The report below shows ASNs assigned to Sweden, ranked by the total number of IP addresses currently active on each network. Click on the ASN for full IP address information, whois details and more. You can also view our hosting report to see the networks ranked by how many domain names they host.

ASN Name Num IPs
AS3301 Telia Company AB 7,098,624
AS39651 Com Hem AB 1,164,288
AS44034 Hi3G Access AB 1,007,616
AS3246 Tele2 Sverige AB 835,072
AS1653 SUNET Swedish University Network 618,240
AS8473 Bahnhof AB 590,080
AS45011 A3 Sverige AB 518,912
AS12552 IP-Only Networks AB 329,472
AS29518 Bredband2 AB 311,552
AS15404 COLT Technology Services Group Limited 235,520
AS19399 Stockholms Lans Landsting 201,728
AS21195 DGC Access AB 151,808
AS34610 Ratt Internet Kapacitet i Sverige AB 146,688
AS28726 EVRY AB 144,128
AS16253 Borderlight AB 131,072
AS35041 Levonline AB 129,536
AS25176 AC-Net Externservice AB 123,392
AS12501 UMDAC, Umea University 122,880
AS33885 Ownit Broadband AB 119,552
AS39369 Availo Networks AB 108,544
AS29217 CGI Sverige AB 93,184
AS13189 Liden Data Internetwork AB 79,616
AS25169 Telenor Sverige AB 73,984
AS202116 Scania CV AB 73,728
AS9201 Swedish Armed Forces 72,704
AS35706 Net at Once Sweden AB 72,448
AS20861 Fujitsu Sweden AB 70,912
AS2841 Chalmers University of Technology 67,584
AS34576 Skane Lans Landsting 66,560
AS199902 Lantmateriet 66,560
AS2843 Linkopings universitet 66,304
AS2846 Lund University 66,304
AS1881 FMV 66,048
AS38956 Uppsala Kommun 66,048
AS2833 Umea University 66,048
AS47708 Sveriges Radio AB 65,792
AS44320 Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB 65,536
AS2842 Goteborgs universitet 65,536
AS44013 Sandvik IT Services AB 65,536
AS2799 Polismyndigheten 65,536
AS2831 Lulea Tekniska Universitet 65,536
AS13063 SKF Sverige AB 65,536
AS200060 Sjofartsverket 65,536
AS33976 Aftonbladet Hierta AB 65,536
AS15991 Swedish Tax Agency 65,536
AS59807 Swedbank AB 65,536
AS43922 City of Malmo 65,536
AS21297 Oslo Bors ASA 61,440
AS15782 A3 Sverige AB 58,624
AS39052 Skanska IT Nordic Sweden AB 57,344
AS51747 InternetBolaget Sweden AB 56,320
AS39301 Tele2 Sverige AB 49,152
AS44743 Boras Energi Nat AB 45,056
AS25387 Goteborgs Stad 43,008
AS62183 Bredbandsson AB 40,960
AS50821 Stockholms Stadsnat AB 40,960
AS34244 Teleservice Bredband Skane AB 40,704
AS28854 SavMAN AB 39,680
AS43948 GleSYS AB 36,096
AS29468 PIN Sweden AB 35,840
AS200719 MissDomain Group AB 35,584
AS35445 Jonkoping Kommun 33,536
AS51815 IP-Only Networks AB 32,256
AS42695 City Network Hosting AB 32,256
AS52019 Oracle Svenska AB 30,720
AS16117 Gavle Energi AB 29,696
AS197595 Obenetwork AB 24,832
AS57084 Bjare Kraft AB 24,576
AS58065 Packet Exchange Limited 24,064
AS6782 InformationsTeknik i Norrbotten AB 23,296
AS197308 Cygate AB 22,272
AS25252 Volvo Information Technology AB 20,992
AS39597 Media Network i Halmstad AB 20,480
AS34537 Solidtango AB 20,480
AS48803 Mediateknik i Varberg AB 19,712
AS20626 Sandviken Energi AB 19,200
AS43591 Multicom Security AB 18,432
AS21503 Availo Networks AB 18,432
AS31642 Varnamo Energi AB 17,664
AS2839 Kungliga Tekniska Hogskolan 17,408
AS47155 ViaEuropa i Lund AB 17,408
AS35100 Patrik Lagerman WEB, Enskild Firma 17,152
AS12597 Gotalandsnatet AB 16,640
AS2837 Karolinska Institutet 16,640
AS48514 Stiftelsen Chalmers Studenthem 16,384
AS31568 alvsbyns kommunn 16,384
AS34622 Bredband i Kristianstad AB 16,384
