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Entidad Publica Empresarial

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There are 4,686 domain names hosted across 1,974 IP addresses on this ASN.

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We have details for more than 86 companies that use IP addresses on this ASN, including,,,, To find out more about our company details data contact sales.

Whois Details

as-block:       AS766 - AS766
descr:          RIPE NCC ASN block
remarks:        These AS Numbers are assigned to network operators in the RIPE NCC service region.
mnt-by:         RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
created:        2018-11-22T15:27:08Z
last-modified:  2018-11-22T15:27:08Z
source:         RIPE

aut-num:        AS766
as-name:        RedIRIS
org:            ORG-RA6-RIPE
descr:          RedIRIS Autonomous System
descr:          SPAIN
import:         from AS174 accept ANY
mp-import:      from AS174 accept ANY
import:         from AS288 accept {,,,,,,,,,,,,}
import:         from AS1930 accept AS-RCCN
mp-import:      from AS1930 accept AS-RCCN
import:         from AS2114 accept AS2114
import:         from AS2134 accept AS2134
import:         from AS2635 accept AS2635
mp-import:      from AS2635 accept AS2635
import:         from AS2686 accept AS2686
mp-import:      from AS2686 accept AS2686
import:         from AS2914 accept AS-VERIO-EUROPE
import:         from AS3257 accept ANY
mp-import:      from AS3257 accept ANY
import:         from AS3262 accept AS-SARENET
import:         from AS3324 accept AS3324
import:         from AS3352 accept AS-TDE
mp-import:      from AS3352 accept AS-TDE
import:         from AS4589 accept AS-EASYNET
import:         from AS5400 accept AS-BT-EU
import:         from AS6453 accept AS-GLOBEINTERNET
import:         from AS6739 accept AS-ONO-UPS
import:         from AS6895 accept AS-ESPANIX
mp-import:      from AS6895 accept AS-ESPANIX
import:         from AS8220 accept AS-COLTES
mp-import:      from AS8220 accept AS-COLTES
import:         from AS8426 accept AS-CLARANET
mp-import:      from AS8426 accept AS-CLARANET
import:         from AS8560 accept AS8560
mp-import:      from AS8560 accept AS8560
import:         from AS8903 accept AS-BTTEL
mp-import:      from AS8903 accept AS-BTTEL
import:         from AS8928 accept ANY
import:         from AS9165 accept AS9165
import:         from AS9186 accept AS9186
import:         from AS12305 accept AS12305
import:         from AS12386 accept AS-ALPICUSTOM
mp-import:      from AS12386 accept AS-ALPICUSTOM
import:         from AS12430 accept AS12430
mp-import:      from AS12430 accept AS12430
import:         from AS12479 accept AS12479
import:         from AS12540 accept AS12540
import:         from AS12541 accept AS12541
import:         from AS12654 accept AS12654
mp-import:      from AS12654 accept AS12654
import:         from AS13030 accept AS13030
mp-import:      from AS13030 accept AS13030
import:         from AS13041 accept AS-ANELLA
mp-import:      from AS13041 accept AS-ANELLA
import:         from AS13335 accept AS13335
mp-import:      from AS13335 accept AS13335
import:         from AS13414 accept AS13414
mp-import:      from AS13414 accept AS13414
import:         from AS15169 accept AS-GOOGLE
import:         from AS15488 accept AS15488
import:         from AS15630 accept AS15630
mp-import:      from AS15630 accept AS15630
import:         from AS15699 accept AS-ADAM-EU
mp-import:      from AS15699 accept AS-ADAM-EU
import:         from AS15732 accept AS15732
import:         from AS16030 accept AS-ALTECOM
import:         from AS16168 accept AS-GENETSISES
import:         from AS16265 accept AS-LEASEWEB
import:         from AS16276 accept AS-OVH
import:         from AS16371 accept AS16371
import:         from AS19679 accept AS19679
mp-import:      from AS19679 accept AS19679
import:         from AS20815 accept AS20815
import:         from AS20838 accept AS20838
import:         from AS20940 accept AS20940
mp-import:      from AS20940 accept AS20940
import:         from AS21320 accept any and not AS-GEANTNRN
mp-import:      from AS21320 accept any and not AS-GEANTNRN
import:         from AS22822 accept AS-LLNW
import:         from AS24592 accept AS-NEXICA
mp-import:      from AS24592 accept AS-NEXICA
import:         from AS24768 accept AS24768
import:         from AS25572 accept { }
import:         from AS25285 accept AS25285
import:         from AS25354 accept AS25354
mp-import:      from AS25354 accept AS25354
import:         from AS26415 accept AS26415
mp-import:      from AS26415 accept AS26415
import:         from AS29119 accept AS29119
mp-import:      from AS29119 accept AS29119
import:         from AS29481 accept AS29481
import:         from AS29680 accept AS-VOZTELECOM
mp-import:      from AS29680 accept AS-VOZTELECOM
import:         from AS30892 accept AS-TSE
mp-import:      from AS30892 accept AS-TSE
import:         from AS31479 accept AS-IPORIUM
mp-import:      from AS31479 accept AS-IPORIUM
import:         from AS31951 accept { }
import:         from AS32934 accept AS32934
mp-import:      from AS32934 accept AS32934
import:         from AS33072 accept { }
mp-import:      from AS33072 accept { 2001:500:62::/48, 2001:500:2f::/48 }
import:         from AS33763 accept AS33763
import:         from AS34511 accept {,, }
mp-import:      from AS34511 accept { 2a01:250:f000::/36, 2a01:250:f000::/40, 2a01:250:f800::/40, 2a01:250:ff00::/40 }
import:         from AS35699 accept AS-ADAMOEU
import:         from AS36408 accept AS36408
import:         from AS37468 accept AS37468
mp-import:      from AS37468 accept AS37468
import:         from AS39020 accept AS-COMVIVE
mp-import:      from AS39020 accept AS-COMVIVE
import:         from AS41095 accept AS41095
mp-import:      from AS41095 accept AS41095
import:         from AS42612 accept AS42612
mp-import:      from AS42612 accept AS42612
import:         from AS42909 accept {, }
import:         from AS43697 accept AS43697
import:         from AS45037 accept AS-Hispaweb
import:         from AS49349 accept AS49349
import:         from AS49835 accept AS-GUIFINET
mp-import:      from AS49835 accept AS-GUIFINET
import:         from AS60458 accept AS60458
import:         from AS6939 accept AS6939
mp-import:      from AS6939 accept AS6939
import:         from AS197426 accept AS197426
import:         from AS197829 accept {,, }
import:         from AS198096 accept AS-EECC
mp-import:      from AS198096 accept AS198096
import:         from AS198853 accept AS198853
mp-import:      from AS198853 accept AS198853
import:         from AS198878 accept AS198878
import:         from AS200521 accept AS200521
mp-import:      from AS200521 accept AS200521
import:         from AS200738 accept AS-INTERFIBRA
mp-import:      from AS200738 accept AS-INTERFIBRA
import:         from AS201782 accept AS201782
import:         from AS202276 accept AS202276
mp-import:      from AS202276 accept AS202276
import:         from AS205572 accept AS205572
import:         from AS205580 accept AS205580
export:         to AS174 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS174 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS288 announce ANY
export:         to AS1930 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS1930 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS2114 announce ANY
