641 LLC Nauka-Svyaz 41,728
AS41727 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 41,216
AS57026 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 41,216
AS6801 Federal State Institution Russian Scientific Center Kurchatovsky institute 40,960
AS49531 NetCom-R LLC 40,960
AS42683 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 40,448
AS29072 Regional Digital Telecommunication Company LLC 39,936
AS42132 Digit One LLC 39,424
AS50923 Metroset Ltd. 39,168
AS41268 LANTA Ltd 38,912
AS35598 Inetcom LLC 38,912
AS50542 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 38,656
AS6789 CRELCOM LLC 38,144
AS51035 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 38,144
AS43478 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 38,144
AS29076 Filanco LLC 37,120
AS31430 OOO Suntel 37,120
AS29470 JSC RetnNet 36,864
AS21365 MTS PJSC 36,864
AS33894 MTS PJSC 36,864
AS41704 JSC Ufanet 36,864
AS48176 OOO SET 36,864
AS30881 MTS PJSC 36,864
AS34038 PJSC Vimpelcom 36,864
AS49063 Dataline Ltd 36,352
AS210079 EuroByte LLC 35,840
AS12688 Joint Stock Company TransTeleCom 35,840
AS35048 Biterika Group LLC 35,328
AS44050 Petersburg Internet Network ltd. 35,328
AS30822 Dubrovskaya Nataliya Vladislavovna 34,816
AS47914 OOO Creative Direct Marketing Solutions 34,816
AS21479 PJSC Rostelecom 34,560
AS205515 Telecommunication Systems LLC 34,048
AS28745 Joint Stock Company TransTeleCom 33,536
AS29226 JSC Mastertel 33,280
AS48347 JSC Mediasoft ekspert 33,280
AS43727 KVANT TELECOM 33,280
AS47438 Pskovline Ltd. 33,280
AS15552 LLC Real-net 33,280
AS31376 Smart Telecom Limited 33,280
AS2683 SINP MSU 33,024
AS31286 MTS PJSC 32,768
AS48212 MTS PJSC 32,768
AS47759 POIG Ltd. 32,768
AS31364 Joint Stock Company TransTeleCom 32,512
AS56534 Comfortel Ltd. 32,256
AS51032 Powernet Ltd 31,744
AS12494 OOO Post ltd 31,744
AS198610 Beget LLC 31,488
AS48287 JSC RU-CENTER 31,232
AS35645 Limited Liability Company VLADINFO 30,720
AS212667 RECONN LLC 30,720
AS38917 INTERCOMTEL Limited Company 30,208
AS57494 Adman LLC 30,208
AS42632 MnogoByte LLC 30,208
AS198541 INTERCOMTEL Limited Company 29,696
AS20985 ArtX LLC 29,696
AS44265 Smoltelecom Ltd 29,696
AS48096 Enterprise Cloud Ltd. 29,440
AS31261 PJSC MegaFon 29,440
AS5495 Saint Petersburg State University 28,928
AS24699 PJSC Rostelecom 28,672
AS2848 Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education Lomonosov Moscow State University 28,672
AS42893 Nord-West Link NP 28,672
AS39442 JSC RDE Unico 28,160
AS35196 Ihor Hosting LLC 27,904
AS31363 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 27,904
AS51659 LLC Baxet 27,904
AS39028 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 27,392
AS29125 PJSC Vimpelcom 27,392
AS34352 MSN Telecom LLC 26,880
AS42514 Signal Service LLC 26,624
AS34300 Internet-Cosmos LLC 26,624
AS42087 MTS PJSC 26,624
AS39264 Region Svyaz Konsalt LLC 26,624
AS21367 Wiland Ltd 26,368
AS42548 PJSC Rostelecom 26,368
AS41786 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 26,368
AS34629 Resurs-Svyaz Ltd 25,856
AS39001 MTS PJSC 25,856
AS197078 Yarnet Ltd 25,600
AS8752 AO ASVT 25,600
AS43793 PJSC Rostelecom 25,600
AS21191 Joint Stock Company TransTeleCom 25,600
AS50060 Annet Ltd. 25,600
AS59815 Kompeatelecom Ltd. 25,600
AS41822 MTS PJSC 25,088
AS35032 LLC SIP NIS 25,088
AS42668 Nevalink, LLC 24,832
AS48092 T2 Mobile LLC 24,576
AS39494 JSC RU-CENTER 24,576
AS35177 PJSC Rostelecom 24,576
AS12846 PJSC Rostelecom 24,576
AS9110 AGTelecom 24,576
AS50596 Informatsionnye Tekhnologii LLC 24,576
AS5567 National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University 24,576
AS35125 PJSC Rostelecom 24,576
AS30784 Iskratelecom CJSC 24,576
AS24626 Joint Stock Company TransTeleCom 24,576
AS56330 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 24,320
AS44056 Trytech Ltd. 24,320
AS30968 OOO National Telecommunications 24,064
AS15673 Teleseti Plus Ltd. 24,064
AS34139 TSI Service JSC 23,552
AS48940 Link Ltd. 23,552
AS21487 PJSC Rostelecom 23,552
AS49048 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 23,296
AS31499 Ekaterinburg-2000 LLC 23,040
AS25308 CityLanCom LTD 23,040
AS31205 PJSC MegaFon 22,784
AS31357 Limited Company Information and Consulting Agency 22,784
AS61400 Start LLC 22,784
AS48166 FORTEX CJSC 22,528
AS8491 Scientific-Production Enterprise Business Sviaz Holding LLC 22,528
AS3058 Federal State Institution Federal Scientific Research Institute for System Analysis of the Russian Academy of Sciences 22,528
AS210512 Internet Technologies LLC 22,272
AS41403 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 22,272
AS39728 Likhno Dmitriy trading as Luganet 22,016
AS34757 Sibirskie Seti Ltd. 22,016
AS15638 Octopusnet LTD 22,016
AS41789 LLC Teledyne Systems Limited 22,016
AS39134 United Network LLC 22,016
AS15493 Russian company LLC 21,760
AS8636 MAXnet Systems Ltd. 21,760
AS47694 Level-MSK Ltd. 21,504
AS43530 Limited Liability Company Irtelcom 21,504
AS8345 Irkutsk Business Net 21,504
AS13055 JSC Comstar-Regions 21,504
AS48475 Closed Joint Stock Company Oskolnet 21,504
AS8920 JSC RTComm.RU 21,504
AS196739 Success Ltd 21,504
AS21483 PJSC Vimpelcom 21,248
AS15672 OOO Telecom TZ 20,992
AS20870 Joint Stock Company TransTeleCom 20,992
AS48430 Perviy TSOD LLC 20,992
AS43317 FNK LLC 20,736
AS57227 Subnet LLC 20,736
AS35271 JSC AVIEL 20,480
AS15759 PJSC Rostelecom 20,480
AS5468 Yeltsin UrFU, Ural Federal University 20,480
AS21332 PJSC Vimpelcom 19,968
AS44676 Perviy TSOD LLC 19,712
AS44347 Limited Company SiNT 19,456
AS204144 Comfort XXI Century Ltd. 19,456
AS31195 PJSC MegaFon 19,456
AS24689 JSC Rosin.telekom 19,456
AS13259 Delta Telesystems Ltd. 19,456
AS15757 Joint Stock Company Gazprom Space Systems 19,456
AS43314 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 19,456
AS43714 Production co-operative Economic-legal laboratory 19,456
AS39289 OOO MediaSeti 19,456
AS44724 Octopusnet LTD 19,456
AS30733 JSC Globus-Telecom 19,456
AS197023 MTS PJSC 19,200
AS50477 Svyaz-Energo Ltd. 18,944
AS199274 Serveroid, LLC 18,944
AS48781 AVK-computer ltd 18,944
AS208677 Cloud technology Limited (Ltd.) 18,688
AS8749 JSC Redcom-lnternet 18,688
AS48209 OOO LANCRONIX 18,688
AS39578 Ltd Maxima 18,432
AS49718 Nizhnevolzhskie Telecommunication Networks Real LLC 18,432
AS41330 T2 Mobile LLC 18,432
AS43274 Teleradiocompany Teleos-1 Ltd 18,432
AS196750 SETI WEBA LTD 18,432
AS56361 Orgtechservice Ltd 18,432
AS42742 InterkamService LLC 18,432
AS48282 Hosting technology LTD 18,176
AS34150 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 17,920
AS48320 KETIS Ltd. 17,920
AS207651 Hosting technology LTD 17,920
AS41535 Rusonyx, Ltd. 17,920
AS56340 Grand Ltd 17,664
AS34550 LLC Intercon 17,664
AS42892 PE Filimonov Boris Yurievich 17,408
AS51669 Home Computer Networks ltd. 17,408
AS33991 Igra-Service LLC 17,408
AS43660 Shupashkartrans-K Ltd. 17,408
AS35751 Internet Tekhnologii LLC 17,408
AS8299 JVC INFOTEL 17,408
AS25592 NETIS Telecom Inc. 17,408
AS12543 PJSC Vimpelcom 17,408
AS51004 Sakhalin Cable Telesystems Ltd 17,408
AS6761 Invest Development LLC 17,408
AS59713 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 17,408
AS30745 Site LLC 17,152
AS28884 MTS PJSC 17,152
AS51522 ONLINE LLC 16,896
AS42239 Ltd. Cypher 16,896
AS25100 Non state educational institution Educational Scientific and Experimental Center of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology 16,896
AS43782 Joint Stock Company TransTeleCom 16,896
AS42110 PJSC Vimpelcom 16,896
AS51034 Weacom Ltd 16,896
AS39045 Gazprom telecom LLC 16,896
AS208397 INFOSTROY LLC 16,640
AS6694 Association of financial market participants Nonprofit Partnership for the Development of Financial Market RTS 16,640
AS31208 PJSC MegaFon 16,640
AS5387 Federal Research Center for Information and Computational Technologies 16,640
AS56377 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 16,640
AS44206 Sibirskie Seti Ltd. 16,640
AS201952 LTD AtelRybinsk 16,384
AS42145 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 16,384
AS25591 BCLan LLC 16,384
AS42429 Tele.RU Ltd. 16,384
AS41802 Limited Liability Company Kvidex-Telecom 16,384
AS196949 Natalia Sergeevna Filicheva 16,384
AS28947 ZAO InT 16,384
AS49483 SKAT-Media Ltd. 16,384
AS44068 Style-Com LLC 16,384
AS49120 Gorset Ltd. 16,384
AS3218 Federal State Budgetary Institution of Science Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 16,384
AS49218 Nizhnetagilskie Kompyuternye Seti LLC 16,384
AS38951 PJSC Rostelecom 16,384
AS51812 KTVS Ltd. 16,384
AS48249 Capital Telecom Limited Company 16,384
AS13227 Kraft-S LLC 16,384
AS30721 SatGate LLC 16,384
AS24588 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 16,384
AS12976 CITIC Telecom CPC Rus LLC 16,384
AS8241 Nets and Services JCS 16,384
AS34205 PJSC Rostelecom 16,384
AS49136 Telecommunication networks Ltd 16,384
AS31425 PJSC Vimpelcom 16,384
AS31028 Novoe Kabelnoe Television Ltd. 16,384
AS12380 PJSC Rostelecom 16,384
AS34896 Vostoktelecom Telephone Company Limited Liability Company 16,384
AS49776 Gorset LLC 16,384
AS21378 PJSC Rostelecom 16,384
AS49816 MTS PJSC 16,384
AS34168 PJSC Rostelecom 16,384
AS12679 Sokolov Dmitry Nikolaevich 16,128
AS35401 AO Tele-Service Tula 16,128
AS5429 Telecommunications center UMOS, LLC 16,128
AS42322 MTS PJSC 15,872
AS43567 UG-TELECOM Ltd. 15,872
AS39785 Nemerov Evgeniy Vladimirovish PE 15,872
AS20533 PJSC Vimpelcom 15,360
AS47236 CityLink Ltd 15,360
AS60098 CJSC Insit-Invest 15,360
AS42387 Limited Company Svyazservice 15,360
AS16083 StackNet Service, LLC 15,360
AS41575 Intercity Ltd. 15,104
AS43132 PJSC Rostelecom 14,848
AS31224 PJSC MegaFon 14,848
AS9177 RTA Telecom Ltd. 14,848
AS34879 OOO Sovremennye setevye tekhnologii 14,848
AS49291 Interproekt Ltd. 14,848
AS40993 MTS PJSC 14,592
AS39775 Limited Liability Company HyperNet 14,592
AS13174 MTS PJSC 14,592
AS202423 PE Viktor Tyurin 14,592
AS35558 Izhevsk Network Technologies Ltd 14,336
AS59793 Corporate Internet Service Provider LLC 14,336
AS58002 JSC Svyazinform 14,336
AS42678 JSC Meganet 14,336
AS48190 T2 Mobile LLC 14,336
AS210457 Denis Pyatkov 14,336
AS42304 Nemerov Evgeniy Vladimirovish PE 14,336
AS47626 Timer, LLC 14,336
AS47844 Powernet Ltd 14,336
AS44882 Vsevnet Ltd. 14,336
AS39858 MTS PJSC 14,336
AS13257 PJSC Vimpelcom 14,336
AS41034 Ltd. SPAImpulse 14,080
AS42007 Perviy TSOD LLC 14,080
AS196797 Joint Stock Company TransTeleCom 14,080
AS3175 Filanco LLC 14,080
AS44533 Alexey Geiner 13,824
AS197298 Multifunctional Telecommunications Systems LTD 13,824
AS15378 T2 Mobile LLC 13,824
AS15428 DagNet Ltd. 13,824
AS44128 Internet-Pro LLC 13,824
