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Explore IPinfo's IP address and ASN data by tag.


9 ASNs and 261,533 IP Addresses tagged with relay.

ASN Name IP Addresses Example IP Address
AS36692Cisco OpenDNS, LLC107,34067.215.65.0
AS36183Akamai Technologies, Inc.65,222172.225.230.112
AS54113Fastly, Inc.37,080140.248.20.2
AS36492Google, LLC22,840162.120.156.112
AS13335Cloudflare, Inc.18,347104.28.145.231
AS16509Amazon.com, Inc.5,222151.186.183.19
AS20940Akamai International B.V.4,186172.225.141.156
AS14618Amazon.com, Inc.1,040151.186.182.77
AS25605Cisco OpenDNS, LLC256155.190.249.0