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IPinfo for Digital Media and Entertainment

In the United States alone, producing and publishing original digital content cost over $120 billion in 2019. At the same time, 38 percent of the global population accessed proprietary content without paying. Digital media and streaming services experience decreased return on investment. IPinfo supports content creators with our accurate datasets.

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IPinfo works with top Digital Media and Entertainment

Over 100,000 businesses and developers depend on us to provide some of the most important data when it comes to Digital Media and Streaming services.

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  • iTV
  • CineSend
  • Paramount
  • WarnerMedia
  • Protect your brand investment with accurate data

    IPinfo's proprietary database is updated every 24 hours. We return more than 50 billion API requests per month and our infrastructure auto-scales to deliver low-latency experiences regardless of volume. Use this fast, reliable data to unmask hidden web entities, prevent web scraping, and enforce content restrictions.

  • Customize content for globalized audiences

    We support digital media companies and streaming services by providing accurate, industry-leading IP address data. As media and streaming continue expanding to global markets, IP data helps improve auto-localized content, ad optimization, and buying-intent data.

We’re proud to serve some of the most recognized names in the industry

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D'Arcy Rail-IpLead Developer, CineSend

Getting up and running with the APIs was super straightforward. It’s one API call, send a token, and get the info.

Here are just a few examples of what we can do for businesses specializing in Digital Media and Entertainment:

  • Brand and content protection

    Content pirates, ad fraud, and plagiarism negatively affect digital media and streaming companies' return on investment. Protect your site's reputation with IPinfo's Privacy Detection and Geolocation APIs. Automate complaints to companies responsible for abusive IP addresses and build a foundation for taking legal action against malicious IP addresses using the Abuse Contact API.

  • Block bots and scrapers

    Bots and web scraping entities often gather information such as pricing data and proprietary content. Competitors use this information to gain an edge in the market, and malicious bots gather valuable content to fuel click fraud and other illegal activities. Prevent illegal purchases of online tickets and other content by identifying bots, scrapers, and other hidden website visitors. Use our Privacy Detection data to flag these masked identities.

  • Prevent abuse of usage

    Digital media companies and streaming services use IP insights to enforce licensing restrictions and territorial content rights. Ensure that viewers aren't abusing free plans and accessing content illegally by using IPinfo's Privacy Detection and Geolocation datasets.

  • Auto-localization of content

    Customize content based on the location of your viewers and readers to increase your return on investment. Additionally, IPinfo's IP to Company datasets allow companies to serve content differently based on residential viewers or business traffic.

  • Enforce content restrictions

    As video, gaming, and music streaming platforms expand around the globe, brands need to protect revenue and enforce territorial content rights. The IP to Geolocation API provides accurate datasets to help enforce content restrictions based on countries, regions, zip codes, and more.

  • Prevent localized pricing policy abuse

    Some digital media and streaming consumers abuse pricing policies in order to gain access to more content at a lower cost. This abuse can prevent expansion for future-oriented businesses. IPinfo's Geolocation accurate datasets help digital media and streaming services pinpoint consumers' location. Our Privacy Detection data helps unmask users hiding behind VPNs, proxies, and others.

  • Gather buying-intent data

    Digital media companies can gather buying-intent data with their published content. Then using IPinfo's IP to Company data, they can see what companies visit specific articles, videos, and other content.

  • Optimize advertisements

    Free ad-supported streaming (FAST) providers, connected TV (CTV) services, and other digital media platforms need to customize advertisements based on the viewer. Use geolocation insights to personalize ads based on the location, demographics, and culture of the viewer.

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