export:         to AS2134 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS2635 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS2635 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS2686 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS2686 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS2914 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS3257 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS3257 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS3262 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS3324 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS3352 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS3352 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS4589 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS5400 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS6453 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS6739 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS6895 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS6895 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS8220 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS8220 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS8426 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS8426 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS8560 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS8560 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS8903 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS8903 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS8928 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS9165 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS9186 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS12305 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS12386 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS12386 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS12430 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS12430 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS12479 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS12540 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS12541 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS12654 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS12654 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS13030 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS13030 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS13041 announce ANY
mp-export:      to AS13041 announce ANY
export:         to AS13335 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS13335 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS13414 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS13414 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS15169 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS15488 announce ANY
export:         to AS15630 announce ANY
mp-export:      to AS15630 announce ANY
export:         to AS15699 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS15699 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS15732 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS16030 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS16168 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS16265 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS16276 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS16371 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS19679 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS19679 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS20815 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS20838 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS20940 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS20940 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS20965 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS20965 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS21320 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS21320 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS22822 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS24592 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS24592 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS24768 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS25285 announce ANY
export:         to AS25354 announce ANY
mp-export:      to AS25354 announce ANY
export:         to AS25572 announce ANY
export:         to AS26415 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS26415 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS29119 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS29119 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS29481 announce ANY
export:         to AS29680 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS29680 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS30892 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS30892 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS31479 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS31479 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS31951 announce ANY
export:         to AS32934 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS32934 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS33072 announce ANY
mp-export:      to AS33072 announce ANY
export:         to AS33763 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS34511 announce ANY
mp-export:      to AS34511 announce ANY
export:         to AS35699 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS36408 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS37468 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS37468 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS39020 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS39020 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS41095 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS41095 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS42612 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS42612 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS42909 announce ANY
export:         to AS43697 announce ANY
export:         to AS45037 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS49349 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS49835 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS49835 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS60458 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS6939 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS6939 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS197426 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS197829 announce ANY
export:         to AS198096 announce ANY
mp-export:      to AS198096 announce ANY
export:         to AS198853 announce ANY
mp-export:      to AS198853 announce ANY
export:         to AS198878 announce ANY
export:         to AS200521 announce ANY
mp-export:      to AS200521 announce ANY
export:         to AS200738 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS200738 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS201782 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS202276 announce AS-REDIRIS
mp-export:      to AS202276 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS205572 announce AS-REDIRIS
export:         to AS205580 announce AS-REDIRIS
admin-c:        ER494-RIPE
tech-c:         IRIS1-RIPE
status:         LEGACY
mnt-by:         REDIRIS-NMC
mnt-by:         RIPE-NCC-LEGACY-MNT
created:        2002-09-16T13:35:10Z
last-modified:  2019-02-25T10:17:23Z
source:         RIPE

