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IPinfo for Fraud Prevention

Every 32 seconds, cybercrime occurs. Many of these data breaches aren't detected for 6 months or more. IP address data is used across many industries to develop fraud risk models, detect malicious traffic, enrich threat intelligence data, and much more. IPinfo's accurate insights help businesses manage their attack surface and prevent fraud.

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IPinfo powers fraud prevention for these industry-leading companies

Over 100,000 businesses and developers depend on IPinfo to provide accurate IP data for fraud prevention.

  • eBay
  • SpurIntelligence
  • TransferGo
  • Stone
  • Cybersecurity

    Nearly 70 percent of businesses recognize that their cybersecurity concerns keep growing. Many companies benefit from IP address data to make threat intelligence inferences, develop internal fraud risk models, pinpoint orders from suspicious locations, block traffic from high-risk locations, and much more.

  • Fintech

    In 2019 the average cost of cybercrime in the banking industry was $18.3 million. Use IP address insights to flag masked IP addresses, filter out other malicious traffic, keep users' accounts secure by notifying them of login attempts from unfamiliar locations, limit login attempts to prevent data breaches, and much more.

  • Governments

    In the first 6 months of 2020 alone, 36 billion records were exposed through data breaches. Gather accurate geolocation data, domain data, privacy detection, and more to help identify and prevent data breaches for your organization.

  • GameTech

    In 2020, gaming industries experienced a 393 percent rise in fraud. Use our Privacy Detection API to keep customer payments secure. Automate fraud reporting, detect masked identities, and enforce content restrictions based on users' location.

  • TravelTech

    Fraud increased over 150 percent in travel and leisure industries during 2020. Pinpoint masked identities, prevent transaction fraud, and protect your customers using IPinfo's IP address data.

  • Ecommerce

    Small businesses accounted for over 40 percent of all data breaches in 2019. Detect payment discrepancies such as differences between the country associated with a customer's billing address and the actual visitor's IP address location. Fight fraud by pinpointing masked users like bots, spammers, web scrapers, and more.

  • Advertising

    Though PPC campaigns are quite possibly the most popular form of online advertising, 36 percent of clicks are fraudulent. IP address data can help separate the good traffic from the bad, increasing ROI in the long run.

  • MedTech

    Ransomware attacks alone increased by over 120 percent in the healthcare industry during 2020. MedTech organizations use IP data to recognize fraudulent traffic, prevent phishing on their servers, block brute force attacks, and stay a step ahead of security breaches.

  • Customize fraud risk models with IP data

    Online scams and data breaches are as complex as humans are creative. IPinfo powers comprehensive fraud prevention by providing accurate IP data. This information helps create an extensive picture of online traffic through customized fraud risk models.

  • Fighting fraud with accurate IP insights since 2013

    IPinfo has been around since 2013 and is here to stay. Our fast-response APIs ensure there's no lag time for time-sensitive use cases like fraud prevention. We specialize in accurate IP address data, updating our database every day. Every month, we refine 20 terabytes of data with the help of our unique algorithms.

IP address data reliable enough for fraud prevention

Thomas Kilmer
Thomas KilmerCo-founder, Spur Intelligence Corp.

Identifying the true owners and operators of compromised infrastructure has always been a challenge, but IPinfo simplifies the process. Their normalization of the data allows Spur to automate many aspects of an investigation that used to require an analyst. IPInfo provides the foundation for a successful investigation and is a must-have in any security organization.

How IPinfo powers fraud prevention

  • IP to Geolocation

    Geolocation information can help identify inconsistencies between credit cards, shipping addresses, billing phone numbers, etc., and IP address data. Organizations use this data in their fraud risk scoring system to weigh the likelihood of scams, transactions fraud, fraud chargebacks, phishing, and much more.

  • IP Ranges API

    Velocity attacks occur when fraudsters try using many credit cards in quick succession. To avoid detection, they may cycle through several IPs often belonging to the same IP range. IPinfo's IP Ranges data allow organizations to stop these forms of brute force attacks by blocking IPs within certain ranges.

  • Reverse IP API

    Our Hosted Domains data gathers a full list of domains connected to a single IP address. This information can be used to discover a list of domains for a given IP and is useful when doing domain reconnaissance when analyzing fraudulent behavior from websites. Use this data to whitelist specific websites and protect the integrity of your site and servers.

  • IP to Company

    IP to Company reveals the company that is operating behind the IP address and can be useful to whitelist legitimate traffic or build a blacklist of companies that you do not wish to access your services. This can be ideal for use cases such as preventing corporate IP theft, whitelisting/blacklisting B2B traffic, content piracy, and more.

  • Privacy Detection API

    Fraud relies on legitimate-looking traffic. That's where our Privacy Detection API comes into play. It reveals masked identities such as VPNs, proxy users, tor usage, and connections via hosting providers. You can then block users with hidden identities to prevent click fraud, gaming fraud, and other data breaches.

  • Abuse Contact API

    Organizations can automate abusive IP reporting with our Abuse Contact API. Quickly determine the official owner/operator of the IP address and gather the official abuse contact details such as email address, postal/ZIP code, city, state, country, name, network, and phone number to report these fraudulent entities to ISPs, companies, and other organizations.

Downloadable IP address datasets customized to meet your organization’s needs

IPinfo’s data belongs to our customers. That’s why we want to ensure that you have access to it wherever you go, whenever you need it. Our downloadable datasets can help you extract valuable information from every IP address that comes your way. Geolocation info, company name, ASN, hosting information, and more await.

Ready to prevent fraud with IPinfo’s powerfully accurate insights?

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