IP to Geolocation Extended Database

IP to Geolocation Extended database offers comprehensive geolocation information such as city, region/state, country, postal code, timezone, and geographic coordinates (latitude & longitude). Additionally, it includes data accuracy measurement in the form of radius data.

Database Schema

IP Location extended database contains the following fields:

Field NameExampleData TypeDescription
start_ip171.71.0.0TEXTStarting IP address of an IP address range
end_ip171.71.127.255TEXTEnding IP address of an IP address range
join_key171.71.0.0TEXTSpecial variable to facilitate join operation
citySan JoseTEXTCity of the location
regionCaliforniaTEXTRegion of the location
countryUSTEXTISO 3166 country code of the location
latitude37.4087TEXTLatitude value of the location
longitude-121.9406TEXTLongitude value of the location
postal_code95134TEXTPostal code of the location
timezoneAmerica/Los_AngelesTEXTLocal time zone
geoname_id5392171INTEGERgeonameId from geonames.org
radius5INTEGERAccuracy radius in terms of kilometers

Sample Databases

A screen image showing the table provided by our IP Geolocation Extended Database Download