AS2840 Stiftelsen Goteborgs Studentbostader 16,384
AS59702 Junet AB 16,384
AS20625 Bollnas energi AB 16,384
AS42303 Fiber Direkt i Sverige AB 15,616
AS31331 CGI Sverige AB 14,336
AS41564 Packet Exchange Limited 14,080
AS197623 Kopings Kabel-TV AB 13,568
AS28847 Soderhamn NARA AB 13,312
AS201869 Statens Fastighetsverk , National Property Board 13,056
AS57208 Telecomputing AB 12,800
AS58343 Telecomputing AB 12,800
AS42318 FastBit AB 12,800
AS25417 Ljusdals Elnat AB 12,544
AS16037 AB Tetra Pak 12,288
AS30880 SpaceDump IT AB 11,520
AS61207 Ilait AB 11,264
AS12782 Uppsala Lans Landsting 11,264
AS198612 Wekudata AB 10,752
AS47536 Global IP Exchange 10,496
AS51701 Adminor Aktiebolag 10,496
AS51132 Arkaden Konsult AB 10,240
AS34946 Jonkoping Energi AB 10,240
AS43853 AxByte Internet Services AB 9,984
AS12935 QD Sverige AB 9,728
AS39648 Wantech AB 9,472
AS41340 Bredband i Gislaved Gnosjo AB 9,472
AS12384 Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences 9,216
AS49419 Candidator AB 9,216
AS33837 Fredrik Holmqvist 9,216
AS50572 Zetup AB 9,216
AS44769 Karlsborgs Energi 9,216
AS198347 Game-Hosting GH AB 8,960
AS60213 Helsinge Net Ovanaker AB 8,704
AS49272 Trafikverket 8,704
AS34133 Net IT Internet Solutions in Sweden AB 8,448
AS44813 Viking Tech AB 8,448
AS25146 Sigma IT Consulting Group AB 8,192
AS34556 IP-Only Networks AB 8,192
AS25473 EVRY Sweden AB 8,192
AS206114 Hofors Elverk AB 8,192
AS31507 Sundsvall Energi Elnat AB, ServaNet 8,192
AS50168 Bogalnet AB 8,192
AS199355 Landstinget Dalarna 8,192
AS30795 NEZ AB 8,192
AS41401 RB Communication AB 8,192
AS47234 Olofstroms Kabel-TV AB 8,192
AS64435 Green Bei LImited 8,192
AS59913 Peter Lindstrom Elektronik i Boden AB 7,936
AS35542 Swedish Space Corporation 7,936
AS29166 Neue Zuercher Zeitung AG 7,680
AS8674 NETNOD Internet Exchange i Sverige AB 7,680
AS16150 Availo Networks AB 7,680
AS50986 Excellent Hosting Sweden AB 7,424
AS44581 A3 Allmanna IT - och Telekomaktiebolaget (publ) AB 7,424
AS197603 BearCom AB 7,168
AS49770 Internetport Sweden AB 7,168
AS49079 Nilings AB 7,168
AS8523 Basefarm AB 7,168
AS204896 Vaxjo Kommun 6,912
AS47467 Griffel AB 6,912
AS39078 GDM Konsult AB 6,656
AS43893 Mainloop AB 6,656
AS1880 Svensk Teleutveckling & Produktinnovation, STUPI AB 6,400
AS51929 IT-mastaren Mitt AB 6,400
AS34385 Tripnet AB 6,400
AS198568 ATEA Sverige AB 6,144
AS31644 Norrtelje Energi AB 6,144
AS43650 Spotify Technology S.A. 6,144
AS43809 Forss Webservice AB 6,144
AS20514 Axians AB 5,888
AS34950 EVRY Sweden AB 5,888
AS57773 1Access Sweden AB 5,888
AS41175 Internet Border Technologies AB 5,376
AS49172 AB Svenska Spel 5,120
AS41753 Telelocation Sverige AB 5,120
AS48171 Atos IT Solutions and Services AB 5,120
AS200701 Lyssna & Njut Radio & TV AB 5,120
AS203052 Teletek 5060 AB 5,120
AS28908 A3 Sverige AB 4,864
AS48579 Elastx AB 4,864
AS39806 Admax AB 4,864
AS42649 Baffin Bay Networks AB 4,864
AS206387 Blekinge Lans Landsting 4,608
AS44136 ODERLAND Webbhotell AB 4,608
AS29672 S,t Erik Kommunikation AB 4,608
AS39351 31173 Services AB 4,352
AS34686 Affarsverken Karlskrona AB 4,352
AS41943 Vaddo Media Information IS AB 4,352
AS20888 Eniro AB 4,352
AS43012 Gastabudstaden AB 4,352
AS202111 Fiberdata AB 4,352
AS16115 Nasdaq Technology AB 4,096
AS51546 N4 Qavat AB 4,096
AS30811 EPiServer AB 4,096
AS48871 Saldab IT AB 4,096
AS48904 Vaggeryd Energi AB 4,096
AS25545 Avanza Bank AB 4,096
