Privacy Detection Database

Privacy Detection or Anonymous IP database provides data on IP addresses that are associated with VPN, Tor, proxies, relays, and hosting services.

Database Schema

The Privacy Detection database contains the following fields:

Field NameExampleData TypeDescription
start_ip104.37.0.0TEXTStarting IP address of an IP address range
end_ip104.37.7.255TEXTEnding IP address of an IP address range
join_key104.37.0.0TEXTSpecial variable to facilitate join operation
hostingBOOLEANIndicates a hosting IP address most of the time based on a data center. Indicative of bots, scrapers, or hosting services
proxyBOOLEANUsage of a proxy IP address
torBOOLEANIP address originated from the Onion router (TOR)
vpnTrueBOOLEANVirtual Private Network (VPN) service IP address
relayBOOLEANTraffic relays are often provided by CDN companies such as Akamai, Fastly, Cloudflare etc. This service indicates the use of Apple’s private relay
servicePureVPNTEXTName of the IP privacy service provider

Sample Database

A screen image showing the table provided by our Privacy Detection Database Download