The report below shows ASNs assigned to United States, ranked by the total number of IP addresses currently active on each network. Click on the ASN for full IP address information, whois details and more. You can also view our hosting report to see the networks ranked by how many domain names they host.

ASN Name Num IPs
AS7018 AT&T Services, Inc. 80,923,904
AS721 DoD Network Information Center 72,266,496
AS7922 Comcast Cable Communications, LLC 71,219,968
AS701 MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business 42,583,040
AS3356 Level 3 Parent, LLC 39,457,792
AS6167 Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless 30,079,744
AS174 Cogent Communications 28,624,640
AS16509, Inc. 23,992,832
AS8075 Microsoft Corporation 21,563,648
AS209 CenturyLink Communications, LLC 20,820,992
AS1239 Sprint 18,194,176
AS2686 AT&T Global Network Services, LLC 17,768,960
AS7377 University of California, San Diego 17,049,856
AS714 Apple Inc. 16,798,976
AS14618, Inc. 14,000,640
AS22394 Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless 13,607,168
AS35994 Akamai Technologies, Inc. 12,784,128
AS21928 T-Mobile USA, Inc. 12,682,496
AS5650 Frontier Communications of America, Inc. 12,591,616
AS7029 Windstream Communications LLC 12,567,552
AS22773 Cox Communications Inc. 12,204,800
AS6389 AT&T Corp. 11,628,544
AS4249 Eli Lilly and Company 11,534,592
AS20115 Charter Communications 11,279,104
AS3561 CenturyLink Communications, LLC 9,096,704
AS15169 Google LLC 8,699,648
AS10796 Charter Communications Inc 7,988,736
AS10507 Sprint Personal Communications Systems 7,985,152
AS3 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 7,741,696
AS2914 NTT America, Inc. 7,166,976
AS2828 MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business 6,945,792
AS33363 Charter Communications, Inc 6,783,232
AS20001 Charter Communications Inc 6,764,544
AS702 MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business 6,432,000
AS3549 Level 3 Parent, LLC 6,406,144
AS1668 AOL Transit Data Network 5,807,360
AS237 Merit Network Inc. 5,804,032
AS71 Hewlett-Packard Company 5,655,808
AS20057 AT&T Mobility LLC 5,522,176
AS6128 Cablevision Systems Corp. 5,216,000
AS11351 Charter Communications Inc 5,101,568
AS16625 Akamai Technologies, Inc. 5,070,592
AS306 DoD Network Information Center 5,047,040
AS11427 Charter Communications Inc 5,029,376
AS11003 The Procter and Gamble Company 4,689,408
AS1541 Headquarters, USAISC 4,660,224
AS36351 SoftLayer Technologies Inc. 4,641,792
AS11426 Charter Communications Inc 4,599,296
AS10455 Alcatel-Lucent 4,589,568
AS3651 Sprint 4,570,880
AS385 Air Force Systems Networking 3,998,208
AS81 MCNC 3,495,936
AS12271 Charter Communications Inc 3,254,016
AS4152 USDA 3,080,448
AS668 DoD Network Information Center 2,970,624
AS19108 Suddenlink Communications 2,850,304
AS1761 General Services Commission 2,690,048
AS4323 tw telecom holdings, inc. 2,325,248
AS7132 AT&T Corp. 2,252,032
AS16591 Google Fiber Inc. 2,244,608
AS7843 Charter Communications Inc 2,239,488
AS2152 California State University, Office of the Chancellor 2,149,120
AS19527 Google LLC 1,966,080
AS27064 DoD Network Information Center 1,844,736
AS4565 MegaPath Networks Inc. 1,798,656
AS3479 Kennesaw State University 1,772,032
AS14061 DigitalOcean, LLC 1,729,536
AS10695 Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. 1,705,216
AS7385 Integra Telecom, Inc. 1,674,752
AS18566 MegaPath Corporation 1,659,648
AS46606 Unified Layer 1,570,560
AS22561 CenturyLink Communications, LLC 1,513,216
AS210 Utah Education Network 1,510,400
AS18676 Avaya Inc. 1,507,328
AS18779 EGIHosting 1,468,160
AS13335 Cloudflare, Inc. 1,465,088
AS600 OARnet 1,446,400
AS30036 Mediacom Communications Corp 1,435,136
AS3371 MCI 1,368,064
AS2687 AT&T Global Network Services, LLC 1,348,864
AS7160 Oracle Corporation 1,341,952
AS158 Ericsson Network Systems, Inc. 1,325,824
AS5006 Inteliquent, inc. 1,210,368
AS4010 Headquarters, USAISC 1,178,624
AS1226 California Technology Agency 1,169,152
AS109 Cisco Systems, Inc. 1,165,568
AS22284 Department of the Interior, Office of theSecretary 1,164,800
AS12083 WideOpenWest Finance LLC 1,148,928
AS7155 ViaSat,Inc. 1,144,576
AS72 Schlumberger Limited 1,131,520
AS4181 TDS TELECOM 1,122,816
AS5972 DoD Network Information Center 1,102,848
AS7792 3M Company 1,075,712
AS3491 PCCW Global, Inc. 1,054,976
AS46690 Southern New England Telephone Company and SNET America, Inc. 1,049,088
AS6079 RCN 1,019,904
AS26496, LLC 995,328
AS8103 Florida Department of Management Services - Division of Telecommunications 990,976
AS637 DoD Network Information Center 986,368
AS31898 Oracle Corporation 980,992
AS14654 Wayport, Inc. 974,848
AS20473 Choopa, LLC 969,728
AS6621 Hughes Network Systems 949,504
AS1906 Northrop Grumman 932,096
AS11492 CABLE ONE, INC. 921,344
AS6325 Illinois Century Network 882,944
AS40676 Psychz Networks 871,424
AS703 MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business 869,888
AS270 National Aeronautics and Space Administration 851,712
AS15003 Nobis Technology Group, LLC 840,960
AS7046 MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business 802,560
AS297 National Aeronautics and Space Administration 801,024
AS33070 Rackspace Hosting 799,488
AS2379 CenturyLink Communications, LLC 795,648
AS386 Air Force Systems Networking 795,136
AS7430 Hewlett-Packard Company 789,248
AS36352 ColoCrossing 788,992
AS2572 University of Missouri - dba the Missouri Research and Education Network (MOREnet) 787,968
AS3354 University of Texas System 786,944
AS6461 Zayo Bandwidth 781,824
AS33588 Charter Communications 762,368
AS19773 Motorola, Inc. 736,512
AS11404 LLC 721,664
AS6181 Cincinnati Bell Telephone Company LLC 703,744
AS18978 Enzu Inc 686,592
AS31822 City University of New York 676,096
AS7015 Comcast Cable Communications, LLC 663,808
AS36375 University of Michigan 662,528
AS7726 FedEx Internet Technologies Corporation 657,920
AS3128 University of Wisconsin System 655,360
AS11232 Midcontinent Communications 653,824
AS10430 Washington State K-20 Telecommunications Network 647,936
AS4193 State of Washington 644,352
AS2381 WiscNet 631,552
AS87 Indiana University 631,040
AS395954 Leaseweb USA, Inc. 621,312
AS14265 TPx Communications 610,304
AS3737 PenTeleData Inc. 596,480
AS14977 State of Wyoming Department A&I 595,200
AS2897 Georgia Technology Authority 590,080
AS7011 Frontier Communications of America, Inc. 580,864
AS7065 Sonoma Interconnect 574,720
AS62904 Eonix Corporation 553,728
AS391 Air Force Systems Networking 551,680
AS8030 AT&T WorldNet 551,424
AS19994 Rackspace Hosting 534,528
AS7834 L-3 Communications Corporation 530,176
AS3598 Microsoft Corporation 526,336
AS13325 State of Michigan, DMB-CNOC 524,544
AS1767 Indiana Higher Education Telecommunication System 519,424
AS46887 Lightower Fiber Networks I, LLC 518,912
AS33491 Comcast Cable Communications, LLC 514,304
AS2386 AT&T Data Communications Services 512,512
AS6939 Hurricane Electric LLC 512,256
AS22192 Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education 498,176
AS157 Silicon Graphics International Corp. 480,256
AS19957 AT&T Corp. 463,104
AS10782 Hewlett-Packard Company 460,800
AS367 DoD Network Information Center 453,376
AS8001 Net Access Corporation 450,048
AS63949 Linode, LLC 447,232
AS35908 Krypt Technologies 444,416
AS8100 QuadraNet Enterprises LLC 444,160
AS3999 The Pennsylvania State University 442,880
AS33651 Comcast Cable Communications, LLC 434,688
AS27046 DoD Network Information Center 428,544
AS17 Purdue University 426,240
AS17306 JAB Wireless, INC. 425,216
AS4544 ConXioN Corporation 421,120
AS10753 Level 3 Parent, LLC 420,352
AS5056 Aureon Network Services 417,792
AS797 AT&T Services, Inc. 412,160
AS6559 State of NC - State Telecommunications Services 409,856
AS2711 Spirit Communications 405,248
AS11663 State of Utah 400,896
AS1503 Headquarters, USAISC 400,128
AS17055 University of Utah 398,592
AS3372 MCI 398,336
AS7381 SunGard Availability Services LP 396,544
AS14340, Inc. 395,776
AS497 Air Force Systems Networking 395,008
AS440 Air Force Systems Networking 394,752
AS6122 Iowa Communications Network 394,240
AS3136 State of WI Dept. of Administration 393,984
AS54600 PEG TECH INC 391,936
AS1452 Headquarters, USAISC 384,000
AS1464 Headquarters, USAISC 380,416
AS11022 Alabanza, Inc. 377,856
AS491 Air Force Systems Networking 376,576
AS19165 Webpass Inc. 370,176
AS3680 Novell, Inc. 362,752
AS1998 State of Minnesota 361,984
AS53889 Micfo, LLC. 355,840
AS54489 CoreSpace, Inc. 353,024
AS26577 BAE Systems Inc. 344,064
AS11686 Education Networks of America 342,528
AS13649 ViaWest 342,528
AS3527 National Institutes of Health 336,640
AS32475 SingleHop LLC 334,336
AS16983 Conduent Business Services, LLC 334,336
AS32190 CDK Global, LLC 332,288
AS11363 Fujitsu America Inc. 331,776
AS8 Rice University 330,752
AS6075 Lockheed Martin Corporation 330,752
AS291 ESnet 330,240
AS132 Air Force Systems Networking 329,216
AS6289 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. 329,216
AS52 University of California, Los Angeles 328,960
AS3480 Kennesaw State University 328,704
AS59 University of Wisconsin Madison 328,448
AS29992 Department of Veterans Affairs 327,936
AS361 DoD Network Information Center 327,680
AS217 University of Minnesota 327,680
AS357 DoD Network Information Center 327,680
AS326 DoD Network Information Center 327,680
AS32 Stanford University 327,680
AS21769 Colocation America Corporation 325,888
AS40065 CNSERVERS LLC 321,536
AS5778 CenturyLink Communications, LLC 321,280
AS26810 U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services 320,768
AS22742 Connecticut Education Network 319,232
AS3064 Affinity Internet, Inc 318,464
AS2688 AT&T Global Network Services, LLC 317,952
AS226 Los Nettos 315,136
AS46261 QuickPacket, LLC 314,624
AS21852 State Of Arkansas, Department of InformationSystems 313,088
AS27364 Armstrong Cable Services 312,320
AS19271 Peak 10 308,480
AS18747 IFX Corporation 308,224
AS7459 Grande Communications Networks, LLC 307,968
AS647 DoD Network Information Center 305,664
AS33650 Comcast Cable Communications, LLC 305,152
AS683 Argonne National Lab 302,080
AS21859 Zenlayer Inc 299,520
AS747 Headquarters, USAISC 299,008
AS18 University of Texas at Austin 299,008
AS23148 MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business 297,728
AS54290 Hostwinds LLC. 297,728
AS73 University of Washington 297,216
AS557 University of Maine System 295,936
AS11714 Network Nebraska 294,912
AS246 Air Force Systems Networking 292,608
AS46375 Sonic Telecom LLC 291,072
AS11798 Ace Data Centers, Inc. 290,304
AS243 Harris Government Systems Sector 289,280
AS7127 Southern California Edison 286,976
AS7725 Comcast Cable Communications, LLC 286,976
AS23089 Hotwire Communications 286,208
AS20021 HostMySite 284,672
AS26228 DataPipe, Inc. 281,600
AS27357 Rackspace Hosting 281,088
AS1970 Texas A&M University 280,832
AS8070 Microsoft Corporation 280,576
AS8147 Ericsson Inc. 280,320
AS3464 Alabama Supercomputer Network 278,016
AS23537 Micro Source, Inc. 276,992
AS4185 AT&T Corp. 275,456
AS127 Jet Propulsion Laboratory 274,944
AS4583 West Publishing Corporation 273,664
AS122 UPMC 272,896
AS2576 U. S. Department of Transportation 268,288
AS409 Air Force Systems Networking 267,264
AS1843 National Aeronautics and Space Administration 267,264
AS46573 Global Frag Networks 266,240
AS36149 Hawaiian Telcom Services Company, Inc. 264,960
AS792 Oracle Corporation 264,960
AS19113 Duke Energy Corporation 264,704
AS19902 Department of Administrative Services 263,424
AS6126 CA, Inc. 263,424
AS68 Los Alamos National Laboratory 263,168
AS55 University of Pennsylvania 262,656
AS4454 State of Tennessee 262,400
AS292 ESnet 262,400
AS36384 Google LLC 262,400
AS299 University of California, Irvine 262,400
AS7246 Bristol-Myers Squibb Company 262,144
AS40127 Longwood Medical and Academic Area (LMA) 262,144
AS14298 Environmental Protection Agency 262,144
AS6071 Unisys Corporation 259,072
AS6039 DoD Network Information Center 258,048
AS206 Computer Sciences Corporation 257,280
AS16657 Fibertech Networks, LLC 249,088
AS33597 InfoRelay Online Systems, Inc. 248,576
AS7270 IDT Corporation 248,576
AS11486 MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business 248,320
AS32244 Liquid Web, L.L.C 246,272
AS6360 University of Hawaii 246,016
AS16572 AT&T Mobility LLC 245,760
