The report below shows ASNs assigned to Iran, ranked by the total number of IP addresses currently active on each network. Click on the ASN for full IP address information, whois details and more. You can also view our hosting report to see the networks ranked by how many domain names they host.

ASN Name Num IPs
AS12880 Information Technology Company (ITC) 2,390,016
AS197207 Mobile Communication Company of Iran PLC 1,737,728
AS44244 Iran Cell Service and Communication Company 1,301,760
AS31549 Aria Shatel Company Ltd 1,247,232
AS48159 Telecommunication Infrastructure Company 675,584
AS43754 Asiatech Data Transfer Inc PLC 604,160
AS16322 Pars Online PJS 436,224
AS57218 Rightel Communication Service Company PJS 433,408
AS50810 Mobin Net Communication Company (Private Joint Stock) 370,176
AS58224 Iran Telecommunication Company PJS 358,656
AS51074 GOSTARESH-E-ERTEBATAT-E MABNA COMPANY (Private Joint Stock) 329,728
AS58085 Esfahan Telecommunication Company (P.J.S.) 252,672
AS39501 Neda Gostar Saba Data Transfer Company Private Joint Stock 252,160
AS42337 Respina Networks & Beyond PJSC 209,920
AS59587 PJSC Fars Telecommunication Company 198,656
AS56402 Dadeh Gostar Asr Novin P.J.S. Co. 188,928
AS49100 Pishgaman Toseeh Ertebatat Company (Private Joint Stock) 179,200
AS6736 Research Center of Theoretical Physics & Mathematics (IPM) 131,328
AS24631 Tose'h Fanavari Ertebabat Pasargad Arian Co. PJS 128,768
AS41881 Fanava Group 100,608
AS51828 PJSC Fars Telecommunication Company 98,304
AS25124 DATAK Internet Engineering, Inc 77,824
AS21341 Soroush Rasanheh Company Ltd 70,144
AS49103 Asre Enteghal Dadeha 63,488
AS47262 Hamara System Tabriz Engineering Company 57,344
AS25184 Afranet 55,552
AS48431 Bozorg Net-e Aria 50,176
AS48309 Ariana Gostar Spadana (PJSC) 38,400
AS44285 Shahrad Net Company Ltd. 35,840
AS15611 Iranian Research Organization for Science & Technology 35,584
AS59628 Telecommunications Company of Golestan province PJS 34,816
AS39074 Sepanta Communication Development Co. Ltd 33,792
AS42586 IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) 32,768
AS44208 Farahoosh Dena 32,256
AS34513 TSTonline co. 29,952
AS29068 University of Tehran Informatics Center 28,672
AS1756 Shiraz Hamyar Co. 27,648
AS48944 khalij fars Ettela Resan Company J.S. 27,136
AS198357 Padidar Technology Co 27,136
AS44889 Farhang Azma Communications Company LTD 25,088
AS34918 Pishgaman Kavir Yazd Cooperative 24,576
AS47796 Pardaz Gostar Ertebatat Berelian Limited Liability Company 23,552
AS201150 Didehban Net Company PJS 23,552
AS51119 Telecommunication company of semnan province PJSC 23,552
AS201540 Pishgaman Toseeh Fanavari Etelaat Va Ertebatat Jonoub (Joint Stock Company) 21,504
AS56503 PJSC Badr Rayan Jonoob 21,248
AS30902 Moasese Gostaresh Etelaat Va Ertebatat Farhangi Neda Rayaneh 20,224
AS44498 Tosee Resan Pasargad Co. P.J.S 19,712
AS12660 Sharif University Of Technology 18,432
AS50591 Boomerang Rayaneh 17,408
AS15696 Communication and information technology network Arian Rasaneh Pars Ltd. 16,896
AS58256 Rayaneh Gostar Farzanegan Ahwaz Company LTD. 16,896
AS56466 Pars Fonoun Ofogh Information Technology and Communications Company LTD 16,640
AS59506 Fars Province University of Medical Science and Health Care Services 16,384
AS48359 Hesabgar Pardaz Gharb Company (Private Joint Stock) 15,360
AS57543 Shabakieh Isfahan Company PJS 15,360
AS50530 Shabdiz Telecom Network JSC 14,848
AS48592 Shabakeh Gostar Dorna Cooperative Co. 13,312
AS197343 Toloe Rayaneh Loghman Educational and Cultural Co. 12,544
AS43965 Tehran University of Medical Science 12,288
