Client Libraries


There are a number of 3rd party node.js libraries you can use to connect with ipinfo.


Here are some shell scripts you can use to connect with ipinfo.

  • ipinfo: A Bash shell-script wrapping the IP address information API
  • GeoSSH: Collect IP address for every SSH login and get geo location based on IP address via API
  • my-public-ip: Easily get your public IP address


You have some great 3rd party options for interacting with ipinfo using PHP:

  • ipinfo: An unofficial wrapper around the services.
  • ipinfo-cli: An unofficial PHP CLI for


There are a couple great options for consuming IPInfo using Go

  • ipinfo: Unofficial Golang wrapper for
  • go-ipinfo: Another client library written in Go


These 3rd party libraries make it really easy to use ipinfo with Python

  • pyipinfo: from the command line
  • pyipinfoio: Unofficial Python wrapper for IP geolocation API