AS31634 Sundsvall Energi Elnat AB, ServaNet 4,096
AS44123 Telavox AB 4,096
AS201983 Ansluten Hosting i Sverige AB 4,096
AS49251 Ulricehamns Energi AB 4,096
AS34234 Atea Sverige AB 4,096
AS42622 Teknik i Media Datacenter Stockholm AB 4,096
AS48220 Fouredge AB 4,096
AS42309 Bahnhof AB 4,096
AS57131 IP Osteraker AB 4,096
AS42237 ICME LIMITED 4,096
AS34965 WE2U AB 4,096
AS41216 Excanto AB 4,096
AS28954 Hudiksvalls stadsnat 4,096
AS15793 DGC Access AB 4,096
AS197942 Forsakringskassan 3,840
AS29024 Ballou Internet Services AB 3,840
AS49769 Teracom AB 3,584
AS204850 Sodertalje Kommun 3,584
AS20574 Cybercom Sweden AB 3,584
AS206170 Yelles AB 3,584
AS34941 Cygrids Communications AB 3,584
AS49515 Nordiska Servercentralen AB 3,328
AS60376 Levonline AB 3,328
AS50904 Acon AB 3,328
AS44746 Satellithuset i Limmared AB 3,328
AS44838 eValent Group AB 3,328
AS198965 AddPro AB 3,072
AS61146 N62 IT Solutions AB 3,072
AS197617 MrFriday AB 3,072
AS44368 DGC Access AB 3,072
AS198549 Rg 19 i Norden AB 3,072
AS60662 Data Communication & Software i Grondal Aktiebolag 3,072
AS49222 Telenor Connexion AB 3,072
AS197784 Systempartner i Ljungby AB 3,072
AS13214 Hans Fredrik Lennart Neij 2,816
AS30893 Mainloop Solutions AB 2,816
AS8769 Devinix Solutions AB 2,816
AS49232 Rackfish AB 2,816
AS198538 Sony Mobile Communications AB 2,816
AS43770 ITCONNECT Scandinavia AB 2,816
AS2865 EVRY Sweden AB 2,816
AS205199 Bredbandig IT Communication i Goteborg AB 2,816
AS3166 Orebro Kommun 2,560
AS43065 Interlan Networks AB 2,560
AS50171 Indicate IT AB 2,560
AS41041 ValueClick, Inc. 2,560
AS39889 High Sec Hosting HSDC AB 2,560
AS39570 Loopia AB 2,560
AS15869 Eds Sweden AB 2,560
AS48093 Webland AB 2,560
AS12381 Resilans AB 2,560
AS198463 On 1 Call Support AB 2,304
AS201013 Micro Tec i Laholm AB 2,304
AS56946 Trustly Group AB 2,304
AS203788 EasyTelecom International AB (Publ) 2,304
AS199318 MK Proffs AB 2,304
AS198476 Lansstyrelsen i Vastra Gotalands lan 2,304
AS200587 Ericsson Telecommunicatie B.V. 2,048
AS51899 Hoglandsforbundet 2,048
AS198848 Nynas AB (publ) 2,048
AS56711 Bluerange Technologies AB 2,048
AS41001 Blue Safespring AB 2,048
AS197799 Molndals kommun 2,048
AS41848 Gavle kommun 2,048
AS8464 Wireless Maingate Nordic AB 2,048
AS197581 Conect networks and Information Technology i Jonkoping AB 2,048
AS57238 Sheimo Scorpion Data AB 2,048
AS206125 Brabit AB 2,048
AS59586 CAG Datastod AB 2,048
AS62094 Midasplayer AB 2,048
AS202296 MicroGroup Europe AB 2,048
AS199781 IT-Total Sweden AB 2,048
AS60433 Connectel AB 2,048
AS206799 EPM Data AB 2,048
AS49292 Voice Integrate Nordic AB 2,048
AS48042 Direct2Internet AB 2,048
AS44447 Mirror Partner Utveckling AB 2,048
AS48994 Globalwire AB 2,048
AS30821 H & M Hennes & Mauritz GBC AB 2,048
AS34236 Vaddo Media Information IS AB 1,792
AS50273 Post och Telestyrelsen 1,792
AS2859 Resilans AB 1,792
AS199470 Orebro Lans Landsting 1,792
AS60582 Winther Wireless AB 1,792
AS42595 DGC Orebro AB 1,792
AS43071 PCL Data AB 1,792
AS25416 Aga Gas AB 1,536
AS201271 Nordea Bank Abp 1,536
AS199544 Remote24 AB 1,536
AS60567 DataClub S.A. 1,536
AS47287 Stardoll AB 1,536
AS49217 Empir AB 1,536
AS198054 IXX IT-Partner AB 1,536
AS51452 Klarna Bank AB 1,536
AS202780 Advania AB 1,536
AS60205 Magine AB 1,536
AS203605 Synotio AB 1,536
AS200765 SecureLink Sweden AB 1,280
AS50066 Serious Tubes Networks 1,280
AS24819 Nordnet Bank AB 1,280
AS197557 RUN Communications AB 1,280