AS196991 System Operator of the United Power System, JSC 13,568
AS47954 Alpha Net Telecom Ltd 13,568
AS20764 CJSC RASCOM 13,568
AS49476 JSC Multiregional Transittelecom 13,568
AS30855 Tele-plus LLC 13,568
AS202984 Chernyshov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich 13,568
AS13178 LLC Real-net 13,312
AS213220 Alexander M. Belov 13,312
AS47119 VL-Telecom + Ltd 13,312
AS33871 Norilsk-Telecom JSC 13,312
AS41349 Limited Liability Company MVM Technology 13,312
AS42676 Joint Stock Company Smartkom 13,312
AS47193 LAN-Optic, Ltd 13,312
AS45027 LLC Internet Tehnologii 13,312
AS31724 Svyazist LLC 13,312
AS29456 PJSC Rostelecom 13,312
AS31484 Westcall 13,312
AS51515 Vega-Service, LLC 13,312
AS38934 Pride Limited company 13,312
AS196695 NetOne Rus JSC 13,056
AS56694 LLC Smart Ape 13,056
AS24936 Plusinfo OOO 12,800
AS44391 JSC Elektrosvyaz 12,800
AS196742 LLC Ekran 12,800
AS43966 IT REGION LTD 12,800
AS3316 Joint-stock company Internet Exchange MSK-IX 12,800
AS16256 MTS PJSC 12,544
AS29329 Resource-M LLC 12,544
AS47684 Stroytechservice LLC 12,288
AS16230 Company Skynet Ltd 12,288
AS16043 PJSC Vimpelcom 12,288
AS12724 Prokhorov General Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, RAS (GPI) 12,288
AS41976 PJSC MegaFon 12,288
AS33993 Information and Communication Technologies LLC 12,288
AS8629 Moscow Center of New Telecommunication Technologies JSC 12,288
AS48149 Ivanteevskie telecommunicacii Ltd 12,288
AS31643 Gorodskaya elektronnaya svyaz Ltd 12,288
AS51042 Klimovsk network Ltd 12,288
AS8744 OOO MediaSeti 12,288
AS51200 LLC Digital Dialogue-Nets 12,288
AS5386 Federal State Budgetary Institution of Science Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 12,288
AS49583 Kom lan Ltd 12,288
AS49779 Joint-Stock Company Investpribor 12,288
AS56791 CityTelekom Ltd. 12,288
AS196638 Promtelecom 12,032
AS57363 CDNvideo LLC 11,776
AS50289 Limited Liability Company WELLCOM-L 11,776
AS57271 BitWeb LLC 11,776
AS20655 e-Style ISP LLC 11,776
AS34467 JSC Telephone Company Sotcom 11,776
AS44587 MEGACOM-IT LLC 11,776
AS29554 Svyaznoy Chain LLC 11,520
AS12737 KrasPromStroy, LLC 11,520
AS50928 PJSC MegaFon 11,264
AS45054 METROBIT Ltd. 11,264
AS21480 PJSC Vimpelcom 11,264
AS47562 Fast Link Ltd 11,264
AS200044 Stack Group, LLC 11,264
AS48481 KINGISEPP-ONLINE Ltd. 11,264
AS35815 Center-Telekom LLC 11,264
AS39153 LLC SETEL 11,264
AS25880 Public joint-stock company RUTELEKOM 11,264
AS30936 RENET COM Ltd. 11,264
AS52043 LLC "Multiservice" 11,264
AS34485 Svyaznoy Chain LLC 11,264
AS47531 GorPTUs OOO 11,264
AS42478 Yug-Link Ltd. 11,264
AS42233 OOO Lux 11,264
AS199420 OOO Fly Engeneering Group 11,264
AS24810 TELESET KAZAN 11,008
AS59504 LLC Vpsville 11,008
AS48400 MTS PJSC 11,008
AS205952 Rusonyx, Ltd. 11,008
AS9049 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 11,008
AS8901 GKU Mosgortelecom 11,008
AS206766 LLC Internet Tehnologii 11,008
AS42065 ZAO ElectronTelecom 11,008
AS204490 Kontel LLC 11,008
AS30749 PJSC Rostelecom 10,752
AS40995 Sibirskie Seti Ltd. 10,752
AS49037 Mikhail Mayorov 10,752
AS49821 Electrica LLC 10,496
AS56689 Elitel Telecom Group Ltd 10,496
AS31370 OOO Gruppa MosLine 10,496
AS49368 DomoLAN Ltd. 10,240
AS41691 PJSC Rostelecom 10,240
AS50911 LLC Electron-Telecom 10,240
AS49814 TomGate LLC 10,240
AS49055 New information technologies Ltd 10,240
AS35810 BIG TELECOM JSC 10,240
AS48327 Ray-Svyaz Ltd. 10,240
AS48044 Chita-On-Line Ltd. 10,240
AS50473 Altagen JSC 10,240
AS47530 Novokuznetsk Telecom Ltd 10,240
AS20483 EUROCOM Ltd. 10,240
AS34892 PJSC Rostelecom 10,240
AS12739 CJSC Netline 10,240
AS47211 OOO Kolpinskie Internet-Seti 10,240
AS39799 MTS PJSC 10,240
AS44736 MTS PJSC 10,240
AS43404 Fastnet LLC 10,240
AS6903 Rusonyx, Ltd. 9,984
AS57214 Vidikon-K, CJSC 9,984
AS199599 Telecom-Birzha, LLC 9,984
AS5467 Non state educational institution Educational Scientific and Experimental Center of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology 9,984
AS31323 United Networks Ltd. 9,984
AS42498 Gerkon LTD 9,984
AS44172 Courier Plus Ltd. 9,728
AS196936 Art-telecom Ltd. 9,728
AS29319 Informational-measuring systems Ltd. 9,728
AS204720 CDNetworks LLC 9,728
AS42574 Novaya Sibir Plus Ltd. 9,728
AS197498 VERBETA Ltd. 9,728
AS12403 Telecommunication company FEONET+ LLC 9,728
AS197460 Zencom LTD 9,728
AS48467 Pronet LLC 9,472
AS47586 Business Svyaz 9,472
AS34241 New Communication Technologies LLC 9,472
AS24638 Rambler Internet Holding LLC 9,472
AS56690 VNET LLC 9,472
AS47156 Malnet LTD. 9,472
AS212441 Cloud assets LLC 9,472
AS47111 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 9,472
AS42437 T2 Mobile LLC 9,472
AS60388 Limited Liability Company Transneft Telecom 9,216
AS201848 Trader soft LLC 9,216
AS50716 Ltd 9,216
AS44895 MTS PJSC 9,216
AS38976 Arkhangelsk Television Company Ltd 9,216
AS44484 X-Trim Ltd. 9,216
AS39860 Inteks Service Ltd. 9,216
AS51219 Closed Joint Stock Company CROC incorporated 9,216
AS29069 PJSC Rostelecom 9,216
AS44417 JSC Neotelecom 9,216
AS59508 Krasnoyarsk network Ltd. 9,216
AS56864 Xeon LLC 9,216
AS15930 WIPLINE, LLC 9,216
AS48822 Universum bit Ltd. 9,216
AS48128 Obyedinyonniye Lokalniye Seti Ltd. 9,216
AS15682 ITERANET LLC 9,216
AS6858 Comlink Telecom Ltd. 9,216
AS41148 Zolotaya Linia Ltd. 9,216
AS35239 LLC Balttelecom 9,216
AS34747 PJSC Vimpelcom 9,216
AS45051 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 9,216
AS60490 MTS PJSC 9,216
AS51592 OOO Svift Telecom 9,216
AS50313 TESLATEL LLC 9,216
AS44300 LLC IPLS 9,216
AS48515 Praktika Ltd. 9,216
AS207027 LLC Eximius 9,216
AS49724 CJSC Vainah Telecom 9,216
AS44270 TC TOR LLC 9,216
AS56580 Cybercom Ltd. 9,216
AS42740 Backstage Ltd. 8,960
AS41601 NEO Print Ltd. 8,960
AS61390 Garant-G Ltd. 8,960
AS41722 Miran Ltd. 8,960
AS43148 MTS PJSC 8,960
AS28968 JSC Evrasia Telecom Ru 8,960
AS20895 Yuzhniy TELECOM ltd. 8,960
AS207967 Anton Mamaev 8,960
AS34771 Megaseti Ltd. 8,704
AS42589 UDP Ltd. 8,704
AS43574 PJSC Rostelecom 8,704
AS31444 SeaExpress Ltd. 8,704
AS49350 MTS PJSC 8,704
AS44030 OtradnoeNet Ltd. 8,704
AS15934 PJSC Rostelecom 8,704
AS29071 Sputnikovaya svyaz LLC 8,448
AS59624 Federal State Institution Russian Scientific Center Kurchatovsky institute 8,448
AS49352 Domain names registrar REG.RU, Ltd 8,448
AS201052 Autonomous nonprofit organisation "Computer Incident Response Center" 8,448
AS8249 PJSC Rostelecom 8,448
AS51343 Telecom Service LLC 8,448
AS47196 Garant Park Internet 8,448
AS44387 PE Radashevsky Sergiy Oleksandrovich 8,448
AS8592 Research and production firm IMT-Center OOO 8,192
AS34552 PJSC MegaFon 8,192
AS12685 Sibitex Ltd 8,192
AS6699 Institute of Mathematic and Mechanic of Ural Department of Russian Science Academy 8,192
AS25096 Varyagi LLC 8,192
AS50671 First Digital TV Ltd 8,192
AS41842 SINERGIYA Ltd. 8,192
AS30854 Velnet Telecom, LLC 8,192
AS47723 Softline Trade JSC 8,192
AS56407 Zhigulevsk Cable Network LLC 8,192
AS50071 MTS PJSC 8,192
AS25355 Intelecom LLC 8,192
AS8410 NovInvestRezerv, LLC 8,192
AS207744 MEGALINK LLC 8,192
AS8507 JSC Laboratory of New Information Technologies LANIT 8,192
AS39709 EXTREME LTD 8,192
AS49893 Bitrace telecom Ltd. 8,192
AS39586 NPP Saturn Telecom Ltd. 8,192
AS28900 JSC Centrinform 8,192
AS57534 PE Ahmedov Alil Aliomarovich 8,192
AS57261 YarTV Ltd. 8,192
AS49060 Elena Shlapak 8,192
AS20576 Gazprom telecom LLC 8,192
AS58285 Atri Ltd. 8,192
AS39178 Optilink Ltd 8,192
AS42518 Unet Communication LLC 8,192
AS41465 Limited Liability Company VolgoGazTelecom 8,192
AS47385 JSC RU-CENTER 8,192
AS48416 Information Network, LLC 8,192
AS41302 KVS Ltd 8,192
AS58158 KTV Ltd. 8,192
AS24789 PJSC Rostelecom 8,192
AS6868 Moscow State Technical University named NE Bouwman (state enterprise no commercial organisation) 8,192
AS6820 Communication, Communications, Informatics Ltd. 8,192
AS9113 VLANT LLC 8,192
AS48036 OOO Scientific-Production Enterprise Edma 8,192
AS9039 Institute of information & analytical technologies IIAT, Limited 8,192
AS34351 MTS PJSC 8,192
AS13079 Zond Holding JSC 8,192
AS5598 Teleradiocompany Nadezhda Ltd 8,192
AS6673 INCOMA JSC 8,192
AS25189 AO Countrycom 8,192
AS8828 PJSC Rostelecom 8,192
AS59559 Elektronnyj Yugansk Ltd 8,192
AS57333 KaspiyTelekom Ltd. 8,192
AS8515 CJSC DataForce IP 8,192
AS51973 Koltushsky Internet Ltd 8,192
AS30835 STEC.COM LLC 8,192
AS8663 Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education Kuban State University 8,192
AS8675 PJSC Rostelecom 8,192
AS45013 LLC Econotel 8,192
AS57396 PE Aliev Magomed Kadievich 8,192
AS8684 State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "Perm State University" 8,192
AS24665 PJSC Rostelecom 8,192
AS5573 PJSC Rostelecom 8,192
AS42289 ITMO University 8,192
AS8557 PJSC Rostelecom 8,192
AS51009 LLC Company NICOS 8,192
AS31558 MTS PJSC 8,192
AS56476 City-Line Ltd. 8,192
AS197453 Biz Telecom LLC 8,192
AS8377 Awanti Ltd. 8,192
AS31275 LLC Telecom-Service 8,192
AS31225 JSC Oblcom 8,192
AS13095 PJSC Vimpelcom 8,192
AS56487 Sotrudnik LTD 8,192
AS8395 East Telecom Ltd. 8,192
AS34470 PortTelekom LLC 8,192
AS20702 JSC Russian Railways 8,192
AS24783 PJSC Rostelecom 8,192
AS12925 SINP MSU 8,192
AS211101 Nasteka Maksim Viktorovich 8,192
AS12335 Tario Communications LLC 8,192
AS28881 PJSC Bashinformsvyaz 8,192
AS41925 Limited Liability Company Izet Telecom Ural 8,192
AS20919 IBS DataFort LLC 7,936
AS57803 TeleServis Ltd 7,936
AS31059 Avelacom Business Ltd. 7,936
AS199860 Xelent 7,936
AS41275 Lovitel LLC 7,936
AS34287 T2 Mobile LLC 7,936
AS56707 OOO NETCOM 7,936
AS197394 JSC Telecommunications 21 7,936
AS39399 Private Enterprise Firma Fenix VT 7,936
AS48470 Joint Stock Company MTU Kristall 7,680
AS33892 The municipal enterprise "Severskelektrosviaz" 7,680
AS41341 Joint Stock Company TransTeleCom 7,680
AS25530 SFT Company LLC 7,680
AS197204 TeleMaks Ltd 7,680
AS201211 LLC Tvoi Telecom 7,680
AS8568 PJSC Rostelecom 7,680
AS197831 Telekom Ltd 7,680
AS8904 Bank of Russia 7,680
AS44266 TEHNO Limited Company 7,680
AS16300 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 7,680
AS212702 LLC KMS-KOM 7,680
AS31483 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 7,680
AS42516 Sovtest-Internet Limited Liability Company 7,680
AS48738 Teleset ltd. 7,680
AS201825 Rusphone OOO 7,424
AS204161 Alexey Geiner 7,424
AS44552 Altura ltd. 7,424
AS39248 NETCOM LLC 7,424
AS12555 Data-center IMAQLIQ Ltd. 7,424
AS62429 C.S.T. Ltd. 7,424
AS44927 LLC Telecom MPK 7,424
AS34518 Radiokom Ltd. 7,424
AS43865 Intek-M LLC 7,424
AS209024 MTS PJSC 7,424
AS42031 Plus Telecom LLC 7,424
AS30833 Technology & Networks LLC 7,168
AS41829 Regionset Ltd 7,168