AS16200 Raya Sepehr Vira Data Processing Company Ltd. 11,520
AS56616 Tarahan Shabake Sharif LTD 11,264
AS51469 Petiak System 11,264
AS42163 Rasaneh Esfahan Net 10,240
AS47990 Qeshm Dehkadeh Ertebatat Coopertive 9,472
AS43343 Arya Sepehr Ettelarasan Tehran PLC 9,216
AS57235 Chapar Rasaneh 9,216
AS198569 Rahanet Zanjan Co. (Private Joint-Stock) 9,216
AS58142 Samaneh Sama Pishro Persian Communications and Information Development Company PJS 9,216
AS48289 Dadeh Pardazan Sabz Alborz Co.(P.J.S.) 9,216
AS49872 Jahan Ruye Khat 8,960
AS51235 Araax Dade Gostar 8,704
AS30783 Rased Maral Ava Jonoob JSC 8,704
AS57563 Isfahan University of Medical Science and Health Service 8,192
AS25306 IsIran 8,192
AS50868 METANET SEPAHAN Technology Co. 8,192
AS51759 Pirooz Leen LLC 8,192
AS59566 Aidin System Booshehr Co.PJS 8,192
AS51130 Homaye Jahan Nama Ltd. 8,192
AS48608 Mellat Insurance Public Joint Stock Company 8,192
AS5484 Shabakeh Gostar Shahriyar Co. (Ltd.) 7,680
AS50160 Behin Saman Gostar Ltd. 7,424
AS48434 Tebyan-e-Noor Cultural-Artistic Institute 7,168
AS48281 Abr Tose'eh Darya Group Company PJSC 7,168
AS56687 Nimad Rah Khoozestan PLC 7,168
AS51541 Sepehr Ava Data Processing Company (LTD) 6,656
AS64413 Avagostar Sarv Co. Ltd 6,144
AS29577 Isfahan University of Technology 6,144
AS48555 Iranian Information Technology Co. 6,144
AS60627 Rayankadeh Apadana Company Ltd 6,144
AS59962 Shiraz University 5,632
AS51411 Toos-Ashena Pjsc 5,376
AS50558 Rayaneh Pardazan Baran Co. Ltd. 5,120
AS57454 Shabakeh Gostar Payamavaran Kavir Company (Private Joint Stock) 5,120
AS59573 Sari System Bandarabas Company 4,096
AS62250 SINA ATINET Company (Ltd) 4,096
AS43510 Mehvar Machine 4,096
AS34078 Azarakhsh Ava-e Ahvaz Co. (Joint Stock Company) 4,096
AS59441 Noavaran Shabakeh Sabz Mehregan Company Limited 4,096
AS41620 Iran University Of Science and Technology 4,096
AS41856 Pardazesh Rayaneh Bita Co.Ltd 4,096
AS58080 Honar Rayaneh Pooya Andisheh PJSC 4,096
AS47330 Mobin Net Communication Company (Private Joint Stock) 4,096
AS42907 Research Institute Of Petroleum Industry 4,096
AS29079 IRNA 4,096
AS51788 PartPayam Shahin Shahr ISP 4,096
AS56765 Shahid Beheshti university 4,096
AS49680 Armaghan Rahe Talaie 4,096
AS56547 Tehran Municipality ICT Organization 4,096
AS31303 National Iranian Oil Company 4,096
AS62196 Rayan Ravesh Sena Ltd 3,840
AS57936 Noavaran Houshmand Zagros Co. (PJS) 3,584
AS16235 Pouya Nazm Najafabad Computer Co(PJS) 3,328
AS57497 Faraso Samaneh Pasargad Ltd. 3,328
AS58303 Rasana Pishtaz Iranian Service Cooperative Co. 3,072
AS44090 Enteghal Dadeh Mahan LTD 3,072
AS59431 Ravand Tazeh Co,.PJS. 3,072
AS59794 Amirkabir University of Technology 3,072
AS56796 Irsa Communications networks company 3,072
AS57357 Apadana Rayaneh Kimia Ltd. 3,072
AS57816 Samen Ertebat Asr Co. (P.J.S.) 3,072
AS56632 Aryan Satellite Co. (Private Joint Stock) 3,072
AS58081 Baloot Communication Network Private Limited Company 3,072
AS5618 DP IRAN 2,816
AS58202 Tehran KarAra Information Company ( Ltd. ) 2,816
AS206639 Payamavaran Javan Company Ltd. 2,816
AS58331 Rayaneh Asr-e Ertebatat Bam Technology and Engineering Cooperative Co 2,560
AS60084 Kian Net Nic Co. 2,560
AS56461 Organization of Statistics and Information and Communication Technology Of Esfahan Municipality 2,560
AS49596 Reza Moghadam 2,560
AS57292 Communications and IT Research Institute 2,560
AS57474 Nazhin Sepahan IT and data processing plc 2,560
AS48878 Pars Line Jonoob Company 2,304
AS47554 Soshiant Fara Dadeh Co. Ltd 2,304
AS57745 Tarbiat Modares University 2,048
AS48551 Sindad Netwok Technology Ltd. 2,048