AS23520 Columbus Networks USA, Inc. 234,240
AS13490 Buckeye Cablevision, Inc. 233,984
AS6527 Commonwealth of Massachusetts 230,656
AS14638 Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico 230,400
AS6192 University of California at Davis 229,632
AS1488 Headquarters, USAISC 229,632
AS10405 Union Pacific Railroad Company 229,376
AS5180 DoD Network Information Center 229,376
AS395139 NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital 229,376
AS2048 State of Louisiana Office of Telecommunications Management 220,416
AS3475 Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) 219,904
AS16526 Birch Telecom, Inc. 219,392
AS1798 State of Oregon 219,392
AS32982 U.S. Department of Energy 219,136
AS11272 C Spire Fiber 219,136
AS22552 eSited Solutions 216,576
AS15288 Alcanet International NA 216,320
AS1742 Harvard University 215,808
AS11757 Whirlpool Corporation 212,992
AS38 University of Illinois 212,992
AS14566 Conduent Business Services, LLC 212,992
AS531 Headquarters, USAISC 211,968
AS2055 Louisiana State University 210,688
AS5669 Interoute USA Inc. 209,664
AS14 Columbia University 208,896
AS21976 NJEDge.Net, Inc. 208,640
AS26854 New York State 206,592
AS10846 Deere & Company 205,824
AS4922 Shentel Communications, LLC 205,056
AS11530 CenturyLink Communications, LLC 204,800
AS1504 Headquarters, USAISC 203,520
AS23005 SWITCH, LTD 203,264
AS36850 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 203,264
AS1479 Headquarters, USAISC 203,008
AS25 University of California at Berkeley 202,496
AS6431 ATT LABS 202,496
AS18756 Level 3 Parent, LLC 202,240
AS396349 Five College Net, LLC 201,472
AS10933 ATX Telecommunications Services 201,472
AS111 Boston University 201,216
AS30449 State of Arizona 201,216
AS91 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 198,912
AS18819 Entergy Corporation 198,656
AS13541 Mentor Graphics Corporation 198,656
AS11719 Eaton Corporation 198,400
AS159 The Ohio State University 198,400
AS2013 PG&E 198,400
AS36291 Aventis Pharmaceuticals Inc. 198,400
AS225 University of Virginia 197,888
AS1602 Headquarters, USAISC 197,888
AS4130 University of Pittsburgh 197,632
AS1637 Headquarters, USAISC 197,632
AS11442 North Carolina State University 197,632
AS2637 Georgia Institute of Technology 197,376
AS26 Cornell University 197,376
AS14041 University Corporation for Atmospheric Research 197,376
AS1999 U.S. House of Representatives 197,120
AS1467 Headquarters, USAISC 196,864
AS2553 Florida State University 196,864
AS1506 Headquarters, USAISC 196,608
AS12079 Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless 196,608
AS3778 Temple University 196,608
AS22252 The City of New York 196,608
AS523 Headquarters, USAISC 196,608
AS1477 Headquarters, USAISC 196,608
AS3389 Ford Motor Company 196,608
AS340 DoD Network Information Center 196,608
AS5653 University of California San Francisco 196,608
AS7979, Inc. 196,352
AS23352 Server Central Network 194,304
AS7795 LUMOS Networks, Inc. 193,280
AS36647 Yahoo 192,768
AS13536 Tech Valley Communications 191,744
AS665 DoD Network Information Center 190,976
AS2648 NIST/U.S. Dept. of Commerce 188,672
AS7203 Leaseweb USA, Inc. 188,416
AS7859 pair Networks 188,416
AS6591 Intergraph Corporation 188,416
AS33490 Comcast Cable Communications, LLC 187,648
AS1494 Headquarters, USAISC 186,368
AS36444 NEXCESS.NET L.L.C. 185,088
AS1600 DoD Network Information Center 184,576
AS3593 Frontier Communications of America, Inc. 177,408
AS14230 Involta 177,408
AS2920 Los Angeles County Office of Education 176,896
AS33132 Fibernet Direct 176,128
AS45 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 175,360
AS7349 TierPoint, LLC 175,360
AS3701 Network for Education and Research in Oregon (NERO) 175,104
AS26347 New Dream Network, LLC 173,312
AS6130 American Internet Services, LLC. 172,544
AS12129 123.Net, Inc. 172,544
AS1489 Headquarters, USAISC 171,776
AS63008 Contina 171,264
AS14992 Newtek Technology Solutions, Inc 170,752
AS13645 BroadbandONE, Inc. 170,496
AS19969 Joe's Datacenter, LLC 170,240
AS14615 Comporium, Inc 170,240
AS2749 Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) 169,984
AS54113 Fastly 169,472
AS32098 Transtelco Inc 168,704
AS7393 CYBERCON, INC. 167,936
AS393398 Dallas Infrastructure Services, LLC 167,680
AS26101 Yahoo! 166,912
AS7321 LocalNet Corporation 166,656
AS7782 Alaska Communications Systems Group, Inc. 166,144
AS20214 Comcast Cable Communications, LLC 166,144
AS41 National Aeronautics and Space Administration 165,888
AS4983 Intel Corporation 165,888
AS33667 Comcast Cable Communications, LLC 165,632
AS2900 Arizona Tri University Network 165,120
AS5078 Oklahoma Network for Education Enrichment and 164,864
AS6072 Unisys Corporation 164,864
AS10921 Commonwealth of KentuckyDepartment of Information Systems 164,352
AS3851 Nevada System of Higher Education 163,840
AS1968 University of Massachusettes 163,840
AS6301 Hewlett-Packard Company 163,840
AS2495 Kansas Research and Education Network 163,840
AS10967 The Home Depot 163,840
AS1491 Headquarters, USAISC 163,840
AS26658 HT 162,304
AS20278 Nexeon Technologies, Inc. 161,792
AS6035 DoD Network Information Center 161,280
AS11398 CenturyLink Communications, LLC 161,280
AS11776 Atlantic Broadband Finance, LLC 161,024
AS33652 Comcast Cable Communications, LLC 160,000
AS2906 Netflix Streaming Services Inc. 159,744
AS14989 Broadview Networks, Inc. 159,744
AS2044 Infinity Internet, Inc. 159,488
AS33659 Comcast Cable Communications, LLC 159,232
AS10838 Charter Communications Inc 158,464
AS18885 M2ngage Telecommunications II Corp. 158,208
AS3663 NetNet 155,904
AS6099 Alameda County Office of Education 155,648
AS30361 Swiftwill, Inc. 155,648
AS14051 Consolidated Communications, Inc. 154,112
AS19397 ACN 153,856
AS195 San Diego Supercomputer Center 153,600
AS5050 Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center 152,832
AS14492 DataPipe, Inc. 152,064
AS30496 TierPoint, LLC 151,040
AS33660 Comcast Cable Communications, LLC 150,528
AS1706 University of Arizona 150,272
AS7016 Comcast Cable Communications, LLC 150,272
AS103 Northwestern University 150,016
AS6629 NOAA 149,760
AS11215 Logix 149,504
AS1312 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State Univ. 148,992
AS14551 MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business 148,736
AS19956 AT&T Corp. 147,968
AS13371 Duke University 147,712
AS23473 PAVLOV MEDIA INC 147,712
AS12180 Internap Corporation 147,456
AS8010 Digicon Corporation 147,456
AS23162 University of Kentucky 146,432
AS1498 Headquarters, USAISC 143,872
AS33084 DC-Net 143,872
AS32934 Facebook, Inc. 143,360
AS3734 Santa Clara County Office of Education 143,104
AS3614 Dell, Inc. 142,848
AS10879 Unitedhealthcare 142,848
AS11303 MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business 142,336
AS3456 Charter Communications Inc 142,080
AS46562 Total Server Solutions L.L.C. 141,824
AS11878 tzulo, inc. 141,824
AS27 University of Maryland 141,824
AS11488 BBN Technologies Corp. 141,568
AS5742 Consolidated Communications, Inc. 140,288
AS32440 Louisiana Board of Regents/Louisiana Optical Network Initiative (LONI) 139,520
AS3931 Logical Net Corporation 139,264
AS675 Minnesota State Colleges and Universities 139,264
AS396190 Leaseweb USA, Inc. 139,264
AS1252 University of Nebraska Medical Center 139,008
AS13367 Comcast Cable Communications, LLC 138,752
AS6041 DoD Network Information Center 138,752
AS6059 University of Maryland 138,496
AS29791 Internap Corporation 138,496
AS26934 University of Missouri-Columbia 138,496
AS5691 The MITRE Corporation 137,984
AS26554 US Signal Company, L.L.C. 137,472
AS88 Princeton University 137,472
AS19551 Incapsula Inc 136,960
AS14381 Caterpillar, Inc. 136,960
AS377 Sandia National Laboratories 136,704
AS1341 Rockwell Collins, Inc. 136,448
AS5647 Eastman Kodak Company 136,448
AS13 Headquarters, USAISC 136,448
AS16399 First Communications LLC 136,192
AS13333 Consolidated Communications, Inc. 135,424
AS22 Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) 135,424
AS20248 Take 2 Hosting, Inc. 135,168
AS19 Leidos, Inc. 135,168
AS188 SAIC 134,912
AS9 Carnegie Mellon University 134,656
AS10497 The World Bank Group 134,144
AS47 University of Southern California 134,144
AS6 Bull HN Information Systems Inc. 133,888
AS3724 State of Alaska 133,888
AS399 Air Force Systems Networking 133,888
AS1580 DoD Network Information Center 133,888
AS14365 Adobe Systems Inc. 133,632
AS50 Oak Ridge National Laboratory 133,632
AS10599 McKesson Corp. 133,632
AS427 Air Force Systems Networking 133,632
AS3900 YHC Corporation 133,376
AS3512 Emory University 133,120
AS15227 LUMOS Networks, Inc. 133,120
AS1556 DoD Network Information Center 132,864
AS5719 SUNY at Stony Brook 132,864
AS7212 Vanderbilt University 132,864
AS19817 Telecom Evolutions, LLC 132,608
AS3388 University of New Mexico 132,608
AS194 University Corporation for Atmospheric Research 132,352
AS31 California Institute of Technology 132,352
AS6356 Northeast Regional Data Center 132,352
AS10441 CH2M HILL 132,352
AS11857 Aegon USA, Inc. 132,352
AS1778 DoD Network Information Center 132,352
AS3562 Sandia National Laboratories 132,352
AS14987 Rethem Hosting LLC 132,352
AS20337 SUNY Institute of Technology 132,352
AS131 University of California, Santa Barbara 132,096
AS10343 National Aeronautics and Space Administration 132,096
AS1460 Headquarters, USAISC 132,096
AS3955 Compucom Systems 132,096
AS46 Rutgers University 132,096
AS1649 Headquarters, USAISC 132,096
AS2642 State of California 131,840
AS22093 Cleveland Clinic Foundation 131,840
AS1505 Headquarters, USAISC 131,840
AS11834 Drexel University 131,840
AS347 DoD Network Information Center 131,840
AS1563 DoD Network Information Center 131,840
AS5723 Johns Hopkins University 131,584
AS1451 Headquarters, USAISC 131,584
AS36081 State of Colorado General Government Computer 131,584
AS1462 Headquarters, USAISC 131,584
AS11596 Best Buy Co., Inc. 131,584
AS29 Yale University 131,584
AS10370 Northwest Airlines 131,584
AS2025 University of Toledo 131,584
AS13695 American Electirc Power Co. 131,584
AS394919 FTV Business Services LLC 131,584
AS1254 National Aeronautics and Space Administration 131,584
AS156 Northeastern University 131,328
AS16831 Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc. 131,328
AS6200 University of Illinois at Chicago 131,328
AS20426 PriceWaterhouseCoopers, LLP 131,328
AS3676 University of Iowa 131,328
AS11078 Brown University 131,328
AS33442 Zebra Technologies 131,328
AS27026 networkMaryland 131,328
AS20478 General Mills 131,328
AS6106 University of California, Riverside 131,328
AS16 Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 131,328
AS3134 U.S. Agency for International Development 131,072
AS351 DoD Network Information Center 131,072
AS365 DoD Network Information Center 131,072
AS18722 SUPERVALU, Inc. 131,072
AS23193 Community College of Allegheny County 131,072
AS1701 National Aeronautics and Space Administration 131,072
AS1832 Southern Methodist University 131,072
AS36315 Servpac Inc. 131,072
AS4192 Oracle Corporation 131,072
AS32480 Loma Linda University Medical Center 131,072
AS19530 State of North Dakota, ITD 131,072
AS10702 Idaho National Laboratory 131,072
AS1224 National Center for Supercomputing Applications 131,072
AS1483 Headquarters, USAISC 131,072
AS3452 University of Alabama at Birmingham 131,072
AS10273 Florida Power & Light Company 131,072
AS11975 The College of William and Mary 131,072
AS11872 Syracuse University 131,072
AS331 DoD Network Information Center 131,072
AS11039 The George Washington University 131,072
AS11577 Vermont Department of Information and Innovation 131,072
AS5707 The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston 131,072
AS4190 Binghamton University 131,072
AS10384 Tennessee Valley Authority 131,072
AS332 DoD Network Information Center 131,072
AS13636 NEC Laboratories America, Inc. 131,072
AS10995 PNC Bank 131,072
AS13809 University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences 131,072
AS341 DoD Network Information Center 131,072
AS14017 Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railway Corp 131,072
AS7925 West Virginia Network for Educational Telecomputing 131,072
AS1500 Headquarters, USAISC 131,072
AS1474 Headquarters, USAISC 131,072
AS6966 U.S. Department of State 131,072
AS356 DoD Network Information Center 131,072
AS48 Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) 131,072
