Kazakhstan ASN Summary

The report below shows ASNs assigned to Kazakhstan, ranked by the total number of IP addresses currently active on each network. Click on the ASN for full IP address information, whois details and more. You can also view our hosting report to see the networks ranked by how many domain names they host.

ASN Name Num IPs
AS9198 JSC Kazakhtelecom 1,527,808
AS29355 Kcell JSC 687,104
AS21299 Kar-Tel LLC 339,712
AS197556 TNS-Plus LLP 60,672
AS48503 Mobile Telecom-Service LLP 57,344
AS39824 JSC Alma Telecommunications 50,176
AS206026 Kar-Tel LLC 41,728
AS35104 Jusan Mobile JSC 41,216
AS41798 JSC Transtelecom 38,144
AS35566 Kar-Tel LLC 20,992
AS15736 Mobile Business Solution MBS LLP 18,688
AS8393 ASTEL JSC 18,688
AS41124 BTcom Infocommunications Ltd. 15,360
AS43994 SMARTNET TOO 14,848
AS48716 PS Internet Company LLC 14,848
AS200590 NLS Kazakhstan LLC 13,312
AS29555 Mobile Telecom-Service LLP 12,032
AS60411 Network Kazakhstan LLC 11,520
AS51997 LLP Asket 11,264
AS57013 Eurasia-Star LLP 11,008
AS25534 10G.KZ LLC 9,216
AS59443 Baynur and P Ltd. 9,216
AS50482 JSC Kazakhtelecom 8,960
AS57826 Svyaz-INKOM-Servis i telekommunikatsii Ltd. 8,192
AS43873 AB GROUP LLC 8,192
AS61367 TOO B-TEL 7,936
AS29046 Radiobaylanys LLP 7,680
AS207333 LLP Kompaniya Hoster.KZ 6,144
AS20578 JSC Kazteleradio 6,144
AS8720 Aspan telecom 6,144
AS59583 Network Kazakhstan LLC 6,144
AS202958 LLP Kompaniya Hoster.KZ 5,120
AS8200 Uplink LLC 4,352
AS205516 NLS ASTANA LLP 4,352
AS203087 PE Fedinyak Sergey Vyacheslavovich 4,096
AS41419 KazRENA 4,096
AS21282 KazNIC Organization 4,096
AS41371 BiKaDa TOO 3,840
AS35168 TNS-Plus LLP 3,584
AS44173 National Innovation Center LLC 3,072
AS48450 Buzachi Operating Ltd. 3,072
AS60757 Optinet LLP 3,072
AS31525 Satti Telecom LLC 3,072
AS41007 CTC ASTANA LTD 3,072
AS51878 TOO IK-Broker 3,072
AS212999 TOO Kainar-Media 2,304
AS197079 Digital System Servis 2,048
AS202293 D-Cloud LLC 2,048
AS43606 K-Tech Astana LLP 2,048
AS42770 Kar-Tel LLC 2,048
AS41284 Limited Liability Company Vostok On-Line 2,048
AS197686 JSC Kazteleport - subsidiary of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan 2,048
AS15549 National Information Technologies Joint-Stock Company 1,792
AS212189 IT-GRAD TOO 1,536
AS203481 AstanaMegatel Ltd. 1,536
AS208356 Smart Cities Limited Liability Partnership 1,536
AS39221 Cloud PBX Solutions TOO 1,536
AS44653 JSC People's Savings Bank Kazakhstan 1,280
AS203886 TOO Davion 1,280
AS204804 Meganet LLP 1,280
AS51162 JSC Kazteleport - subsidiary of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan 1,280
AS39433 JSC Halyk Bank 1,280
AS57950 Kcell Solutions LLP 1,024
AS200688 Gologramma LLP 1,024
AS200962 LLC Citicom Systems 1,024
AS205559 Cloud Master LLC 1,024
AS207446 JSC Kazteleport - subsidiary of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan 1,024
AS208450 Megahost Kazakhstan TOO 1,024
AS208946 Sirius-2014 LLC 1,024
AS211028 Spetsavtomatikaservice LLP 1,024
AS25548 SCS-Telecom Ltd. 1,024
AS35673 JSC Kaspi Bank 1,024
AS41800 TOO "Metro Net" 1,024
AS50107 Vista Technology LLP 1,024
AS51979 AKSYCOM LTD 1,024
AS57466 Eurasian Trade System Commodity Exchange OJSC 1,024
AS204706 Kolesa LLP 768
AS208448 TTK LLP 768
AS207966 AO "State Technical Service" 768
AS200532 LLP Kompaniya Hoster.KZ 768
AS58033 TOO Internet Resheniya 768
AS211849 Kakharov Orinbassar Maratuly 768
AS60286 Agency-KA Ltd. 768
AS49393 Solutions Factory Ltd. 768
AS56698 Karachaganak Petroleum Operating b.v. Kazakhstan Branch Office 512
AS39188 ICON LTD 512
AS43215 JSC Business and Technology Services 512
AS208295 LLP Aitu - Payment solutions 512
AS42447 EQU Technologies LLP 512
AS51192 TOO Platinum Telecom 512