AS56746 Mobile Telecommunications Company of Esfahan (MTCE) P.L.C 2,048
AS48903 Rasaneh Mehr Vatan Co. PJS 2,048
AS48147 Tahlilgran Karbin Ertebat Parsa Co. Ltd. 2,048
AS50269 GuilaNet 2,048
AS207141 Ertebat gostare nakhl jonoob Company PJSC 2,048
AS52140 United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees 2,048
AS57240 RizPardazan Danesh Sarband 2,048
AS50749 Yaghoot Rayaneh Saveh Cooperative Co. 2,048
AS62263 Hosh Ertebat Zarandieh (Zarandieh Communication Intelligence) Company LLC 2,048
AS50259 Information Technology ArmanNet PLC 2,048
AS204213 Netmihan Communication Company Ltd 2,048
AS51785 Karafarin Bank Plc. 2,048
AS57067 KEYANA Information Technology Co. Ltd. 2,048
AS47558 Kajeh Nasir Toosi University of Technology 2,048
AS61248 Ferdowsi University of Mashhad 2,048
AS49148 Atieh Dadeh Pardaz 2,048
AS204203 Sepehr sabz Khavarmianeh International engineers PJSC 2,048
AS57241 Maskan Bank 2,048
AS50795 Datis Arian Gheshm Software Company PJSC 2,048
AS51488 Pishgaman Dadeh Afzar Company Ltd. 2,048
AS57574 Agriculture bank 2,048
AS49906 Kish It Group Company Ltd. 2,048
AS58262 Nrp Network LLC 1,792
AS204010 Irik Gostar Technology Development PJSC 1,792
AS21005 Gostaresh Dade AKO Fanavaran Co LLC 1,536
AS13231 Baharan PLC 1,536
AS59914 Gerash Information Technology Co 1,536
AS29077 Gulf Cyberian Trading LLC 1,536
AS57625 EGRK-Ertebat Gostaran Rangin Kaman Ltd 1,536
AS57457 Asan Pardakht Persian Private Stock 1,536
AS201999 Fanavari Serverpars Argham Gostar Company Ltd. 1,536
AS39571 Sadad Informatics Corp. Dadehvarzi Sadad Co. PJSC 1,536
AS49844 TakNet Ltd. 1,536
AS61209 University of Sistan and Baluchestan 1,536
AS199082 Razavi Information and communication technology company Plc 1,536
AS58249 Sky Dragon Company With Limited Liability 1,280
AS201194 Kavoshgar Novin Karamad PJSC 1,280
AS59754 Bank of Industry and Mine 1,280
AS202616 Moshaver Computer Behnam Company 1,280
AS60340 Saipa Corporation Public Joint Stock 1,280
AS59708 Rayan Hamafza Company Private Joint Stock 1,280
AS199849 Gostaresh Etrtebatate Apadana Ltd. 1,280
AS64436 Rahkar Smart Land Solutions Co. Ltd 1,280
AS59691 Pouya shabakeh Asr Co. (LTD.) 1,280
AS57461 Poshtkar Rayane Kharg 1,280
AS31175 Securities and Exchange Organization 1,280
AS64412 Hamadan University of Medical Sciences 1,024
AS59884 Ertebatat Persia PJSC 1,024
AS60256 E-Money Net Developers 24 Company Private Joint Stock 1,024
AS51618 Eghtesad Novin Bank PJSC 1,024
AS42043 Bertina Technology Company PJSC 1,024
AS202735 Communication Regulatory Authority 1,024
AS206596 Computer Research Center of Islamic Sciences 1,024
AS205837 Sadad Processing Modern Services Company P.J.S. 1,024
AS64482 Dadeh Pardazi Arta Cooperative Company 1,024
AS62198 Melal Credit Company (Public Joint Stock) 1,024
AS60786 Ava Mehr Informatics Company (Private Joint Stock) 1,024
AS58261 Shabake Pardazan Andishe Negar Douran PLC 1,024
AS52210 Age of Telecommunication and Data transfer Sepahan PLC 1,024
AS39466 Ahang Rayan Malayer Co. LTD 1,024
AS200796 Data Pardaz Afraz Private Private Joint Stock Company 1,024
AS60516 Bank Ghavamin (Public Joint Stock) 1,024
AS15828 Blue Diamond Network Co., Ltd. 1,024
AS48274 Etelaresani Khadamat Hamannet 1,024
AS203951 Toseh Samanehay-e Narmafzari-e Negin (Tosan) PJSC 1,024
AS44954 Azadnetrasaneh Private Joint Stock Company 1,024
AS204001 Yazd University 1,024
AS16286 University of Kashan 1,024
AS60315 Tehran Securities Exchange Technology Management Co. PLC 1,024
AS43415 Secure Infrastructure of Transnational Services Company PLC 1,024
AS8868 Tose eh Bazaar Sanaye Khallaagh Borhan University PJSC 1,024
