Database Downloads Filename Reference

Reference Table includes:

  • Database downloads names
  • Database filetypes: csv, json, and mmdb filename reference
  • Database download command using curl. Example:
curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o location.json.gz

Database file format: CSV

Database Name Filename Terminal Command
IP to Abuse Contact standard_abuse.csv.gz curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o abuse.csv.gz
IP to ASN standard_asn.csv.gz curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o asn.csv.gz
IP to Mobile Carrier standard_carrier.csv.gz curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o carrier.csv.gz
IP to Company standard_company.csv.gz curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o company.csv.gz
IP to Hosted Domains standard_ip_hosted_domains.csv.gz curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o domains.csv.gz
IP to Geolocation standard_location.csv.gz curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o location.csv.gz
IP to Privacy Detection standard_privacy.csv.gz curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o privacy.csv.gz
Privacy Detection Extended privacy_extended.csv.gz curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o privacy_extended.csv.gz
RIR WHOIS rir.csv.gz curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o rir.csv.gz
RWHOIS rwhois.csv.gz curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o rwhois.csv.gz
IP to Country country.csv.gz curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o country.csv.gz
ASN database asn.csv.gz curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o asn.csv.gz
IP to Country + ASN country_asn.csv.gz curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o country_asn.csv.gz

Database file format: MMDB

Database Name Filename Terminal Command
IP to ASN asn.mmdb curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o asn.mmdb
IP to Mobile Carrier carrier.mmdb curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o carrier.mmdb
IP to Company standard_company.mmdb curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o company.mmdb
IP to Geolocation standard_location.mmdb curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o location.mmdb
IP to Privacy Detection standard_privacy.mmdb curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o privacy.mmdb
Privacy Detection Extended privacy_extended.mmdb curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o privacy_extended.mmdb
IP to Country country.mmdb curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o country.mmdb
ASN database asn.mmdb curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o asn.mmdb
IP to Country + ASN country_asn.mmdb curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o country_asn.mmdb

Database file format: JSON

Database Name Filename Terminal Command
IP to Abuse Contact standard_abuse.json.gz curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o abuse.json.gz
IP to ASN standard_asn.json.gz curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o asn.json.gz
IP to Mobile Carrier standard_carrier.json.gz curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o carrier.json.gz
IP to Company standard_company.json.gz curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o company.json.gz
IP to Hosted Domains standard_ip_hosted_domains.json.gz curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o domains.json.gz
IP to Geolocation standard_location.json.gz curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o location.json.gz
IP to Privacy Detection standard_privacy.json.gz curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o privacy.json.gz
Privacy Detection Extended privacy_extended.json.gz curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o privacy_extended.json.gz
RIR WHOIS rir.json.gz curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o rir.json.gz
RWHOIS rwhois.json.gz curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o rwhois.json.gz
IP to Country country.json.gz curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o country.json.gz
ASN database asn.json.gz curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o asn.json.gz
IP to Country + ASN country_asn.json.gz curl -L<YOUR_TOKEN> -o country_asn.json.gz

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