AS206258 MYBW Office Management Service AB 1,280
AS59951 Falu Kommun 1,280
AS49949 24 Solutions AB 1,280
AS202646 Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara AB 1,280
AS56625 SOS Alarm Sverige AB 1,280
AS33907 Ornus AB 1,280
AS28680 IKEA IT AB 1,280
AS1878 Svensk Teleutveckling & Produktinnovation, STUPI AB 1,280
AS47698 Kirei AB 1,280
AS201816 Kalmar lans landsting 1,280
AS201641 Sveriges Television Aktiebolag 1,280
AS41281 Scaling Networks AB 1,280
AS31574 Bankgirocentralen BGC AB 1,280
AS199150 Excedo Networks AB 1,280
AS57021 NETNOD Internet Exchange i Sverige AB 1,280
AS200675 HYDRO66 UK Limited 1,280
AS202891 Multicom Security AB 1,280
AS39287 Privactually Ltd 1,280
AS31337 ELEET Networks 1,024
AS15912 Ricoh Sverige AB 1,024
AS197332 Vitec Software Group AB 1,024
AS197564 Stiftelsen for Internetinfrastruktur 1,024
AS199998 Soluno BC AB 1,024
AS200150 Ember AB 1,024
AS200550 AB Fagerhult 1,024
AS200691 Sweden Secure Internet Solutions AB 1,024
AS201758 Bonnier AB 1,024
AS202046 Hessleholm Network Bredband AB 1,024
AS202093 Viaplay AB 1,024
AS202152 Blocket AB 1,024
AS202812 ELITS Cloud Services AB 1,024
AS203029 H & M Hennes & Mauritz GBC AB 1,024
AS203468 INIQ AB 1,024
AS203736 AFA Sjukforsakringsaktiebolag 1,024
AS203975 Core9 Hosting AB 1,024
AS204101 Rely IT Norrtelje AB 1,024
AS204164 Consulta Hosting Services AB 1,024
AS204468 CGit AB 1,024
AS204475 TMcIT i Sverige AB 1,024
AS204538 Propiedades AB 1,024
AS205166 Mobile Links Europe AB 1,024
AS205180 Elon Group AB 1,024
AS205834 Telefackhandeln i Skovde AB 1,024
AS205916 Verisec AB 1,024
AS206096 Midasplayer AB 1,024
AS206288 Vimmerby kommun 1,024
AS206312 ReWiCom Scandinavia AB 1,024
AS206377 Kommunalforbundet ITSAM 1,024
AS206593 Profitbyte AB 1,024
AS206627 Nasdaq Technology AB 1,024
AS209705 PayEx Sverige AB 1,024
AS25466 Liden Data Internetwork AB 1,024
AS28852 Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson 1,024
AS28931 TriOptima AB 1,024
AS29602 PIN Sweden AB 1,024
AS31584 Akzo Nobel Nederland B.V. 1,024
AS35565 Trust-IT Sweden AB 1,024
AS35790 Aktiebolaget Sappa 1,024
AS39204 Axima AB 1,024
AS39590 Nordic Data Grid Facility 1,024
AS41174 SiteVision AB 1,024
AS41240 Trygg-Hansa Forsakringsaktiebolag (publ) 1,024
AS41980 Webbkonsulterna i Jamtland AB 1,024
AS42307 Sveriges Meteorologiska och Hydrologiska Institut 1,024
AS42523 ISEC Group AB 1,024
AS43645 Kiruna kommun 1,024
AS43969 Prinode AB 1,024
AS49969 EVRY Sweden AB 1,024
AS60094 RedBridge AB 1,024
AS62116 Benders Sverige AB 1,024
AS62254 Vision 2099 AB 1,024
AS62463 Sundsvalls kommun 1,024
AS8973 Kungliga Tekniska Hogskolan 1,024
AS204179 Erik Larsson 768
AS199768 Karlstads Kommun 768
AS51821 Fortlax IT AB 768
AS206320 Oversite AB 768
AS21250 Tyfon 768
AS199973 Migrationsverket 768
AS59835 Dreamhack AB 768
AS204521 Geus Gruppen AB 768
AS35599 NetClean Technologies Sweden AB 768
AS21485 Foilhat LLC 768
AS200018 Jonkopings lans landsting 768
AS200090 Securitas Sverige AB 768
AS200460 Mikael Frykholm trading as Tranquillity 768
AS41105 Th 1 ng Internet AB 768
AS205841 Xelent Office Sweden AB 768
AS43096 Diagonal Forlags AB 768
AS200606 Viatel Sweden Aktiebolag 768
AS41884 Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency 768
AS24668 BinaryGrid Industries Sweden AB 768
AS3224 Kungliga Tekniska Hogskolan 768
AS35742 IP-Only Qbrick AB 768
AS206889 ICA Gruppen AB 768