organisation:   ORG-RA6-RIPE
org-name:       Entidad Publica Empresarial
org-type:       LIR
address:        Edificio Bronce Plaza Manuel Gomez Moreno, s/n
address:        28020
address:        Madrid
address:        SPAIN
phone:          +34 91 212 76 20
fax-no:         +34 91 556 88 64
admin-c:        MAS52-RIPE
admin-c:        JCR19-RIPE
admin-c:        AM15278-RIPE
admin-c:        AP4390-RIPE
admin-c:        AE1312-RIPE
admin-c:        ER494-RIPE
admin-c:        MC1147-RIPE
admin-c:        IRIS1-RIPE
tech-c:         IRIS1-RIPE
abuse-c:        IRIS1-RIPE
mnt-ref:        RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
mnt-ref:        REDIRIS-NMC
mnt-by:         RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
mnt-by:         REDIRIS-NMC
created:        2004-04-17T11:18:06Z
last-modified:  2018-07-30T09:03:13Z
source:         RIPE

role:           RedIRIS Network Operation Center
address:        RedIRIS/
address:        Edificio Bronce
address:        Pza. Manuel Gomez Moreno, s/n
address:        E-28020 Madrid
address:        SPAIN
phone:          +34 912127620
phone:          +34 629148201
fax-no:         +34 915568864
admin-c:        ER494-RIPE
tech-c:         ER494-RIPE
tech-c:         MC1147-RIPE
tech-c:         MAS52-RIPE
tech-c:         AE1312-RIPE
tech-c:         AM15278-RIPE
tech-c:         JCR19-RIPE
nic-hdl:        IRIS1-RIPE
mnt-by:         REDIRIS-NMC
created:        2002-08-06T12:42:11Z
last-modified:  2014-01-09T12:23:06Z
source:         RIPE

person:         Esther Robles
address:        RedIRIS/
address:        Edificio Bronce
address:        Pza. Manuel Gomez Moreno, s/n
address:        E-28020 Madrid
phone:          +34 912127620
fax-no:         +34 915568864
nic-hdl:        ER494-RIPE
mnt-by:         REDIRIS-NMC
created:        1970-01-01T00:00:00Z
last-modified:  2017-10-30T21:44:29Z
source:         RIPE

IP Address Ranges

Netblock Description Num IPs RedIRIS 65,536 Universidad Politecnica de Madrid 65,536 Universidad Politecnica de Madrid 65,536 COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES 2,048 Universidad de Valencia 65,536 Universidad Complutense de Madrid 65,536 Universitat Jaume I 65,536 Fundacion TECNALIA 65,536 Universidad Autonoma de Madrid 65,536 Universidad de Zaragoza 65,536
Netblock Description
2001:720::/32 Entidad Publica Empresarial

Network Speed







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Hosted Domains

There are 4,686 domain names hosted across 1,974 IP addresses on this ASN. Checkout our API to access full domain hosting information.

IP Address Domain Domains on this IP 71 71 65 58 50 50 49 46 43 39


There are 15 peers for this ASN.

Init7 (Switzerland) Ltd. AS13030
Cogent Communications AS174
GEANT Limited AS20965
GEANT Limited AS21320
NTT America, Inc. AS2914
VozTelecom Oigaa360, S.A. AS29680
GTT Communications Inc. AS3257
Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd AS3303
Adamo Telecom Iberia S.A. AS35699
Angola Cables AS37468


There are 5 upstreams for this ASN.

Cogent Communications AS174
GEANT Limited AS21320
NTT America, Inc. AS2914
GTT Communications Inc. AS3257
Hurricane Electric LLC AS6939


There are 19 downstreams for this ASN.

Consorci de Serveis Universitaris de Catalunya AS13041
Universidad del Pais Vasco - Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea AS15488
Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia - UNED AS15630
Gobierno de Navarra AS197829
Junta de Andalucia AS198096
Fundacion ikerbasque AS198853
Universidad de Navarra AS198878
Secretaria de Estado de Administraciones Publicas AS200521
European Fisheries Control Agency AS205580

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