AS205997 Association of Martyrs and Veterans 1,024
AS34636 Laser Company Ltd 1,024
AS24707 Melli Pakhsh Faravardehay Nafti Iran PJSC 1,024
AS200447 Sazeh Ertebat Matrix PLC 1,024
AS49796 Shaparak Electronic Card Payment Network Company PJS 1,024
AS61055 Roshangar Rayaneh Tehran Co. Ltd. 1,024
AS60054 Soshianet Isfahan Co. Ltd. 1,024
AS206862 Sasan Rasouli 1,024
AS5627 Shahrood University 1,024
AS43487 Saman Electronic Payment Kish PJS 1,024
AS61386 Tasnim News Agency 1,024
AS58104 University of Isfahan 1,024
AS50057 Parvazsystem Shand Information Technology Ltd. 1,024
AS49847 Pardazeshgar Rayazma Ltd. 1,024
AS60808 Dourbord Fars Telecommunication Engineering PJSC 1,024
AS59912 University of Zanjan 1,024
AS205622 Iran Health Insurance Organization 1,024
AS51554 Pars Oil & Gas Company (Private Joint Stock) 1,024
AS48356 Information Processing Industry Company PJS 1,024
AS202601 Pardis Etelaresan Sepehr Employee's Cooperative Co. 1,024
AS201259 Pardakht Electronic Co. of Bank Pasargad (P.J.S) 1,024
AS206692 Statistics and IT Organization Of Tabriz Municiaplity 1,024
AS42461 Orviss Commercial Network Co Ltd 1,024
AS43657 Novin Insurance Co. PJS 1,024
AS60138 Naroon Intelligent Communications LTD. 1,024
AS43395 Moj Bahman Company PJS 1,024
AS202788 Khuzestan Water and Power Authority Co. PJS 1,024
AS205643 Central Insurance of Iran and Insurance Operations 1,024
AS203895 Pardazeshgaran Etelat Zaban Layeha Co Ltd 1,024
AS62334 Middle East Cloud Processing Co.Ltd. 1,024
AS201689 Lamerd Information & Communication Technology Co.,ltd 1,024
AS206854 Lesun communication furtherance engineers Co, (Ltd.) 1,024
AS203102 Kerman University of Medical Sciences 1,024
AS202571 Kharazmi University 1,024
AS44045 Kish Iran Credit Card Corporation (Public Corporation) 1,024
AS5542 Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education 1,024
AS203558 Tose'h Fanavari Ertebabat Pasargad Arian Co. PJS 1,024
AS42960 Parsdade Advanced Technology PJSC 1,024
AS25264 Afagh Andish Dadeh Pardis Co 1,024
AS203100 Iman Samaneh Sepehr LLC 1,024
AS201442 Islamic Republic of Iran Civil Aviation Organization 1,024
AS203798 Mashhad University of Medical Sciences 1,024
AS62039 Iran Power Plant Projects Management (MAPNA) PJS 1,024
AS57577 Iran Power Generation transmission & Distribution Management Co. 1,024
AS52049 Iranian Net Communication and Electronic Services Co PJS 1,024
AS15907 Imam Khomeini International University of Qazvin 1,024
AS58267 Dadepardazan Shahriar Company 1,024
AS56815 Farakam Rayan Kish Co. (Ltd.) 1,024
AS203247 Islamic Azad University Institute 1,024
AS61239 Naji Research & Development Company Private Join-Stock 1,024
AS44531 Rayanmehr Danesh Sanj Company Ltd 1,024
AS60638 Informatics Services Corporation(Private Joint Stock) 1,024
AS44400 Ertebatat Sabet Parsian 1,024
AS64428 Mizban Web Paytakht Co. Ltd. 1,024
AS62153 Pejvak Ertebat Noandish LLC 1,024
AS57917 Sherkat khadamat tasisati jahan sabz mashad PLC 1,024
AS59654 Fars Province Gas Co. (Private Joint Stock) 1,024
AS203616 Paya Kian Parham Co. (PJS) 1,024
AS203363 Fourse Pishgam Company PJSC 1,024
AS44609 Fars News Agency Cultural Arts Institute 1,024
AS44932 Fannavaran-e Idea Pardaz-e Saba PJSC 1,024
AS57687 Abazarhaye Farsi Shabakeh (Persian Tools) Co.,LTD. 1,024
AS43135 Moavenate rasaneh majazi seda va sima 1,024
AS202762 Karina Mobile Enterprise Solutions Ltd 768
AS35043 Allameh Tabataba'i University 768
AS52223 Ertebat Rayan Novin Co. (Private Joint Stock) 768
AS60014 System Group Company PJS. 768
AS58030 Sorat Gostar Ertebatat Parsian Co.(Ltd.) 768
AS51274 Fanavaran Paidir Company LTD 768