AS688 Department of Interior 131,072
AS5739 University of California, Santa Cruz 131,072
AS16988 International Paper 131,072
AS3794 Texas A&M University 131,072
AS2024 Eversource Energy 131,072
AS16519 University of Colorado Denver 131,072
AS32708 Root Networks, LLC 130,560
AS32748 Steadfast 130,048
AS53755 Input Output Flood LLC 129,024
AS27065 DoD Network Information Center 128,768
AS18812 New Wave Communications 128,256
AS26801 Zito Media, L.P. 128,256
AS63199 Capitalonline Data Service Co.,LTD 126,464
AS46844 Sharktech 126,464
AS22822 Limelight Networks, Inc. 125,952
AS19855 Masergy Communications 125,440
AS10837 Wells Fargo & Company 125,440
AS8148 TIES 124,672
AS18712 SureWest Kansas Operations, LLC 124,160
AS30633 Leaseweb USA, Inc. 123,648
AS33668 Comcast Cable Communications, LLC 123,648
AS2901 Oso Grande Technologies, Inc. 123,648
AS12025 IO Capital Princess, LLC 123,392
AS25653 FortressITX 123,136
AS11509 Tierzero 123,136
AS8015 Vector Internet Services, Inc. 123,136
AS18494 CenturyLink Communications, LLC 122,368
AS12041 Afilias, Inc. 121,600
AS11796 Airstream Communications, LLC 121,344
AS26827 EPB Fiber Optics 120,832
AS13886 Cloud South 119,808
AS3450 University of Tennessee, Knoxville 119,296
AS6157 SPRINT, Business Serices Group 119,040
AS22363 Powerhouse Management, Inc. 118,784
AS46164 AT&T Mobility LLC 118,272
AS1982 Northwest Nexus Inc. 116,736
AS4266 California Education and Research Federation Network 116,736
AS6102 CBS inc. 116,480
AS27257 Webair Internet Development Company Inc. 116,224
AS2939 State of South Carolina 116,224
AS62943 Bluebird Network 115,968
AS10835 Visionary Communications, Inc. 115,712
AS21565 Horry Telephone Cooperative, Inc. 115,456
AS17378 TierPoint, LLC 115,456
AS29802 HIVELOCITY, Inc. 115,200
AS54103 MOD Mission Critical 114,944
AS160 University of Chicago 114,944
AS11976 Fidelity Communication International Inc. 114,688
AS33182, Inc. 112,896
AS25899 LS Networks 112,896
AS116 Telcordia Technologies 112,384
AS19318 Interserver, Inc 112,128
AS6300 Consolidated Communications, Inc. 111,872
AS4136 Quality Technology Services, N.J., LLC 111,616
AS13760 Southern Light, LLC 111,616
AS19331 Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative Corporation 111,616
AS1585 DoD Network Information Center 111,104
AS54334 Roya Hosting LLC 110,848
AS15133 MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business 109,056
AS22958 Fidelity Access Networks, LLC 109,056
AS6597 Coloblox Data Centers Inc 108,800
AS11377 SendGrid, Inc. 108,544
AS11979 Bluegrass Network LLC 108,288
AS1482 Headquarters, USAISC 108,032
AS29848 West Chester University of Pennsylvania 108,032
AS21508 Comcast Cable Communications, LLC 108,032
AS26415 VeriSign Global Registry Services 107,776
AS12006 Broadview Networks, Inc. 107,776
AS10439 CariNet, Inc. 106,752
AS46800 Information Logistics, Inc 106,496
AS31815 Media Temple, Inc. 106,496
AS62600 Arizona Board of Regents 105,472
AS10794 Bank of America 105,216
AS33438 Highwinds Network Group, Inc. 105,216
AS32855 CenturyLink Communications, LLC 105,216
AS14905 CenturyLink Communications, LLC 104,960
AS7991 CenturyLink Communications, LLC 104,448
AS12035 Atlantic Broadband Finance, LLC 104,192
AS32592 HuntTel 103,936
AS22646 Hargray Communications Group, Inc. 103,424
AS14135 Navisite, Inc. 103,168
AS6203 The Nexus Group, Inc. 102,656
AS25877 Open Mobile 101,376
AS12042 Enventis Telecom Inc. 100,864
AS20141 Quality Technology Services, LLC. 100,352
AS3582 University of Oregon 100,352
AS14361 HopOne Internet Corporation 99,840
AS29854 WestHost, Inc. 99,584
AS25993 AT&T Labs, Inc. 99,584
AS27435 Dimension Data Cloud Solutions, Inc. 99,584
AS724 DoD Network Information Center 99,328
AS62 CyrusOne LLC 99,328
AS14464 Rhode Island Network for Educ. Technology 99,072
AS12 New York University 99,072
AS36236 NetActuate, Inc 98,816
AS12148 Clemson University 98,816
AS16989 The University of Tennessee, Memphis 98,560
AS11995 Oregon Health & Science University 98,560
AS1749 National Aeronautics and Space Administration 98,560
AS6501 The Southern Company 98,304
AS20252 Joan and Sanford I. Weill Medical College and Graduate School of Medical Sciences of Cornell University 98,304
AS394417 NJ OIT 98,304
AS22159 State University of New York, Central 98,304
AS555 Velocity Technology Solutions, Inc 98,304
AS3525 Albertson's Inc. 98,304
AS32448 Atlantic Broadband Finance, LLC 98,048
AS20412 Clarity Telecom LLC 98,048
AS29873 The Endurance International Group, Inc. 97,792
AS29863 Latisys-Denver, LLC 97,280
AS23205 JAB Wireless, INC. 97,280
AS18450 WebNX, Inc. 95,744
AS27411 Leaseweb USA, Inc. 94,720
AS13789 Internap Corporation 94,464
AS3112 OARnet 94,208
AS31939 GigaMonster 94,208
AS3685 State University of New York at Buffalo 93,952
AS11955 Charter Communications Inc 93,952
AS16811 SageNet LLC 93,952
AS26914 FusionStorm 93,184
AS16904 Arvig Enterprises Inc. 93,184
AS300 DoD Network Information Center 92,928
AS21547 Oxford Networks 92,928
AS6315 XMission, L.C. 92,928
AS23342 Unitedlayer, Inc. 92,672
AS46475 Limestone Networks, Inc. 91,904
AS19092 Zayo Bandwidth 91,648
AS395226 Sacramento County Office of Education 91,136
AS14744 Internap Corporation 90,880
AS13445 Cisco Webex LLC 90,624
AS33287 Comcast Cable Communications, LLC 90,624
AS19653 CTS Communications Corp 90,624
AS12118 West Virginia University 90,624
AS3707 MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business 90,368
AS10297 eNET Inc. 90,112
AS36646 Yahoo 90,112
AS5953 DoD Network Information Center 90,112
AS13796 University of Connecticut 90,112
AS32097 WholeSale Internet, Inc. 90,112
AS21637 Vivint Wireless, Inc. 90,112
AS5839 DoD Network Information Center 89,344
AS39939 JAB Wireless, INC. 89,088
AS5307 DoD Network Information Center 89,088
AS26769 Bandcon 89,088
AS29748 Carpathia Hosting, LLC 88,832
AS3477 NOAA-Boulder 88,832
AS14828 Hiawatha Broadband Communications, Inc 88,832
AS10242 US Internet Corp 88,320
AS3573 Accenture LLP 88,064
AS383 Air Force Systems Networking 87,808
AS29968 Dunkirk & Fredonia Telephone Company 87,808
AS2698 Iowa State University 87,808
AS6428 CDM 87,552
AS27066 DoD Network Information Center 87,296
AS16787 Charter Communications 86,528
AS27589 MOJOHOST 86,272
AS11320 LightEdge Solutions 86,272
AS55002 Defense.Net, Inc 86,016
AS20130 Depaul University 86,016
AS36441 University of Georgia 86,016
AS14782 The Rocket Science Group, LLC 85,760
AS3807 University of Montana 85,504
AS62468 VpsQuan L.L.C. 85,504
AS13998 UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas 85,504
AS14745 Internap Corporation 84,992
AS33657 Comcast Cable Communications, LLC 84,736
AS16504 Granite Telecommunications LLC 83,968
AS2 University of Delaware 83,968
AS1527 Headquarters, USAISC 83,968
AS11915 TPx Communications 83,200
AS7091 ViaNet Communications 83,200
AS27501 LasVegas.Net LLC 82,688
AS17135 Ohio University 82,688
AS6423 EasyStreet Online Services, Inc. 82,688
AS16967 AT&T Corp. 82,432
AS10421 Texas Tech University 82,432
AS1249 Five Colleges Network 82,432
AS5939 DoD Network Information Center 82,432
AS13446 Netzero,INC. 82,176
AS16922 University of Oklahoma HSC 82,176
AS17327 Texas State Technical College at Waco 82,176
AS6189 Enoch-Pratt Free Library 82,176
AS15199 Western Washington University 81,920
AS11696 NBS 81,920
AS12145 Colorado State University 81,920
AS53785 University of North Carolina at Greensboro 81,920
AS11131 University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) 81,920
AS7774 University of Alaska 81,920
AS22164 Clark County School District 81,920
AS54163 AHOSTING 81,920
AS5760 Biddeford Internet Corp 81,920
AS27142 DoD Network Information Center 81,920
AS13506 US Department of the Treasury 81,920
AS7332 IQuest Internet 81,664
AS3949 NTT America, Inc. 81,408
AS13787 CenturyLink Communications, LLC 81,408
AS8025 BrightNet Oklahoma 80,896
AS46687 BCI Mississippi Broadband,LLC 80,896
AS13476 Montana State University 80,640
AS5800 DoD Network Information Center 80,640
AS3502 Intelligence Network Online, Inc. 80,640
AS6026 DoD Network Information Center 80,384
AS715 WoodyNet 80,384
AS19871 Network Solutions, LLC 80,128
AS36408 CDNetworks Inc. 80,128
AS393581 Wayne County Regional EducationalService Agency 80,128
AS22925 Allied Telecom Group, LLC 80,128
AS25956 Alpheus Data Services, L.L.C. 79,872
AS5696 Express Scripts Incorporated 79,872
AS35986 Allegiance Communications, LLC 79,872
AS46746 Secure-24, LLC 79,360
AS32181 GigeNET 79,104
AS3377 MCI 78,592
AS19255 YOUR.ORG, INC. 78,336
AS7896 University of Nebraska-Lincoln 78,080
AS17402 CenturyLink Communications, LLC 78,080
AS22216 Siemens Corporation 78,080
AS2685 AT&T Global Network Services, LLC 78,080
AS3762 Instinet 77,824
AS62874 Web2Objects LLC 77,824
AS693 University of Notre Dame 77,824
AS1280 Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. 77,824
AS40581 Arkansas Research and Education Optical Network 77,568
AS26585 Securities Industry Automation Corporation 77,312
AS63479 HamWAN 77,056
AS11030 Qualcomm, Inc. 76,800
AS18522 Yum! Brands, Inc. 76,544
AS14921 CenturyLink Communications, LLC 76,288
AS10910 Internap Corporation 76,032
AS5974 DoD Network Information Center 76,032
AS19679 Dropbox, Inc. 75,776
AS8057 Vision Net, Inc. 75,520
AS104 University of Colorado at Boulder 75,520
AS13368 James Cable, LLC 75,264
AS5961 DoD Network Information Center 75,264
AS1294 NTT DATA Services Holdings Corporation 75,264
AS264 SRI International 75,008
AS4511 University of Miami 74,752
AS8159 KansasNet / Fox Business Systems 74,752
AS54996 Scripps Health 74,752
AS3147 U.S. BANCORP 74,496
AS13567 Kimberly-Clark Corporation 74,240
AS1509 Headquarters, USAISC 73,984
AS14454 BAE Systems Applied Intelligence US Corp. 73,984
AS21582 Northern Arizona University 73,984
AS53508 Cablelynx 73,984
AS33343 U.S. Dept. of Commerce - ITA 73,728
AS14985 Veroxity Technology Partners, Inc. 73,728
AS26333 University of New Orleans 73,728
AS11194 NuNet Inc. 73,728
AS11745 University System of New Hampshire 73,728
AS2824 Deutsche Bank 73,728
AS14954 The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center 73,728
AS7106 Com Net, Inc. 73,728
AS22968 Miami University 73,728
AS16941 CenturyLink Communications, LLC 73,472
AS10546 Mississippi State University 73,472
AS32432 Colleges of the Fenway, Inc. 73,216
AS16761 Federal-Mogul Corporation 72,960
AS55293 A2 Hosting, Inc. 72,960
AS14677 City of Tacoma 72,704
AS6459 I-2000, Inc. 72,704
AS4282 CenturyLink Communications, LLC 72,448
AS3423 AT&T Corp. 72,448
AS17007 Alliant Techsystems Operations LLC 72,192
AS12182 Internap Corporation 71,936
AS18558 Riverside County Office of Education 71,936
AS7296 Alchemy Communications, Inc. 71,936
AS13433 Cox Enterprises Inc 71,680
AS21947 Blackfoot Telephone Cooperative, Inc. 71,680
AS5009 EATEL 71,424
AS13611 U.S. Center For Disease Control and Prevention 71,424
AS11712 AT&T Services, Inc. 71,168
AS15305 Syringa Networks, LLC 71,168
AS1480 Headquarters, USAISC 71,168
AS14288 MPInet 70,912
AS4373 Online Computer Library Center 70,912
AS64208 Decho Corporation 70,656
AS2707 First Communications LLC 70,656
AS17153 New Mexico Tech 70,400
AS1555 DoD Network Information Center 70,400
AS11827 Washington State University 70,400
AS10912 Internap Corporation 70,400
AS25935 Erie 1 BOCES 70,144
AS27370 City of Boston 70,144
AS396465 California State University, Sacramento 70,144
AS19554 ANXeBusiness Corp. 70,144
AS11123 Ultimate Internet Access, Inc 69,888
AS15117 Anheuser-Busch Companies Inc. 69,632
AS25979 CITY OF MADISON 69,632
AS14799 Experian 69,632
AS25691 Connecticut State University System 69,632
AS5774 United States Postal Service. 69,632
AS3390 University of Missouri - Kansas City 69,632
AS4195 D. E. Shaw & Co. 69,632
AS5080 Aramco 69,632
AS22985 University of Louisiana at Lafayette 69,632
AS2033 Panix Network Information Center 69,632
AS20077 IPNetZone 69,376
AS54543 69,376
AS6319 Marriot Corporation 69,376
AS393494 T-Mobile USA, Inc. 69,120
AS29933 Off Campus Telecommunications 68,864
AS25996 FBI Criminal Justice Information Systems 68,608
AS20461 United Airlines 68,608
AS11499 Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 68,608
AS4046 Federal Aviation Administration 68,608
AS18709 Bank of the West 68,352
AS6042 DoD Network Information Center 68,352
AS3428 ESnet 68,352
AS1472 Headquarters, USAISC 68,352
