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AS262218 Servicios de Tecnologías de Información de Misión Crítica, S.A.

Costa Rica


Whois Details

status:      reallocated
owner:       WESTFORD
ownerid:     CR-WEST-LACNIC
responsible: Flor Snow
address:     50-Norte100-Este 75-Norte, , 
address:      - San Jose - 
country:     CR
phone:       +506  2234154 []
owner-c:     SDT2
tech-c:      SDT2
abuse-c:     SDT2
created:     20161003
changed:     20161003
inetnum-up:  186.159.116/22

nic-hdl:     SDT2
person:      Selibet Daryelis Pinilla Tuñon
e-mail:      kiolacnic_ca@KIONETWORKS.COM
address:     Calle de servicio Oeste Parque Internacional de Negocios Panama Pacifico, 1, 1
address:     3890 - Panama - PA
country:     PA
phone:       +00 507 65730700 []
created:     20150910
changed:     20170330

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