Estonia ASN Summary

The report below shows ASNs assigned to Estonia, ranked by the total number of IP addresses currently active on each network. Click on the ASN for full IP address information, whois details and more. You can also view our hosting report to see the networks ranked by how many domain names they host.

ASN Name Num IPs
AS3249 Telia Eesti AS 611,584
AS13272 Elisa Teleteenused AS 115,712
AS3327 CITIC Telecom CPC Netherlands B.V. 78,848
AS3221 EENet 66,560
AS8728 AS INFONET 52,224
AS3130 RGnet OU 50,944
AS61307 AS STV 23,552
AS198068 P.A.G.M. OU 21,760
AS8240 Information System Authority 17,408
AS51504 Telset ltd 17,408
AS34702 Aktsiaselts WaveCom 12,288
AS43937 Playtech Estonia OU 11,776
AS198966 Fill Ltd. 9,216
AS206804 EstNOC OY 8,448
AS204595 UUS PROGRAMM 8,192
AS39823 Compic OU 7,168
AS49604 Zone Media OU 6,656
AS206485 UGB Hosting OU 6,400
AS201601 Astrec Data OU 6,400
AS39038 Kernel AS 6,144
AS201321 Levikom Eesti OU 5,888
AS57201 Estonian Defence Forces 4,096
AS50794 Levira AS 4,096
AS202635 Server Farm LLC 3,328
AS196743 OU Interframe 3,072
AS57873 SONICTEST Ltd. 3,072
AS12757 IPTRON.NET OU 2,816
AS202376 Arvid Logicum OU 2,304
AS42300 TOP CONNECT OU 2,304
AS43682 AS SEB Pank 2,048
AS197289 AS HELMES 2,048
AS31365 NGI2 Technologies OU 2,048
AS47736 IT and Development Center of Ministry of Interior, Estonia 2,048
AS61189 Elkdata OU 2,048
AS202652 Elevi AS 2,048
AS56588 Information System Authority 2,048
AS197876 ICM Netsystems 2005 SL 2,048
AS3204 xTom OU 1,792
AS202759 OU Web Hosting Solutions 1,792
AS206844 State Infocommunication Foundation 1,792
AS39556 PIN Hosting Europe GmbH 1,536
AS51349 Foundation Eesti Interneti Sihtasutus 1,536
AS44929 Nord Connect OU 1,280
AS197060 IP Konekeskuste OY 1,280
AS59753 Vault Dweller OU 1,280
AS60415 Loginet Solutions LLC 1,024
AS35577 Gheorghiu Enterprises OU 1,024
AS39259 Reisenbauer Holding OUE 1,024
AS199328 Ekspress Grupp AS 1,024
AS199800 Vorguvara AS 1,024
AS61952 OU 1,024
AS201038 Versobank AS 1,024
AS201906 Eesti Post AS 1,024
AS202063 Admiral Markets AS 1,024
AS202263 EternalData OU 1,024
AS202280 SkandiNetworks OU 1,024
AS203021 Eesti Haigekassa 1,024
AS203081 Geenet OY 1,024
AS203311 NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence 1,024
AS204780 Shopon OU 1,024
AS205930 OU 1,024
AS56447 511 Far East Limited 1,024
AS208834 Coop Pank AS 1,024
AS209587 AS Eesti Loto 1,024
AS209842 CybExer Technologies OU 1,024
AS210002 SmartTel Plus OU 1,024
AS43883 Citynet OU 1,024
AS209153 Arvid Logicum OU 768
AS204411 Bigbank AS 768
AS198379 AS Atea 768
AS43958 AS Tallink Grupp 768
AS207254 AS Postimees Grupp 768
AS3332 Swedbank AS 768
AS204671 Habr Europe OU 512
AS208338 Cybernetica AS 512
AS208283 Cybernetica AS 512
AS197611 AS LHV Pank 512
AS207568 Teleone OU 512
AS208673 ESTOXY OU 512
AS56822 Universal Telecom Experts S.L 512
AS205950 INFONET DC OY 512
AS205504 Skylink Networking Ltd 512
AS42016 AS Tallinna Lennujaam 512
AS205346 Estonian Air Navigation Services AS 512
AS20948 Skylink Networking Ltd 512
AS60608 Olympic Entertainment Group AS 512
AS9204 Gheorghiu Enterprises OU 256
AS196785 Ergo Kindlustuse AS 256
AS197517 Salva Kindlustuse AS 256
AS200416 Betgenius Limited 256
AS200989 Foundation Eesti Interneti Sihtasutus 256
AS203906 Sihtasutus Pohja-Eesti Regionaalhaigla 256
AS204072 Quickport OU 256
AS207408 servinga GmbH 256
AS207819 novametro LTD 256
AS207872 CSC Telecom Estonia 256
AS208421 Grid Group OU 256
AS208440 GmhostGrupp OU 256
AS210302 Pipedrive OU 256
AS213010 GigaHostingServices OU 256
AS31081 National Audit Office of Estonia 256
AS34729 Veho Baltics OU 256
AS35537 xTom OU 256
AS3927 RGnet OU 256
AS39632 Eesti Pank 256
AS4128 RGnet OU 256
AS42012 Estonian Public Broadcasting 256
AS42472 AS Smarten Logistics 256
AS43881 Smartlink Ltd. 256
AS44839 Telegrupp AS 256
AS47525 Tallinna Aripanga AS 256
AS59725 Solifinance OU 256
AS61328 OU Metrotec 256
AS213172 Health and Welfare Information Systems 0
AS42305 Smart Contract OU 0
AS203076 Alegna Trading OU 0
AS43357 Owl Limited 0
AS213115 Sean Consulting OU 0
AS12563 Tele2 Sverige AB 0
AS210106 NGI2 Technologies OU 0
AS210009 Burfa Tech OU 0
AS209470 Antarex LTD 0
AS199867 P.A.G.M. OU 0
AS208893 Mulgin Alexander Sergeevich 0
AS198795 Lukoil Estonia Ltd. 0
AS198632 Telia Eesti AS 0
AS208832 Twinservers OU 0
AS47947 Wehands Inc OU 0
AS48625 Comfortel Ltd. 0
AS208686 Planetway Europe OU 0
AS208550 Transferwise Ltd Eesti filiaal 0
AS208446 Spacebear OU 0
AS208401 Svjaznoy OU 0
AS208367 CSpace Hostings OU 0
AS207037 The Estonian Internal Security Service 0
AS206151 Prolink Ltd 0
AS205758 xTom OU 0
AS58315 Alegna Trading OU 0
AS59682 Eurolir OU 0
AS16014 Telia Eesti AS 0
AS205059 Savas OU 0
AS59759 Carizma Invest OU 0
AS60247 Agribest OU 0
AS39334 Eurolir OU 0
AS39211 GoWire LLC 0
AS204954 Easy Networks Solutions OU 0
AS3970 RGnet OU 0
AS39755 AxionGard OU 0
AS28955 Danske Bank A/S Estonia branch 0
AS204333 Rodnoi OU 0
AS41767 xTom OU 0
AS204328 Reisenbauer Holding OUE 0
AS2876 Gheorghiu Enterprises OU 0


Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) are assigned to entities such as Internet Service Providers and other large organizations that control blocks of IP addresses. This network page, and the organization field that's shown on the main IP address information page and also returned in the geolocation API are based on the ASN.

This page shows ASNs for Estonia. See the global ASN report for network, IP address information and whois details for other countries.