AS205588 The Islamic Propagation Office of Qom Seminary 768
AS34592 Iranian Presidential Administration 768
AS15402 Pishgaman Tejarat Sayar Company (Private Joint Stock) 768
AS52155 Caspian Applied Systems Services Supplying Company (Private Joint-Stock) 768
AS201691 Fannavari Etelaate Samane Kavoshgar Ide Ltd. 768
AS60178 Mohammad Sheikhe Sajadie 768
AS42468 Behin Ertebatat Faragir Co. Ltd 768
AS62137 Manzoomeh Negaran Co. (PJS) 768
AS61173 Green Web Samaneh Novin Co Ltd 512
AS50460 Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization (IBTO) 512
AS50692 Iran Khodro Co. P.J.S. 512
AS48121 Computer research center of Islamic seminary of Isfahan 512
AS62229 Fars News Agency Cultural Arts Institute 512
AS206388 Gostaresh Ertebat Azin Kia Company PJSC 512
AS51241 IRAN POST Company 512
AS56375 Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation IKRF 512
AS59553 Jahrom Univesity Of Medical Sciences 512
AS49191 Rayan Click Parseh Hardware Machines Co PJSC 512
AS50070 Shahab Raianeh Tiran Company(LTD) 512
AS59442 Sari System-e Jonoub Co (Ltd.) 512
AS60407 Tourism Bank (Public Joint Stock) 512
AS49065 Homa Idea Process Co. 512
AS50733 Ertebat Gostaran Bina 512
AS59526 Atashkadeh Firoozabad Informatics Services Company 512
AS62157 National Iranian Copper Industry Company PJS 512
AS58338 Part Net Gostar Ltd. 512
AS61962 Sakht Tajhizat Sepahan PJS 512
AS43296 Kimianet Behbahan Cooperative Service Company 512
AS58053 Tam Iran Khodro Company 512
AS206325 Dadeh Parsaz Shabakieh Ayrik Company (PJS) 512
AS52070 Parsian Bank (Public Joint-Stock) 512
AS58251 Dade Pardazi Novin Yaran Tosei 512
AS58333 Saman Insurance Co. (Public Joint Stock) 512
AS64434 Mizban Amvaj Sahel Sepehr Bushehr PJSC 512
AS21410 Pardaz Gostar Ertebatat Berelian Limited Liability Company 512
AS44072 Ali Afshar 512
AS62048 Avini cultural and Art Institute 512
AS207057 Advanced Communications Technology Ltd. 512
AS16018 Bank Ansar Public JSC 512
AS61250 Ayandeh Bank IT Infrastructure 512
AS207125 Dadeh Gostar Parmis PJS Company 512
AS62140 Rightel Communication Service Company PJS 512
AS60320 Eli Gasht Air Travel & Tourism Services Company 512
AS42867 National Iranian Oil Company 512
AS51280 Parsian Electronic Commerce Company PLC 512
AS44243 Iman Hamrah Behpardaz Company- Ltd 512
AS62265 Mahan Air Ltd 512
AS35615 Middle East Bank PJSC 512
AS201227 Mizban Dade Pasargad 512
AS59838 Naghsh Awal Keyfiat PJSC 512
AS47188 Press TV Co. 512
AS20511 Rased Maral Ava Jonoob JSC 512
AS51460 Sina Bank 512
AS62173 Sepehr System Kish Company (ltd) 512
AS59589 Saman System Pardaz Kish Company Ltd. 512
AS60811 Saipa Yadak Co. PLC 512
AS49099 Tadbir Pardaz IT Group 512
AS64417 Payk Daru Nikan Co. PJS 512
AS49433 Bank Refah Kargaran 512
AS35015 Moztec Inc 512
AS50114 Kerman Auto Industries Co (KAIC) 512
AS8604 Soshiant Fara Dadeh Co. Ltd 256
AS64414 Rasaneh Ayandeh Iranian Co PJS 256
AS51732 MAPNA Power Plants Development & Construction PLC 256
AS34341 Namvaran Consulting Engineers and Managers 256
AS203026 Ports And Martime Organization 256
AS62375 Fanavaran Pouyan Hezarnevis LTD 256
AS50855 Resalat Interest-free loaning Bank PJS 256
AS59757 Sarmad Insurance Company JS 256
AS60345 Nahjol Balagheh International Research Institution 256
AS21170 Shazand Petrochemical Company (Private Joint Stock) 256
AS203684 Imen Sanat Novin Alighapou 256
AS16292 Kermanshah University of Medical Science and Health Service 256
AS60887 International Systems Engineering & Automation Company PJS 256
AS15438 Arya Transfo Ghodrat Company PJSC 256
AS201937 Dehkadeh ertebatat aranet ltd 256
