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AboveNet Communications Taiwan

AS17408 AboveNet Communications Taiwan






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There are 7,093 domain names hosted across 358 IP addresses on this ASN.

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Whois Details

aut-num:        AS17408
as-name:        ABOVE-AS-AP
descr:          AboveNet Communications Taiwan
descr:          Maintain by Chief Telecom
country:        TW
org:            ORG-ACTC1-AP
import:         from AS9831 action pref=200; accept ANY
import:         from AS2914 action pref=200; accept ANY
import:         from AS15412 action pref=200; accept ANY
import:         from AS4134 action pref=200; accept AS4134
import:         from AS4783 action pref=200; accept AS4783
import:         from AS24031 action pref=200; accept AS24031
import:         from AS18041 action pref=200; accept AS18041
import:         from AS9929 action pref=200; accept AS9929
import:         from AS17416 action pref=200; accept AS17416
import:         from AS7473 action pref=200; accept ANY
import:         from AS9346 action pref=200; accept AS9346
import:         from AS9505 action pref=200; accept ANY
import:         from AS18426 action pref=200; accept AS18426
import:         from AS16638 action pref=200; accept AS16638
import:         from AS38717 action pref=200; accept AS38717
import:         from AS18413 action pref=200; accept AS18413
import:         from AS24171 action pref=200; accept AS24171
import:         from AS18180 action pref=200; accept AS18180
import:         from AS18417 action pref=200; accept AS18417
export:         to AS9831 announce ANY
export:         to AS4783 announce ANY
export:         to AS24031 announce ANY
export:         to AS18041 announce ANY
export:         to AS9929 announce ANY
export:         to AS17416 announce ANY
export:         to AS2914 announce ANY
export:         to AS15412 announce ANY
export:         to AS4134 announce ANY
export:         to AS7473 announce ANY
export:         to AS9346 announce ANY
export:         to AS9505 announce ANY
export:         to AS18462 announce ANY
export:         to AS16638 announce ANY
export:         to AS38717 announce ANY
export:         to AS18413 announce ANY
export:         to AS24171 announce ANY
export:         to AS18180 announce ANY
export:         to AS18417 announce ANY
admin-c:        FC159-AP
tech-c:         CG195-AP
tech-c:         BY199-AP
mnt-by:         APNIC-HM
mnt-lower:      MAINT-TW-ABOVENET
mnt-irt:        IRT-ABOVENET-TW
last-modified:  2018-11-08T00:21:44Z
source:         APNIC

mntner:         APNIC-HM
descr:          Maintainer for allocations/assignments made by APNIC
descr:          Objects maintained by this maintainer may
descr:          only be changed by APNIC Hostmasters.
admin-c:        HM20-AP
tech-c:         NO4-AP
auth:           # Filtered
mnt-by:         APNIC-HM
referral-by:    APNIC-HM
last-modified:  2018-05-18T06:06:12Z
source:         APNIC

IP Address Ranges

Netblock Description Num IPs Guangdong Hanoi Times Network Technology Co., Ltd Shenzhen Branch 256 th-bgard2 256 BSM2-TH 256 UNIGATE TELECOM 1,024 3Link 1,024 Siangwang 1,024 EHHKY 1,024 Sun-Ho Telecom Co., Ltd. 1,024 Yuan Feng Chang Telecom CO.,LTD. 1,024 55/11-13 Rang Nam Rd, 1,024
Netblock Description
2405:7e00:1000::/36 AboveNet Communications Taiwan Co., Ltd

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Hosted Domains

There are 7,093 domain names hosted across 358 IP addresses on this ASN. Checkout our API to access full domain hosting information.

IP Address Domain Domains on this IP 2,115 885 683 208 188 174 161 146 138 124


There are 13 peers for this ASN.

Chief Telecom Inc. AS10133
Reliance Globalcom Limited AS15412
Converge ICT Solutions Inc. AS17639
CityLink Corporation, LTD AS24441
SG.GS AS24482
GTT Communications Inc. AS3257
Data Communication Business Group AS3462
Hong Kong Internet Exchange--Route Server 1 AS4635
Beijing Blue I.T Technologies Co.,Ltd. AS63541
BGPNET Global ASN AS64050


There are 4 upstreams for this ASN.

Reliance Globalcom Limited AS15412
GTT Communications Inc. AS3257
Hurricane Electric LLC AS6939
Taiwan Internet Gateway AS9505


There are 43 downstreams for this ASN.

EASPNET Inc. AS10135
Aryaka Networks, Inc. AS11179
Taiwan Intelligent Fiber Optic Network Co.,Ltd. AS131584
Chief Telecom Inc. AS131600
Worldstar Network AS131603
Inventec Besta CO.,LTD AS131605
Digidom CableTV Co., LTD. AS131607
Taiwan Envirotech Development Corp. AS131609
Carl International Information ltd. AS131618
Jigentec CO. LTD. AS131619

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