AS62020 Net Sat AB 768
AS202837 Finansiell ID-Teknik BID AB 768
AS200820 Benify AB 768
AS198840 Nynas Stadsnat AB 768
AS199543 TicMate AB 768
AS202967 Kjell & Co Elektronik AB 768
AS49959 ReadSpeaker AB 768
AS31024 Braathens Aviation AB 768
AS42251 Bergslagens Kommunalteknik 768
AS199977 TNS SIFO AB 512
AS207074 Rockan Data Center AB 512
AS48445 EVRY AB 512
AS206941 Securitas A/S 512
AS201146 LOP i Goteborg AB 512
AS62001 Aphelion Consulting AB 512
AS196704 Ventiro AB 512
AS201171 Forward Nine AB 512
AS44757 Global Blue Holdings Aktiebolag 512
AS201391 Novamedia Holding B.V. 512
AS34029 IBX Group AB 512
AS196793 Cloudmore AB 512
AS206279 Paul Kristian Bergqvist trading as MeraMail Sverige KB 512
AS201428 Qliro AB 512
AS201604 Worldline Sweden AB 512
AS43974 Lunds Programarkitekter AB 512
AS43101 LMQ Kompetens AB 512
AS205875 CLX Communications AB 512
AS43099 BK Labs 512
AS209997 Stanley Security Solutions Ltd 512
AS202621 TXODDS Sport Betting Limited 512
AS202641 Vitec Software Group AB 512
AS202671 AID Solutions Vast AB 512
AS25072 Institutet for Rymdfysik 512
AS202687 Mainloop AB 512
AS35073 P.A Granlund kommunikation AB 512
AS42381 NETNOD Internet Exchange i Sverige AB 512
AS64449 Datakonsult Magnus Sandberg 512
AS8949 Hedberg Productions 512
AS58320 Skogsstyrelsen 512
AS203038 QuxLabs UG 512
AS57967 Supervenient AB 512
AS41992 Si2 Datakonsult HB 512
AS203158 Herrljunga Kommun 512
AS203245 Worldline Sweden AB 512
AS41584 Securitas Sverige AB 512
AS57782 Cynthia Maja Revstrom 512
AS204075 Symsoft Aktiebolag 512
AS197541 Ooyala AB 512
AS39731 Axis Communications AB 512
AS29216 NETNOD Internet Exchange i Sverige AB 512
AS39173 DST Financial Services International Limited 512
AS12939 Hanse Holding AB 512
AS39268 DeLaval International AB 512
AS57195 Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security Sweden AB 512
AS39658 Statistics Sweden 512
AS204847 Borgholms Kommun 512
AS56908 NETNOD Internet Exchange i Sverige AB 512
AS198008 Regeringskansliet 512
AS198093 Foreningen for digitala fri- och rattigheter 512
AS56266 Netnod anycast AS for APNIC 512
AS5601 Kungliga Tekniska Hogskolan 512
AS198450 Aptic AB 512
AS209454 The North Alliance Sverige AB 512
AS51634 EdgeIT AB 512
AS2863 Centor AB 512
AS51307 Apica AB 512
AS199639 Sentor Managed Security Services AB 512
AS49408 Securitas AB 512
AS210317 Municipality of Borlange 512
AS49303 Niscayah Group AB 256
AS21227 OLiKA Networks 256
AS210083 Privex Inc. 256
AS13116 Tele2 Sverige AB 256
AS28942 Foreningen Dataverket 256
AS209960 Fast Fiber Connection i Sverige AB 256
AS20943 NETNOD Internet Exchange i Sverige AB 256
AS207166 Systemair AB 256
AS3306 MTG Radio AB 256
AS206800 Electronic Arts Limited 256
AS33886 Stockholm Internet eXchange AB 256
AS34228 Martin & Servera AB 256
AS206117 Toxi Tech AB 256
AS206040 Expisoft AB 256
AS34628 NTT Com Security (Sweden) AB 256
AS205664 Swedish State Power Board (Vattenfall) 256
AS205332 Itiviti Group AB 256
AS35121 Patrik Olsson 256
AS20513 A.M.S. Carlzon 256
AS35605 Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson 256
AS38982 Procera Networks AB 256
AS205054 Bonnier Broadcasting AB 256
AS39137 Stralfors Svenska AB 256
AS204863 Coromatic Group AB 256
AS39643 Svenljunga kommun 256
AS204398 Lysekils Kommun 256
AS204302 Monitor ERP System AB 256
AS39656 Securitas Direct AB 256
AS39840 NETNOD Internet Exchange i Sverige AB 256