AS15868 Nalchik-Telecom Ltd 7,168
AS48739 SPUTNIK LTD 7,168
AS48541 MTS PJSC 7,168
AS48687 Noviton Ltd 7,168
AS57128 JSC Ufanet 7,168
AS43045 Svyaz-Holding Ltd. 7,168
AS57334 SPb GUP ATS Smolnogo 7,168
AS34975 Azimut-R Ltd. 7,168
AS57010 IT House, Ltd 7,168
AS34703 LTD Pokrovsky radiotelefon 7,168
AS28769 Joint Stock Company TransTeleCom 7,168
AS43362 Hosting Ltd 7,168
AS21446 SOTEL LLC 7,168
AS42526 Sll Computer & Communication System 7,168
AS42385 Joint-stock company Internet Exchange MSK-IX 7,168
AS42148 Beirel Telecom LLC 7,168
AS57487 Advanced Solutions LLC 6,912
AS44493 Chelyabinsk-Signal LLC 6,912
AS20663 PJSC MegaFon 6,912
AS8985 Joint-stock company Internet Exchange MSK-IX 6,912
AS44843 MSS LLC. 6,912
AS43370 OBIT Ltd. 6,912
AS43209 Get-Net LLC 6,912
AS50556 OOO KISS 6,656
AS201250 Zelenaya Tochka Lipetsk LLC 6,656
AS33987 Netway ltd 6,656
AS49325 Kvartal Plus Ltd 6,656
AS44622 Telecom Plus Ltd. 6,656
AS48257 Computer information technology Ltd. 6,656
AS9032 Educational Network Ltd. 6,656
AS204895 Yury Dolin 6,656
AS43434 Contact TV Inc. 6,656
AS59595 Teneta Telekom Ltd. 6,656
AS29304 JSC SATIS-TL-94 6,656
AS39735 Permtelecom Ltd 6,656
AS43797 The Federal Guard Service of the Russian Federation 6,656
AS35298 PJSC MegaFon 6,656
AS41771 MTS PJSC 6,656
AS28761 CrimeaCom South LLC 6,656
AS8774 OOO Kompaniya Etype 6,400
AS47342 Tario Ltd. 6,400
AS16321 Aiconet Ltd. 6,400
AS34573 Information-Computer Center Oberon Plus, LLC 6,400
AS44812 IP SERVER LLC 6,400
AS48614 ITSOFT LLC 6,400
AS25531 PJSC Rostelecom 6,400
AS41566 Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics" 6,144
AS8981 Voronezh State University 6,144
AS48479 KUBAN-TELECOM Ltd. 6,144
AS47895 LTD Erline 6,144
AS25520 JSC Futures Telecom 6,144
AS49403 AVK-Wellcom Ltd. 6,144
AS42291 OOO Istranet 6,144
AS48858 LLC Milecom 6,144
AS39156 First Telecom Ltd 6,144
AS8324 South Ural State University 6,144
AS24811 Joint Stock Company Kuzbassenergosviaz 6,144
AS24787 Sprint Net Ltd. 6,144
AS50174 Intexcom OOO 6,144
AS8291 The Federal Guard Service of the Russian Federation 6,144
AS47478 MSTN CJSC 6,144
AS60139 Sever Telecom JSC 6,144
AS197628 Sudak-Net LLC 6,144
AS197175 Albina Anatoljevna Kolesnik, PE 6,144
AS50214 QWARTA LLC 6,144
AS9206 Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences 6,144
AS31512 OJSC Telecommunications FEZ Nakhodka 6,144
AS25511 JSC Ruscentrosvyaz 6,144
AS31240 Hosting Telesystems OOO 6,144
AS52194 IT Ltd 6,144
AS6874 Perm National Research Polytechnic University 6,144
AS50367 OOO BENET 6,144
AS49293 Digital Tehnology Ltd 6,144
AS42575 Murmansk Multiservice Networks-ShPD LLC 6,144
AS50406 MTS PJSC 6,144
AS51507 Ltd Intellect net 6,144
AS57456 Intek-Mytischi LLC 5,888
AS48293 Uniontel Ltd 5,888
AS12690 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 5,888
AS58136 OOO RGTS "Parus" 5,888
AS51178 JSC Avantel 5,888
AS44257 MTS PJSC 5,888
AS31566 SkyNetwork Ltd. 5,888
AS31368 Astelnet Ltd. 5,888
AS5480 State Educational institution for High professional education 'Southern Federal University' 5,888
AS5547 Joint-stock company Orient-Telecom 5,888
AS24680 JS Company Compnet 5,888
AS49301 Joint Stock Company TransTeleCom 5,888
AS50299 Thyphone Communications LLC 5,632
AS51070 TOKS Ltd 5,632
AS59833 JSC Sevastopol Telekom 5,632
AS48573 Limited Liability Company Network Fast System Telecom 5,632
AS62415 Marktel LLC 5,632
AS47286 OTS Ltd. 5,632
AS30960 OOO Scientific-Production Center Tetra 5,632
AS43973 QIWI JSC 5,632
AS24823 VTB Bank (Public Joint-Stock Company) 5,632
AS50427 Orion Telecom LLC 5,376
AS48485 Crane Ltd 5,376
AS57724 DDOS-GUARD LTD 5,376
AS198056 TeleOka Kom Ltd. 5,376
AS60747 MODUS LLC 5,376
AS44963 Stavtelecom LLC 5,376
AS16262 Datacheap Ltd. 5,376
AS16143 OOO NIIR-RadioNet 5,376
AS56592 Telewest Inet Ltd. 5,376
AS34211 Lanport-S LLC 5,120
AS62205 Unitel, LLC 5,120
AS201826 LLC eratelecom company 5,120
AS50449 Limited Liability Company Kvant 5,120
AS40966 ZAO Web Hosting 5,120
AS60771 Comiten Corp LLC 5,120
AS60569 ARD Teleport LTD. 5,120
AS209687 KVANT LLC 5,120
AS51218 Zvuk LLC 5,120
AS49863 Lite-Telecom Limited 5,120
AS60459 OOO Flexline-N 5,120
AS49732 Joint Stock Company Tyvasviazinform 5,120
AS60042 OnTelecom LLC 5,120
AS49377 JSCYamaltelekom 5,120
AS202486 TSK LLC 5,120
AS62440 Terralink LLC 5,120
AS21143 Tula State University 5,120
AS58067 Chitatehenergy JSC 5,120
AS39101 Piter-telecom Ltd. 5,120
AS39087 P.A.K.T LLC 5,120
AS16012 MTS PJSC 5,120
AS39046 Theorema Telecom Limited 5,120
AS57781 LLC Yarteleservice 5,120
AS35738 Kvant ltd. 5,120
AS30767 JSC Tagil Telecom 5,120
AS43247 YooMoney NBCO LLC 5,120
AS57251 LLC Intelcom 5,120
AS198110 LLC VISTlink 5,120
AS34887 Center of Information Technologies of Republic Tatarstan GUP 5,120
AS47118 MAN net Ltd. 5,120
AS34784 RuSat Ltd. 5,120
AS45055 Dontechsvyaz LLC 5,120
AS203972 LLC TatAISneft 5,120
AS43882 SOT LINE Limited Company 5,120
AS43521 Recom LLC 5,120
AS43667 Vermont-IT Limited Liability Company 5,120
AS43670 New Telecommunication Company Ltd. 5,120
AS52201 OOO Suntel 5,120
AS43550 DalSatCom LTD 5,120
AS30852 OJSC Volgainformnet 5,120
AS43270 Sergei Chubenko 5,120
AS43226 SafeData LLC 5,120
AS52015 Dancer LLC 5,120
AS43319 GP Internet Ltd. 5,120
AS30729 TRANSFER Ltd. 5,120
AS42765 INFOTECH LTD. 5,120
AS29303 Ltd PermInterCom 5,120
AS42339 Chaika Telecom Petersburg Limited Company 5,120
AS49828 LLC DARNET 4,864
AS213191 Osipenko Alexander Nikolaevich 4,864
AS41066 JSC RTComm.RU 4,864
AS64429 DDS Service LLC 4,864
AS64419 Ecotel, Ltd. 4,864
AS12616 Filanco LLC 4,864
AS205853 BiTime LLC 4,864
AS57712 NPF SOFTVIDEO Ltd. 4,864
AS47594 LC COMLINK 4,864
AS8711 JSC Avantel 4,864
AS44112 SpaceWeb Ltd 4,864
AS62300 Intercom LLC 4,608
AS25299 Kompeatelecom Ltd. 4,608
AS197068 HLL LLC 4,608
AS21051 LLC VK 4,608
AS42187 Regional Information Technologies Ltd. 4,608
AS196791 RTA Svyaz Ltd. 4,608
AS198770 Virtual infrastructures Ltd. 4,608
AS42861 Foton Telecom CJSC 4,608
AS48226 OOO INFOKOM 4,608
AS51011 P-T-K Ltd 4,608
AS47522 LLC NETFORT 4,608
AS197309 RS-Media LLC 4,608
AS47397 Base Ltd. 4,608
AS47323 LLC PioneerNet 4,608
AS44941 ZAO Astrakhan Digital Television 4,608
AS199669 Okay-Telecom Ltd. 4,608
AS34479 Federal Research Center for Information and Computational Technologies 4,608
AS25478 iHome LLC 4,608
AS21438 Joint Stock Company TransTeleCom 4,608
AS49777 ATEXS PLUS Ltd. 4,608
AS3343 Federal State Institution Federal Scientific Research Institute for System Analysis of the Russian Academy of Sciences 4,608
AS51596 RUSTEKO Ltd. 4,608
AS51547 LLC Telekonika 4,608
AS28860 PJSC Rostelecom 4,608
AS59475 Electron-Service Ltd. 4,608
AS61431 ZAO VOLS 4,352
AS50668 Dialog-K LLC 4,352
AS39811 MTS PJSC 4,352
AS39707 OOO "SvyazInform" 4,352
AS50045 OJSC Montazh 4,352
AS13165 Siberian Internet Company LLC 4,352
AS206805 LLC T1Cloud 4,352
AS48612 MTS PJSC 4,352
AS57903 Comfort XXI Century Ltd. 4,352
AS48000 MTS PJSC 4,352
AS47645 Selena Telecom LLC 4,352
AS29053 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 4,352
AS57186 LLC RossTel 4,352
AS34709 CJSC Settelecom 4,352
AS8510 Tomsk State University 4,352
AS39125 KB Rubin Ltd. 4,352
AS44020 Modern Solutions LTD 4,352
AS13155 MTS PJSC 4,352
AS5433 VEROLINE Ltd 4,352
AS30953 Niko-2001 LLC 4,352
AS29147 State Educational Enterprise of Higher Professional Education Novosibirsk State Technical University 4,352
AS50439 Municipal enterprise CJSC of Zheleznogorsk Krasnoyarsk region City Telephone Network 4,096
AS41816 Megalog-Plus Ltd 4,096
AS50466 Noutek Ltd 4,096
AS50789 Amatek Ltd 4,096
AS41616 Teleservis-plus LLC 4,096
AS62423 Telecom Center LLC 4,096
AS41475 SDK Ltd. 4,096
AS50752 Satis Svyaz CJSC 4,096
AS41469 ZSRCT TECOS Ltd. 4,096
AS61976 OOO Network of data-centers Selectel 4,096
AS198715 Orbita Ltd. 4,096
AS62222 QuickSoft LLC 4,096
AS198718 AO SEVERSVJAZ 4,096
AS50538 OOO Petrosvyaz 4,096
AS50771 GigaLink Ltd. 4,096
AS44540 Kartel Ltd. 4,096
AS61360 Special Engineering and Design Bureau "Orbita" JSC 4,096
AS25292 Federal State Unitary Enterprise The Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Company 4,096
AS50553 OOO Stalnet 4,096
AS198616 MediaKvant Ltd. 4,096
AS60840 OJSC Telecom-Service 4,096
AS50240 Extracom Ltd. 4,096
AS61403 Sever Telecom JSC 4,096
AS41783 Informational technologies and electronic communications LLC 4,096
AS39821 OOO Versiya 4,096
AS49759 SerDi TeleCom, LTD 4,096
AS49749 VostokMediaSvyaz Ltd. 4,096
AS39740 TelecomService Ltd. 4,096
AS49701 RIA Link Ltd 4,096
AS34322 VIK Master Ltd. 4,096
AS20793 Concord Ltd 4,096
AS49558 IT-Yaroslavl Ltd. 4,096
AS39604 Non-public corporation MASARMAT 4,096
AS39612 Tevia Ltd. 4,096
AS39488 Kleynkom LLC 4,096
AS42245 PJSC Vimpelcom 4,096
AS21109 Contact Company, Ltd 4,096
AS20720 LLC Tatarstan-On-Line 4,096
AS59515 Inter.Com Ltd 4,096
AS41161 Individual Ihor Olehovich Zhuravlyov 4,096
AS48848 Telekom Servis T, Ltd 4,096
AS48757 TrustInfo LLC 4,096
AS196786 IP Yashutkin Andrei Vladimirovich 4,096
AS35755 AO NIISA 4,096
AS57871 TeleCentr Ltd. 4,096
AS39042 LLC Global Telecom Co 4,096
AS48462 Neocom LLC 4,096
AS196747 Electronic government 4,096
AS48383 Invest Mobile LLC 4,096
AS48368 Ltd. 4,096
AS38984 m9com Ltd. 4,096
AS15454 ARBUZ Co.Ltd 4,096
AS35768 Iris-tel LLC 4,096
AS43031 V-LAN OOO 4,096
AS35770 New-Com Trade Ltd. 4,096
AS57824 MetroNet Ltd 4,096
AS47899 MTS PJSC 4,096
AS35564 Link LLC 4,096
AS43152 JSC SC NTEL 4,096
AS35516 PJSC Rostelecom 4,096
AS35411 Sibinet, Ltd. 4,096
AS20866 LLC Promsvyaz-Invest 4,096
AS9162 The State Educational Institution of Higher Vocational Education Tambov State Technical University 4,096
AS56761 MTS PJSC 4,096
AS8846 Federal State Unitary Enterprise Television Technical Center Ostankino 4,096
AS35129 "LLC Tetra-Telematik" 4,096
AS57320 Ionit-telecom Ltd. 4,096
AS196648 North-Eastern Federal University n.a. M.K.Ammosov, State Federal Autonomous Educational Organisation of Higher Professional Education 4,096
AS35025 ZAO Teleconnect 4,096
AS35087 NTSI Telecom Ltd 4,096
AS200066 NETKOM-E Ltd. 4,096
AS43761 SvyazService Ltd 4,096
AS197765 Autonomous public institution High technology park IT-park 4,096
AS34894 PJSC Vimpelcom 4,096
AS47569 Erlang company Ltd. 4,096
AS8712 Kirunets Tatyana Ivanovna 4,096
AS47181 Trancom ISP 4,096
AS34824 Samarasvyazinform Ltd 4,096
AS57174 Nets and Services JCS 4,096
AS34804 LCC POWERNET 4,096
AS15984 CentroCredit Bank Moscow JSC 4,096
AS12507 Swift Trace ltd. 4,096
AS34707 State Educational Institution of higher professional Education 'Kemerovo State University' 4,096