AS12229 SAS Institute, Inc. 68,096
AS14877 KINBER 68,096
AS19151 WV FIBER 68,096
AS13688 Public Service Enterprise Group 68,096
AS4237 Computer Sciences Corporation 68,096
AS11293 University of California - Office of the President 67,840
AS4 University of Southern California 67,840
AS17166 Travelers Property Casualty Corp. 67,840
AS10326 Worcester Polytechnic Institute 67,840
AS1842 United States Geological Survey 67,840
AS2579 Alcatel-Lucent 67,840
AS687 DoD Network Information Center 67,840
AS3923 Federal Aviation Agency 67,584
AS1256 Massachusetts Education Computer Network 67,584
AS3378 MCI 67,584
AS77 Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory 67,584
AS63 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 67,584
AS7743 JPMorgan Chase & Co. 67,584
AS344 DoD Network Information Center 67,584
AS21951 St. Olaf College 67,584
AS11052 Intermountain Health Care 67,584
AS11252 Idaho State University 67,584
AS37 Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) 67,584
AS12005 University of South Carolina 67,584
AS26439 City of Albuquerque 67,584
AS7872 United States Antarctic Program 67,584
AS395789 City of Indianapolis 67,584
AS22877 University of Maryland University College 67,584
AS14982 Dynamic Quest, Inc. 67,328
AS14962 NCR Corporation 67,328
AS10255 Sinister Networks 67,328
AS36548 City of Jacksonville, Florida 67,328
AS19050 U.S. Department of Health & Human Services 67,328
AS2714 General Services Administration 67,328
AS7345 Alcatel-Lucent 67,328
AS11309 International Monetary Fund 67,072
AS85 The Aerospace Corporation 67,072
AS83 Headquarters, USAISC 67,072
AS1453 Headquarters, USAISC 67,072
AS23028 Team Cymru Inc. 67,072
AS14725 Kemper Insurance Companies 67,072
AS21693 Xcel Energy Inc. 67,072
AS302 Baylor College of Medicine 67,072
AS394990 Stratus Technologies, Inc. 67,072
AS13462 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 66,816
AS13332 Hype Enterprises 66,816
AS5766 Indian Health Service 66,816
AS2641 The Scripps Research Institute 66,816
AS22847 Bowdoin College 66,816
AS78 BT Americas, Inc 66,816
AS5738 SoVerNet, Inc. 66,816
AS7905 Sooner Technology 66,816
AS11101 Palmetto Health 66,816
AS22255 Allegheny Health Network 66,816
AS7838 USAA 66,816
AS40246 New Mexico State University 66,816
AS32851 Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. 66,816
AS62989 Indiana University of Pennsylvania 66,816
AS329 DoD Network Information Center 66,816
AS29946 Union Wireless 66,816
AS3152 Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) 66,816
AS46093 Palm Beach County 66,816
AS26298 Florida Blue 66,816
AS2902 University of Wyoming 66,560
AS293 ESnet 66,560
AS3926 Fairfax County Dept of Information Technology 66,560
AS4597 Millipore Corp. 66,560
AS395421 Oklahoma State University 66,560
AS10349 Tulane University 66,560
AS3681 Florida International University 66,560
AS396835 The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc. 66,560
AS16669 Applied Materials 66,560
AS16643 Virginia Commonwealth University 66,560
AS84 Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) 66,560
AS27030 United States Coast Guard 66,560
AS1747 IBM T.J. Watson Research Center 66,560
AS40317 Peoples Communications Inc. 66,560
AS43 Brookhaven National Laboratory 66,560
AS21704 New York City Board of Education 66,560
AS16920 Wind River Systems, Inc. 66,560
AS1569 DoD Network Information Center 66,560
AS1559 DoD Network Information Center 66,560
AS1562 DoD Network Information Center 66,560
AS11355 Shell Information Technology International, Inc. 66,304
AS18784 McDonald's Corporation 66,304
AS10754 Federal Reserve Board 66,304
AS30356 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Mutual Insurance 66,304
AS1495 Headquarters, USAISC 66,304
AS18980 Peace Health 66,304
AS32666 Case Western Reserve University 66,304
AS14822 Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center 66,304
AS47024 The MetroHealth System 66,304
AS14742 Internap Corporation 66,304
AS30 SRI International 66,304
AS102 National Science Foundation 66,304
AS2768 The County of Erie 66,304
AS30013 Pixar 66,304
AS22328 Cedars-Sinai Health Systems 66,304
AS345 DoD Network Information Center 66,304
AS22089 Hallmark Cards Inc. 66,304
AS33348 Pierce County 66,304
AS3447 CenturyLink Communications, LLC 66,048
AS19372 Expert Global Solutions, Inc. 66,048
AS22238 Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency(DARPA) 66,048
AS1528 Headquarters, USAISC 66,048
AS321 DoD Network Information Center 66,048
AS62618 Michigan Technological University 66,048
AS18777 Texas State University - San Marcos 66,048
AS10583 Connecticut Hospital Assoc. 66,048
AS26649 General Dynamics Corporation, Land Systems Division 66,048
AS10364 University of Alabama in Huntsville 66,048
AS11279 George Mason University 66,048
AS25640 Hawaii Department of Education 66,048
AS32996 AgriBank, FCB 66,048
AS20 University of Rochester 66,048
AS32255 PPL Corporation 66,048
AS13684 Medtronic, Incorporated 66,048
AS46832 University of Missouri - dba the Missouri Research and Education Network (MOREnet) 66,048
AS166 Institute for Defense Analyses 66,048
AS6363 Enterasys Networks 66,048
AS25853 Ellijay Telephone Company 66,048
AS14827 Washington State Department of Transportation 66,048
AS7973 Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research 66,048
AS1206 Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center 66,048
AS1535 Headquarters, USAISC 66,048
AS18564 St. John's University, New York 66,048
AS395577 Ithaca College 66,048
AS6254 EG&G, Inc. 66,048
AS10823 NetCarrier, Inc. 66,048
AS1463 Headquarters, USAISC 66,048
AS7276 University of Houston 66,048
AS6569 Nationwide Services, Inc 66,048
AS11094 Rutgers University 66,048
AS54363 Baker Hughes Incorporated 66,048
AS252 Headquarters, USAISC 66,048
AS8122 Duquesne University 66,048
AS46924 Bob Jones University 66,048
AS26335 Middle Tennessee State University 66,048
AS2544 King County Gov 66,048
AS1475 Headquarters, USAISC 66,048
AS6481 Southwest Research Institute 66,048
AS29842 East Tennessee State University 66,048
AS589 University of North Texas 66,048
AS394917 San Diego Unified School District 66,048
AS334 DoD Network Information Center 66,048
AS11540 Research Triangle Institute 66,048
AS1351 University of Vermont 66,048
AS19184 University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire 66,048
AS3592 Trinity College 66,048
AS6406 Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility 65,792
AS396312 Richmond Memorial Hospital 65,792
AS1525 Headquarters, USAISC 65,792
AS1524 Headquarters, USAISC 65,792
AS18791 Texas Christian University 65,792
AS19999 Union College 65,792
AS17094 Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company 65,792
AS15173 Newmarket Corporation 65,792
AS30070 Hershey Chocolate & Confectionery Corporation 65,792
AS1510 Headquarters, USAISC 65,792
AS33022 Wellesley College 65,792
AS11286 KeyBank National Association 65,792
AS7773 South Dakota State Government 65,792
AS46483 Rochester General Hospital 65,792
AS46356 Saint Bonaventure University 65,792
AS18880 Lam Research Corporation 65,792
AS22809 American Family Insurance 65,792
AS3130 RGnet, LLC 65,792
AS32064 American University 65,792
AS23171 Manhattan College 65,792
AS33274 Fairview Health Services 65,792
AS22845 Virginia Community College System 65,792
AS30337 Deloitte Services LP 65,792
AS1484 Headquarters, USAISC 65,792
AS22198 Lafayette College 65,792
AS3700 Cloud 9 Internet, Inc. 65,792
AS7800 Allina Health System, Inc. 65,792
AS6500 Nexusguard, Inc 65,792
AS14223 New York State Department of Health 65,792
AS22693 Albany Schoharie Schenectady BOCES 65,792
AS31967 Florida Institute of Technology 65,792
AS29984 Willamette University 65,792
AS1468 Headquarters, USAISC 65,792
AS1466 Headquarters, USAISC 65,792
AS11916 UNDP 65,792
AS34 University of Delaware 65,792
AS3671 SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory 65,792
AS29885 Univeristy of Chicago Hospitals & Health System 65,792
AS32818 Cleveland State University Computer Services 65,792
AS40238 Jostens 65,792
AS6482 SuperMedia LLC 65,792
AS36691 Colorado State University-Pueblo 65,792
AS1458 Headquarters, USAISC 65,792
AS36427 Vassar College 65,792
AS36704 Colorado School of Mines 65,792
AS32601 Abilene Christian University 65,792
AS11773 The University Of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center 65,792
AS2650 Executive Office Of The President 65,792
AS53280 The Toledo Hospital 65,792
AS33401 Central Piedmont Community College 65,792
AS6377 Eugene School District 4J 65,792
AS49 US National Institute of Standards & Technology 65,792
AS6366 Portland State University 65,792
AS14351 Southwestern University 65,792
AS33527 Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County Tennessee 65,792
AS3634 Stephen F. Austin State University 65,792
AS11529 National Grid 65,792
AS14319 Furman University 65,792
AS4385 Rochester Institute of Technology 65,792
AS30499 Youngstown State University 65,792
AS25631 Gallaudet University 65,792
AS1959 DoD Network Information Center 65,792
AS7050 University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee 65,792
AS3446 State of Kansas 65,792
AS2384 Architect of the Capitol 65,792
AS4201 Oregon State University 65,792
AS22488 Cengage Learning Inc 65,792
AS11482 Canisius College 65,792
AS1586 DoD Network Information Center 65,792
AS1566 DoD Network Information Center 65,792
AS1565 DoD Network Information Center 65,792
AS30629 Lewis & Clark College 65,792
AS6066 MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business 65,792
AS2552 Washington University 65,792
AS15337 Wm. Rainey Harper College 65,536
AS18844 The Sherwin Williams Company 65,536
AS396269 Buckeye Partners L.P. 65,536
AS1533 Headquarters, USAISC 65,536
AS11417 Northern Illinois University 65,536
AS32104 Wellmont Health System 65,536
AS53446 Eastern Virginia Medical School 65,536
AS15323 Bellevue School District #405 65,536
AS4241 California State Franchise Tax Board 65,536
AS15307 Childrens Hospital and Regional Medical Center 65,536
AS40503 Hiram College 65,536
AS15295 University of Northern Colorado 65,536
AS20239 ALLETE, Inc. 65,536
AS40497 Bethel University 65,536
AS307 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS19464 Washington & Lee University 65,536
AS21943 International Textile Group, Inc. 65,536
AS46470 Skidmore College 65,536
AS11399 Williams College 65,536
AS17311 Erie County Medical Center 65,536
AS393601 State of Missouri Office of Administration 65,536
AS32125 Wheaton College 65,536
AS14348 University of Rhode Island 65,536
AS19739 County of San Bernardino 65,536
AS13429 Medical University of South Carolina 65,536
AS22920 Bureau of Indian Affairs Office of IndianEducation 65,536
AS323 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS3935 Eastern Washington University 65,536
AS47090 SCL Health Front Range Inc. 65,536
AS36413 Loyola University Maryland 65,536
AS393337 University of Hartford 65,536
AS30679 California State Polytechnic University - Pomona 65,536
AS4246 New Jersey Institute of Technology 65,536
AS33632 Morehead State University 65,536
AS18800 Salt Lake Community College 65,536
AS393296 Augustana College 65,536
AS17152 Bates College 65,536
AS11375 Minneapolis College of Art and Design 65,536
AS29750 Alaska Airlines, Inc. 65,536
AS393257 Lawrence University 65,536
AS21984 Fairfax County Public Schools 65,536
AS17130 Jones Day 65,536
AS350 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS55282 SUNY Canton 65,536
AS46158 OCM BOCES 65,536
AS20162 University of Texas at Dallas 65,536
AS92 Clarkson University 65,536
AS32136 Farmingdale State College 65,536
AS15196 Maryland Department of Transportation 65,536
AS98 The Rockefeller University 65,536
AS30703 State University of New York, Health Science Center at Syracuse 65,536
AS55194 Bowling Green State University 65,536
AS30408 Arkansas State University 65,536
AS46196 County of Riverside 65,536
AS3495 US Senate 65,536
AS552 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS40112 Omaha Public Power District 65,536
AS11607 South Dakota State University 65,536
AS46103 University of Wisconsin Whitewater 65,536
AS22226 San Francisco Unified School District 65,536
AS11348 Missouri University of Science and Technology 65,536
AS30376 College of St. Scholastica 65,536
AS30710 Spectrum Health 65,536