AS39870 NETNOD Internet Exchange i Sverige AB 256
AS39871 NETNOD Internet Exchange i Sverige AB 256
AS204074 Nordisk Media Utveckling AB 256
AS41063 InfoGuard Network Services AB 256
AS41136 Wolters Kluwer Scandinavia AB 256
AS203949 Husqvarna AB 256
AS203471 MicroData Skandinavien AB 256
AS203383 Stena Rederi AB 256
AS41473 Television Francaise 1 256
AS203373 Eltel Group Oy 256
AS41819 Dox Sweden AB 256
AS8837 Telia Company AB 256
AS203092 Flightradar24 AB 256
AS42499 Artificial Solutions Scandinavia AB 256
AS43018 Verket for Innovationssystem 256
AS43021 Certit Hosting Handelsbolag 256
AS43098 SIX Telekurs Sweden AB 256
AS43504 Centiro Solutions AB 256
AS202395 Fiberaccessbolaget i Sverige AB 256
AS202301 Anders Tage Philip Mattsson 256
AS202188 Timra Kommun 256
AS202064 Vargarda Kommun 256
AS201965 Reseaux IP Europeens Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC) 256
AS44236 Securitas Direct AB 256
AS201456 Avesta Kommun 256
AS44641 Huddinge Kommun 256
AS201230 Hedemora Kommun 256
AS44852 Inver AB 256
AS201154 IKEA IT AB 256
AS201087 Suzuki Garphyttan AB 256
AS200871 ftech AB 256
AS47699 Stiftelsen for Internetinfrastruktur 256
AS200591 Addmobile AB 256
AS48657 Premium System AB 256
AS48767 Tom Chotigasatien Lehtinen 256
AS200341 Nacka Energi AB 256
AS200300 IT Gymnasiet i Sodertorn 256
AS49096 Geodis Wilson Holding AB 256
AS200144 Kungsbacka Kommun 256
AS49858 UNIMASTER Datakonsult 256
AS199564 Medical Products Agency 256
AS8995 LM Jogback Datakonsult 256
AS199520 Dustin Aktiebolag 256
AS199345 Peter Persson 256
AS199215 Ellos AB 256
AS50791 Mysec Sweden AB 256
AS199154 Swedish Radio Supply i Wermland AB 256
AS50827 SpaceDump IT AB 256
AS51040 Piratpartiet 256
AS51368 Captech Distribution AB 256
AS198581 EDB Card Services AB 256
AS198513 Norra Vasterbotten Tidnings AB 256
AS51594 Auriga AB 256
AS198217 Nibe AB 256
AS198160 Securitas Sverige AB 256
AS56531 Fritidsresor AB 256
AS56563 Wberg Networks 256
AS56700 Osterakers Kommun 256
AS56848 Emtorp IT & Media Solutions AB 256
AS56961 ESAB AB 256
AS197775 OCTN Networks AB 256
AS57083 Bastads Kommun 256
AS197436 KI Kuponginlosen Aktiebolag 256
AS57955 Gridcore AB 256
AS197323 B & P Fund service AB 256
AS59521 Aivivid AB 256
AS197194 Hangar Enterprises AB 256
AS59750 Anders Holck 256
AS196967 N.Henulin 256
AS60053 Habo Kommun 256
AS60396 Wilhelm Wijkander 256
AS61133 ElisiyumNetwork 256
AS16375 Henrik Hartelius 256
AS61413 Stralsakerhetsmyndigheten 256
AS62131 op5 AB 256
AS62180 Eskilstuna Kommun 256
AS62305 Nordic Growth Market NGM AB 256
AS64403 Wireline AB 256
AS134397 AusRegistry Anycast system 256
AS25475 IPmovers AB 256
AS24853 Dansk Bibliotekscenter A/S 256
AS2838 Stockholm University 256
AS24605 Fassberg Holding AB 256
AS196799 Kreab AB 0
AS201993 Tyringe Konsult AB 0
AS8984 Telenor AB 0
AS205970 Peter Hessler 0
AS210089 Cynthia Maja Revstrom 0
AS44016 XS Usenet B.V. 0
AS201846 Dozer IT & Kommunikation AB 0
AS44111 CGI Sverige AB 0
AS201733 Cxense Sweden AB 0
AS201712 Unifaun AB 0
AS196723 Kungalv Energi AB 0
AS201619 City Network Hosting AB 0
AS201610 Spirius AB 0
AS44394 Obenetwork AB 0
AS34363 Stenungsunds Kommun 0
AS2874 Equant Inc. 0
AS44625 Dentsply IH AB 0
AS60285 Oracle Svenska AB 0
AS34025 Kontilint Data AB 0
AS206408 Britt Vasteras AB 0
AS201317 Office IT-Partner Jonkoping AB 0
AS196639 Proact IT Sweden AB 0
AS206722 MrOrange Travel Technology AB 0
