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Explore IPinfo's IP address and ASN data by tag.


Translates domain names to IP addresses (on port 53) with dynamic results based on user's geolocation

54 ASNs and 461 IP Addresses tagged with geodns.

ASN Name IP Addresses Example IP Address
AS16509Amazon.com, Inc.136205.251.194.64
AS21342Akamai International B.V.93184.85.248.67
AS37963Hangzhou Alibaba Advertising Co.,Ltd.63120.76.107.57
AS45102Alibaba (US) Technology Co., Ltd.30170.33.32.208
AS62597NSONE Inc28198.51.45.7
AS134963Alibaba Cloud (Singapore) Private Limited88.212.93.3
AS45090Shenzhen Tencent Computer Systems Company Limited71.12.0.4
AS16552Tiggee LLC643.247.170.1
AS132203Tencent Building, Kejizhongyi Avenue5203.205.236.198
AS4837CHINA UNICOM China169 Backbone5112.84.222.99
AS15169Google LLC4216.239.38.10
AS203391Cloud DNS Ltd4185.136.99.183
AS32934Facebook, Inc.4129.134.31.12
AS199524G-Core Labs S.A.492.223.100.101
AS136958China Unicom Guangdong IP network3163.177.5.23
AS39572DataWeb Global Group B.V.346.229.175.55
AS9808China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd.3112.45.27.238
AS210756EdgeCenter LLC25.188.176.176
AS200325BUNNYWAY, informacijske storitve d.o.o.
AS198412Rage4 Networks Limited2176.124.112.100
AS58563CHINANET Hubei province network2116.211.128.200
AS13335Cloudflare, Inc.2162.159.24.201
AS47583Hostinger International Limited231.220.23.1