AS26675 Region IV Education Service Center 65,536
AS343 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS22217 Calvin College 65,536
AS11333 CyberTrails 65,536
AS22854 Catawba College 65,536
AS10508 University of Arkansas 65,536
AS1515 Headquarters, USAISC 65,536
AS1932 Consolidated Edison Co. of New York, Inc. 65,536
AS46780 Saint John's University - College of Saint Benedict 65,536
AS3911 Micron 65,536
AS13327 Eastern Kentucky University 65,536
AS13326 Tufts University 65,536
AS2575 Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement & Power District 65,536
AS46476 Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center 65,536
AS26229 U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission 65,536
AS18759 Armstrong Atlantic State University 65,536
AS15119 Southern Illinois University 65,536
AS11318 Georgetown University 65,536
AS352 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS20105 University of Richmond 65,536
AS22834 Boston College 65,536
AS25968 Southeastern Louisiana University 65,536
AS6056 Colby College 65,536
AS25656 The University of Mississippi 65,536
AS342 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS33235 San Juan Unified School District 65,536
AS15086 QVC, Inc. 65,536
AS23241 big planet, inc. 65,536
AS22864 The University of Texas - Pan American 65,536
AS396087 St. Mary's College of Maryland 65,536
AS21899 Abbott Laboratories 65,536
AS394769 University of Michigan - Flint 65,536
AS30674 Baylor University 65,536
AS2903 Madison-Oneida BOCES 65,536
AS7764 U. S. Bureau of the Census 65,536
AS10499 Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation 65,536
AS20085 The University of Akron 65,536
AS17052 Target Corporation 65,536
AS327 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS55013 MTS Systems Corporation 65,536
AS22828 Parklawn Computer Center / DIMES HQ 65,536
AS10755 Dartmouth College 65,536
AS393649 Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. 65,536
AS11282 SERVERYOU INC 65,536
AS21897 Virtua Health 65,536
AS31848 Deer Valley Unified School District #97 65,536
AS29702 Alaska Airlines, Inc. 65,536
AS4604 Houston Independent School District 65,536
AS25969 St. Louis University 65,536
AS33004 Empire State College 65,536
AS33030 College of Wooster 65,536
AS289 Headquarters, USAISC 65,536
AS6510 Brigham Young University 65,536
AS17011 PPG Industries, Inc. 65,536
AS26551 Sargent & Lundy Engineers 65,536
AS5058 Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) 65,536
AS14981 Kirkland & Ellis LLP 65,536
AS2769 State of Nebraska - Office of the Chief Information Officer 65,536
AS3795 Bryn Mawr College 65,536
AS21558 S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc. 65,536
AS6341 Wisconsin Electric Power Company 65,536
AS54973 Sacred Heart University 65,536
AS2003 Electric Power Research Institute 65,536
AS40382 Hennepin County 65,536
AS25929 Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 65,536
AS18715 New York Power Authority 65,536
AS32537 Xilinx Incorporated 65,536
AS10357 James Madison University 65,536
AS27594 University of Texas at San Antonio 65,536
AS62982 MWH Global, Inc. 65,536
AS27616 The New School 65,536
AS3777 Haverford College 65,536
AS14946 Baptist Memorial Health Care Corporation 65,536
AS2640 Ames Laboratory 65,536
AS395871 SUNY College at Plattsburgh 65,536
AS26539 Ahold U.S.A., Inc. 65,536
AS19226 A.U.R.A 65,536
AS11214 University of North Florida 65,536
AS336 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS11197 Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center 65,536
AS53380 LG CNS America Inc. 65,536
AS3810 Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. 65,536
AS11206 Ferris State University 65,536
AS11205 City of Philadelphia 65,536
AS12173 The University of Alabama 65,536
AS26557 Carleton College 65,536
AS40385 Saint Mary's College of California 65,536
AS3482 State of Montana 65,536
AS394271 Springfield Public Schools 65,536
AS32071 Western Kentucky University 65,536
AS54965 Polytechnic Institute of NYU 65,536
AS10294 Coast Community College District 65,536
AS3782 Swarthmore College 65,536
AS18663 University of the Pacific 65,536
AS7386 Illinois State University 65,536
AS394673 Milwaukee Area Technical College 65,536
AS27510 Cray Inc. 65,536
AS337 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS7355 Mitsubishi Electric ITA (HSL) 65,536
AS23122 Dakota State University 65,536
AS14890 Haynes and Boone, L.L.P. 65,536
AS5376 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS6074 Long Island University 65,536
AS316 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS7054 Merck and Co., Inc. 65,536
AS18642 SageNet LLC 65,536
AS3410 Cornell College 65,536
AS31746 Franklin and Marshall College 65,536
AS14852 DaimlerChrysler Corporation 65,536
AS54786 ACT, Inc. 65,536
AS30681 John Carroll university 65,536
AS335 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS395877 City of Tempe, Arizona 65,536
AS54680 Hewlett-Packard Company 65,536
AS371 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS6261 Windstream Communications LLC 65,536
AS2037 California State University at Fresno 65,536
AS5656 accessU.S./BASENet 65,536
AS16913 Loyola University New Orleans 65,536
AS19933 Buffalo State College 65,536
AS1519 Headquarters, USAISC 65,536
AS33692 Macalester College 65,536
AS3705 U.S. Government Printing Office 65,536
AS27402 Independence Blue Cross 65,536
AS320 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS53384 University of North Carolina at Charlotte 65,536
AS27405 Plymouth State College 65,536
AS22245 Wichita State University 65,536
AS16889 Stevens Institute of Technology 65,536
AS64226 MDU Resources Group, Inc. 65,536
AS325 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS4211 Maricopa County Government 65,536
AS46255 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools 65,536
AS54654 Mills College 65,536
AS205 Montclair State University 65,536
AS349 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS22303 SUNY College at New Paltz 65,536
AS33608 Hood College 65,536
AS348 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS32073 Montgomery County Public Schools 65,536
AS6448 QAD, Inc. 65,536
AS6628 Portland Public Schools 65,536
AS3709 City of San Antonio 65,536
AS33703 Hofstra University 65,536
AS30051 Santa Clara County 65,536
AS14763 St. Catherine University 65,536
AS6652 Pima Community College 65,536
AS394534 City of Chicago 65,536
AS545 Corporation for National Research Initiatives 65,536
AS19342 Trinity University 65,536
AS346 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS328 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS14048 The University of Memphis 65,536
AS1201 Old Dominion University 65,536
AS30609 Varco-Pruden Buildings 65,536
AS339 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS22700 University of San Francisco 65,536
AS46564 Nordstrom, Inc. 65,536
AS22174 State University of New York College ofTechnology at Alfred 65,536
AS14737 Colorado Community College and Occupational Education System 65,536
AS22676 Telentia 65,536
AS29899 Geisinger System Services 65,536
AS25609 Detroit Medical Center 65,536
AS10448 Villanova University 65,536
AS7328 The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia 65,536
AS395624 General Atomics 65,536
AS18553 University of West Florida 65,536
AS16595 The Toro Company 65,536
AS14706 Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute 65,536
AS4531 Nexsys Electronics, Inc. 65,536
AS22178 Senate of Pennsylvania 65,536
AS11971 Pfizer Inc. 65,536
AS46298 Harris County Hospital District 65,536
AS27336 Sentara Healthcare 65,536
AS10662 Norfolk Southern Corporation 65,536
AS353 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS27353 Methodist Hospital of Indiana 65,536
AS1476 Headquarters, USAISC 65,536
AS7297 The Associated Press 65,536
AS27283 Raymond James Financial, Inc. 65,536
AS6522 Lehigh University 65,536
AS368 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS27274 Central Michigan University 65,536
AS11939 The MathWorks, Inc. 65,536
AS7317 The First Church of Christ, Scientist 65,536
AS18515 University of Texas at Arlington 65,536
AS32229 Jackson State University 65,536
AS26488 Santa Clara University 65,536
AS11069 Egix, Inc. 65,536
AS319 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS7301 National Academy of Sciences 65,536
AS8158 LGS Innovations, LLC 65,536
AS13829 Pima County 65,536
AS11920 University of Nebraska at Kearney 65,536
AS46620 William Beaumont Hospital 65,536
AS16793 ArcBest Technologies, Inc. 65,536
AS7202 Florida A & M University 65,536
AS46520 California Department of Justice 65,536
AS19096 DeSales University 65,536
AS14655 Hampton University 65,536
AS397179 Bridgewater College 65,536
AS19106 Andrews University 65,536
AS369 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS11050 Kent State University 65,536
AS13376 Merrill Communications LLC 65,536
AS40245 Wake Forest University 65,536
AS26462 SUNY Geneseo Computer Center 65,536
AS27219 SUNY College at Cortland 65,536
AS395501 Reed College 65,536
AS395527 Virginia State University 65,536
AS26046 Utah State University 65,536
AS16753 BELO Corporation 65,536
AS21783 State of Nevada 65,536
AS21784 Atlanta University Center, Inc. 65,536
AS21798 International Truck and Engine Corp 65,536
AS32835 Valero Corporate Services 65,536
AS46662 Boise State University 65,536
AS11870 ALTICOR INC 65,536
AS19870 Cherry Creek School District #5 65,536
AS14241 Oakland Schools 65,536
AS21799 Metropolitan Water District of Southern California 65,536
AS11866 Ellucian Company LP 65,536
AS14607 OTA Management LLC 65,536
AS11863 Pacific Lutheran University 65,536
AS20126 University of Cincinnati 65,536
AS32907 University of St. Thomas 65,536
AS33670 Nova University 65,536
AS21787 CERIDIAN 65,536
AS7281 Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. 65,536
AS7847 NASA Goddard Space Flight Center 65,536
AS30488 Springs Industries, Inc. 65,536
AS6150 National Cancer Institute 65,536
AS10631 Georgia State University 65,536
AS33217 Schneider National, Inc. 65,536
AS14579 Edward D. Jones & Co., L.P. 65,536
AS11685 Huntington National Bank 65,536
AS18481 BOCES Southern Westchester Lower Hudson Regional Information Center 65,536
AS33523 Rowan University 65,536
AS2936 National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center 65,536
AS18454 Augsburg College 65,536
AS11809 Embry-Riddle University 65,536
AS11808 University of Idaho 65,536
AS13748 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory 65,536
AS14550 Middlebury College 65,536
AS27185 Danbury Hospital - ITG 65,536
AS22594 University of Northern Iowa 65,536
AS22593 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina 65,536
AS167 Wesleyan University 65,536
AS25978 Rush University Medical Center 65,536
AS14529 Saint Joseph's University 65,536
AS32234 University of Dayton 65,536
AS6124 Marist College 65,536
AS784 Henry M. Jackson Foundation for The Advancement of Military Medicine 65,536
AS14513 Des Moines Area Community College 65,536
AS358 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS26367 Bradley University 65,536
AS63357 Apogee Telecom Inc. 65,536
AS53604 University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff 65,536
AS63102 Michigan Education Special Services Association 65,536
AS14512 Bentley University 65,536
AS16677 AutoZone Inc 65,536
AS22644 Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals 65,536
AS54314 Lancaster General Health 65,536
AS396484 City of Roseville 65,536
AS62585 Messiah College 65,536
AS54060 Poudre School District R-1 65,536
AS3943 Cisco Systems, Inc. 65,536
AS394003 University of Massachusetts Dartmouth 65,536
AS54216 W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. 65,536
AS10968 Cargill Incorporated 65,536
AS62676 University of Michigan - Dearborn 65,536
AS23341 Fashion Institute of Technology 65,536
AS29917 Keene State College 65,536
AS54177 St. John Fisher College 65,536
AS10952 East Carolina University 65,536
AS46930 Denver Public Schools 65,536
AS7816 Concurrent Technologies Corporation 65,536
AS10953 Exelon Corporation 65,536
AS13918 City of Tucson 65,536
AS15141 Bausch & Lomb 65,536
AS30237 Chaney Systems, Inc. 65,536
AS19899 Miami Dade College 65,536
AS14443 Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. 65,536
AS53648 School Board of Alachua County 65,536