AS44999 Mifril+ LLC 4,096
AS34687 Fastnet LLC 4,096
AS44868 UrFU 4,096
AS34500 CTSPI Company 4,096
AS34434 Server-Center JSC 4,096
AS44619 OOO IT-Telecom 4,096
AS44696 Rambler Internet Holding LLC 4,096
AS196660 'Concept comm' Ltd 4,096
AS8506 Institution of Russian Science Academy of Irkutsk Scientific Centre of Siberian Department of RAN 4,096
AS34102 Awanti Ltd. 4,096
AS34042 MT-Telecom LLC 4,096
AS56326 Ltd. 4,096
AS43903 OOO MediaSeti 4,096
AS3351 Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences 4,096
AS31575 National Research University of Electronic Technology 4,096
AS44158 Altura ltd. 4,096
AS31695 Limited Company Intermedia 4,096
AS44053 JSC Avantel 4,096
AS43970 PJSC Vimpelcom 4,096
AS48670 UNIS Ltd. 4,096
AS56463 OOO "BSCOM" 4,096
AS43909 Crystall Ltd. 4,096
AS212740 C-Telecom LLC 4,096
AS21266 Moscow Communication Center of Energy AO 4,096
AS43687 PJSC Vimpelcom 4,096
AS52175 Magellan Telecom Kuzbass Ltd. 4,096
AS13078 Computer Technologies Institute,ltd 4,096
AS30943 ZAO Web Hosting 4,096
AS43429 OOO MediaSeti 4,096
AS60879 System Projects, LLC 4,096
AS43273 Optik Line LLC 4,096
AS8242 Apex Telecom Ltd. 4,096
AS24658 Information & Computing Center, Ltd. 4,096
AS51751 Saratov State Tehnical University 4,096
AS29581 State Educational Institution of higher professional Education 'Altay State University' 4,096
AS56541 KOMETA LLC 4,096
AS41109 Center of Children Telemedicin and new information technologis 4,096
AS199008 IP Gasanov Farhad Urujbekovich 4,096
AS51583 LLC Kuzbass phone networks 4,096
AS33819 Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service 4,096
AS29363 OOO 'RUS' 4,096
AS42364 Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education Lomonosov Moscow State University 4,096
AS29388 Best Telecom ISP 4,096
AS42317 VLANT LLC 4,096
AS42323 JSC Zap-SibTransTelekom 4,096
AS44412 PJSC Rostelecom 4,096
AS15886 limited liability company Konnectika 4,096
AS24767 PJSC MegaFon 4,096
AS28906 Joint Stock Company TransTeleCom 4,096
AS42358 PJSC Rostelecom 4,096
AS12484 Boris Ltd. 4,096
AS41929 Sistemy Svyazi Llc 4,096
AS41853 Limited Liability Company NTCOM 4,096
AS41942 JSK Dozor-Teleport 4,096
AS41344 Vist on-line LTD 3,840
AS49980 Mihail Juriwitsch Novikov 3,840
AS20842 Formula+ Ltd 3,840
AS41794 Sibirskie Seti Ltd. 3,840
AS49811 Ltd 3,840
AS49665 MTS PJSC 3,840
AS49542 ArtPlanet LLC 3,840
AS51444 IT Lite LLC 3,840
AS197311 Juzhnye telefonnye seti Ltd 3,840
AS48123 MTS PJSC 3,840
AS57489 LLC Telecom-Uslugi 3,840
AS47433 Sibirskie Seti Ltd. 3,840
AS208861 LLC Cloud Networks 3,840
AS12396 PJSC MegaFon 3,840
AS44094 Webhost LLC 3,840
AS5589 Public Joint-Stock Company Bank Otkritie Financial Corporation 3,840
AS21226 Krasnoyarsk PTUS 3,840
AS44267 Irkutskenergosvyaz LTD 3,840
AS51698 ActiveHost RU LLC 3,840
AS198947 JSC RetnNet 3,840
AS51408 OOO Sirius-Project 3,840
AS59498 Teraline Telecom Ltd 3,840
AS197152 SimStar LLC 3,584
AS50448 System Service Ltd. 3,584
AS41123 Gorodskie Telekommunikatsionnye Sistemy LLC 3,584
AS50048 Andrey Chuenkov PE 3,584
AS49156 Izhline Ltd. 3,584
AS59533 Lukjanova Lydia Andreevna PE 3,584
AS48725 Agrosvyaz-M Ltd 3,584
AS48129 IRBIS Telecommunications Ltd. 3,584
AS43038 MTS PJSC 3,584
AS57571 Telekonika ruza 3,584
AS47711 Line Group Ltd. 3,584
AS47564 Proizvodstvennoe Obyedineniye Tonus Ltd. 3,584
AS43267 Vysokie tehnologii Limited Liability Company 3,584
AS199945 BILLING SOLUTION Ltd. 3,584
AS16323 Informatsionniye Systemy i Technologii CJSC. 3,584
AS199809 Maxtel LLC 3,584
AS44881 CyberTech Ltd 3,584
AS56542 Park Telecom Ltd 3,584
AS43908 JSC Pursvyaz 3,584
AS43720 MTS OJSC 3,584
AS8398 Tver Region Center of Informatization at Tver State University 3,584
AS50916 OOO Nadym Svyaz Service 3,328
AS197140 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 3,328
AS61372 AZIMUT TELECOM Ltd. 3,328
AS61308 PVONET LTD 3,328
AS49830 RESET LLC 3,328
AS49199 Autonomous Nonprofit Organisation Russian Scientific-Research Institute for Public Networks 3,328
AS42484 Company Limited Gran Prix Telecom 3,328
AS39294 LADA-MEDIA Ltd. 3,328
AS48399 Svyaz VSD LLC 3,328
AS38972 Suhoy Log Intersat Ltd. 3,328
AS35527 AlfaTEL OOO 3,328
AS47747 Limited Liability Company TeleTower 3,328
AS204582 The Technical center of Internet Limited Liability Company 3,328
AS56971 IT Outsourcing LLC 3,328
AS8915 Company Delfa Co. Ltd. 3,328
AS39710 Beta Telecom Co.Ltd. 3,328
AS44579 MTS PJSC 3,328
AS56577 Relink LTD 3,328
AS3168 PE Dityatev Sergey Yurievich 3,328
AS212913 FOP Hornostay Mykhaylo Ivanovych 3,328
AS43832 Joint-stock company Internet Exchange MSK-IX 3,328
AS3285 Company Delfa Co. Ltd. 3,328
AS211609 OKKO LLC 3,328
AS42238 Bospor-Telecom LLC 3,328
AS42136 DVTK LLC 3,328
AS28891 CJSC City Telecom 3,328
AS28738 LLC Company Interlan Communications 3,328
AS64439 IT Outsourcing LLC 3,072
AS41743 OPTIMASET Ltd. 3,072
AS50802 Bogorodskoe Information Systems Ltd 3,072
AS15848 Federal State Unitary Enterprise of the Order of the Red Banner of Labour Russian Broad-casting and Notification Network 3,072
AS50761 LUX-TV Ltd. 3,072
AS62241 Forest Net LTD 3,072
AS197074 Regionalnye Telesystemy Ltd. 3,072
AS56669 LLC Gazpromneft ITO 3,072
AS51028 Zummer LLC 3,072
AS50126 OOO "Teleservis" 3,072
AS51077 Modern Technologies Ltd. 3,072
AS49963 Regional TeleSystem Ltd 3,072
AS49641 OOO Alfacom 3,072
AS49675 JSC SKB Kontur Production 3,072
AS51685 Mikron-Media LLC 3,072
AS39684 OOO Mango Telecom 3,072
AS60072 LLC EGS-Telecom 3,072
AS49458 JSC Intellin 3,072
AS201193 Internet Projects JSC 3,072
AS59637 RamSvyazInvest LLC 3,072
AS59600 Atlas Telecom Ltd. 3,072
AS56724 Teleskan-Intercom Ltd 3,072
AS49154 MTS PJSC 3,072
AS196798 Mifril+ LLC 3,072
AS198295 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 3,072
AS58310 TELEPORT LLC 3,072
AS201012 KEH eCommerce LLC 3,072
AS58219 Ekus LLC 3,072
AS206728 Media Land LLC 3,072
AS57971 Mediasvyaz Ltd. 3,072
AS57901 Pautina Ltd. 3,072
AS51158 Mobile Trend Ltd 3,072
AS48441 Society with limited liability MagLAN 3,072
AS48302 OOO Telecom GKhK 3,072
AS48219 3DATA LLC 3,072
AS48078 Dagomys Telecom LLC 3,072
AS42919 LTD Darya 3,072
AS42998 Cross-I Ltd. 3,072
AS200487 OOO VPS 3,072
AS35571 JSC MultiLine 3,072
AS205495 OOO L-Telecom 3,072
AS57424 Limited liability company New Line 3,072
AS47737 Konsist-OS, closed joint-stock company 3,072
AS57420 LLC Foratelecom 3,072
AS47654 VKS-internet Ltd 3,072
AS57460 PE Scherban Evgeniy Aleksandrovich 3,072
AS199096 CJSC Digital network Logos 3,072
AS43297 VDS-Telecom LLC. 3,072
AS34995 System LLC 3,072
AS34990 SkyInet Ltd. 3,072
AS47258 Premier Group Companies Telecom LLC 3,072
AS47203 JSC CrimeaTelecom 3,072
AS34858 LLC TK Telezon 3,072
AS57113 TVIPTEL LCC 3,072
AS57073 LLC Wildberries 3,072
AS47240 OOO Trivon Networks 3,072
AS45005 Gorizont Ltd 3,072
AS44964 DATAPLANET Ltd. 3,072
AS57181 OOO RTK 3,072
AS44923 Saint-Petersburg Computer Networks Ltd. 3,072
AS56862 Plus Telecom LLC 3,072
AS34580 OOO MediaSeti 3,072
AS199634 LLC GlobalTelecomStroy 3,072
AS25381 LLC Svyaztranzit 3,072
AS56667 Inter-set Ltd. 3,072
AS25251 Alpha Online Ltd 3,072
AS60172 YARNET LLC 3,072
AS33904 Limited Liability Company Telcomnet 3,072
AS44362 Pentabox+ LLC 3,072
AS8440 Sakhalin Network Communications Co. (SNC) 3,072
AS24599 Joint-Stock Company MirTeleCom of name E.K. Pervishin 3,072
AS41639 Limited Liability Company Incomsvyaz 3,072
AS3203 PTO Videokanal, Ltd. 3,072
AS44096 Bigfoot Telecom Ltd. 3,072
AS43901 OOO MediaSeti 3,072
AS60095 JSC Ufanet 3,072
AS43801 LLC Modern Communication Technologies 3,072
AS43647 OOO Network of data-centers Selectel 3,072
AS16047 Limited Liability Company YarTranzitTelecom 3,072
AS51813 Joint Stock Company TransTeleCom 3,072
AS51783 The Center of Dedicated Servers LLC 3,072
AS21184 Farpost Int. 3,072
AS44322 RCNTEC LLC 3,072
AS51740 NetPoint Ltd. 3,072
AS29588 Ivstar Ltd 3,072
AS51612 Alfatel plus Ltd 3,072
AS42891 PJSC MegaFon 3,072
AS29407 SIBGUTI 3,072
AS211443 MediaServicePlus LLC 3,072
AS51579 Korporatvniy partner Ltd 3,072
AS202629 Inmarsoft LLC 3,072
AS56634 Fly-Tech Ltd. 3,072
AS197275 Link Telecom NN Ltd. 3,072
AS21105 OOO RTK-Primorye 3,072
AS15913 Institute for automation and control processes of Far Eastern Branch of RAS 3,072
AS15880 Private entrepreneur Chikalin Anatoly Nikolaevich 3,072
AS15850 Cyberplat OOO 2,816
AS60891 MTS PJSC 2,816
AS50187 BaikalWestCom 2,816
AS41719 SKTV Spektr LLC 2,816
AS208626 ServTech LTD 2,816
AS49880 New Technology Ltd 2,816
AS39337 JSC Corp Soft 2,816
AS49107 Telko JSC 2,816
AS49058 OOO SPARK TELL 2,816
AS58314 SvyazResurs-Kuban, LLC 2,816
AS48667 AKVILON Ltd. 2,816
AS206011 Freedom LLC 2,816
AS51724 Flynet Ltd 2,816
AS57573 JSC Greenatom 2,816
AS200161 DATAPRO Limited Liability Company 2,816
AS56889 TTC Radiotechnika LTD 2,816
AS25073 LTD "KOMIN" 2,816
AS31720 EngiNet, OOO 2,816
AS5572 Botik Technologies LTD 2,816
AS211642 AdminVPS LLC 2,816
AS51437 FSUE GlavNIVZ 2,816
AS41957 Directive LLC 2,816
AS51352 State Educational Institution of higher professional Education 'Vladimir State University' 2,816
AS62382 LLC KDV Grupp 2,560
AS62410 Linenet Ltd. 2,560
AS209805 SBCLOUD LLC 2,560
AS34192 TRANSITEC Ltd 2,560
AS62261 Joint-stock company Internet Exchange MSK-IX 2,560
AS50712 Kavkaz Internet Service Ltd. 2,560
AS62169 JSC Smart Engineering 2,560
AS50577 Intelsc Ltd. 2,560
AS41311 Center of Connection, Informatic and Telecommunication LLC 2,560
AS209759 MT6 LLC 2,560
AS62314 Atmospherica Ltd. 2,560
AS202058 Ekaterinburg-2000 LLC 2,560
AS50258 CityLink Ltd 2,560
AS50166 RTCloud, LLC 2,560
AS60651 Stek Kazan LLC 2,560
AS50029 Telecom Ltd. 2,560
AS51054 OOO "TransKom" 2,560
AS210352 Partner LLC 2,560
AS39749 Befree Ltd 2,560
AS60119 Novosibirsk Telecommunication Company Ltd. 2,560
AS49608 Podolsk Electrosvyaz Ltd. 2,560
AS15632 JSC Alfa-Bank 2,560
AS49439 Link Ltd 2,560
AS39529 Osipenko Alexander Nikolaevich 2,560
AS59616 Baikal Teleport CJSC 2,560
AS44678 INKO Ltd. 2,560
AS49124 CentroSet Ltd. 2,560
AS59494 Enigma Telecom Ltd. 2,560
AS59440 LightPort Ltd 2,560
AS58347 AiK Ltd. 2,560
AS20688 Chudo Telecom Ltd. 2,560
AS15508 Novosoft razvitie Ltd. 2,560
AS58024 Isaev Kamil Magomedovich 2,560
AS57918 ACOD JSC 2,560
AS57988 Foton Company Ltd 2,560
AS48366 Inforoom Ltd. 2,560
AS206054 TowerStream, LLC 2,560
AS197998 LLC Afk group 2,560
AS41098 NetFox Ltd. 2,560
AS47909 Baikal telecom LLC 2,560
AS47655 LINKINTEL ltd. 2,560
AS57416 LLC South Internet 2,560
AS35237 Sberbank of Russia PJSC 2,560
AS45046 OOO Isatel 2,560
AS60720 Telenet Solution Ltd 2,560
AS44943 Ramtel Ltd. 2,560