AS58169 Iran Grid Management Company (IGMC) 256
AS25158 ETICK PARS Intelligent Technologies Expansions Company, PVT.J.S 256
AS39200 Research Center of Theoretical Physics & Mathematics (IPM) 256
AS62367 Pardakht Nowin Arian PLC 256
AS51542 Tose-eh Saman Information Technology Company 256
AS48762 Iran Aseman Airlines plc. 256
AS60976 Pars Online PJS 256
AS52137 IRAN POST Company 256
AS59961 Road Maintenance & Transportation Organization 256
AS43553 YAAS Arghavani System Engineering Co. 256
AS60631 Pars Parva System Co. LTD 256
AS58201 IRAN POST Company 256
AS43211 Noavaran Fan Avazeh Co. 256
AS35285 Research Center of Theoretical Physics & Mathematics (IPM) 256
AS59501 Fannavari Shahr Avazeh Co.PJS 256
AS35088 Rahyab Rayaneh Gostar 256
AS44410 Tose Sarmayeh Gozari Entekhab Group Ltd. 256
AS47643 Borhan Mobin Development Managment CO. PJS 256
AS205899 Negin Rayaneh Almas Khorasan 256
AS58125 Trade Promotion Organization Of Iran 256
AS206675 National Cash Register Iran Co. 256
AS205843 Mohandesi Dade Pardazan Sepanta Mehr Ltd. 256
AS52196 Tehran Regional Electricity Joint Stock Company 256
AS206013 Ifa Noavaran Nafe Company Ltd 256
AS206840 Favapayam Pars Co., Ltd 256
AS61176 City Development and Innovation PJSC 256
AS59797 Industrial Projects Management Company (P.J.S) of Iran 256
AS42915 Engeneering Designing and Supply the parts of Iran Khodro PJSC 256
AS60512 Bours Kalay Iran PJSC 256
AS58161 IRAN POST Company 256
AS47817 Bank Pasargad PJSC 256
AS62318 Bimeh Ma 256
AS31182 Bank Saman 256
AS51431 Rasaneh Avabarid Private Joint Stock Company 256
AS64460 Omid Computer Services Co. (PJS) 256
AS48014 Tar Nama Rahe Door Kasra PJSC 256
AS48335 Gostaresh Ertebatat Jahan Argham PJSC 256
AS61191 Abazarhaye Farsi Shabakeh (Persian Tools) Co.,LTD. 256
AS61362 Mashhad Municipality Information Technology and Communications Organization 256
AS60637 Fanava Group 256
AS61129 Islamic Azad University 256
AS62362 Aria Hamrah Samaneh PJSC 256
AS57366 IRAN POST Company 256
AS61103 Fannavarn Ettelaat Chista Institue 256
AS199633 Faradast Energy Falat Co. (Private Joint-Stock) 256
AS52136 IRAN POST Company 0
AS25239 IRAN POST Company 0
AS51355 Orum Torkan Rayaneh LLC 0
AS52135 IRAN POST Company 0
AS206949 Pardazeshgaran Almas Pasargad Co. Pjs 0
AS20744 IRAN POST Company 0
AS206217 Pars Car International Communication Age PJSC 0
AS16088 Boomerang Rayaneh 0
AS8571 Pardis Ettela Resaan Sepehr 0
AS202704 Pardis Ettela Resaan Sepehr 0
AS60761 Mehr-News-Agency (MNA) 0
AS202795 Hosh Ertebat Zarandieh (Zarandieh Communication Intelligence) Company LLC 0
AS59514 Pishtaz Host 0
AS200816 Pishgaman Kavir Asia Private Joint Stock 0
AS200645 Gilass Rayaneh Sirjan Co (PJS) 0
AS199591 FANAP HOMA. 0
AS42898 Panid Parviz Viera Sefr O Yek Co. Ltd 0
AS3263 Eghlid Shayesteh Services Company PJSC 0
AS62191 Pardazeshgar Rayazma Ltd. 0
AS62349 Apadana Ertebat Intelligent Systems Development Ltd. 0
AS34850 Akamai International B.V. 0
AS62200 Pars Server Isatis Company 0
AS199836 Ana Orum Elm Avar 0
AS59623 Tapash Rayane Ahvaz Co. (Private) 0
AS203392 Ayandeh Gostar Bastak Co. (Private Joint Stock) 0
AS49689 Toseh Ertebatat Homa (Private Joint Stock) 0
AS56529 Toseeh Etemade Mobin P.S. 0
AS201015 Pishgaman Toseeh Fanavari Etelaat Va Ertebatat Jonoub (Joint Stock Company) 0
AS199033 Dadehaye Donyaye Door Co.(P.J.S) 0
AS47162 Qeshm Dehkadeh Ertebatat Coopertive 0
AS202548 Sepehr sabz Khavarmianeh International engineering Co. 0
AS42440 Rayaneh Danesh Golestan Complex P.J.S. Co. 0
AS56749 Roshangaran Ertebatat Rayaneh 0
AS20575 Shahab Rayane Tiran Co.Ltd 0
AS42899 Rayan Hamrah Almas Co. Ltd 0
