The report below shows ASNs assigned to Georgia, ranked by the total number of IP addresses currently active on each network. Click on the ASN for full IP address information, whois details and more. You can also view our hosting report to see the networks ranked by how many domain names they host.

ASN Name Num IPs
AS35805 JSC Silknet 435,712
AS16010 Magticom Ltd. 299,264
AS20771 Caucasus Online Ltd. 184,064
AS34797 System Net Ltd 70,656
AS15491 JSC Silknet 29,696
AS49129 LTD CGC Co 28,672
AS44327 DELTA-NET LTD 22,528
AS35076 LLC Service 9,216
AS25249 Magticom Ltd. 9,216
AS41738 VEON Georgia LLC 8,192
AS20545 Georgian Research and Educational Networking Association (GRENA) 6,400
AS42082 JSC Silknet 5,120
AS57768 Micronet LTD 5,120
AS21214 Geonet Ltd. 5,120
AS24997 Caucasus digital network 5,120
AS41877 Railway Telecom, Ltd 4,608
AS58185 Ministry of Justice of Georgia 3,072
AS49628 LLC Skytel 2,816
AS34666 JSC Global Erty 2,560
AS56966 Foodservice LTD 2,048
AS51112 OSS Ltd 2,048
AS198561 Legal Entity Under Public Law Financial Analytical Service 2,048
AS57881 JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia 2,048
AS199045 LTD Sky-Net 2,048
AS49254 Alternet Ltd 2,048
AS51010 National Agency of Public Registry 2,048
AS57814 WEBCOM Ltd 1,792
AS57473 Education Managment Information System EMIS 1,280
AS202544 Sigma-D LLC 1,024
AS199469 AIRNET LLC 1,024
AS199872 JSC Wissol Petroleum Georgia 1,024
AS200883 LEPL- Levan Samkharauli National Forensics Bureau 1,024
AS200888 Freenet LTD 1,024
AS201141 JSC Insurance Company Aldagi 1,024
AS201174 Tbilisi City Hall 1,024
AS201356 JSC "VTB Bank Georgia" 1,024
AS201651 Superbet 2014, Ltd 1,024
AS203136 LLC Ordunet 1,024
AS203448 DataComm LTD 1,024
AS203962 JSC ProCredit Bank 1,024
AS204498 UGT LLC 1,024
AS204524 Scientific-Technical Association Interoptica LLC 1,024
AS205143 Cloud 9 Ltd. 1,024
AS205173 JSC Georgian Railway 1,024
AS205797 JSC Credo Bank (Tax Id 205232238) 1,024
AS205928 JSC Medical Corporation EVEX 1,024
AS206534 AVIATOR LLC 1,024
AS206584 Georgian Post LTD 1,024
AS209332 High Council of Justice of Georgia LEPL DEPARTMENT OF COMMON COURTS 1,024
AS209786 Delta Consulting LLC 1,024
AS42140 New Georgia LLC 1,024
AS47864 Trialeti-Neti LLC 1,024
AS49016 JSC Georgian State Electrosystem 1,024
AS50647 Georgian Water and Power LLC 1,024
AS57244 OOO SP "Millenium-Apsny" 1,024
AS9144 Chempionebi 111 LTD 768
AS47644 JSC TBC BANK 768
AS47810 Proservice LLC 768
AS202223 Odrex Software LLC 768
AS47575 Tbilisi State University 512
AS197229 Connect Ltd. 512
AS39452 Myphone LLC 512
AS51142 LLC Ekspres Netvork 512
AS29289 Georgian Technical University 512
AS56855 Ministry of Internal Affairs 512
AS57743 Green Networks LTD 512
AS200568 LEPL Data Exchange Agency 512
AS50151 Easterra LLC 512
AS42223 LLC MARS 256
AS200488 LLC Tegeta Motors 256
AS51481 Maxnet LLC 256
AS51841 Microfinance Organization INTEL EXPRES GEORGIA Ltd. 256
AS56811 National Bank of Georgia 256
AS57445 Administration of the President of Georgia 256
AS198874 JSC Liberty Bank 256
AS198512 JSC United Financial Corporation UFC 256
AS59503 LEPL Data Exchange Agency 256
AS203310 Ministry of Internal Affairs 256
AS48393 JSCB "Bank of Georgia" 256
AS48415 JSC Georgian Card 256
AS61167 LEPL Data Exchange Agency 256
AS58227 Cartu Bank JSC. 256
AS201598 LLC Aversi-Pharma 256
AS49364 Serv.Ge Ltd 256
AS62252 JSC Kor Standard Bank 256
AS209064 Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories Labor Health and Social Affairs of Georgia 0
AS42806 Magticom Ltd. 0
AS43715 Airconnect LLC 0
AS44877 JSC Silknet 0
AS201853 IGS Network LLC 0
AS49297 WEBCOM Ltd 0
AS200536 JSC Bank Republic 0
AS197537 ALL-TLD GmbH 0
AS15900 Geogrand Ltd. 0
AS28751 Caucasus Online Ltd. 0
AS41224 LTD Ekspress Network 0
AS206507 NovaNet LLC. 0


Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) are assigned to entities such as Internet Service Providers and other large organizations that control blocks of IP addresses. This network page, and the organization field that's shown on the main IP address information page and also returned in the geolocation API are based on the ASN.

This page shows ASNs for Georgia. See the global ASN report for network, IP address information and whois details for other countries.