AS58289 Kazakhstan Network Communication LLP 512
AS39318 PS Internet Company LLC 512
AS50386 LLC Communication Industrial complex 512
AS60186 Eurasian Development Bank 512
AS48502 ForteBank JSC. 512
AS198787 North Caspian Operating Company B.V. 512
AS200349 Bereke Bank JSC 512
AS48007 National Information Technologies Joint-Stock Company 512
AS43934 Republic Governmental Enterprise Kazakhstan Interbank Settlement Centre of National Bank of Kazakhstan Republic 512
AS25349 Academset Ltd 512
AS41413 Nurbank JSC 512
AS213048 Air Astana JSC 256
AS213217 DataLine24 LLP 256
AS211644 QazCloud LLP 256
AS211160 Dalsvyaz Ltd. 256
AS31465 PS Internet Company LLC 256
AS210459 First Credit Bureau LLP 256
AS33878 JSC ATFBank 256
AS210195 AST Group Capital TOO 256
AS198200 Joint-stock company Subordinate Bank Alfa-Bank 256
AS39510 Bank RBK JSC 256
AS209416 "Kazzinc" LLP 256
AS209120 Bank Freedom Finance Kazakhstan JSC 256
AS208664 JSC Eurasian Bank 256
AS43601 JSC BankCenterCredit 256
AS207507 Non-profit joint-stock company "Karaganda technical University" 256
AS206768 Association of IT Companies of Kazakhstan 256
AS43999 Association Internet Traffic Exchange Centre 256
AS206528 LLP Kaztehnosvyaz 256
AS205667 JSC Narxoz University 256
AS204514 Eurasia Insurance JSC 256
AS49089 Otbasy Bank JSC 256
AS51340 Transport Holding of Almaty City LLP 256
AS51363 Telepatiya Ltd 256
AS51833 Association of IT Companies of Kazakhstan 256
AS200721 Datanet LLP 256
AS58172 TOO "AdiCom 2000" 256
AS60708 KazNIC Organization 256
AS61392 TOO "K-net" 256
AS62062 Network Kazakhstan LLC 256
AS62394 Technodom Operator JSC 256
AS212086 Bazovaya Set LLP 256
AS211971 Goodhost.KZ LLP 256
AS212940 TOO Connect-S 256
AS211806 JSC Altyn Bank (SB of China Citic Bank Corporation Ltd) 256
AS213146 JSC First Heartland Jysan Bank 256
AS197758 Internet Master Co. Ltd 0
AS209614 IKS-COM LLP 0
AS25559 "Betting company PARIMATCH.KZ" LLP 0
AS202927 Cloud PBX Solutions TOO 0
AS209939 LLC PC4U 0
AS211792 "Betting company PM Bet" LLC 0
AS200293 TOO AdiCom 2000 0
AS61133 JSC Alma Telecommunications 0
AS202527 Aktau Spec Montazh TOO 0
AS8825 JSC Kazakhtelecom 0
AS202299 Mobil'nyy Mir LLP 0
AS5434 JSC Kazakhtelecom 0
AS56549 AO "State Technical Service" 0
AS201817 VK Tech Kazakhstan LLP 0
AS35794 Optinet LLP 0
AS56968 TemirLan Net Ltd 0
AS201179 Teraline Telecom LLP 0
AS57301 ForteBank JSC. 0
AS16239 TOO Zebra Telecom 0
AS8430 "Complex Service Company" LLC 0
AS42588 QAZ-IX LLC 0
AS61185 10G.KZ LLC 0
AS41664 Semser Provider LLP 0
AS13082 Kar-Tel LLC 0
AS41520 Network Kazakhstan LLC 0
AS210273 Montazh Stroj Servis TOO 0
AS208754 Itkulov Maksat 0
AS198834 JSC BankPozitiv Kazakhstan 0
AS44025 KazNIC Organization 0
AS200593 Mega Development.kz LLP 0
AS44256 PS Internet Company LLC 0
AS34609 Internet Master Co. Ltd 0
AS209058 Anna Revenko trading as Ip.Rent 0
AS48334 Koldau24 LLC 0
AS205231 Hoster Office 0
AS39786 National Innovation Center LLC 0
AS39763 Bank Astany JSC 0
AS48535 Network Kazakhstan LLC 0
AS31253 Jusan Mobile JSC 0
AS210581 JSC Kazteleport - subsidiary of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan 0
AS39725 JSC Kazakhtelecom 0
AS49548 Shift Systems LLP 0


Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) are assigned to entities such as Internet Service Providers and other large organizations that control blocks of IP addresses. This network page, and the organization field that's shown on the main IP address information page and also returned in the geolocation API are based on the ASN.

This page shows ASNs for Kazakhstan. See the global ASN report for network, IP address information and whois details for other countries.