AS49970 Rangin Kaman Rayaneh Sepahan 0
AS43377 Shahrad Net Company Ltd. 0
AS20557 Rased Maral Ava Jonoob JSC 0
AS204172 Rased Maral Ava Jonoob JSC 0
AS43863 Rased Maral Ava Jonoob JSC 0
AS62441 Medical Science University of Mashhad 0
AS56905 Statoil Iran AS 0
AS56660 Pooyan Pishro Larestan Technical Engineering Company Ltd 0
AS48286 Raveshyab Service Co. of Jiroft PJS 0
AS201176 refatec ertebat company PJS 0
AS64491 Rayan Click Parseh Company (P.J.S.) 0
AS206271 Rasaneh Avabarid Private Joint Stock Company 0
AS205642 Bu-Ali Sina University 0
AS62449 Sarmayeh Bank 0
AS20489 Rayankadeh Apadana Company Ltd 0
AS43005 Pishgaman Tejarat Sayar Company (Private Joint Stock) 0
AS57831 Pishgaman Toseeh Ertebatat Company (Private Joint Stock) 0
AS28976 Pishgam Shabakeh Jahrom Company (Private Joint Stock) 0
AS59882 Persia System Kashan Ltd 0
AS58250 Pishgam Shabakeh Jahrom Company (Private Joint Stock) 0
AS62249 Payam Avaran Javan Pardis 0
AS50836 National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company 0
AS56507 Moaseseh Etebari Toseeh Sana'at Sakhteman (Public Stock Company) 0
AS29020 Mortabet Rayaneh Ofogh 0
AS200157 Educational Institute Kahkeshan-e-Noor 0
AS43560 Vita Pour Handels GmbH 0
AS58152 Voshka Niknam 0
AS56861 Iranian Information Technology Company PLC 0
AS44170 Arya Sasol Polymer Co. 0
AS52134 IRAN POST Company 0
AS52133 IRAN POST Company 0
AS60148 Information Technology Company (ITC) 0
AS58263 IRAN POST Company 0
AS21121 IRAN POST Company 0
AS57386 IRAN POST Company 0
AS58200 IRAN POST Company 0
AS12697 Tose Masiryabi Shabake Aria PJSC 0
AS203662 The Ministry of Education 0
AS57385 IRAN POST Company 0
AS205722 Asre Pardazeshe Ettelaate Amin Institute 0
AS25243 IRAN POST Company 0
AS58168 IRAN POST Company 0
AS60249 IRAN POST Company 0
AS29350 IRAN POST Company 0
AS34837 Vana Electric Co. Ltd. 0
AS25202 IRAN POST Company 0
AS20749 IRAN POST Company 0
AS24737 IRAN POST Company 0
AS24741 IRAN POST Company 0
AS24779 IRAN POST Company 0
AS60310 Mobin Ertebatat Zaman Company Ltd. 0
AS24988 IRAN POST Company 0
AS41900 Oracle Telecommunication Company PJS 0
AS9147 Qom Rayaneh Co (PJS) 0
AS43546 IRAN POST Company 0
AS35762 Zoha Kish Communicational Company PJS 0
AS41742 Hooshmand Tejarat Hadi PJSC 0
AS20891 Faradade Rayaneh Sourena Co. Ltd. 0
AS50328 Fadak Rayaneh Hormozgan Co. Ltd 0
AS62442 Dadeh Samaneh Fanava Co. 0
AS205833 Al-mustafa International University 0
AS60010 FanAvarane ILIA Hamrahe Viera Ltd 0
AS57008 Esfahan Administration Post Office 0
AS201161 Dotware Ertebat Company PJS 0
AS203000 Asiatech Data Transfer Inc PLC 0
AS60183 CyberSpace Research Institute 0
AS48787 Avagostar Sarv Co. Ltd. 0
AS52014 Danesh Pardaz Shenakhti Private Joint Stock 0
AS41689 Asiatech Data Transfer Inc PLC 0
AS202697 Arya Ertebatat Kaj Co. Ltd. 0
AS203807 Department of environment-I.R.Iran 0
AS3195 Fourse Pishgam Company (private joint stock) 0
AS205550 Tejarat Consultant Engineers Company P.J.S 0
AS205627 System Group Company PJSC 0
AS41529 Rayan Pouya Rastak Co. 0
AS205521 Rahyab Payam Gostaran Co. P.J.S 0
AS201552 Fannavari Etelaate Samane Kavoshgar Ide Ltd. 0
AS42019 Aftab Communications and Informatics Company 0
AS205802 Pegah Dadekavan Sharif Private Joint Stock 0
AS42143 Iran Airports & Air Navigation Company (Private Joint Stock) 0
AS13235 Nik Rayan Parsian Computer Services Cooperative Company 0
AS56927 Pasargad Arian Communication and Information Technology Company Private J.S. 0
AS205894 Export Development Bank of Iran - Public Joint Stock 0
AS56559 Pishgaman Nesf Jahan 0
AS43245 DATAK Internet Engineering, Inc 0
