Abuse Contact Database

The Abuse Contact database provides abuse contact information of ISPs and hosting services for reporting malicious activities.

Database Schema

The Abuse Contact database contains the following fields:

Field NameExampleData TypeDescription
start_ip119.93.20.248TEXTStarting IP address of an IP address block
end_ip119.93.20.255TEXTEnding IP address of an IP address block
join_key119.93.0.0TEXTSpecial variable to make join operations incredibly fast.
nameNilo AgirTEXTName of the abuse contact
emailmailto:abuse@pldt.netTEXTOrganizational email of the abuse contact
addressPhilippine Long Distance Telephone Company, 6/...TEXTOrganizational address of the abuse contact
countryPHTEXTISO 3166 country code
phone+632-584-1045TEXTOrganizational phone number of the abuse contact

Sample Database

A screen image showing the table provided by our Hosted Domains Database Download

Use Cases