IP WHOIS Database

Comprehensive, contextual, and updated IP WHOIS database allows you to look up an IP address and domain ownership, point of contact, organization, networks etc. The different types of WHOIS database we offer are:

  • Additional Databases
    • WHOIS ASN (Autonomous System Numbers)
    • WHOIS MNT (Maintainer)
    • WHOIS NET (Network)
    • WHOIS ORG (Organization)
    • WHOIS POC (Point of Contact)

Database Schema

RWHOIS Database

Parsed and normalized data we have collected from different RIRs. We also provide additional fields to provide context to the data. The RWHOIS database contains the following fields:

Field NameExampleData TypeDescription
range50.28.18.195TEXTIP Address range/netblock
idNETBLK-GRADOCEROPUB. netblock identifier from WHOIS
nameGrado Cero Publicidad S.A. de C.V.TEXTName of netblock
hostrwhois.liquidweb.com:4321TEXTHost information
countryMXTEXTISO 3166 country code
emailmailto:webmaster@gradocero.comTEXTContact email information
abusemailto:abuse@sourcedns.comTEXTAbuse email information
domaingradocero.comTEXTDomain associated with the netblock
country.1MXTEXTSecondary country information
cityNaucalpan de JuarezTEXTCity information
streetCalle Andes #46TEXTStreet information
postal53125TEXTPostal Code information
updated2021-01-26 00:00:00TEXTUpdate date in the WHOIS registry
imported2021-01-27 04:44:47.206483TEXTImported date in the WHOIS registry


RIR WHOIS data is created by parsing IP WHOIS data from the regional Internet Registries. Aside from normalizing and structuring the data from different RIR, we include additional contexts and insights. The RIR WHOIS Database can be found from here:

Field NameExampleData TypeDescription
range45.142.160.224- Address range/netblock
idPL-DOMYNET-NETWORKTEXTRaw netblock identifier from WHOIS
nameDomyNet Sp. z o.o.TEXTName of netblock
countryPLTEXTISO 3166 country code
statusASSIGNED PATEXTRange assignment type (https://www.ripe.net/publications/docs/ripe-733)
techPK9274-RIPETEXTID for technical contact of WHOIS record
maintainerMNT-PL-DOMYNET-1TEXTID for contact authorized to update WHOIS record for netblock
adminPK9274-RIPETEXTID for administrative contact of netblock
sourceripeTEXTRIR associated with record (RIPE, ARIN, etc.)
whois_domaindomynet.plTEXTDomain name (from WHOIS entry)
updated2020-01-09TEXTLast updated date (taken from WHOIS entry)
orgORG-DSZO39-RIPETEXTID or name of organization responsible for netblock
rdns_domaindomynet.plTEXTDomain associated with IP range (only available if a majority of IPs within range share a common reverse DNS domain)
domaindomynet.plTEXTDomain associated with netblock (based on our data sets)
geoloc52.2260524 20.9941955TEXTLatitude/longitude coordinates indicating where users of network are located
org_addressul. Lindleya 16/301 02-013 Warszawa POLANDTEXTAddress of the associated organization
asnAS208348TEXTAutonomous system number for organization that routes traffic for IP (based on BGP routing data)
as_nameDomyNet Sp. z o.o.TEXTName of AS (based on our data sets and data processing)
as_domaindomynet.plTEXTDomain of AS (based on our data sets and data processing)
as_typeispTEXTISP, business, or hosting (based on around 20 different features and our custom training set)

Information and sample of other RIR databases data can be found here.

Sample Databases