AS6112 Auburn University 65,536
AS338 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS2532 Library of Congress 65,536
AS25776 University of Oklahoma 65,536
AS322 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS2496 University of Kansas 65,536
AS62701 Hudson Valley Community College 65,536
AS32417 Elon University 65,536
AS40155 APL Limited 65,536
AS26971 University of Texas 65,536
AS25789 Loyola Marymount University 65,536
AS364 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS21727 Hamline University 65,536
AS1975 PROQUEST LLC 65,536
AS33503 Medical College of Wisconsin 65,536
AS14373 University of Texas Medical Branch 65,536
AS19380 C. H. Robinson Company 65,536
AS11659 University of Kansas Medical Center 65,536
AS46543 University of Maryland at Baltimore 65,536
AS12013 Florida Atlantic University 65,536
AS33170 Morgan State University 65,536
AS493 Air Force Systems Networking 65,536
AS53434 SRI International 65,536
AS11649 Gonzaga University 65,536
AS5264 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS23309 Contra Costa County Office of Education 65,536
AS7150 Bloomsburg University 65,536
AS31975 University of the South 65,536
AS17386 W.W.GRAINGER 65,536
AS7152 American Red Cross 65,536
AS19661 Susquehanna Partners 65,536
AS54257 Vermont State Colleges 65,536
AS36368 Oberlin College 65,536
AS1657 University of Louisville 65,536
AS1432 Albion College 65,536
AS36269 University of Scranton 65,536
AS46905 University of Massachusetts - Lowell 65,536
AS30569 Creighton University 65,536
AS53585 The State Insurance Fund 65,536
AS1736 Marquette University 65,536
AS23305 Worthington Industries Inc. 65,536
AS17374 Wal-Mart Stores Inc. 65,536
AS22990 University at Albany, State University of New York 65,536
AS324 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS13783 Radford University 65,536
AS36161 County of Westchester 65,536
AS16498 LaSalle University 65,536
AS3659 Claremont University Consortium 65,536
AS32178 Sinclair Community College 65,536
AS5976 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS2701 Kansas State University 65,536
AS196 The Boeing Company 65,536
AS22949 Grinnell College 65,536
AS26438 Monroe Community College 65,536
AS7068 Pfizer Inc. 65,536
AS14235 State of New Mexico 65,536
AS40591 Bucknell University 65,536
AS19580 A.R.T. Advisors, LLC 65,536
AS32577 The Kroger Co. 65,536
AS17343 South Florida Water Management District 65,536
AS10561 Brandeis University 65,536
AS17324 Yeshiva University 65,536
AS317 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS54640 The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital 65,536
AS11552 Phoenix Life Insurance, Inc. 65,536
AS24 National Aeronautics and Space Administration 65,536
AS8036 University of Tulsa 65,536
AS16435 Fluke Electronics 65,536
AS23282 Santa Barbara County 65,536
AS33153 SUNY College at Potsdam 65,536
AS11546 University of Nebraska at Omaha 65,536
AS14183 University of Arkansas at Little Rock 65,536
AS16461 The University of Texas at El Paso 65,536
AS14169 Virginia Military Institute 65,536
AS186 The Catholic University of America 65,536
AS21680 Great-West Life Assurance Company 65,536
AS396425 University of Colorado 65,536
AS40102 Montgomery College. 65,536
AS16430 University of Southern Mississippi 65,536
AS11534 School District of Philadelphia 65,536
AS25709 Lamar University 65,536
AS7968 Loyola University Chicago 65,536
AS13759 Wilkes University 65,536
AS14138 Orange County Public Schools 65,536
AS4179 City of Los Angeles 65,536
AS22323 University of California, Merced 65,536
AS1289 Colgate University 65,536
AS53984 Wellstar Health System 65,536
AS366 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS13513 Alfred University 65,536
AS10867 Foothill-DeAnza Community College District 65,536
AS19564 Lousiana Tech University 65,536
AS393750 Truman State University 65,536
AS32531 Fordham University 65,536
AS36390 Cuyahoga Community College 65,536
AS20343 Pepperdine University 65,536
AS22498 Pinellas County Government 65,536
AS26818 Columbus Public Schools 65,536
AS10250 INet Solutions 65,536
AS11500 Milwaukee School of Engineering 65,536
AS20311 Valero Corporate Services 65,536
AS10857 JCPenney Co., Inc. 65,536
AS32501 Tucson Unified School District #1 65,536
AS22282 The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas 65,536
AS1621 Securian Financial Group, Inc. 65,536
AS13598 Daimler Trucks North America LLC 65,536
AS360 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS63319 Fairleigh Dickinson University 65,536
AS10545 Lynchburg College 65,536
AS33194 Chemical Abstracts Service 65,536
AS53352 Henry Ford Health System 65,536
AS10849 Dallas County Community College District 65,536
AS370 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS17234 Gustavus Adolphus College 65,536
AS53695 Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville 65,536
AS22315 San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools 65,536
AS13548 College of Charleston 65,536
AS6932 EBSCO Publishing 65,536
AS140 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS26940 Levi Strauss & Co. 65,536
AS393875 University of Mount Olive 65,536
AS14433 State University of New York - Oswego 65,536
AS32243 ATI 65,536
AS46290 MtSAC 65,536
AS355 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS13940 San Joaquin County Office of Education 65,536
AS14486 Occidental College 65,536
AS11177 Questar 65,536
AS26258 BASF Corporation 65,536
AS70 National Library of Medicine 65,536
AS362 DoD Network Information Center 65,536
AS33187 Sam Houston State University 65,536
AS54885 State of Idaho 65,280
AS30279 Virtuzo 65,280
AS395015 SUNY College at Fredonia 65,280
AS26783 Maricopa County Community College District 65,280
AS22723 United Nations 65,280
AS27553 Telnet Worldwide, Inc. 65,024
AS23410 Nassau County BOCES 65,024
AS7939 University of Central Florida 65,024
AS16481 Babson College 65,024
AS13354 zColo 64,768
AS53257 The Citadel 64,768
AS1358 Hughes Network Systems, Inc. 64,768
AS33631 Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated 64,512
AS17113 TierPoint, LLC 64,256
AS46339 CSDVRS, LLC 64,256
AS19531 Nodes Direct 64,256
AS17139 Corporate Colocation Inc. 64,000
AS3481 State of Connecticut 64,000
AS25829 Smithsonian Institution 63,744
AS6921 Arachnitec, INC. 63,744
AS22576 DataPipe, Inc. 63,744
AS32787 Akamai Technologies, Inc. 63,232
AS53850 GorillaServers, Inc. 62,464
AS22653 Cyber Wurx LLC 62,464
AS5693 Latisys-Irvine, LLC 62,464
AS19893 RagingWire Data Centers, Inc. 62,208
AS30475 Handy Networks, LLC 62,208
AS33517 Oracle Corporation 61,952
AS396362 Leaseweb USA, Inc. 61,696
AS6222 CenturyLink Communications, LLC 61,696
AS17231 AT&T Enhanced Network Services 61,696
AS5237 DoD Network Information Center 61,440
AS6364, Inc. 61,440
AS26746 Harvard Community Health Plan 61,440
AS32703 Indiana Fiber Network, LLC 61,184
AS40244 Turnkey Internet Inc. 61,184
AS16966 AT&T Corp. 60,928
AS16713 Northwest Open Access Network 60,928
AS42 WoodyNet 60,416
AS11602 South Dakota School of Mines and Technology 60,416
AS2882 Merit Network Inc. 60,160
AS39961 San Francisco Department of Telecommunications and Information Services 60,160
AS25921 LUS Fiber 59,904
AS13693 NTS Communications 59,648
AS54540 HIVELOCITY, Inc. 59,648
AS23393 NuCDN LLC 59,392
AS26072 FirstEnergy 59,392
AS19237 Omnis Network, LLC 58,880
AS12097 Massillon Cable Communications 58,624
AS7784 Atlantech Online, Inc. 58,368
AS32522 Multnomah Education Service District 58,368
AS11680 Hewlett-Packard Company 58,368
AS15224 Adobe Systems Inc. 58,112
AS18530 Isomedia, Inc. 58,112
AS53712 Wellington Management Company, LLP 57,856
AS22527 Safeway, Inc. 57,856
AS62729 A Small Orange LLC 57,344
AS5663 US Geological Survery 57,344
AS15083 Infolink Global Corporation 56,832
AS14325 OSHEAN, Inc. 56,832
AS3455 Liberty Mutual Group 56,576
AS7829 Nextweb, Inc 56,320
AS13951 C7 Data Centers, Inc. 56,320
AS55081 24 SHELLS 56,064
AS22709 North State Telephone Co. 56,064
AS30083 HEG US Inc. 55,808
AS12086 DT Micro, inc. 55,552
AS27086 DoD Network Information Center 55,552
AS11452 Mount Sinai School of Medicine 55,552
AS16527 Guadalupe Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc. 55,296
AS22616 ZSCALER, INC. 55,040
AS22562 Computer Sciences Corporation 55,040
AS26464 Joyent, Inc. 55,040
AS4264 California Education and Research Federation Network 55,040
AS16839 SERVICENOW, INC. 54,784
AS32035 Telekenex Inc 54,272
AS1246 Zito Media 53,760
AS4927 Impulse Internet Services 53,760
AS25761 Staminus Communications 53,760
AS46269 Kronos Inc. 53,760
AS3599 CDW Technologies Inc. 53,760
AS23314 Summit Broadband 53,504
AS11403 NYI 53,248
AS138 DoD Network Information Center 53,248
AS13485 Grand Canyon University 53,248
AS53667 FranTech Solutions 52,992
AS10913 Internap Corporation 52,992
AS16863 Home Telephone Company, Inc. 52,736
AS22606 ExactTarget, Inc. 52,736
AS33387 DataShack, LC 52,736
AS23118 Skyline Telephone 52,480
AS31863 Centrilogic, Inc. 52,224
AS4196 Wells Fargo & Company 51,968
AS149 DoD Network Information Center 51,968
AS30600 Metronet 51,968
AS23033 51,968
AS4265 California Education and Research Federation Network 51,968
AS64267 Sprious LLC 51,712
AS29944 Latisys-Ashburn, LLC 51,712
AS15267 702 Communications 51,200
AS13415 FirstDigital Communications, LLC 51,200
AS1874 Hewlett-Packard Company 51,200
AS17326 Concordia College 51,200
AS40824 WZ Communications Inc. 51,200
AS18618 west central wireless 50,944
AS63410 PrivateSystems Networks 50,944
AS11841 Ultimate Internet Access, Inc 50,944
AS6620 AMA Communications, LLC 50,688
AS14103 50,688
AS29838 Atlantic Metro Communications, LLC 50,432
AS33544 WiLine Networks Inc. 50,432
AS19024 Internap Corporation 50,432
AS6653 50,432
AS3909 CenturyLink Communications, LLC 50,176
AS6334 Sabre GLBL Inc. 50,176
AS27229 Webhosting.Net, Inc. 50,176
AS64242 SpeedNet, LLC 50,176
AS3369 MCI 50,176
AS16928 United Technologies Corp 49,920
AS20012 Internet Holdings LLC 49,664
AS13868 Peak Internet, LLC 49,664
AS1348 California Department of Transportation 49,408
AS7850, Inc. 49,408
AS19864 49,408
AS55048 VMware, Inc. 49,152
AS17307 Virtela Technology Services Incorporated 49,152
AS40723 The University of Virginia's College at Wise 49,152
AS3606 Connecticut College 49,152
AS26794 Dakota Carrier Network 49,152
AS6372 DCANet 49,152
AS46512 University of Tennessee Medical Center 49,152
AS6062 NETPLEX 48,384
AS3375 MCI 48,384
AS7489 HostUS 48,128
AS3801 Mikrotec Internet Services 48,128
AS14743 Internap Corporation 48,128
AS23338 DCS Pacific Star, LLC 48,128
AS14155 Rural Telephone Service Co, Inc. 48,128
AS4581 Socket Internet Services Corporation 47,616
AS17229 AT&T Enhanced Network Services 47,616
AS22186 CenturyLink Communications, LLC 47,616
AS18990 Airband Communications, Inc 47,360
AS4314 XFone USA, Inc. 47,360
AS26253 South Central Communications, Inc. 47,360
AS14793 API Digital Communications Group, LLC 47,104
AS17232 AT&T Enhanced Network Services 47,104
AS15085 Immedion, LLC 46,592
AS17227 AT&T Enhanced Network Services 46,336
AS33749 Atlantic Telephone Membership Corp. 46,080
AS12179 Internap Corporation 46,080
AS4268 California Education and Research Federation Network 46,080
AS14676 Regus Business Centre, LLC 45,824
AS36692 OpenDNS, LLC 45,824
AS2629 DoD Network Information Center 45,824
AS33489 Comcast Cable Communications, LLC 45,568
AS7287 AT&T Corp. 45,568
AS705 MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business 45,568
AS15250 45,312
AS40913 Quality Technology Services Santa Clara, LLC 45,312
AS13904 Cherryland Services Inc 45,056
AS63262 Univera Network 45,056
AS36086 Telx 44,800
AS14910 CenturyLink Communications, LLC 44,544
AS22611 InMotion Hosting, Inc. 44,544
AS16524 Metropolitan Telecomm 44,544
AS23316 Bel Air Internet, LLC 44,544
AS6594 JAB Wireless, INC. 44,288
AS22400 Web2Objects LLC 44,288
AS6295 Green House Data, Inc. 44,032
AS3833 43,520
AS30404 Blue Stream 43,520
AS30447 43,264
AS33614 San Diego Data Processing Corp. 43,008
AS394488 Bergen County Vocational Technical School District 43,008
AS27418 OUTOFWALL INC. 43,008
AS36374 Stellar Association, LLC 43,008
AS33548 Unwired Broadband, Inc. 43,008
AS32953 Mid-Hudson Cablevision, Inc. 42,752
AS6367 CenturyLink Communications, LLC 42,496
AS26094 TierPoint, LLC 42,496
AS27047 DoD Network Information Center 42,240
AS17389 Information Handling Services 42,240