AS25555 Can Communication IT Support AB 0
AS44883 Nossebroortens energi ekonomisk 0
AS1883 Svensk Teleutveckling & Produktinnovation, STUPI AB 0
AS45038 Campanja AB 0
AS47152 Telenor Satellite AS 0
AS206829 CGI Sverige AB 0
AS1882 Svensk Teleutveckling & Produktinnovation, STUPI AB 0
AS200903 ATEA Sverige AB 0
AS47298 Herrljunga Elektriska AB 0
AS200881 Norrkopings Kommun 0
AS1879 Svensk Teleutveckling & Produktinnovation, STUPI AB 0
AS200867 Haldex Brake Products AB 0
AS1755 Svensk Teleutveckling & Produktinnovation, STUPI AB 0
AS3309 Telia Company AB 0
AS47859 Geus Gruppen AB 0
AS200808 Filipstads Kommun 0
AS200704 Johan Landerholm 0
AS48116 High Sec Hosting HSDC AB 0
AS200676 City Network Hosting AB 0
AS200663 City Network Hosting AB 0
AS3220 Internet Technology Advisors Scandinavia Ab 0
AS48466 Xite Consulting AB 0
AS48495 Ratt Internet Kapacitet i Sverige AB 0
AS3171 Nethouse Sverige AB 0
AS60792 PWNY Sweden AB 0
AS48581 Molnlycke Health Care AB 0
AS60910 True Software Scandinavia AB 0
AS24862 IP-Only Networks AB 0
AS200588 Pingdom AB 0
AS200528 Alvondo AB 0
AS48833 Apoteket AB 0
AS207090 Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson 0
AS48875 Pantor Engineering AB 0
AS2845 Lund University 0
AS200302 Itnord Security Solutions AB 0
AS49065 Sectra Imaging IT Solutions AB 0
AS16261 Bahnhof AB 0
AS61282 BrainMill AB 0
AS61363 Ultio AB 0
AS207113 Malardalens Datorforening 0
AS207150 Erik Larsson 0
AS13104 AllTele Foretag Sverige AB 0
AS20734 Tele2 Sverige AB 0
AS199955 Karlskoga kommun 0
AS209236 HCL Technologies Sweden AB 0
AS209256 Straznet AB 0
AS199885 Xelent Drift AB 0
AS199780 Levonline AB 0
AS209315 Trollhattan Energi AB 0
AS31292 Peter Salanki 0
AS49801 Headweb AB 0
AS210251 Dooer Production AB 0
AS49912 Packetlane AB 0
AS62089 Ansluten Blekinge AB 0
AS30921 Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson 0
AS16251 Hogskolan i Gavle 0
AS30912 Bredband2 AB 0
AS9045 Tele2 Sverige AB 0
AS199425 North Development AB 0
AS24813 CGI Sverige AB 0
AS2834 Uppsala University 0
AS50683 Fredrik Holmqvist 0
AS15980 Uppsala University 0
AS50820 Bilia AB 0
AS9046 Tele2 Sverige AB 0
AS199137 Info24 AB 0
AS50924 Atea Sverige AB 0
AS198837 Vastmanlands Lans Landsting 0
AS209413 QD Sverige AB 0
AS9088 Dalarna University 0
AS2836 Bengt Arne Gorden Data 0
AS24701 Anoto AB 0
AS21200 Skandia Informationsteknologi AB 0
AS209437 Baffin Bay Networks AB 0
AS51650 Mekonomen AB 0
AS209508 BoreNet AB 0
AS51780 RISE Acreo AB 0
AS198267 City Network Hosting AB 0
AS8479 Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson 0
AS64473 Kiko Svenska AB 0
AS198170 Bixia AB 0
AS52005 NETNOD Internet Exchange i Sverige AB 0
AS52011 City Network Hosting AB 0
AS6780 Swedavia AB 0
AS5574 Tele2 Sverige AB 0
AS209530 Web Mind Digital Limited 0
AS29506 Thomson Reuters Ireland Limited 0
AS56382 digital filmmakers sweden AB 0
AS13308 Peter Olsson 0
AS6797 Availo Networks AB 0
AS56573 OCTN Networks AB 0
AS198105 Edvina AB 0
AS56659 Jonas Bjork 0
AS8195 Interoute Communications Limited 0
AS209570 NorrMejerier Ekomonisk Forening 0
AS56734 OCTN Networks AB 0
AS56735 Kustbandet AB 0
AS29344 Jakob Hermansson Schlyter 0
AS8213 Tele2 Sverige AB 0
AS29327 Consulta Hosting Services AB 0
AS197855 Bolagsverket 0
AS8289 IP-Only Networks AB 0
AS56976 Nonea AB 0
AS8385 Verizon Sweden AB 0
AS57054 BGPM Consulting AB 0
AS25240 Svenska UMTS Nat AB 0