AS13215 CJSC TK Convey Plus 2,560
AS199624 OOO SPARK TELL 2,560
AS44811 JSC Avantel 2,560
AS34508 MTS PJSC 2,560
AS44816 DELFIN TELECOM Ltd 2,560
AS44542 AO Countrycom 2,560
AS56679 TECOM LLC 2,560
AS33936 Joint stock company Severstal-infocom 2,560
AS21416 The Technical center of Internet Limited Liability Company 2,560
AS43849 Sever-Svyaz LLC 2,560
AS43595 Ugresha Network Ltd. 2,560
AS203004 GlavTel ltd 2,560
AS52040 LLC MediaKvant 2,560
AS43302 PJSC Rostelecom 2,560
AS30910 Joint Stock Company Tagnet 2,560
AS42916 IT Ltd. 2,560
AS197315 Rostovskaya proizvodstvennaya kompaniya Ltd. 2,560
AS43182 ITT Ltd. 2,560
AS50374 Siberian Internet Company LLC 2,560
AS13077 North-Caucasus Federal University 2,560
AS51665 Telediscount AO 2,560
AS33902 Invest Mobile LLC 2,560
AS51118 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 2,304
AS64433 OOO PC 2,304
AS210200 CloudLite LLC 2,304
AS202173 MaximaTelecom JSC 2,304
AS62287 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 2,304
AS62082 Hostland LTD 2,304
AS198757 MediaKvant Ltd. 2,304
AS50257 JV A-Mobile Ltd. 2,304
AS60740 Joint-Stock company Arctictelecom 2,304
AS60764 TK Telecom 2,304
AS49848 Firm Svyaz Ltd 2,304
AS60162 LLC IMT 2,304
AS60245 Sannikov Kirill Vladimirovich 2,304
AS201123 Zelenaya Tochka Ufa LLC 2,304
AS59584 INDIKOM LLC 2,304
AS201069 APEX-CRIMEA Ltd. 2,304
AS59502 Sozvezdiye Oriona Ltd. 2,304
AS207165 OOO 05COM 2,304
AS57822 Truenetwork LLC 2,304
AS57742 TVT LLC 2,304
AS48234 OOO IT-Region 2,304
AS206012 AXIOSTV LTD. 2,304
AS48061 Limited Liability Company GPM Digital Technologies 2,304
AS35374 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 2,304
AS205135 12 bit LLC 2,304
AS13296 INNOR Ltd. 2,304
AS34862 Institution of Russian academy of sciences Kotel'nikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of RAS 2,304
AS44988 KovrovTelecom Ltd. 2,304
AS44705 Obyedinennye Nakhabinskie seti LLC 2,304
AS44621 NTC Komleksniye Sistemi Ltd. 2,304
AS203714 LLC Flex 2,304
AS203695 Saypudinov Ayatula 2,304
AS25231 State Budget Enterprise of Novosibirsk region Novosibirsk region center of information technologies 2,304
AS2148 Federal State Budgetary Institution Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics named after A.I. Alikhanov National Research Center Kurchatov Institute 2,304
AS44237 PJSC Rostelecom 2,304
AS31480 SilverCom.RU Ltd. 2,304
AS31277 OOO New Line Telecom 2,304
AS31112 Siberian Telecommunications Ltd. 2,304
AS52052 Broadcasting Company KTV Plus LLC 2,304
AS43275 PJSC Vimpelcom 2,304
AS43287 OOO VIT 2,304
AS42972 JSC DPD RUS 2,304
AS29425 LLC 2,304
AS42451 Limited Company Sakha Sprint Network 2,304
AS203561 KTK TELECOM LLC 2,304
AS51464 IBANK2.RU, Ltd. 2,304
AS42062 Torus Telecom, CJSC 2,304
AS51133 Mediagrand Ltd. 2,048
AS21030 Docker LTD 2,048
AS21023 Joint Stock Company Ural Industrial Bank 2,048
AS198791 Ekran-Telecom, LLC 2,048
AS51041 Lanamar, Ltd. 2,048
AS50870 TeleIncom Service Ltd 2,048
AS50760 Mozhaisk Computer Networks Ltd. 2,048
AS50732 PE Shaymardanov Konstantin Ramilevich 2,048
AS197150 Federal State Unitary Enterprise of the Order of the Red Banner of Labour Russian Broad-casting and Notification Network 2,048
AS50672 Formula Svyazi LLC 2,048
AS50639 Arctic Region Svyaz OJSC 2,048
AS41460 Korporatsia STS LLC 2,048
AS50713 LLC Forward Telecom LTD 2,048
AS50600 I-NET Ltd. 2,048
AS62040 Innovative Telecommunications LLC 2,048
AS41516 Eniseynet Ltd. 2,048
AS50568 Communication, Communications, Informatics Ltd. 2,048
AS50539 Telematica Ltd. 2,048
AS61276 Vichislitelniy Centr Ltd. 2,048
AS61396 Okno-TV LLC 2,048
AS61152 Freedom House Ltd. 2,048
AS50442 Nemerov Evgeniy Vladimirovish PE 2,048
AS50471 Limited Liability Company Sviaz Industriya 2,048
AS198626 Limited Liability Company Northern Capital Gateway 2,048
AS50342 OJSC KAMAZ 2,048
AS61068 OOO NECSTEL 2,048
AS197070 MTS PJSC 2,048
AS41190 Idea Telecom CJSC 2,048
AS209911 Kravtsov Evgeniy Aleksandrovich 2,048
AS201646 Flex-l Ltd 2,048
AS202136 A-Siti Limited Liability Company 2,048
AS41118 Private institution SCC of Rosatom 2,048
AS210109 LLC Kurgan-Telecom 2,048
AS41106 Sprint-S Ltd. 2,048
AS41070 LLC Lorien 2,048
AS50141 Public Joint-stock Commercial Bank of Support to Commerce and Business 2,048
AS198563 Passim-Servis Ltd. 2,048
AS50159 LLC Radius 2,048
AS60573 Babaev Vladimir Viktorovich 2,048
AS50092 DRLINE Ltd. 2,048
AS40977 Intercom LLC 2,048
AS49834 Best Hosting Company, LLC 2,048
AS49736 Loctelecom JSC 2,048
AS39789 Limited Liability Company Active 2,048
AS49874 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 2,048
AS39741 data-centr ekaterinburg OOO 2,048
AS60192 JSC Ufanet 2,048
AS60165 Dialog Ltd. 2,048
AS49693 Best-Hoster Group Co. Ltd. 2,048
AS198444 NOVSU RUNNET 2,048
AS49551 Teleseti Ltd 2,048
AS198415 LTD Komplex-Info 2,048
AS49478 Ltd. 2,048
AS196894 GBU TO Information Technology Center 2,048
AS201224 Tikhomirov Evgeny Viktorovich 2,048
AS59734 Ltd. 2,048
AS49371 Shark Telecom LLC 2,048
AS39434 Optika Telecom 2,048
AS49311 Regional TeleSystems Ltd. 2,048
AS49253 Bringo Ltd 2,048
AS49255 TeleGlobal Ltd. 2,048
AS49533 Joint Stock Company Rosseti Tyumen 2,048
AS196812 SigmaTelecom Ltd 2,048
AS207168 BT-Telecom Ltd. 2,048
AS59476 Joint Stock Company TransTeleCom 2,048
AS207133 RUCOMTECH LLC 2,048
AS59517 Multistream Ltd. 2,048
AS58304 KTS Ltd. 2,048
AS48909 CityLine LLC 2,048
AS200982 Zelenaya Tochka TOMSK LLC 2,048
AS206873 GalaxyStar LLC 2,048
AS48873 LLC Proxicom 2,048
AS44640 Cactus Ltd. 2,048
AS198185 LigaLink LLC 2,048
AS206673 Sberbank-Telecom LLC 2,048
AS58134 ServisSvyaz Ltd. 2,048
AS6719 Limited Liability Company KNOPP 2,048
AS58084 Newcontact ltd. 2,048
AS58096 Viter Evgeniy Vasilevich 2,048
AS48532 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 2,048
AS39089 Ugletelecom, State Telecommunications Agency 2,048
AS48507 LTD SibMediaFon 2,048
AS58157 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 2,048
AS57990 PE Aliev Murad Ahmedovich 2,048
AS57867 Plekhanov Russian University of Economics 2,048
AS57847 PE ChAYKOF 2,048
AS38986 Limited LC Sputnik TELEPORT 2,048
AS38996 MTS PJSC 2,048
AS48379 I.M.Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas 2,048
AS48371 Westlan LTD 2,048
AS200702 SP Kazakov Viktor Aleksandrovich 2,048
AS42751 JSC RU-CENTER 2,048
AS200685 Senator Telecom Ltd. 2,048
AS196726 Avianet Ltd 2,048
AS38912 NewLines Ltd. 2,048
AS57753 Radist LTD 2,048
AS57812 PE Yakovlev Stanislav Stanislavovich 2,048
AS48322 MTS PJSC 2,048
AS48223 Senator Telecom Ltd. 2,048
AS57730 MegaCom-IT Ltd. 2,048
AS57741 Uzel Svyazy Ltd 2,048
AS48148 SVIAZATOMINFORM, Ltd. Company 2,048
AS48124 MTS PJSC 2,048
AS48100 MTS PJSC 2,048
AS48089 Infanet Ltd. 2,048
AS197969 Federal State Unitary Enterprise Morsviazsputnik 2,048
AS57629 LLC IVI.RU 2,048
AS48043 Ozyorsk Telecom CJSC. 2,048
AS48050 Optyma LLC 2,048
AS205702 Get-Net LLC 2,048
AS57583 IP Shefer Vitaliy Vyacheslavovich 2,048
AS57614 Individual Entrepreneur Syomka Dmitry Igorevich 2,048
AS48034 IP Khachaturova Susanna Rafaelievna 2,048
AS47911 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 2,048
AS47963 IntraLine Ltd. 2,048
AS51015 IP Andreev Boris Vladimirovich 2,048
AS205500 Mega Tec LLC 2,048
AS47873 Telecom V1 Ltd. 2,048
AS20549 State Educational Enterprise of Higher Professional Education Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University) 2,048
AS47989 Mosinfocom Llc 2,048
AS205460 LLC Svyazinvest 2,048
AS35526 Smart Technology LLC 2,048
AS8941 N. P. Ogarev's Mordovian State University 2,048
AS47801 Inna Grigorevna Khoruzhaya 2,048
AS35377 OOO ZVI Telecom 2,048
AS35389 PJSC Rostelecom 2,048
AS57827 Svyaz Komplekt Ltd. 2,048
AS47620 Tehnosoft LTD 2,048
AS47635 InfoSet-Com Ltd. 2,048
AS35212 IDC Ltd. 2,048
AS57471 Orbita plus Vyazma Ltd. 2,048
AS197826 LLC "Skynet" 2,048
AS57383 FLP Sidorenko Aleksandr Aleksandrovich 2,048
AS35026 Gelicon-Apple Limited liability company 2,048
AS35021 Limited Liability company MOEX Information Security 2,048
AS47378 VIP-Technologies Ltd. 2,048
AS47363 Yunta Ltd. 2,048
AS34959 KVIKTEL LLC 2,048
AS197768 Novosibirsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering 2,048
AS47370 Firma Sotrudnik Plus Ltd. 2,048
AS47321 Interregional Social Foundation Institute of engineering physics 2,048
AS57272 Orion SKT LLC 2,048
AS57123 OOO Garant 2,048
AS47144 LLC "WELLNET" 2,048
AS197718 OOO Elektron 2,048
AS204272 ASARTA LLC 2,048
AS16287 PJSC Rostelecom 2,048
AS204137 Orion telecom ltd 2,048
AS56956 Volkof-Inform Ltd. 2,048
AS197658 Level-MSK Ltd. 2,048
AS56802 Information and Communication Technologies LLC 2,048
AS44711 T2 Mobile LLC 2,048
AS56893 108 TELECOM LLC 2,048
AS197406 OOO Telecom LTD 2,048
AS44634 LLC SibSvayzStroy 2,048
AS25341 LLC Nauchno proizvodstvennaya Firma Raspredelennaya Obrabotka Informacii 2,048
AS44572 LTD ParmaTel 2,048
AS44699 OOO Stroitelnaya Innovacia 2,048
AS44492 MKTechnologiya Ltd. 2,048
AS44491 ZAO Aquafon-GSM 2,048
AS56779 OOO UJK " Druzhba" 2,048
AS56631 Onlanta Ltd. 2,048
AS197499 PE Pivovar Aleksej Nikolaevich 2,048
AS3335 Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education Novosibirsk State University, National Research 2,048
AS56535 Alpari Ltd. 2,048
AS44232 Slavyanskaya Hotel and Business Center Ltd 2,048
AS21418 Harvestr Ltd. 2,048
AS3325 Kazan University 2,048
AS197467 Samara National Research University 2,048
AS44041 Korporatsia Svyazy Ltd. 2,048
AS44046 TverLine Ltd. 2,048
AS31620 JSC Expocentr 2,048
AS43874 DalCOMTEL LLC 2,048
AS31503 Master IT Ltd. 2,048
AS56364 Garant-Park-Internet LLC 2,048
AS43812 Elfimov Sergey Ivanovich PE 2,048
AS21372 LLC My Telecom 2,048
AS43678 Gorizont-Telecom LTD 2,048
AS8382 PJSC Rostelecom 2,048
AS212461 Nemtcov Nikolai Alexandrovich 2,048
AS43594 Svyaz LLC 2,048
AS31008 CJSC EN Telecom 2,048
AS43537 OOO WestCall Ltd. 2,048
AS52163 Optima Communications, LLC 2,048
AS43299 Limited Company Telecontact 2,048
AS44276 Limited Company Digital channel 2,048
AS199320 OAO Osnova Telecom 2,048
AS30853 Main Radio Meteorological Centre (MRMC) 2,048
AS43318 MTS PJSC 2,048
AS30856 OJSC EVRAZ Nizhny Tagil Metallurgical Plant 2,048
AS51836 Pioner-Lan Ltd. 2,048
AS51904 Utex-Telecom LLC 2,048
AS43201 Telematika LLC 2,048
AS30797 JSC Avantel 2,048
AS211914 RU LLC 2,048
AS51705 Moskovia Telecom OOO 2,048
AS43168 Singer-Computer Ltd. 2,048
AS31738 Novosibirsk Regional Center of Distance Education 2,048
AS43776 Relsoft communications Ltd. 2,048
AS42988 OOO Teleport-Service Regions 2,048
AS42991 BioNet LLC 2,048
AS42940 OOO MediaSeti 2,048