AS35985 One Ring Networks, Inc. 42,240
AS3842 RamNode LLC 41,984
AS8092 Access Media Holdings, LLC 41,984
AS5048 FIBERNET Corp. 41,728
AS14291 Antietam Broadband 41,728
AS13414 Twitter Inc. 41,472
AS19905 NeuStar, Inc. 41,472
AS13825 Troy Cablevision, Inc. 41,472
AS17225 AT&T Enhanced Network Services 41,472
AS5049 Morgan Stanley Group Inc. 41,216
AS6582 Front Range Internet Inc. 41,216
AS16467 Nextweb, Inc 41,216
AS22887 Western Illinois University 40,960
AS32093 University of Texas at Austin 40,960
AS46231 Watch Communications 40,960
AS3776 Hawaii Online 40,960
AS19159 Affiniti, LLC 40,960
AS19158 Zayo Bandwidth 40,960
AS4283 CenturyLink Communications, LLC 40,960
AS6580 Golden West Telecommunications Coop., Inc. 40,960
AS26091 Indiana Data Center, LLC 40,960
AS11025 Comcast Cable Communications, LLC 40,960
AS18474 Aeneas Internet Services 40,960
AS16718 CenturyLink Communications, LLC 40,960
AS8120 BestWeb Corporation 40,960
AS11650 Pioneer Long Distance Inc. 40,960
AS13515 Palm Beach Atlantic University 40,960
AS23100 Atlantic Broadband Finance, LLC 40,448
AS36024 TierPoint, LLC 40,448
AS53559 KST Networks 40,192
AS11550 Smithville Digital, LLC 40,192
AS33724 VOLICO 39,936
AS12257 EMC Corporation 39,936
AS7926 Fair Isaac and Company 39,936
AS5033 Key Information Systems, Inc. 39,680
AS63394 Eastern Iowa IP, LLC 39,680
AS33383 Hewlett-Packard Company 39,680
AS11847 Mid-Maine Communications, Inc. 39,680
AS19009 OneCleveland 39,680
AS4267 California Education and Research Federation Network 39,680
AS15100 Bevcomm 39,424
AS33353 Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC 39,424
AS19148 Leaseweb USA, Inc. 39,168
AS22442 Phonoscope, Inc. 39,168
AS1590 DoD Network Information Center 39,168
AS1931 Hewlett-Packard Company 38,912
AS7227 KPMG LLP 38,912
AS36416 Clackamas Education Service District 38,912
AS15108 Allo Communications LLC 38,656
AS7862 Texaco Group, Inc. 38,656
AS53340 VegasNAP, LLC 38,656
AS25780 HugeServer Networks, LLC 38,656
AS29930 Towerstream I, Inc. 38,400
AS36114 Versaweb, LLC 38,400
AS17161 Marsh Inc. 38,144
AS3912 CHECS 38,144
AS10993 Aerioconnect 38,144
AS21688 Atlantic Broadband Finance, LLC 38,144
AS10310 Yahoo! 38,144
AS29789 Reflected Networks, Inc. 37,888
AS13370 LocalTel Communications 37,888
AS17049 MBO Video, LLC 37,888
AS7753 ipHouse 37,888
AS12112 HickoryTech Corporation 37,888
AS32400 Hostway Services, Inc. 37,888
AS14537 Continent 8 LLC 37,888
AS18434 Fidelity National Information Services, Inc. 37,888
AS22343 Telesphere Networks Ltd. 37,888
AS4466 AT&T Services, Inc. 37,888
AS11062 MTCO Communications 37,632
AS64200 Vivid Hosting 37,376
AS21523 LeaseNet 37,376
AS30517 Great Lakes Comnet, Inc. 37,376
AS25809 Bose Corporation 37,376
AS11608 Accretive Networks 37,376
AS29866 OPTICALTEL 37,376
AS33398 Miva Merchant, Inc. 37,376
AS54825 Packet Host, Inc. 37,120
AS33662 Comcast Cable Communications, LLC 37,120
AS13778 Johnson & Johnson 37,120
AS15149 Access Integrated Technologies, Inc. 36,864
AS19217 IVY Tech Community College of Indiana 36,864
AS32939 Atlantic Broadband Finance, LLC 36,864
AS12111 Visionary Communications, Inc. 36,864
AS10692 DLS Internet Services, Inc 36,864
AS25876 Los Angeles Department of Water & Power 36,864
AS7341 Velocity Network, Inc. 36,864
AS4906 Frontline Communications 36,864
AS7078 Monmouth Internet Corp 36,864
AS54179 Ventura County Office of Education 36,864
AS13692 Douglas FastNet 36,864
AS20340 ISPHONE, INC. 36,864
AS3925 ICOnetworks 36,608
AS27325 zColo 36,608
AS22549 PBX-Change 36,608
AS7754 McAfee, Inc. 36,352
AS12181 Internap Corporation 36,352
AS22697 Roblox 36,352
AS15244 Lunar Pages 36,096
AS23465 Nuvera 36,096
AS19115 Charter Communications 36,096
AS27382 ColoSpace, Inc. 36,096
AS10397 SinglePipe LLC 36,096
AS22781 Strong Technology, LLC. 35,840
AS21877 Computer Sciences Corporation 35,840
AS46489 Twitch Interactive Inc. 35,840
AS17252 Colocation America Corporation 35,840
AS17233 AT&T Enhanced Network Services 35,840
AS36224 HCL AMERICA INC 35,584
AS13345 Massive Networks 35,328
AS15093 New Wave Communications 35,328
AS15011 Jaguar Communications 35,328
AS6912 Hayes Computer Systems 35,072
AS54641 InMotion Hosting, Inc. 35,072
AS12007 Raytheon Company 35,072
AS16415 ALORICA INC 35,072
AS26844 Pactiv LLC 35,072
AS13614 All West Communications, Inc. 35,072
AS396016 Hyatt Corporation 34,816
AS2923 TIAA-CREF 34,816
AS25888 Hewlett-Packard Company 34,816
AS27193 Skyriver Communications, Inc. 34,816
AS32780 Hosting Services, Inc. 34,816
AS14104 University of Texas System 34,816
AS16495 CableAmerica Corporation 34,816
AS16700 City of Thomasville Utilities 34,560
AS26407 Carolina Digital Phone, Inc. 34,304
AS22772 Login, Inc. 34,304
AS40545 Empire Access 34,304
AS4549 ESPN 34,304
AS13776 QX.Net 34,304
AS23404 Ritter Communications, Inc. 34,048
AS11090 Matanuska Telephone Association, Inc. 34,048
AS27198 Indiana University 34,048
AS14543 SRT Communications, Inc. 34,048
AS36590 Emerson Electric Co. 34,048
AS53264 New Continuum Holdings Corporation 34,048
AS1411 Christopher Newport University 34,048
AS6949 Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. 33,792
AS32328 Alascom, Inc. 33,792
AS12282 Selectronics Corp. 33,792
AS30029 Dobson Technologies - Transport and Telecom Solutions, LLC 33,792
AS17216 DC74 LLC 33,792
AS33339 Nemont 33,536
AS16724 WideOpenWest Finance LLC 33,536
AS8132 ENTEX Information Services 33,536
AS19744 Education Development Center 33,536
AS11520 Allstate Insurance Company 33,536
AS46498 Weyerhaeuser Company 33,536
AS26020 Space Telescope Science Institute 33,536
AS6172 Mesa Public Schools 33,280
AS12208 TruVista Communications 33,280
AS40933 Triangle Communications 33,280
AS495 Air Force Systems Networking 33,280
AS11051 Evocative, Inc. 33,280
AS14209 University of Tennessee at Chattanooga 33,280
AS18704 T-Systems North America, Inc. 33,024
AS1207 Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center 33,024
AS19782 Indiana University 33,024
AS7151 vXchnge Operating, LLC 33,024
AS14371 Paul Bunyan Communications 33,024
AS14263 South Dakota State Government 33,024
AS22379 Manifold Services Inc 33,024
AS26923 Ohio Public Library Information Network (OPLIN) 33,024
AS26803 Fiber Internet Center 33,024
AS1568 DoD Network Information Center 33,024
AS6536 CityNet 32,768
AS20257 Farmers Telephone Cooperative, Inc. 32,768
AS394695 PDR 32,768
AS39999 Polk County Public Schools 32,768
AS10352 Solarus 32,768
AS394632 Catholic Medical Center 32,768
AS213 Headquarters, USAISC 32,768
AS10348 High Technology Development Corporation 32,768
AS3817 Freeside Communications, Inc. 32,768
AS4208 The Iserv Company, LLC 32,768
AS7397 Digilink, Inc. 32,768
AS12033 Adams NetWorks, Inc. 32,768
AS794 Oracle Corporation 32,768
AS29990 AppNexus, Inc 32,768
AS18501 Codero 32,768
AS54253 Oracle Corporation 32,768
AS4943 Networks On-Line 32,768
AS23065 Santa Barbara County Education Office 32,768
AS63014 McCormick Place 32,768
AS793 Oracle Corporation 32,768
AS1772 Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) 32,768
AS29877 Windstream Communications LLC 32,768
AS20360 OppoBox LLC 32,768
AS31791 Region 16 Education Service Center 32,768
AS14297 ACI Worldwide, Inc. 32,768
AS10903 Target Corporation 32,768
AS26463 Macomb Intermediate School District 32,768
AS10848 Dell Marketing USA, L.P. 32,768
AS25807 Arlington County Government 32,768
AS32733 University of Dayton 32,768
AS22978 Governors State University 32,768
AS46975 BigTip, Inc. 32,768
AS1537 Headquarters, USAISC 32,768
AS46450 Pilot Fiber, Inc. 32,512
AS10674 Gainesville Regional Utilities 32,512
AS11693 WideOpenWest Finance LLC 32,512
AS10587 Fiberpipe Inc. 32,512
AS11071 InfoWest, Inc. 32,256
AS22489 Castle Access Inc 32,256
AS13739 Datacenter IP, LLC 32,256
AS395846 Direct Communications Cable LLC 32,000
AS26271 LLC 32,000
AS17223 Latisys-Chicago, LLC 32,000
AS39970 Pioneer Cellular 31,744
AS11951 Medical Computer Systems 31,744
AS19886 Bank of America 31,744
AS6650 Logicworks Corporation 31,744
AS5714 Hewlett-Packard Company 31,744
AS21595 Baxter Healthcare 31,488
AS30383 General Motors LLC 31,232
AS22205 DataPipe, Inc. 31,232
AS2639 ZOHO 31,232
AS6034 DoD Network Information Center 31,232
AS30688 FastTrack Communications Inc. 30,976
AS3728 Onramp Access LLC 30,976
AS394380 Leaseweb USA, Inc. 30,976
AS53250 Atlantic Broadband Finance, LLC 30,976
AS54119 Boingo MDU LLC 30,976
AS21719 CHL 30,976
AS13767 DataBank Holdings, Ltd. 30,976
AS20054 Oracle Corporation 30,720
AS22667 Vista Broadband Networks, Inc. 30,720
AS16815 Mobility Apps division 30,720
AS19019 TierPoint, LLC 30,720
AS1766 Exxon Mobil Corporation 30,720
AS35914 Armor Defense Inc 30,464
AS27288 Digital Path 30,464
AS32867 Long Lines Internet 30,464
AS27258 KAMO Electric Cooperative, Inc. 30,464
AS14383 Virtacore Systems Inc 30,464
AS46273 Apogee Telecom Inc. 30,464
AS17224 AT&T Enhanced Network Services 30,464
AS5715 Inteliquent, inc. 30,208
AS23024 Orange County Department of Education 29,952
AS13979 AT&T Services, Inc. 29,952
AS12260 29,696
AS12231 Conway Corporation 29,696
AS27506 Sidera Networks LLC 29,696
AS13791 Internap Corporation 29,696
AS10843 Advanced Internet Technologies 29,696
AS6185 Apple Inc. 29,440
AS55140 Sho Me Technologies, LLC 29,440
AS11127 Globecomm Network Services Corporation 29,440
AS6253 The Prudential Insurance Company of America 29,440
AS35913 DediPath 29,184
AS26425 Exelon Corporation 29,184
AS19406 Towerstream I, Inc. 29,184
AS21554 Wisconsin CyberLynk Network, Inc. 28,928
AS27471 Symantec Corporation 28,928
AS18616 Natural Wireless, LLC 28,928
AS2535 BP America, Inc. 28,928
AS22439 Perfect International, Inc 28,928
AS22302 INOC, LLC 28,928
AS33154 DQE Communications Network Services, LLC 28,928
AS6479 McHenryCom Company 28,928
AS11402 Charlotte Colocation Center, LLc 28,672
AS22909 Comcast Cable Communications, LLC 28,672
AS46208 Peninsula Fiber Network, LLC 28,672
AS32327 Zayo Bandwidth NorthEast LLC 28,672
AS22221 Integon Services Corporation 28,672
AS22691 ISPnet, Inc. 28,672
AS11029 Border Technology, LLC 28,672
AS11766 Meriplex Communications, Ltd. 28,672
AS20428 Glowpoint Inc. 28,672
AS20394 Rainier Connect 28,672
AS25720 Honeycomb Internet Services 28,672
AS19751 Endeavor Communications 28,672
AS5726 InterWorld Communications, Inc. 28,416
AS7268 Athenet Internet Services 28,416
AS7226 Latisys-Denver, LLC 28,416
AS11563 NetEnterprise Inc. 28,416
AS40702 Clearwave Communications 28,416
AS29825 Illinois Institute of Technology 28,160
AS32806 Emerging Markets Communications 28,160
AS53347 Premier Communications 28,160
AS14127 Iland Internet Solutions Corporation 28,160
AS63018 US Dedicated 28,160
AS14045 Change Healthcare 27,904
AS14928 Adams CATV, Inc 27,648
AS18859 GVEC.NET, INC. 27,648
AS53292 ManagedWay 27,648
AS36790 Atlantic Broadband Finance, LLC 27,648
AS21737 SpringNet 27,648
AS17228 AT&T Enhanced Network Services 27,648
AS125 Honeywell International, Inc. 27,392
AS4913 Speedcast Communications, Inc 27,392
AS26878 Towerstream I, Inc. 27,392
AS40015 Yellow Fiber Networks 27,136
AS6296 InfoStructure 27,136
AS571 DoD Network Information Center 27,136
AS2015 Msen, Inc. 27,136
AS4997 Zayo Bandwidth 27,136
AS4269 California Education and Research Federation Network 27,136
AS19149 TEAM Technologies LLC. 27,136
AS12008 NeuStar, Inc. 27,136
AS11986 InfoStructure 27,136
AS30023 CyrusOne LLC 27,136
AS36498 Access One Inc. 27,136
AS53488 Morris Broadband, LLC 26,880
AS33616 Co-Mo Comm Inc 26,880
AS19194 Sentris Network LLC 26,880
AS10464 Team Technologies, LLC 26,880
AS46303, Inc. 26,880
AS22364 Telefonica USA, Inc. 26,880
AS19036 Telesat Network Services Inc 26,880
AS22926 Wisper ISP, Inc. 26,624
AS18703 IBM 26,624
AS33260 Miva Merchant, Inc. 26,624
AS3742 Semaphore Corporation 26,624
AS36820 TULIP SYSTEMS, INC. 26,624
AS22645 North Texas GigaPOP 26,624
AS21782 Plateau Telecommunications Incorporated 26,624
AS36430 DataPipe, Inc. 26,624
AS393552 Longmont Power & Communications 26,368
AS17018 Quality Investment Properties Sacramento, LLC 26,368
AS26375 AIRESPRING, INC. 26,112
AS30174 United Telephone Association, Inc. 26,112
AS18883 FiberNet Communications L.C. 26,112
AS30432 UBTANET 25,856
AS3361 Digital Fortress, Inc. 25,856
AS12133 LISCO 25,856
AS21735 Gannett Co. Inc. 25,856
AS11590 Cumberland Technologies International 25,856
AS16433 North Central Communications 25,856
