- QA-QTEL-20120329




Ooredoo Q.S.C.


AS8781 Ooredoo Q.S.C.



Whois Details

inetnum: -
netname:          QA-QTEL-20120329
country:          QA
org:              ORG-QT1-RIPE
admin-c:          FB1931-RIPE
tech-c:           KAM30-RIPE
status:           ALLOCATED PA
mnt-by:           RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
mnt-by:           QTEL-NOC
mnt-routes:       QTEL-NOC
mnt-domains:      QTEL-NOC
notify:           registry@qatar.net.qa
created:          2012-03-29T09,32,50Z
last-modified:    2016-12-04T05,58,39Z
source:           RIPE

organisation:     ORG-QT1-RIPE
org-name:         Ooredoo Q.S.C.
org-type:         LIR
address:          P.O Box 217 Wadi Alsail - IT building- ground floor - ISP
address:          Doha
address:          QATAR
phone:            +974 440 0806
fax-no:           +974 432 0176
admin-c:          KAM30-RIPE
admin-c:          FB1931-RIPE
mnt-ref:          QTEL-NOC
mnt-ref:          RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
mnt-by:           RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
mnt-by:           QTEL-NOC
abuse-c:          OQAA1-RIPE
created:          2004-04-17T11,49,38Z
last-modified:    2016-12-04T05,59,04Z
source:           RIPE
e-mail:           registry@qatar.net.qa

person:           Faisal Babu
address:          Ooredoo
address:          HQ-2, P.O Box 217 - Doha-Qatar
address:          Senior Manager -Packet Transport
remarks:          Admin Contact
e-mail:           smuhamed@ooredoo.qa
phone:            +974 4440-084
nic-hdl:          FB1931-RIPE
mnt-by:           QTEL-NOC
notify:           registry@qatar.net.qa
created:          2004-01-26T11,48,14Z
last-modified:    2014-01-27T09,41,52Z
source:           RIPE

person:           Khaled Abu Mallouh
address:          Qatar-Doha-P.O.Box 217 -OOREDOO- ISP
phone:            +97444400280
nic-hdl:          KAM30-RIPE
e-mail:           kmallouh@qatar.net.qa
mnt-by:           QTEL-NOC
created:          2003-08-14T11,13,24Z
last-modified:    2015-07-26T05,18,48Z
source:           RIPE

descr:            Qtel Allocation 29-3-2012
origin:           AS8781
mnt-by:           QTEL-NOC
created:          2012-03-29T10,26,38Z
last-modified:    2012-03-29T10,26,38Z
source:           RIPE

IP Addresses in this range


IP address ranges, or netblocks, are groups of related IP addresses. They are usually represented as a base IP address, followed by a slash, and then a netmask which represents how many IP addresses are contained within the netblock. This format is known as CIDR. You'll also sometimes see netblocks given as a start ip address, and an end ip address, or an ip address range.

Traffic works its way around the internet based on the routing table, which contains a list of networks and their associated netblocks.