AS199021 Greenline Ltd. 2,048
AS42827 OOO Kolpinskie Internet-Seti 2,048
AS202765 TIS Dialog LLC 2,048
AS51624 21 Century Telecom Ltd 2,048
AS42753 Iris-tel LLC 2,048
AS6844 LLC Technodesign-Telecom 2,048
AS199020 AVANT Ltd. 2,048
AS29493 Federal State Budget Institution Petersburg Institute of Nuclear Physics of B.P. Konstantinov 2,048
AS42527 Expert System Ltd 2,048
AS51552 Gorinfoset Ltd. 2,048
AS51532 Tevia Ltd. 2,048
AS42408 LLC Transvyaz-N 2,048
AS42895 INTRA Ltd. 2,048
AS29000 Sensor Systems Limited Company 2,048
AS42144 OOO Nauka 2,048
AS42141 Germes-Telecom LLC 2,048
AS9185 "Altair" LLC 2,048
AS51341 Gigacom Systems Ltd. 2,048
AS42115 MTS PJSC 2,048
AS28832 MTS PJSC 2,048
AS34644 PJSC Vimpelcom 2,048
AS41861 OOO MediaSeti 2,048
AS62366 Stolica Telecom Ltd. 1,792
AS62010 3DATA LLC 1,792
AS50594 Stasishen Aleksandr Afanasiyovich 1,792
AS50809 Centr Mezhdugorodnoy Svyazi LLC 1,792
AS49502 ART INVEST LTD 1,792
AS198367 INKO-Telecom, LLC 1,792
AS59627 Docker LTD 1,792
AS15599 JSC Avantel 1,792
AS59574 Limited Liability Company SKS Telecom 1,792
AS48978 Orbitel LLC 1,792
AS205998 Skytel LLC 1,792
AS205822 Limited Liability Company DEVINO TELECOM 1,792
AS200524 OOO NETPLUS 1,792
AS196691 Get-Net LLC 1,792
AS205638 Tinkoff Bank JSC 1,792
AS57452 Summit Systems Ltd. 1,792
AS35608 R-LINE 1 LLC 1,792
AS47542 VKontakte Ltd 1,792
AS197793 Gigabit LLC 1,792
AS57211 Costcom LLC 1,792
AS57064 Sfinks Ltd 1,792
AS56947 LLC Cifrovie Seti Urala 1,792
AS28709 VKontakte Ltd 1,792
AS44429 MXTel Ltd. 1,792
AS44386 LLC Internet Solutions 1,792
AS44341 Nikita Sergienko 1,792
AS56384 Pursatcom, Ltd. 1,792
AS199251 MnogoByte LLC 1,792
AS43830 Digital Energy LLC 1,792
AS31294 STIS Engineering LLC 1,792
AS21231 PJSC Aeroflot 1,792
AS51538 Lavrentyev Alkesandr Arkadievich 1,792
AS51309 Closed Joint Stock Company Interfax 1,792
AS210644 AEZA GROUP Ltd 1,792
AS41938 RTK-Volga-Ural LLC 1,792
AS51093 VMCity LLC 1,536
AS210135 Yug-Telecom-K Ltd. 1,536
AS210033 Impuls Telecom LLC 1,536
AS50949 Agronet LLC 1,536
AS41706 Rosneft 1,536
AS202011 Irkutskenergosvyaz LTD 1,536
AS62283 DFW LLC 1,536
AS62008 Cable Systems Ltd 1,536
AS50676 TelCom LLC 1,536
AS61960 INTERNOD LLC 1,536
AS209307 LLC Cifrovie Seti Urala 1,536
AS50516 Maxiplace Ltd. 1,536
AS62340 Infotelecom SP Ltd. 1,536
AS61031 Escomtel Backbone Networks Ltd. 1,536
AS208838 DomSet OOO 1,536
AS61121 AO Teleradiocompany Odintsovo 1,536
AS50182 Proxima Ltd 1,536
AS201570 LLC Mobile Television Systems 1,536
AS41024 LLC Megacom-IT 1,536
AS198539 Objedinennye Seti Ltd. 1,536
AS51288 Web3tel msk OOO 1,536
AS208349 O2 Cloud LLC 1,536
AS41740 Joint-stock company Internet Exchange MSK-IX 1,536
AS208221 Orion telecom ltd 1,536
AS49825 JSC LanteK 1,536
AS39805 Sattarov Albert Ildusovich 1,536
AS49575 LTD Innovative telesystems 1,536
AS49568 LLC Convex-Kamensk 1,536
AS201294 Interkonekt CJSC 1,536
AS39678 OOO Pegas Touristik 1,536
AS49554 P.P.Shirshov Institute of Oceanology RAS 1,536
AS49426 LInTeCS ltd (Laboratory of Information Technologies and Computer Systems) 1,536
AS49381 Com-Site Ltd 1,536
AS198354 SIS Laboratory, LLC 1,536
AS201119 Icewood LLC 1,536
AS49261 Lekstar Communication Ltd. 1,536
AS59404 Korkino-Cable Television Networks Ltd 1,536
AS200953 Zelenaya Tochka Vladivistok LLC 1,536
AS48758 Fibrenet Ltd 1,536
AS39221 Itoolabs LLC 1,536
AS196768 KTO OOO 1,536
AS48604 ZAO N-Region 1,536
AS39043 PP Info-Center 1,536
AS48365 NUR Ltd. 1,536
AS206066 Teledom LLC 1,536
AS57725 Individual entrepreneur Noroshkin Vladimir Aleksandrovich 1,536
AS9122 Technoelektroservis Ltd. 1,536
AS35640 OOO MIGRAPH 1,536
AS48143 Mirantis IT LLC 1,536
AS57552 Onrela LLC 1,536
AS57562 Puls-KT LLC. 1,536
AS47724 Limited Liability Company HeadHunter 1,536
AS47733 Digital Networks Ltd 1,536
AS47618 Penzenskaya Telephonnaya company closed joint-stock company 1,536
AS38959 LLC "RadioLink" 1,536
AS57354 SYSTEMA Ltd 1,536
AS204576 Denis Dmitrievich Galyamin 1,536
AS8630 Fedaral State Educational Institution of higher professional Education 'Chuvash State University' 1,536
AS47117 Sibline Ltd. 1,536
AS47104 Prolink Ltd. 1,536
AS56975 Metrex Engineering LTD 1,536
AS57031 Grid Dynamics LLC 1,536
AS197577 KomTelecom LLC 1,536
AS34232 PulNet Limited 1,536
AS197535 Svyazenergo LTD 1,536
AS8480 State Federal Budgetary educational establishment of the highest vocational education Ufa State Aviation Technical University 1,536
AS44315 Grandconsult Ltd 1,536
AS12500 JSC Ruscentrosvyaz 1,536
AS197482 DoubleGIS LLC 1,536
AS203451 K-telekom LLC 1,536
AS56451 Telekey-S Ltd 1,536
AS31703 Mobil-group ltd 1,536
AS212713 TELECOM GROUP 1,536
AS43728 TELESET+ Ltd 1,536
AS43634 State budgetary institution of Sakha Respublic (Yakutiya) Respublicanskiy Centr infokommunikatsionnykh tekhnologiy 1,536
AS43712 Open Systems Ltd. 1,536
AS43465 ReInfoCom Ltd. 1,536
AS43097 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 1,536
AS29651 JSC RT Labs 1,536
AS6850 PJSC MegaFon 1,536
AS42608 Yamal-Soft 2003 Ltd. 1,536
AS21140 Fly Telecom LLC 1,536
AS29285 PJSC Moscow city telephone network 1,536
AS198918 OOO Interdol 1,536
AS57842 UralKonnektServis LLC 1,536
AS42002 Dix Telecom LLC 1,536
AS42897 Telnet LLC 1,536
AS28800 State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education Moscow State Institute of a Radio engineering, Electronics and Automatics (MIREA) 1,536
AS51190 Piranya JSC 1,280
AS41787 Online City LLC 1,280
AS15870 Bst Ltd. 1,280
AS62459 Dubrovka Telecom LLC 1,280
AS64432 Variti LLC 1,280
AS210122 OOOTCK 1,280
AS62133 RANHiGS 1,280
AS50691 Siberian Internet Company LLC 1,280
AS61964 Freedom LLC 1,280
AS198669 KNET TELECOM Ltd 1,280
AS209352 Joint Stock Company Investment Company FINAM 1,280
AS209343 RusSvyazIntegration Ltd 1,280
AS61131 OSST Ltd. 1,280
AS60986 ZagorodTelecom LLC 1,280
AS50418 Setevye Resheniya Ltd 1,280
AS208955 UralNet LLC 1,280
AS60826 JSC TC Center 1,280
AS60856 ZAO "Zakamskaya Telephone Company" 1,280
AS208720 LLC Rosinfokom 1,280
AS60599 KOMPAS TELECOM Ltd 1,280
AS60612 Albatros Ltd. 1,280
AS50147 Netcity O.O.O. 1,280
AS50265 Invest Mobile LLC 1,280
AS50003 CJSK "Uchrezhdencheskij telefonnyj uzel" 1,280
AS49925 LLC South Networks 1,280
AS60363 OOO FB Group 1,280
AS60347 Voxys LLC 1,280
AS60470 LLC Country Online 1,280
AS49612 DDOS-GUARD LTD 1,280
AS201296 Proftelecom-Service Ltd 1,280
AS39864 Company Tensor LLC 1,280
AS59975 Play-Telecom LLC. 1,280
AS59744 Nemerov Evgeniy Vladimirovish PE 1,280
AS39407 PJSC Rostelecom 1,280
AS49070 Telecompany Viza-2 Ltd. 1,280
AS49039 OOO Telemaks 1,280
AS49002 JSC Russian Post 1,280
AS58255 Institute for Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences 1,280
AS58238 MKS Telecom LLC 1,280
AS200976 Lifestream Ltd 1,280
AS48842 FRIEND IT Ltd 1,280
AS48796 MTS PJSC 1,280
AS58290 LLC Trans Media 1,280
AS39303 Comiten Corp LLC 1,280
AS58095 LLC Lan-Link 1,280
AS39143 Scientific-Production Enterprise Business Sviaz Holding LLC 1,280
AS57893 LLC ALTARION 1,280
AS198070 LLC Pudlink 1,280
AS57898 DNS Retail Ltd. 1,280
AS49160 ASTEIS-TELECOM Ltd. 1,280
AS48308 OOO TTC 1,280
AS48276 IPSvyaz OOO 1,280
AS57679 Teleradiocompany Tonus Ltd 1,280
AS35723 Transport Telecom Company Ltd 1,280
AS48333 RTS LLC 1,280
AS47955 OOO KTS-Telecom 1,280
AS57529 ZAO GTNT 1,280
AS57526 LLC "Uralskie Seti" 1,280
AS200463 LLC firm "Letkom" 1,280
AS35508 iHome LLC 1,280
AS205236 ISP Gipercom LLC 1,280
AS12770 Pacific National University, Public Institution 1,280
AS8790 State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education Petrozavodsk State University 1,280
AS47528 Piter-IX Co. Ltd. 1,280
AS47481 Lime HD LLC 1,280
AS57246 WellTelecom LLC 1,280
AS57250 Ru.Net Ltd. 1,280
AS57209 F-KOM Ltd (Intralan) 1,280
AS47141 Lit-Tel LLC 1,280
AS34802 Commercial Bank "Renaissance Credit" LLC 1,280
AS47133 ProServis Ltd. 1,280
AS45029 Joint-stock company Internet Exchange MSK-IX 1,280
AS44844 OOO MediaSeti 1,280
AS44834 Pozitiv Telecom Ltd. 1,280
AS34545 Webinar Tehnologii OOO 1,280
AS56814 T2 Telecom LLC 1,280
AS13192 dFactory Sarl. 1,280
AS44704 Perekrestok-2000 LLC 1,280
AS8496 Optibit LLC 1,280
AS56621 Innovation Technologies Ltd 1,280
AS44467 PJSC Rostelecom 1,280
AS3312 IT Energy Service 1,280
AS199361 LLC Mixplat Processing 1,280
AS23242 LLC City-Telekom 1,280
AS56351 Tieto Rus LLC 1,280
AS16094 Magistralny Telecom LLC 1,280
AS43581 ZTV CORP LLC 1,280
AS202999 Vostok Telecom LLC 1,280
AS43278 Castles LLC 1,280
AS52016 JSC ADFACT 1,280
AS202838 OOO Intercom 1,280
AS211762 Region40 LLC 1,280
AS211625 LTD 5COM 1,280
AS29426 AO Connecto 1,280
AS202717 TELESET LLC 1,280
AS51578 Limited Liabillity Company 'IT-VEGA' 1,280
AS42240 Variti LLC 1,280
AS51477 Teleradiokompaniya Kandalaksha LLC 1,280
AS42001 Media Sououz Ltd. 1,280
AS51214 Vikscom Ltd. 1,024
AS64469 Unicom Group LLC 1,024
AS51186 ITAR-TASS State Enterprise 1,024
AS51156 OngNet Plus LLC 1,024
AS51226 Costcom OOO 1,024
AS202234 Semantic LLC 1,024
AS210267 Maxima, LLC 1,024
AS198816 Permtelecom Ltd 1,024
AS64423 Granat Ltd. 1,024
AS202202 LLC ORION 1,024
AS51092 TVIP Media LLC 1,024
AS62450 TELECOMPROEKT Ltd. 1,024
AS64409 OOO Telestar Communications 1,024
AS210093 RK Stroj LLC 1,024
AS21008 Comlink Telecom Ltd. 1,024
AS198784 Eastern Property AG 1,024
AS51012 LLC Uralpromservice 1,024
AS198774 Ltd. "Regional Media Transit" 1,024
AS210028 LLC Complex Systems 1,024
AS51037 Infoservice Ltd. 1,024
AS50958 OOO W-INTERNET 1,024
AS209950 Voltaks-Aliance LLC 1,024
AS209930 DataSpace Partners LLC 1,024
AS15867 ED-PARTNER LLC 1,024
AS202078 Mix LLC 1,024
AS198758 Firma Svyaz Ltd. 1,024
AS62432 VilTel Ltd 1,024
AS209789 Nikolay Olegovich Tokarev 1,024
AS198755 Gorset Ltd. 1,024
AS62286 PremierKom OOO 1,024
AS197163 Kuban River Connection Ltd 1,024
AS50804 Bestline Ltd 1,024
AS209739 JSC National satellite company 1,024
AS41599 Private higher education institution autonomous nonprofit organisation 'Regional Finance and Economic Institute' 1,024
AS62221 Amayama Auto Co., Ltd. 1,024
AS13016 Teleline Ltd. 1,024
AS209695 Kucherenkov Nikolay Alexeevich 1,024
AS62218 Ultra Telecom Ltd. 1,024
AS50750 TK Center Ltd 1,024
AS41556 LTD Telecon 1,024
AS50776 Joint Stock Company System Telecom 1,024
AS50707 Autonomous Non-profit Organisation Energy Safety Analysis Center of IBRAE RAN 1,024
AS41515 OOO MediaSeti 1,024
AS41517 MUP Strela Khabarovsk 1,024
AS62067 Telecom Service LLC 1,024
AS50646 MTS PJSC 1,024
AS50717 OOO Fortis 1,024
AS41446 Municipal autonomous educational establishment of supplementary education of children "Center for Continuing Education of Children "Computer Center" 1,024
