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Global Geolocation Data Accuracy

Discover the precise location of every IP address with IPinfo's advanced probe network. Continuous monitoring ensures accuracy, while regular data comparisons with other providers offer comprehensive statistics.

IPCompetitor Claimed CountryActual CountryDistance New Zealand United Kingdom18,966 km New Zealand Germany18,518 km New Zealand Netherlands18,202 km Australia Spain17,616 km New Zealand Sweden17,363 km Australia Ireland17,200 km Antarctica United Kingdom16,936 km Australia United Kingdom16,899 km Australia Netherlands16,566 km Australia Germany16,342 km Australia France16,297 km Australia Switzerland16,223 km Australia Italy15,705 km Australia Poland15,522 km Australia Sweden15,506 km Australia Austria15,389 km Australia Bulgaria15,352 km Australia Estonia15,048 km Australia Finland15,023 km Australia Russia14,424 km Argentina Russia13,449 km Australia Lithuania12,806 km Argentina Lithuania12,627 km Argentina Poland12,503 km Kiribati Estonia12,415 km

A sample of 25 out of 1,849,997 IP address geolocation inaccuracies in Europe, discovered by IPinfo's proprietary probe network. Get in touch to learn more about our industry-leading accuracy.