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IDE Group Connect Limited

AS25577 IDE Group Connect Limited



United Kingdom





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There are 26,287 domain names hosted across 1,172 IP addresses on this ASN.

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We have details for more than 16 companies that use IP addresses on this ASN, including,,,, To find out more about our company details data contact sales.

Whois Details

as-block:       AS25577 - AS25599
descr:          RIPE NCC ASN block
remarks:        These AS Numbers are assigned to network operators in the RIPE NCC service region.
mnt-by:         RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
created:        2018-11-22T15:27:31Z
last-modified:  2018-11-22T15:27:31Z
source:         RIPE

aut-num:        AS25577
as-name:        C4L-AS
org:            ORG-CA44-RIPE
remarks:        ***
remarks:        Transit Customers
remarks:        ***
import:         from AS59493 accept AS59493
export:         to AS59493 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS206132 accept AS206132
export:         to AS206132 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS198864 accept AS198864
export:         to AS198864 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS35670 accept AS35670
export:         to AS35670 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS41415 accept AS41415
export:         to AS41415 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS206626 accept AS-PSDGroup
export:         to AS206626 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS202901 accept AS202901
export:         to AS202901 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS207162 accept AS207162
export:         to AS207162 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS199373 accept AS199373
export:         to AS199373 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS49898 accept AS49898
export:         to AS49898 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS60670 accept AS60670
export:         to AS60670 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS203315 accept AS203315
export:         to AS203315 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS203035 accept AS203035
export:         to AS203035 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS51545 accept AS51545
export:         to AS51545 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS62240 accept AS-CLOUVIDER
import:         from AS203897 accept AS203897
export:         to AS62240 announce AS-C4L
export:         to AS203897 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS49823 accept AS49823
export:         to AS49823 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS201902 accept AS201902
export:         to AS201902 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS34499 accept AS34499
export:         to AS34499 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS50882 accept AS50882
export:         to AS50882 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS39846 accept AS39846
export:         to AS39846 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS59870 accept AS59870
export:         to AS59870 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS198080 accept AS198080
export:         to AS198080 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS29697 accept AS-CNS
export:         to AS29697 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS201862 accept AS201862
export:         to AS201862 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS33446 accept AS33446
export:         to AS33446 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS60793 accept AS60793
export:         to AS60793 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS60253 accept AS60253
export:         to AS60253 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS15988 accept AS15988
export:         to AS15988 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS60969 accept AS60969
export:         to AS60969 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS61373 accept AS61373
export:         to AS61373 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS41477 accept AS41477
export:         to AS41477 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS57907 accept AS57907
export:         to AS57907 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS57937 accept AS57937
export:         to AS57937 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS25501 accept AS25501
export:         to AS25501 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS24851 accept AS24851
export:         to AS24851 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS56990 accept AS56990
export:         to AS56990 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS9163 accept AS9163
export:         to AS9163 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS47351 accept AS47351
export:         to AS47351 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS31273 accept AS31273
export:         to AS31273 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS42077 accept AS42077
export:         to AS42077 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS51823 accept AS51823
export:         to AS51823 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS41693 accept AS41693
export:         to AS4169 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS51198 accept AS51198
export:         to AS51198 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS24594 accept AS24594
export:         to AS24594 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS20952 accept AS20952