AS41525 FILI-Telecom LLC 1,024
AS61985 Suhoy Log Intersat Ltd. 1,024
AS62356 IT-Novation LLC 1,024
AS50626 Radio Relay Connection Ltd 1,024
AS198685 The State Educational Institution of Higher Vocational Education Ivanovo State Power University 1,024
AS209476 Non-commercial organization Foundation for Development of the Center for Elaboration and Commercialization of New Technologies 1,024
AS209473 InfoDec LLC 1,024
AS201861 CrossMix Ltd. 1,024
AS197120 LanInterCom LLC 1,024
AS201858 OOO MP SST 1,024
AS61979 Stolica Svyazi Ltd. 1,024
AS41681 JSC Televison Company NTV 1,024
AS50567 OOO Sibenergotelecom 1,024
AS61406 Zavod RTA Ltd. 1,024
AS209448 AvtoGERMES-Zapad, LLC 1,024
AS50727 LTD Firma Tivicom LTD 1,024
AS209445 Telecom five LLC 1,024
AS209420 START LLC 1,024
AS62130 LLC Trans Analitica 1,024
AS209393 OOO Dontel 1,024
AS61380 LLC Enginet+ 1,024
AS41338 ROCKTEL LLC 1,024
AS61382 Komisvyazinvest LLC 1,024
AS50513 OOO WestCall Ltd. 1,024
AS50488 JSC United Telecom 1,024
AS201812 JSC Inline Technologies Group OUC 1,024
AS201800 LLP Delovie Linii 1,024
AS50465 IQHost Ltd 1,024
AS198643 New-Com Trade Ltd. 1,024
AS61156 INTERFORUM Ltd. 1,024
AS209219 LLC Daginfonet 1,024
AS201786 OOO ComLine 1,024
AS209141 China Mobile International (Russia), LLC 1,024
AS50435 "A&K+" Ltd. 1,024
AS60936 LLC Skynet 1,024
AS61040 Peterburgskiy Telefon LLC 1,024
AS60921 Fast-Ru Co. LTD 1,024
AS61043 Multifunctional Telecommunications Systems LTD 1,024
AS208981 Data Center LLC 1,024
AS60864 LTD Inter RAO - Information Technology 1,024
AS60904 ATC Telecom LTD. 1,024
AS208954 OOO UPiterTelecom 1,024
AS60832 O`KEY, Limited Liability Company 1,024
AS60852 Computer Service LLC 1,024
AS60797 SafeData LLC 1,024
AS208879 Teraline Telecom Ltd 1,024
AS50306 POLUHIN V.A. PE 1,024
AS50283 Buisiness Kvartal Nov Ltd. 1,024
AS50433 State educational institution of higher professional education "Tomsk State Pedagogical University" 1,024
AS208827 CryptoCentre LLC 1,024
AS208803 ACN LLC 1,024
AS60863 LLC VK 1,024
AS50254 Sky Engineering LLC 1,024
AS208793 LLC Demo-Club 1,024
AS60738 OOO PKF Delta Telekom 1,024
AS201643 GBU SO Operator of Electronic Government 1,024
AS208762 Chuvakov Igor Nikolaevich 1,024
AS60691 LLC GlavSvyaz 1,024
AS198588 ProstoDNS Ltd. 1,024
AS60693 individual entrepreneur Konyaev Igor 1,024
AS208729 Kozitskiy A.M. PI 1,024
AS50260 OOO Svyaz Alians 1,024
AS208701 TRK AMOS LLC 1,024
AS41085 Obyedinennaya sistema momentalnih platejey CJSC 1,024
AS208640 Channel One Russia Worldwide JSC 1,024
AS201578 Magistralny Telecom LLC 1,024
AS41065 JSC RFI Bank 1,024
AS41058 ZRM Services LLC 1,024
AS208544 Shahaev Gadzhi Abdurahmanovich 1,024
AS208534 Federal State Budget institution All-Russian centre for disaster medicine Zaschita Ministry of health of the Russian federation 1,024
AS50042 South Business Communication, LTD 1,024
AS50035 Altercom JSC 1,024
AS60554 LLC Megion-Link 1,024
AS201556 Videoline LLC 1,024
AS208456 IT Krym Ltd. 1,024
AS208447 LLC FASTMILE 1,024
AS49977 Company Tomich Ltd 1,024
AS208411 MEDLINX Limited Liability Company 1,024
AS49966 PJSC T Plus 1,024
AS50098 DDoS Protection LTD. 1,024
AS6704 Citylan LLC 1,024
AS49929 Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education National Research Technological University MISIS 1,024
AS49943 IT Resheniya LLC 1,024
AS49951 DFW LLC 1,024
AS208360 Neuron LLC 1,024
AS201511 ScPA Starline LLC 1,024
AS51086 SCATPLUS Ltd. 1,024
AS60580 Artificial lntelligence Software LLC 1,024
AS49897 Alians Telecom Ltd. 1,024
AS201499 FullSpace Ltd. 1,024
AS41377 OOO "Faktor" 1,024
AS50105 OOO Sestroretskoe Cable Television 1,024
AS60510 Victory Ltd. 1,024
AS60768 1Forma LLC 1,024
AS60357 LLC 1,024
AS39853 LLC Gazpromneft ITO 1,024
AS196986 Closed Joint Stock Company "Siberian Agency of Air Communications" 1,024
AS201477 Khimki-SMI JSC 1,024
AS60437 FORA-BANK Joint-Stock Commercial Bank 1,024
AS208178 Federal State Institution National Library of Russia (NLR) 1,024
AS208177 Public Joint-stock company commercial Bank Center-invest 1,024
AS196963 Igor Vladimirovich Gorodkov 1,024
AS208155 Numedy LLC 1,024
AS60252 OBIT Ltd. 1,024
AS208102 Individual Entrepreneur Rylov Roman Yrevich 1,024
AS60283 Start.Ru LLC 1,024
AS208092 Global Consult Group LLC 1,024
AS49741 PRO-NET-REGION Ltd. 1,024
AS60292 MediaCom LLC 1,024
AS208087 Novosibirsk Telecommunication Company Ltd. 1,024
AS49729 Open Joint Stock Company Commercial Bank Modulbank 1,024
AS208061 Limited Company Telecontact 1,024
AS49702 Svyaz Telecom OOO 1,024
AS207984 Crazy Panda Rus Ltd. 1,024
AS49722 SP Line Ltd 1,024
AS60216 Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development 1,024
AS60224 TelematikaNET LLC 1,024
AS49617 CrimeaCom South LLC 1,024
AS207909 Nikolai Anatolievich Andreenkov 1,024
AS198438 INTRAST Ltd. 1,024
AS49557 BuildNet Ltd 1,024
AS49578 Fregat Ltd. 1,024
AS60484 Astra-Sever LTD 1,024
AS49545 StroyTelecom-Yug Ltd 1,024
AS207839 FAU GlavGosExpertiza Rossii 1,024
AS201270 Zelenaya Tochka Belgorod LLC 1,024
AS39593 JSC Ufanet 1,024
AS49878 OOO DagNet 1,024
AS207753 Barnet LLC 1,024
AS60043 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 1,024
AS207718 Udovikhin Evgenii 1,024
AS49481 Ultracom JSC 1,024
AS207676 Best Line Ltd. 1,024
AS49411 Efimyuk Dmitriy Sergeevich 1,024
AS59917 OTK LLC. 1,024
AS60062 3DATA LLC 1,024
AS198384 Omsk State Technical University 1,024
AS39503 Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University 1,024
AS207547 Svyaztelecom LLC 1,024
AS39539 LLC KTZ 1,024
AS39523 Vasilyev Ivan Ivanovich 1,024
AS49373 JSC Universal Card Technologies 1,024
AS49385 STYX-IT LLC 1,024
AS201151 InterMAX Regional Networks LLC 1,024
AS207496 DIGI TECH LLC 1,024
AS59740 City Networks Ltd 1,024
AS207490 Individual Proprietor Boris L. Grigoryan 1,024
AS59883 Global Telecom LLC 1,024
AS34320 MNW RU Ltd 1,024
AS49340 ZAO Svyaz'-Invest Severo-Zapad 1,024
AS201144 Infosecurity Ltd 1,024
AS59665 Ultra-Telecom LLC 1,024
AS59661 LLC Telekom365 1,024
AS59666 FORTEX CJSC 1,024
AS201137 JSC OTC 1,024
AS201135 Dream Net Ltd 1,024
AS59693 Intronex Setevye Resheniya Ltd. 1,024
AS207353 Ruform LLC 1,024
AS196879 Volkhov Online Ltd 1,024
AS59591 WIRENET LLC 1,024
AS39374 T2 Mobile LLC 1,024
AS49186 Federal State Institution Research and Development Institute Voskhod, FGAU 1,024
AS201100 LLC Demo-Club 1,024
AS207258 LLC Fenix 1,024
AS59714 Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education Kurgan State University 1,024
AS201088 Techstandart-S LLC 1,024
AS198297 JSC Ul-com Media 1,024
AS207104 BiZone LLC 1,024
AS49066 Limited Liability Company NFS Telecom 1,024
AS59516 Lanamar, Ltd. 1,024
AS207056 Maloe Innovacionnoe Predpriyatie Bonch IT LLC 1,024
AS49012 Novy Impuls 50 Ltd. 1,024
AS20698 LLC Avtodor-TollRoads 1,024
AS201008 M3 LLC 1,024
AS206955 EVOTOR LLC 1,024
AS206926 Letit LLC 1,024
AS206905 Research Institute of Complex Security Systems LLC 1,024
AS58279 Federal State Budgetary Institution All Russia Research Geological Petroleum Institute (FGBU VNIGNI) 1,024
AS48922 Domodedovo IT Services 1,024
AS48877 Yunicom Ltd 1,024
AS58230 INTELCOM LTD 1,024
AS206835 IE Pepelyaev V.A. 1,024
AS206820 Nice Telecom LLC 1,024
AS58210 SkyNet Ltd. 1,024
AS206767 Tionix LLC 1,024
AS39167 PJSC Kalibr 1,024
AS206756 Beltelecom LLC 1,024
AS48731 Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education Voronezh State Agricultural University of K.D.Glinka 1,024
AS48722 Kozlova Larisa Petrovna 1,024
AS39191 GNR Group LLC 1,024
AS48654 RTK-centr ltd. 1,024
AS48676 Accord Telecom Ltd. 1,024
AS39131 State Educational Institution of higher professional Education Dagestan State University 1,024
AS206668 TVTORG JSC 1,024
AS206649 IP Shamilov Timur Gazimagomedovich 1,024
AS48583 BUSINESSBOX, Limited Liability Company 1,024
AS48679 Consultant Ltd. 1,024
AS198130 Gamma-Service LTD 1,024
AS58037 LLC 1,024
AS58042 State Educational Institution of Higher Vocational Education The Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications 1,024
AS198122 Digital Technology Ltd. 1,024
AS206527 LLC IT Service 1,024
AS58045 Sportivnye Novosti LLC 1,024
AS58048 Bezheckaya Internet Company ltd. 1,024
AS39055 INFINITY Ltd. 1,024
AS12828 Institution of the Russian Science Academy Institute of Computational Modeling of Siberian RAN Department 1,024
AS48498 Sochi-Online Ltd. 1,024
AS57882 Innotelecom Ltd. 1,024
AS38994 ERA LLC 1,024
AS51291 Istok Ltd. 1,024
AS206333 Atlanta LLC 1,024
AS206295 Joint Stock Company Medsi group 1,024
AS38978 Intertelecom Ltd. 1,024
AS48719 Intelsvyaz Ltd. 1,024
AS48354 Company Relant Ltd 1,024
AS48369 M-Telecom Ltd. 1,024
AS59537 Lider-Telecom Ltd. 1,024
AS48312 PJSC ALROSA 1,024
AS48316 Regional State Institution "Regional Center of automated information resource of Tomsk Region" 1,024
AS57808 SAT-DV LLC 1,024
AS48275 Republican Unitary Enterprise Abkhazsvyaz 1,024
AS198052 LLC "Most" 1,024
AS200613 Imeretinskay Riviera LLC 1,024
AS198028 OOO BG Market 1,024
AS57737 Joint Stock Company Angarsk Electrolysis Chemical Complex 1,024
AS205963 BURGER RUS LLC 1,024
AS205864 Edisoft LLC 1,024
AS57661 Deil Ltd. 1,024
AS48102 ZAO Peter-Service 1,024
AS57645 OOO LICARD 1,024
AS57700 DeepCo Ltd 1,024
AS48084 Uzhnie Magistraljnie Linii Svyazi LLC 1,024
AS196698 Korolev-Telecom Ltd. 1,024
AS57711 NetLine Ltd. 1,024
AS205717 National Cash Desk LLC 1,024
AS205711 Igra-Service LLC 1,024
AS205710 Makrokom LLC 1,024
AS57587 ISS Ltd. 1,024
AS200513 Service Terminal Media LLC 1,024
AS205652 CryptoCentre LLC 1,024
AS48013 Chemicomp+ CJSC. 1,024
AS196688 Navigator Ltd 1,024
AS15449 Rosohrana Telecom LLC 1,024
AS47996 Kommunikatsyi Stels Ltd. 1,024
AS57620 JSC Avantel 1,024
AS47923 LanCraft Ltd. 1,024
AS196685 LLC OIL-TELECOM 1,024
AS200457 Mind Bridge Group LLC 1,024
AS35533 CrimeaCom South LLC 1,024
AS15370 MFI Soft LLC 1,024
AS200442 Kotsarev Alexey Evgenevich 1,024
AS205439 IP PARK LLC 1,024
AS47839 Zet Maximum limited 1,024
AS47761 CJSC "VTB Capital" 1,024
AS200430 WEBO LLC 1,024
AS47775 JSC Ufanet 1,024
AS35522 JSC Capital 1,024
AS35410 OOO Nord-telecom 1,024
AS200389 SEPHORA RUS JSC 1,024
AS57580 Federal State Unitary Enterprise Research Center For Informatics Under The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Of The Russian Federation 1,024
AS47656 Ast-Systems Ltd. 1,024
AS47682 A2 Ltd 1,024
AS35473 MTS PJSC 1,024
AS47739 Aphrodite Limited 1,024
AS205153 TSUM Trading House OJSC 1,024
AS205126 LLC ONELYA 1,024
AS13302 Linkey Ltd 1,024
AS205070 ATC Telecom LTD. 1,024
AS205063 Cortel LLC 1,024