AS6220 inContact Inc. 25,600
AS19604 IBM 25,600
AS13638 Metalink Technologies, Inc. 25,600
AS26292 Shrewsbury Electric and Cable Operations 25,600
AS18834 Network IP 25,344
AS393676 Oracle Corporation 25,344
AS14858 Hanson Information Systems, Inc. / Family Net 25,344
AS27446 ERC Broadband 25,344
AS46627 Aureon Network Services 25,344
AS22458 NetSource Communications, Inc. 25,344
AS10578 Harvard University 25,344
AS2635 Automattic, Inc 25,344
AS393559 YHSRV 25,088
AS11274 TierPoint, LLC 25,088
AS62642 Bigleaf Networks, Inc. 25,088
AS16923 New Wave Communications 25,088
AS14701 Faction 25,088
AS30612 Eagle Communications, Inc. 25,088
AS30614 Dell, Inc. 25,088
AS1421 WANSecurity, Inc. 25,088
AS6640 CenturyLink Communications, LLC 24,832
AS4043 Montana Internet Corporation 24,832
AS10355 Digital Service Consultants 24,832
AS7821 Inteliquent, inc. 24,832
AS16617 CISP 24,832
AS13790 Internap Corporation 24,832
AS8002 Stealth Communications 24,832
AS10821 The Pioneer Telephone Association, Inc. 24,576
AS15221 StratusIQ 24,576
AS21589 City of San Jose 24,576
AS17014 North Atlantic Internet, LLC 24,576
AS12178 Internap Corporation 24,576
AS14878 Pixius Communications, LLC 24,576
AS27419 Big River Telephone 24,576
AS11961 Mid-Rivers Telephone Cooperative 24,576
AS32880 West IP Communications 24,576
AS27264 Continuum 24,576
AS26472 Mosaic Telecom 24,576
AS21725 Millington Telephone Company, Inc. 24,576
AS11606 Alteva Inc 24,576
AS17356 Vermont Telephone Company, Inc. 24,576
AS20413 Chester County Intermediate Unit 24,576
AS40623 NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory 24,576
AS23265 Pocketinet Communications, Inc 24,576
AS54288 SolidTools Technology, Inc. 24,320
AS7828 Northland Communications 24,320
AS11643 eBay, Inc 24,320
AS26793 ICS Advanced Technologies 24,320
AS10381 Southwest Cyberport, Inc. 24,320
AS22191 Wilkes Communications, Inc. 24,064
AS13855 The Municipal Communications Utility of the City of Cedar Falls, Iowa 24,064
AS40628 Oklahoma Office of Management & Enterprise Services 24,064
AS394708 Horizon Telcom Inc. 23,808
AS3379 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan 23,808
AS33695 ScaleMatrix 23,808
AS53824 Liquid Web, L.L.C 23,808
AS5133 DoD Network Information Center 23,808
AS40430 colo4jax, LLC 23,552
AS4474 TCT West, Inc. 23,552
AS40294 Charter Communications 23,552
AS32654 Towerstream I, Inc. 23,552
AS44 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 23,552
AS14299 Automatic Data Processing, Inc. 23,296
AS6507 Riot Games, Inc 23,040
AS33480 Web Werks 23,040
AS12119 ITV-3 23,040
AS26163 Datagram, Inc. 23,040
AS7250 Surry Telephone Membership Corporation 23,040
AS29894 South Central Rural Telecommunications Cooperative Inc. 23,040
AS6336 Turn Inc. 23,040
AS558 NV Next LLC 22,784
AS21880 Zendesk, Inc. 22,784
AS18624 Greenlight 22,784
AS27338 Otelco Telephone, LLC 22,784
AS46632 Southwest Arkansas Telephone Cooperative 22,784
AS16559 RealConnect, Inc 22,784
AS21889 Rapid Systems Corporation 22,528
AS14955 Northern Valley Communications LLC 22,528
AS63040 Hostzors Inc. 22,528
AS8068 Microsoft Corporation 22,528
AS19916 OLM, LLC 22,528
AS22612 Namecheap, Inc. 22,528
AS16717 Craw-Kan Telephone Cooperative Inc. 22,528
AS395437 Highland Communications LLC 22,528
AS395172 Nex-Tech Wireless, LLC 22,528
AS22911 SINAP-TIX, LLC 22,272
AS15164 Unite Private Networks LLC. 22,272
AS394497 Ting Fiber Inc. 22,272
AS22787 Arris Group, Inc 22,272
AS15009 Unisys Corporation 22,272
AS46636 NatCoWeb Corp. 22,272
AS30325 South Slope Cooperative Telephone Company 22,272
AS22637 Arialink 22,272
AS3595 zColo 22,272
AS40020 Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative, Inc. 22,016
AS53768 Laboratory Corporation of America 22,016
AS6419 IDD Enterprises, LP 22,016
AS8166 PrismNet Inc. 22,016
AS16417 Cisco Systems Ironport Division 22,016
AS11516 Eastern Suffolk BOCES 22,016
AS17293 VTX Communications LLC 22,016
AS36057 Webair Internet Development Company Inc. 22,016
AS27609 USC-University Hospital 21,760
AS19201 Eastex Telephone Cooperative, Inc. 21,760
AS26133 Frankfort Plant Board 21,760
AS19963 Dutchess County BOCES 21,760
AS12050 DIRECTV, LLC 21,760
AS21808 Peerless Network Inc 21,760
AS36728 Emery Telcom 21,760
AS13860 Lincoln Financial Group 21,760
AS63414 Dakota Central Telecommunications Cooperative 21,504
AS2021 UNISYS 21,504
AS20135 Millennium Telcom LLC 21,504
AS19254 Koch Industries, Inc. 21,504
AS26166 Watch Communications 21,504
AS18649 ShoreTel, Inc. 21,504
AS394395 Towson State University 21,504
AS14717 EZE Castle Integration Inc. 21,504
AS6256 Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless 21,504
AS19844 GoRack LLC 21,504
AS11790 Random House, Inc. 21,504
AS394391 Central Washington University 21,504
AS16604 HUNTEL.NET 21,504
AS22023 Machine Zone, Inc. 21,504
AS36103 Central Utah Telephone, Inc. 21,504
AS16406, Inc. 21,504
AS12234 MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business 21,248
AS62712 State of Hawaii 21,248
AS11396 Williams Information Technology LLC 20,992
AS7961 Raw Bandwidth Communications, Inc. 20,992
AS30110 Advanced Communications Technology 20,992
AS27630 XFERNET 20,992
AS1699 ANS Communications 20,992
AS33251 TierPoint, LLC 20,992
AS32875 20,992
AS10279 West Carolina Communications, LLC 20,992
AS10271 Meganet Communications 20,992
AS13428 Surf Air Wireless, LLC 20,736
AS393238 ImOn Communications, LLC 20,736
AS33302 Data 102, LLC 20,736
AS32329 Monkey Brains 20,736
AS54858 20,736
AS12036 ISP Associates, Inc. DBA Dixie-Net 20,736
AS36857 Freudenberg-NOK General Parternership 20,736
AS11106 Wolfram Research, Inc. 20,736
AS14669 Convergeone Unified Technology Solutions, Inc. 20,736
AS27216 Air Advantage LLC 20,736
AS19816 NCS DataCom, Inc. 20,736
AS17403 HyperSurf Internet Services, Inc. 20,736
AS31797 Galaxyvisions Inc 20,736
AS18964 Adventist Health Systems SSCI 20,736
AS36394 Grid4 Communications, Inc 20,736
AS16503 Zayo Bandwidth 20,736
AS13728 D&P Communications, Inc. 20,736
AS6976 MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business 20,736
AS19605 3 Rivers Telephone Cooperative, Inc. 20,736
AS18897 Montana Sky Networks, Inc. 20,736
AS14065 Charter Communications Inc 20,736
AS30145 PCUC Acquisition LLC 20,736
AS36001 Bertram Communications LLC 20,736
AS33647 Yadkin Valley Telephone 20,480
AS26223 Silver Star Communications 20,480
AS3853 Whidbey Telephone Company 20,480
AS7254 Surf South, Inc. 20,480
AS12187 Metropolitan Tranportation Authority 20,480
AS40009 BitGravity, Inc. 20,480
AS395582 Grand River Mutual Telephone Corporation 20,480
AS31972 Emagine Concept, Inc. 20,480
AS11114 Wintek Corporation 20,480
AS21828 Tulare County Office of Education 20,480
AS7970 Leon County School District 20,480
AS54455 MadeIT inc. 20,480
AS394437 PS Lightwave 20,480
AS11067 Panhandle Telecommunications Systems, INC. 20,480
AS26077 Nextlink Broadband 20,480
AS5073 Hewlett-Packard Company 20,480
AS14333 On-Ramp Indiana, Inc. 20,480
AS26978 Carpathia Hosting, LLC 20,480
AS13720 Daybreak Game Company LLC 20,480
AS26919 Giggle Fiber 20,480
AS32335 N.T. Technology, Inc. 20,480
AS13654 KC Web, Inc. 20,480
AS40728 GearHost, Inc. 20,480
AS21686 SystemMetrics Corporation 20,480
AS18876 Arrival Communication, Inc 20,480
AS17253 TEC of Jackson, Inc. 20,480
AS11491 Trivalent Group Inc. 20,480
AS32709 Joink, LLC 20,480
AS26727 Brandenburg Telephone Company 20,480
AS17226 AT&T Enhanced Network Services 20,480
AS21789 Lowe's Companies, Inc. 20,224
AS19479 CyrusOne LLC 20,224
AS394996 47-2339071 20,224
AS40196 Willis North America Inc 20,224
AS40443 CDK Global, LLC 19,968
AS33055 Brinkster Communications Corporation 19,968
AS10732 TierraNet Inc. 19,968
AS32034 NewCom International, Inc. 19,968
AS30340 TierPoint, LLC 19,968
AS36683 Willamette Education Service District 19,968
AS29951 Syptec 19,968
AS11383 Xand Corporation 19,712
AS6307 American Express Company 19,712
AS32665 Southern California Gas Company 19,712
AS1502 Headquarters, USAISC 19,456
AS18701 ConocoPhillips Company 19,456
AS11892 NCS Pearson Inc. 19,456
AS32808 Utah Broadband LLC 19,456
AS22632 19,456
AS17380 Project Mutual Telephone Cooperative Association, Inc. 19,456
AS19366 Managed Network Solutions, Inc. 19,200
AS394901 vXchnge Operating, LLC 19,200
AS745 Air Force Systems Networking 19,200
AS18671 PRTC 19,200
AS23068 MEIJER 19,200
AS13876 FiberLight, LLC 19,200
AS4263 California Education and Research Federation Network 19,200
AS393924 RigNet Inc 19,200
AS14116 19,200
AS33227 Blue Bridge Networks 19,200
AS30666 Xchange Telecom Corp. 18,944
AS46805 CachedNet LLC 18,944
AS10361 Bloomberg, LP 18,944
AS20477 Randolph Telephone Company 18,944
AS36734 Paxio Inc. 18,944
AS395461 Apogee Telecom Inc. 18,944
AS14200 Marshall University 18,944
AS6979 SAP America Inc. 18,944
AS7258 18,688
AS17025 Zayo Bandwidth 18,688
AS33606 TekLinks, Inc. 18,688
AS12175 Yelm Telephone Company 18,688
AS26190 Sentry Insurance a Mutual Company 18,688
AS30640 Etheric Networks, Inc. 18,688
AS12019 Network Communications 18,688
AS11985 Social Security Administration 18,688
AS32590 Valve Corporation 18,688
AS22460 PepsiCo, Inc. 18,688
AS54154 Fibersphere Communications, Inc. 18,688
AS393844 Pine Telephone Company 18,688
AS30536 Circle Computer Resources, Inc. 18,688
AS14001 Vision Net Ltd 18,688
AS15352 The Coca-Cola Company 18,688
AS22241 IC2NET 18,432
AS21623 Spacelink Systems 18,432
AS13388 Egyptian Telephone 18,432
AS26423 Dominion Virginia Power 18,432
AS394474 WhiteLabelColo 18,432
AS40861 Paradise Networks LLC 18,432
AS395662 OzarksGo, LLC 18,432
AS4911 CenturyLink Communications, LLC 18,432
AS6493 Beacon Technologies, Inc 18,432
AS8018 Velocity Networks, Inc. 18,432
AS10594 Cutting Edge Communications, Inc. 18,432
AS36426 IsoTropic Networks, Inc. 18,432
AS19693 Centrilogic, Inc. 18,432
AS33362 Wikstrom Telephone Company, Incorporated 18,432
AS36223 Spanish Fork City 18,432
AS22408 West Ky Networks 18,432
AS16489 Webster University 18,432
AS7055 Quantum Internet Services, Inc. 18,432
AS20330 New York State Unified Court System 18,432
AS7012 Clarksys Inc. 18,432
AS40128 Morristown Utility Systems 18,432
AS30257 Gibson Electric Membership Corporation 18,432
AS13438 Vivio Technologies 18,176
AS13389 AZUKI, LLC 18,176
AS53316 CHEETAHMAIL 18,176
AS1457 Headquarters, USAISC 18,176
AS2046 DoD Network Information Center 18,176
AS36492 Google, LLC 18,176
AS395336 MacStadium, Inc. 18,176
AS4358 XNet Information Systems, Inc. 18,176
AS11524 SEG Network Technologies 18,176
AS6250 NeoNova Network Services, LLC 18,176
AS31753 Inmarsat Government 18,176
AS63284 Flextronics International USA, Inc. 17,920
AS394808 DEMANDWARE 17,920
AS17071 UBS AG 17,920
AS3738 State Street Bank and Trust Company 17,920
AS14671 FairPoint Communications 17,920
AS22647 Fairpoint Communications 17,920
AS11853 Internap Corporation 17,920
AS46293 Midwest Energy & Communications 17,920
AS1828 Unitas Global LLC 17,920
AS7819 Global IP Networks INC 17,920
AS7799 Olypen, Inc. 17,920
AS32743 U.S. COLO, LLC 17,920
AS13703 Virtual Citadel Inc. 17,920
AS25746 Unisys Corporation 17,920
AS22944 Kentucky Community and Technical College System 17,920
AS4284 CenturyLink Communications, LLC 17,920
AS13984 SD Data Center 17,920
AS46841 Fork Networking, LLC 17,920
AS6025 DoD Network Information Center 17,664
AS23175 PogoZone 17,664
AS32524 Grupo-SMS USA, LLC 17,664
AS40923 Fidelity Investments 17,664
AS14904 IBM 17,664
AS26081 Santee Cooper 17,664
AS25844 Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP 17,664
AS4261 Intermart Inc. 17,664
AS21713 Bulloch County Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc. 17,664
AS6984 Verizon Data Services LLC 17,664
AS22402 Nextera Communications LLC 17,664
AS5783 Kern County Superintendent of Schools 17,408
AS40511 Fireline Network Solutions, Inc. 17,408
AS11353 Education Service Center Region XI 17,408


Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) are assigned to entities such as Internet Service Providers and other large organizations that control blocks of IP addresses. This network page, and the organization field that's shown on the main IP address information page and also returned in the geolocation API are based on the ASN.

This page shows ASNs for United States. See the global ASN report for network, IP address information and whois details for other countries.