export:         to AS20952 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS12433 accept AS12433
export:         to AS12433 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS39925 accept AS39925
export:         to AS39925 announce AS-C4LPeers
import:         from AS50023 accept AS50023
export:         to AS50023 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS39592 accept AS39592
export:         to AS39592 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS41246 accept AS41246
export:         to AS41246 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS48620 accept AS48620
export:         to AS4862 announce AS-C4L
import:         from AS34660 accept AS34660
export:         to AS34660 announce ANY
import:         from AS12870 accept AS12870
export:         to AS12870 announce ANY
import:         from AS47571 accept AS47571
export:         to AS47571 announce ANY
import:         from AS44801 accept AS-DTNET
export:         to AS44801 announce ANY
import:         from AS39674 accept AS39674
export:         to AS39674 announce ANY
import:         from AS30967 accept AS30967
export:         to AS30967 announce ANY
import:         from AS20807 accept AS20807
export:         to AS20807 announce ANY
import:         from AS31196 accept AS31196
export:         to AS31196 announce ANY
import:         from AS34270 accept AS-INETC
export:         to AS34270 announce ANY
import:         from AS34539 accept AS34539
export:         to AS34539 announce ANY
import:         from AS34442 accept AS-XIFOS
export:         to AS34442 announce ANY
import:         from AS35591 accept AS-PROVIDERONE
export:         to AS35591 announce ANY
import:         from AS34446 accept AS-LVDX
export:         to AS34446 announce ANY
import:         from AS35037 accept AS-SKYCO
export:         to AS35037 announce ANY
import:         from AS35799 accept AS-KNOWNFUTURE
export:         to AS35799 announce ANY
import:         from AS28757 accept AS28757
export:         to AS28757 announce ANY
import:         from AS29297 accept AS29297
export:         to AS29297 announce ANY
import:         from AS29006 accept AS-POBOX
export:         to AS29006 announce ANY
import:         from AS25134 accept AS25134
export:         to AS25134 announce ANY
import:         from AS35575 accept AS-VAIONI
export:         to AS35575 announce ANY
import:         from AS34334 accept AS-ARETI
export:         to AS34334 announce ANY
import:         from AS43551 accept AS43551
export:         to AS43551 announce ANY
import:         from AS24842 accept AS-DHMS
export:         to AS24842 announce ANY
import:         from AS16552 accept AS16552
export:         to AS16552 announce ANY
import:         from AS47778 accept AS47778
export:         to AS47778 announce ANY
remarks:        Hosting Systems UK Private Peering
import:         from AS34282 accept AS34282
export:         to AS34282 announce ANY
remarks:        UK Dedicated Transit
import:         from AS48231 accept AS48231
export:         to AS48231 announce ANY
remarks:        Thinkgrid
remarks:        Transversal
import:         from AS47999 accept AS47999
export:         to AS47999 announce ANY
remarks:        Noomobile
import:         from AS47546 accept AS47546
export:         to AS47546 announce ANY
remarks:        EurISP
import:         from AS34811 accept AS34811
export:         to AS34811 announce ANY
remarks:        Orbis Telecom
import:         from AS43935 accept AS43935
export:         to AS43935 announce ANY
remarks:        Contactual
import:         from AS44965 accept AS44965
export:         to AS44965 announce ANY
remarks:        DigiMedia
import:         from AS36983 accept AS36983
export:         to AS36983 announce ANY
remarks:        Upstream Internet
import:         from AS41255 accept AS41255
export:         to AS41255 announce ANY
remarks:        Selection Services Ltd
import:         from AS49503 accept AS-SELECTION
export:         to AS49503 announce ANY
remarks:        Thermeon BGP
import:         from AS43664 accept AS43664
export:         to AS43664 announce ANY
remarks:        One Connect
import:         from AS59581 accept AS59581
export:         to AS59581 announce AS-C4L
remarks:        Interfax Communications
import:         from AS41866 accept AS41866
export:         to AS41866 announce AS-C4L
remarks:        WebAge Limited
import:         from AS34243 accept AS-WEBAGE
export:         to AS34243 announce ANY
remarks:        Accesspoint Technologies
import:         from AS60103 accept AS-ACCESSPT
export:         to AS60103 announce AS-C4L
remarks:        **********************************
remarks:        *** Transit Suppliers ***
remarks:        **********************************
remarks:        NTT
import:         from AS2914 accept ANY
export:         to AS2914 announce AS-C4L
remarks:        TINET
import:         from AS3257 accept ANY
export:         to AS3257 announce AS-C4L
remarks:        Seabone
import:         from AS6762 accept ANY
export:         to AS6762 announce AS-C4L
remarks:        **********************************
remarks:        *** LINX/LONAP & Private Peers ***
remarks:        **********************************
import:         from AS-C4LPeers accept PeerAS
export:         to AS-C4LPeers announce AS-C4L
remarks:        **********************************
remarks:        *** Full Transit Customers ***
remarks:        **********************************
import:         from AS-C4L accept PeerAS
export:         to AS-C4L announce ANY
admin-c:        CNE2-RIPE
tech-c:         CNE2-RIPE
status:         ASSIGNED
mnt-by:         RIPE-NCC-END-MNT
mnt-by:         C4L-MNT
created:        2003-01-15T11:46:06Z
last-modified:  2019-03-07T10:46:15Z
source:         RIPE

