ASN AS35916
Allocated 2005-04-08
Registry arin
Related Domain
IP Addresses 2,709,760
Country United States

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Whois Details

ASHandle:       AS35916
OrgID:          MULTA
ASName:         MULTA-ASN1
ASNumber:       35916
RegDate:        2005-04-08
Updated:        2012-03-02
NOCHandle:      NOC1793-ARIN
Source:         ARIN

OrgID:          MULTA
Street:         16654 Soledad Canyon Rd #150
City:           Canyon Country
State/Prov:     CA
Country:        US
PostalCode:     91387
RegDate:        2005-03-23
Updated:        2017-01-28
ReferralServer: rwhois://
OrgAbuseHandle: ABUSE898-ARIN
OrgTechHandle:  NOC1793-ARIN
OrgAdminHandle: NOC1793-ARIN
Source:         ARIN

IP Address Ranges

Netblock Description Num IPs MULTACOM CORPORATION 4,096 Third 256 TI Infotech Pvt. Ltd. 256 MULTACOM CORPORATION 8,192 MULTACOM CORPORATION 8,192 CloudInnovation infrastructure 65,536 CloudInnovation infrastructure 65,536 CloudInnovation infrastructure 65,536 CloudInnovation infrastructure 65,536 CloudInnovation infrastructure 65,536

Show all 63 IP ranges

Netblock Description
2607:9a00::/32 CALPOP.COM, INC.
2a0c:fb00::/29 Red Ferrum Corporation

Hosted Domain Names

There are 57,290 domain names hosted across 31,391 IP addresses on this ASN. To access full domain hosting information with our API contact us for more details.

IP Address Domain Domains on this IP 2,074 800 694 610 440 287 283 256 245 235 230 207 173 173 166 160 151 147 146 144 133 130 120 118 111 110 104 99 97 94 94 93 88 86 85 82 80 80 78 78 77 77 77 69 68 67 67 66 66 65

Network Speed

Download Speed Upload Speed Ping
2.6 Mbps 2.32 Mbps 370.35 ms

Network speed data is calculated by averaging many speed test runs performed from this network over the past several months. See how your own network speed compares at

AS13656 Red Sky Solutions, LLC
AS14239 Rich Products Corporation
AS20187 Passport Health Communications, Inc.
AS25816 Touro College
AS26550 Provident Funding
AS36300 Pinellas County Schools
AS55224 Marietta City Schools
AS600 OARnet
AS6329 AIG Technologies Inc.

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Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) are assigned to entities such as Internet Service Providers and other large organizations that control blocks of IP addresses. This network page, and the organization field that's shown on the main IP address information page and also returned in the geolocation API are based on the ASN.

The ASN details will often correspond to the IP address owner, but for smaller organizations it may be that organization's parent, or their ISP.

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