AS205040 Virtuozzo Research LLC 1,024
AS47995 Apple Technologies LLC 1,024
AS9077 Institution of Russian Academy of Sciences Ufa Scientific Centre RAN 1,024
AS35165 Ltd. Web MAX 1,024
AS8775 Institute of continuous media mechanics of the Ural branch of the Russian Academy of Science 1,024
AS8817 OF IM SO RAN 1,024
AS57314 Invest Mobile LLC 1,024
AS57319 JSC Tander 1,024
AS204891 LLC Crystal Service Integration 1,024
AS47465 Limited liability company Sovtest IP 1,024
AS47439 Zlat telecom Ltd. 1,024
AS57309 Ltd OnLine 1,024
AS57323 CJSC "Kubanoptprodtorg" 1,024
AS204792 Telesistemy LTD 1,024
AS35005 VilTel Ltd 1,024
AS57268 FGYP ZachitaInfoTrans 1,024
AS57393 Viva LLC 1,024
AS47335 ABN LTD 1,024
AS200035 JSC Preprocessing Settlement Center 1,024
AS204623 OOO New Line 1,024
AS57212 Mercury LLC 1,024
AS34925 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 1,024
AS47333 TELESTORE Ltd 1,024
AS204564 LLC Mir Mitino Telecom 1,024
AS57191 LLC IT Business 1,024
AS199975 TV CENTER JSC 1,024
AS204507 LLC Baikal Service TC 1,024
AS47334 I-MEDIA LTD 1,024
AS199966 JSC RetnNet 1,024
AS57125 Intermed LTD 1,024
AS34855 Stroy-Telecom LTD 1,024
AS57109 Pro-Revizor LLC. 1,024
AS199933 Elektranet Ltd. 1,024
AS34869 INSYS LLC 1,024
AS197725 Bashkirenergo LLC 1,024
AS204354 PJSC Rostelecom 1,024
AS204350 Ipboom Telecom LLC 1,024
AS57091 LLC Interion 1,024
AS34832 NOVOSYSTEM Ltd. 1,024
AS47140 LLC Oblastnaya Set 1,024
AS57038 LLC "Amurtelekom" 1,024
AS204297 LLC Belgorod Networking Telecommunication Company 1,024
AS47168 LLC Lenvendo-Soft 1,024
AS204276 Eutelsat Networks LLC 1,024
AS199833 UgSel'hoz LLC 1,024
AS199820 PE Dyatlov Sergey Vladimirovich 1,024
AS204226 I-Teco JSC 1,024
AS57019 SvyazTelecom LLC. 1,024
AS199805 UGO LLC 1,024
AS204198 NCO MONETA (LLC) 1,024
AS199782 Teletime Ltd. 1,024
AS57011 Information- Analytical Agency IF LTD 1,024
AS56957 IX-2 Ltd. 1,024
AS56977 STILAR Ltd 1,024
AS204077 Severnye volokonno-opticheskie sistemy Ltd. 1,024
AS199735 Best Line Ltd. 1,024
AS199728 Data-Line LLC 1,024
AS44845 Company Internet Technologies LLC 1,024
AS56875 Sprint Ltd 1,024
AS34559 SvyazResurs-Region, ltd 1,024
AS199635 LLC NextTell' 1,024
AS44773 PE Znamenskiy L.V. 1,024
AS203891 GKU MO MOC IKT 1,024
AS44759 Binet Ltd. 1,024
AS56806 CJSC Computing Forces 1,024
AS44715 Globalcom Ltd. 1,024
AS199593 LLC Synthesis 1,024
AS56784 Limited liability company MultiHOST MSK 1,024
AS44674 MegaLine Ltd. 1,024
AS56720 FORTUNA Ltd 1,024
AS203791 OOO Kurier 1,024
AS56760 Autonomous state organization or The Komi Republic Centre of informational technologies 1,024
AS56776 DialogSiberia-Barnaul Ltd 1,024
AS2585 Optic Telecom LLC 1,024
AS56705 MegaIntelSystems Ltd. 1,024
AS203750 State Unitary Enterprise of Krasnodar Region Information Technology Center 1,024
AS34303 ZAO "Sviaz Telecom" 1,024
AS199549 Open Joint Stock Company All Russian Institute of Light Alloys 1,024
AS34268 OOO AineT 1,024
AS34246 PAO Fortum 1,024
AS44597 Joint-stock company Internet Exchange MSK-IX 1,024
AS25451 LLC NTT Russia 1,024
AS56674 Mebelnaya fabrika Mariya Ltd. 1,024
AS56677 Tele-Club Ltd. 1,024
AS25371 Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences 1,024
AS44528 INSYS LLC 1,024
AS34223 ZAO N-Region 1,024
AS34121 RUSAL Global Management BV 1,024
AS25203 Inkom Plus Ltd. 1,024
AS199472 Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development 1,024
AS34052 OOO NPP Logika 1,024
AS56915 Elite Telecommunication LLC 1,024
AS56618 Arctic net Ltd. 1,024
AS44425 Departament Informatizatsii i Svyazi Yaroslavskoy Oblasti 1,024
AS24924 Non-commercial 'Partnership Institute of professional accountants and auditors of Russia 1,024
AS56581 GBU Centre of Information Technologies of Amur Region 1,024
AS33908 ZAO Kirovtelecom 1,024
AS56578 Alcom Ltd. 1,024
AS8475 State Educational Institute of Higher Professional Education "Bashkirskiy State University" 1,024
AS8484 Novye oblachnye technologii LLC 1,024
AS24832 LLC Nauka-Svyaz 1,024
AS199427 Limited Liability Company DataHarbour 1,024
AS44380 Smart Telecom Limited 1,024
AS56574 A2 Ltd 1,024
AS24774 3DATA LLC 1,024
AS8485 Joint Stock Company TransTeleCom 1,024
AS8441 OOO NPP Garant Service University 1,024
AS203498 MSA Realty LLC 1,024
AS56663 Partner Yug LLC 1,024
AS21447 Telecom Center LLC 1,024
AS16176 MegaLine Ltd. 1,024
AS203444 MapMakers Group Ltd 1,024
AS199295 M100 LLC 1,024
AS56462 Destiny.Games LLC 1,024
AS8411 State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education Omsk State University of F.M.Dostoevsky 1,024
AS13161 LTD Technocom 1,024
AS213348 PE Andrey Slesarev 1,024
AS203387 Telix LLC 1,024
AS56418 MIkhail Lavkin 1,024
AS31690 GeoTelecommunications LLC 1,024
AS199278 Adant LLC 1,024
AS44079 Orbita plus Mojaysk Ltd 1,024
AS203290 Limited Liability Company Bliss-Pro 1,024
AS44014 OOO NPO VMI 1,024
AS44011 OOO TKS2000 1,024
AS56923 Virtualfort OOO 1,024
AS43886 UTEL Ltd 1,024
AS31626 OOO ZVI Telecom 1,024
AS203203 Limited Liability Company RTS-tender 1,024
AS43826 CSIT LLC 1,024
AS31379 Federal Agency for State Property Management 1,024
AS44899 Smart Telecom Limited 1,024
AS56374 Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education M.I.Platov South-Russian State Polytechnic University (NPI) 1,024
AS56664 Sigma-Net Ltd. 1,024
AS203131 JSC Apatit 1,024
AS31314 Digital-Service LLC 1,024
AS203117 MTK LLC 1,024
AS5514 Boscom LLC 1,024
AS43684 OTK LLC 1,024
AS52222 Ltd Magnit-Tv 1,024
AS203054 RM-Telecom LLC 1,024
AS52208 Engineering-technical center-communication LLC 1,024
AS43666 A2 Ltd 1,024
AS197392 Infodom Ltd 1,024
AS43552 MedTech Ltd. 1,024
AS212414 KASAT LLC 1,024
AS43598 Export Telecom LLC 1,024
AS52060 MaximaTelecom JSC 1,024
AS52062 Organisation Federal centre of informatization Central Election Commitee of Russian Federation 1,024
AS43489 JSC RU-CENTER 1,024
AS43385 Globalcom LLC 1,024
AS202961 JSC Special economic zone Industrial and manufacturing typeALABUGA 1,024
AS31138 Ltd IPTelecom 1,024
AS52007 LLC AdRiver 1,024
AS52008 NesterTelecom LLC 1,024
AS212165 Alex Group LLC 1,024
AS212128 LLC HORIZON 1,024
AS51880 Teletext-Plus Ltd. 1,024
AS43237 Svyaz-Service Ltd. 1,024
AS30768 Volvox CJSC 1,024
AS43208 Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Scientific-Technical center "Atlas" 1,024
AS51811 'Commercial Bank LOCKO-Bank (Closed joint stock company)' 1,024
AS43265 RN Telecom Ltd. 1,024
AS199070 State Intitution Resources of Yamala 1,024
AS43106 Nevacom Ltd 1,024
AS43114 SVK-Telecom LLC 1,024
AS51715 OAO Polymetal UK 1,024
AS51730 OOO IT-Tcentr 1,024
AS42930 Modem Ltd. 1,024
AS5553 State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education Tambov State Technical University 1,024
AS42911 Internet service Ltd. 1,024
AS211674 Megapolis LLC 1,024
AS51690 Applied Technologies, Ltd. 1,024
AS199029 World Registry of Internet Domains LTD 1,024
AS51781 Gazprom Megregiongaz Ivanovo LLC 1,024
AS42819 OOO MediaSeti 1,024
AS42870 Siberian Internet Company LLC 1,024
AS42787 MultiMedia IP Ltd. 1,024
AS202758 OOO Impulse 1,024
AS42767 New-Com Trade Ltd. 1,024
AS42636 Severnet Ltd. 1,024
AS29258 CJSC Jet Infosystems 1,024
AS29209 MTS PJSC 1,024
AS29184 Igra-Service LLC 1,024
AS42569 PSK-SET LLC 1,024
AS42481 Rambler Internet Holding LLC 1,024
AS42482 Informational-measuring systems Ltd. 1,024
AS42413 Privat Telecom LLC 1,024
AS202594 Russian Space Systems JSC 1,024
AS24837 MegaLink LLC 1,024
AS13075 CJSC Megalabs 1,024
AS42377 Youth Autonomous Non-Commercial Organisation Home Computer Network Strela 1,024
AS211183 AdminVPS LLC 1,024
AS29503 JSC Ratmir-ADS 1,024
AS42253 Telecom SP Ltd 1,024
AS51478 OBIT Ltd. 1,024
AS202510 North-western Trade House LLC 1,024
AS42218 JSC ER-Telecom Holding 1,024
AS202508 FoamLine LLC 1,024
AS202498 Tinkoff Mobile LLC 1,024
AS51416 Eniseynet Ltd. 1,024
AS42149 Servis Telecom Ltd. 1,024
AS210912 LLC YUSERVICE 1,024
AS56930 Clarus-Telecom Ltd. 1,024
AS202446 SMARTS JSC 1,024
AS210756 EdgeCenter LLC 1,024
AS42071 OOO Electronic Office 1,024
AS15884 EXPERT PRO LLC 1,024
AS202406 Limited Company LineBit 1,024
AS42048 Siberian Federal University 1,024
AS41864 ZELOBIT LLC 1,024
AS41862 OOO MediaSeti 1,024
AS41855 OSS OJSC 1,024
AS64494 Variti+ LLC 768
AS41775 LLC E-COM 768
AS202164 Netcube LLC 768
AS51230 Cifrabar Telekom LLC 768
AS202070 JSC Gazprom Neft 768
AS50859 TatAisEnergo LLC 768
AS209775 Solidnet Ltd 768
AS62268 Joint Stock Company Electronic Moscow 768
AS62331 Media Holding TVK Ltd. 768
AS209728 Expert Telecom LLC 768
AS209684 Action-digital LLC 768
AS62006 Unecha Television Network Ltd. 768
AS50619 VISIUM LLC 768
AS50509 Transroute Telecom LTD 768
AS61206 Joint Stock Company 'Caspian Pipeline Consortium -R' 768
AS201794 OJSC Mosinzhproekt 768
AS61280 FGUP GRCHC 768
AS209030 Kaspersky Lab AO 768
AS41269 Nikita Sergienko 768
AS12979 JSC Transinfoset 768
AS208825 REDLINE OOO 768
AS41127 LLC "Soro Telecom" 768
AS60684 Managing company Realty of Petersburg Ltd 768
AS60603 Utel Ltd. 768
AS201582 ZAO "IVS-SETI" 768
AS12938 Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry Russian Academy of Sciences 768
AS49994 RIC-Info Ltd 768
AS201551 V Online LLC. 768
AS60575 LTD SibServisSvyaz 768
AS49954 Progress Technology LLC 768
AS208314 Access Telecom Ltd. 768
AS201469 Concept Ltd. 768
AS49778 Nexus Ltd. 768
AS60343 Joint Stock Company Bank DOM.RF 768
AS49673 Truenetwork LLC 768
AS60151 Vnedrenchesky centr, LLC 768
AS49569 MFC Zaymer LLC 768
AS201285 Kirzhachtelecom LLC 768
AS196914 Don-plus LTD 768
AS39577 Goodnet LLC 768
AS49400 PageMaster Ltd 768
AS59580 Batterflyai Media ltd. 768
AS39406 Convex Zarecny 768
AS49184 MediaService Ltd. 768
AS59598 Sakura Network LTD 768
AS207228 Uplink Ltd. 768
AS49140 Logitel Ltd. 768
AS49064 PS TelecomService Ltd. 768
AS201022 Active business systems Ltd. 768
AS39240 SvyazTelecom Ltd. 768
AS20690 JSC Apatit 768
AS206817 Adman LLC 768
AS206812 IP Dmitriy Yuzepchuk 768
AS58217 BelKomStroy Ltd. 768
AS206653 Biocad JSC 768
AS198137 OOO Net-Nord 768
AS58060 System Solutions Ltd. 768
AS200802 Prime-Service LLC 768
AS48370 Westcom Ltd 768


Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) are assigned to entities such as Internet Service Providers and other large organizations that control blocks of IP addresses. This network page, and the organization field that's shown on the main IP address information page and also returned in the geolocation API are based on the ASN.

This page shows ASNs for Russia. See the global ASN report for network, IP address information and whois details for other countries.