organisation:   ORG-CA44-RIPE
org-name:       IDE Group Connect Limited
org-type:       LIR
address:        Napoleon House, Riseley Business Park, Riseley
address:        RG7 1NW
address:        Reading
address:        UNITED KINGDOM
phone:          +44 344 874 1000
fax-no:         +44 344 874 1309
admin-c:        CNE2-RIPE
tech-c:         CNE2-RIPE
abuse-c:        CNE2-RIPE
mnt-ref:        RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
mnt-ref:        IDEGROUP-MNT
mnt-by:         RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
mnt-by:         IDEGROUP-MNT
created:        2004-04-17T12:12:03Z
last-modified:  2018-03-06T09:51:10Z
source:         RIPE

role:           IDE Group Network Engineer
org:            ORG-CA44-RIPE
address:        IDE Group Limited
address:        Interchange
address:        81-85 Station Road
address:        Croydon
address:        CR0 2RD
address:        United Kingdom
admin-c:        IDE19-RIPE
tech-c:         IDE19-RIPE
admin-c:        MCIN-RIPE
tech-c:         MCIN-RIPE
phone:          +44 344 874 1309
nic-hdl:        CNE2-RIPE
mnt-by:         IDEGROUP-MNT
mnt-by:         C4L-MNT
created:        2009-08-24T20:15:42Z
last-modified:  2018-10-05T11:41:31Z
source:         RIPE

IP Address Ranges

Netblock Description Num IPs IDE Group Connect Limited 8,192 FRANQUICIAS CONSOLIDADAS 4,096 FRANQUICIAS CONSOLIDADAS 4,096 Easy Internet Solutions Limited 256 Easy Internet Solutions Limited 256 Easy Internet Solutions Limited 256 Easy Internet Solutions Limited 256 Assured Hosting Services Ltd 256 Secure Email Hosting Limited 1,024 Fibreband Networks Ltd. 256
Netblock Description
2001:67c:1c0::/48 Fibreband Networks Ltd.
2001:9d8:1ced::/48 Gadago Networks
2001:9d8:2005::/48 Atechmedia
2001:9d8:2006::/48 Amazing Internet
2001:9d8:2007::/48 Appreception Ltd
2001:9d8:2009::/48 IDE Group Connect Limited
2001:9d8:200b::/48 XL Media
2001:9d8:200c::/48 BMT Group
2001:9d8:2011::/48 IDE Group Connect Limited
2001:9d8:2012::/48 IDE Group Connect Limited

Network Speed







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Hosted Domains

There are 26,287 domain names hosted across 1,172 IP addresses on this ASN. Checkout our API to access full domain hosting information.

IP Address Domain Domains on this IP 2,230 1,232 1,013 1,004 934 911 890 768 735 709


There are 92 peers for this ASN.

SURFnet bv AS1103
VTX Services SA AS12350
IP-Only Networks AB AS12552
IT.Gate S.p.A. AS12779
Fastweb SpA AS12874
Init7 (Switzerland) Ltd. AS13030
Nerim SAS AS13193
euNetworks GmbH AS13237
VMHaus Limited AS136620


There are 3 upstreams for this ASN.

NTT America, Inc. AS2914
GTT Communications Inc. AS3257
Hurricane Electric LLC AS6939


There are 38 downstreams for this ASN.

orbtalk limited AS12433
E-Search DAC AS199373
VMhosts Ltd AS201862
Xara Computers (UK) Ltd AS203035
Dynamic Platform Limited AS203129
I.T.Lab Limited AS203897
Alere International LTD AS206132
Professional Software Design Ltd AS206626
L3C Limited AS207162
Commercial Network Services AS29697

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