AS197771 IT46 AB 0
AS197609 Maritime Freight in Gothenburg AB 0
AS57151 Stockholm Internet eXchange AB 0
AS209641 Tomas Kempinsky 0
AS209797 Mangold Fondkommision AB 0
AS57220 Ooyala AB 0
AS25223 PIN Sweden AB 0
AS57327 Foilhat LLC 0
AS57597 Pingdom AB 0
AS204714 ITsnillet AB 0
AS39490 Myndigheten for Samhallsskydd och Beredskap MSB 0
AS39362 Sveriges Utbildningsradio Aktiebolag 0
AS8702 Posten AB 0
AS204449 Strimax AB 0
AS57602 Statens Jordbruksverk 0
AS57630 84 Grams AB 0
AS57770 PC-Doctorn Helsingborg Aktiebolag 0
AS197430 AxByte Internet Services AB 0
AS39302 SBBS Solutions AB 0
AS204937 Nordea Bank Abp 0
AS39708 AB Borlange Energi 0
AS205000 Amassi-network SL 0
AS39778 MySQL AB 0
AS39050 Playfon ltd. 0
AS57777 Skalab Affarsutveckling AB 0
AS29156 DXC Technology Danmark A/S 0
AS25217 GDM Konsult AB 0
AS204087 Playstar 0
AS39021 Enkoeping Kommun 0
AS29155 Swedish Institute of Computer Science AB 0
AS197339 Karlstrom & Dahlstrand AB 0
AS209935 FDcon AB 0
AS8748 Blekinge Tekniska Hogskola 0
AS204037 Wilhelm Wijkander 0
AS25196 PIN Sweden AB 0
AS12889 Stiftelsen Folkets Hubb 0
AS41243 Toyota Material Handling Europe AB 0
AS41274 Volvo Car Retail Solutions AB 0
AS59408 Rule Communication - Nordic AB 0
AS203426 Statens Skolverk 0
AS25172 Liden Data Internetwork AB 0
AS41410 Kappahl Sverige AB 0
AS8434 Telenor AB 0
AS41528 Binero AB 0
AS41545 Forss Webservice AB 0
AS59692 KnightSwarm Handelsbolag 0
AS38945 Obenetwork AB 0
AS203249 AB Trav och Galopp AB 0
AS197116 Compodium International AB 0
AS35814 Resurs Bank 0
AS8642 B2 Bredband AB 0
AS35759 Palpatine System AB 0
AS59743 X-akt Kommunikation AB 0
AS205069 No Ack Hosting AB 0
AS42029 Illion HB 0
AS42047 Diino AB 0
AS42127 Atos Medical AB 0
AS42230 ESBE AB 0
AS21202 Bredband2 AB 0
AS8532 Telia Company AB 0
AS35543 Tobando AB 0
AS35488 Goteborg Energi GothNet AB 0
AS205141 Clas Ohlson AB 0
AS202866 CGI Sverige AB 0
AS205151 Fibra AB 0
AS59758 NETNOD Internet Exchange i Sverige AB 0
AS12805 Region Jamtland Harjedalen 0
AS42542 Svenska Stadsnatsforeningen Servicebolag AB 0
AS205198 Idenet AB 0
AS202782 AB Dagens Nyheter 0
AS202770 AB Kvallstidningen Expressen 0
AS42675 Obehosting AB 0
AS205256 Audire AB 0
AS42788 Alfa Kommun & Landsting AB 0
AS42884 icarriers Ltd 0
AS42984 Provinze AB 0
AS205339 Steve Reinhold 0
AS13177 Telenor AB 0
AS205658 IT Industri Tjanster i Norr AB 0
AS34652 NTT Com Security (Sweden) AB 0
AS205788 IT Garden AB 0
AS196871 Bengt Dahlgren AB 0
AS34607 Skelleftea Kraft Elnat AB 0
AS205936 Core9 Hosting AB 0
AS196867 SF Bio AB 0
AS43432 Equinix (Netherlands) B.V. 0
AS43448 Voice Provider Sweden AB 0
AS25037 Dreamhack AB 0
AS202481 LTD Reapolis 0
AS8979 Telia Company AB 0
AS8996 Tele2 Sverige AB 0
AS43665 Hogskolan i Jonkoping 0
AS60133 1o Consulting AB 0
AS43796 NetOnNet AB 0
AS60184 OCTN Networks AB 0
AS43844 Uppsala Student Network 0
AS202157 Tung Tech AB 0
AS202099 Verisec AB 0


Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) are assigned to entities such as Internet Service Providers and other large organizations that control blocks of IP addresses. This network page, and the organization field that's shown on the main IP address information page and also returned in the geolocation API are based on the ASN.

This page shows ASNs for Sweden. See the global ASN report for network, IP address information and whois details for other countries.