AS207081 Deputy of Human Resources and Development of Presidential Office 0
AS42990 Bank Saderat Iran PJSC 0
AS206635 Ebtekar Andishan Sabz Co Ltd 0
AS51632 Alifard PJSC 0
AS48820 Ali Niknam 0
AS34369 Aria Shatel Company Ltd 0
AS39284 ISP 0
AS51433 Asiatech Data Transfer Inc PLC 0
AS20496 Rased Maral Ava Jonoob JSC 0
AS44853 Boomerang Rayaneh 0
AS21071 IRAN POST Company 0
AS44926 Rahpoyan Amin-e Iraniyan Ltd 0
AS206065 Farabord Dadeh Haye Iranian Co. 0
AS58167 Farzanegan Dadeh Pardaz Taha Cooperative,Productive,Distributive 0
AS42170 Pooya Parto Qeshm Cooperative Company 0
AS41797 Apadana Ceram Co PJSC 0
AS60061 Mehrjooyan Jonoub Mahshahr Co. Ltd. 0
AS50388 IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) 0
AS60438 fannavaran osool 0
AS61061 Pars Online PJS 0
AS204200 Netmihan Communication Company Ltd 0
AS61036 JSC Dadeh Pardazi Fanava 0
AS60571 Fanavaran Bartar Andish Farasb (LTD) 0
AS200436 Patron Technology Persia Ltd 0
AS60935 Rasekhoon Interest-Free Fund 0
AS62289 Saba Rayaneh Abarkouh Cultural Advertising Cooperative Company 0
AS58216 Pooyan Pishro Larestan Technical Engineering Company Ltd 0
AS3198 Pirouz Sotoudeh Tehran Co. Private J.S. 0
AS201027 Mehr Afagh Liyan Company PJS 0
AS48715 Sefroyek Pardaz Engineering Co. LTD 0
AS25207 IRAN POST Company 0
AS59481 Erfan Net Fars Internet and Support Services Company PJSC 0
AS62277 Rasaneh Pardaz Sepahan Co., Private Joint-Stock 0
AS20801 IRAN POST Company 0
AS59635 Dadeh Pardazan Mojtame Hormoz Company Ltd. 0
AS205647 Aria Shabakeh Afagh PJSC 0
AS39384 University of Guilan 0
AS58351 Hamshahri Co. (Private Joint Stock) 0
AS3197 Ideh Pardazan Mojeno Ltd 0
AS42869 Fara Negar Pardaz Noor Khuzestan Co.JSP 0
AS57199 Peyk Navidsazan Farda Co. (Private Joint Stock) 0
AS198825 Honar Rayaneh Pooya Andisheh Co. Ltd. 0
AS25023 Parsa Net Asia PJSC 0
AS58248 IRAN POST Company 0
AS57674 Sahlan ICT Group 0
AS43491 Information Technology Development Centre PJS 0
AS50709 Peik Navid Sazan Farda Co. 0
AS61028 Peyk Navidsazan Farda Co. (Private Joint Stock) 0
AS43212 Payamavaran Javan Company Ltd. 0
AS50892 Idehnegar System Computer Development Co. Ltd. 0
AS49760 Industrial Project Management of Iran 0
AS57387 IRAN POST Company 0
AS59486 Data Gostar Ofogh Fars 0
AS200895 Kurdistan University 0
AS62280 Dehkadeh Ertebatat Qheshm 0
AS44607 Borhan Novin Ebtekar Management Company PJS 0
AS205838 Barid Fanavar Aryan Co. PJS 0
AS64399 Farhang Azma Communications Company LTD 0
AS57165 Vira Ertebat Sorena Ltd. 0
AS203085 Telecommunication company of East Azarbaijan 0
AS60495 Smart Land Solutions Co Ltd 0
AS16137 Mizban Gostar Dade Alvand Co Ltd 0
AS59510 Pars Shabakeh Kazerun Company Ltd. 0
AS60180 puyandegan dade pardaz larestan plc 0
AS31476 Engineering company Morva System Plc. 0
AS58205 Part Mehr Iranian High-tech and Telecommunication Cooperative 0
AS48898 Medical Science University Of Kashan 0
AS42750 Marun Petrochemical Co. 0
AS43444 Navid IT Development Co,Ltd 0
AS50722 Telecommunication Infrastructure Company 0
AS60562 Ministry Of Health and Medical Education 0
AS43161 Pajvak Ertebat Now Andish Co. Ltd. 0
AS21112 IRAN POST Company 0


Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) are assigned to entities such as Internet Service Providers and other large organizations that control blocks of IP addresses. This network page, and the organization field that's shown on the main IP address information page and also returned in the geolocation API are based on the ASN.

This page shows ASNs for Iran. See the global ASN report for network, IP address information and whois details for other countries.