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IPinfo for Localization

Over 55 percent of customers are more likely to convert when visiting websites in their preferred language.

Customizing sites for language, currency, and content is important for organizations to expand globally and increase their market share. IPinfo supports localization with accurate IP data.

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IPinfo works with these top companies

Over 100,000 businesses and developers depend on us to provide some of the most important data when it comes to data enrichment.

  • Bupa
  • Monday
  • AllBirds
  • JohnDeere
  • eBay
  • Go global while going local

    IP addresses reveal enough information to target your website content and languages based on the geolocation of each website visitor. Meet each buyer where they're at with localized sites and advertisements.

  • Empowering localization since 2013

    Over the years, we've processed terabytes of IP data to ensure accurate insights for our customers. Our data experts update our database every 24 hours. So whether you want to localize discounts or customize languages for better conversions, IPinfo's accurate data supports your use case.

Many industries trust us as an IP address data provider

Anthony Jaggs
Anthony JaggsDigital Product Owner, Bupa

Before IPinfo, we didn't personalize the site. If people landed on it, they would have to identify which country they were coming from, or the country wouldn't even be displayed. The visitor often ended up navigating through the site or going back to Google to find what they were looking for. This resulted in an unsatisfactory experience for our users.

How IPinfo powers localization

  • Select the correct language based on the location of each visitor
  • Localize shipping policies based on geolocation
  • Use the correct currency for each visitor
  • Customize images based on specific regions or countries
  • Detect and customize the site load time for each visitor
  • Display localized testimonials to build trust
  • Localize advertisements based on each viewer
  • Ready to deliver localized experiences to your customers?