The report below shows ASNs assigned to Afghanistan, ranked by the total number of IP addresses currently active on each network. Click on the ASN for full IP address information, whois details and more. You can also view our hosting report to see the networks ranked by how many domain names they host.

ASN Name Num IPs
AS55330 Government Communications Network 53,248
AS55424 instatelecom 11,264
AS38742 AWCC 11,264
AS17411 Io Global Services Pvt. Ltd. 8,448
AS131284 Etisalat Afghan 5,888
AS7494 CeReTechs Co ltd 4,096
AS24244 MULTINET AF 3,584
AS45178 ROSHAN-AF 2,304
AS135376 Connect Telecom ISP Afghanistan 2,048
AS55732 RANA Technologies,Kabul 2,048
AS55745 Neda Telecommunications 2,048
AS58630 Wasel Telecom Company 2,048
AS132471 MTN Afghanistan 1,792
AS58697 G/38 Qala e Mosa Shaheed Square , 1,536
AS133894 Easy Connect- ISP 1,280
AS136454 Fiber-SAT ISP Ltd. 1,024
AS134112 Aria Sat LTD 1,024
AS58427 Global Entourage Services 1,024
AS132404 Neda Telecommunications 1,024
AS59355 Arif Azim Ltd 1,024
AS64081 STAN Telecom 1,024
AS59381 Vice Group 1,024
AS133457 Giganor ISP 768
AS59317 Afghan Cyber ISP 768
AS133076 UA Telecom LTD 768
AS45790 Multinet Afghanistan AS in Mazar-E-Sharif 512
AS45784 Multinet Afghanistan AS in Herat 512
AS134134 North Telecom 512
AS133586 Tiitacs IT and IT Solutions 512
AS132467 Afghan National Research and Education Network (AfREN) 512
AS58471 G.I.T Net Management Limited 512
AS45521 Multinet Afghanistan AS in Kandaghar 512
AS132222 Sanzar F Kakar T/A Afghanistan Holding Group 256
AS133202 AFSAT 256
AS133174 Neda Telecommunications 256
AS133141 NetZone Limited 256
AS132707 Asix 256
AS136400 Asia Consultancy Group 256
AS136479 Cyber Telecom ISP 256
AS58469 Ministry of Communications and IT 0
AS132173 Streamlink Communications 0
AS133533 Khogiyant International ltd 0
AS134152 Noble IT solution Company 0
AS64007 Ferozuddin Sadiqi T/A TAKTAZ TECHNOLOGIES 0
AS133022 Aryan Afghan Network ICT 0
AS132192 Sky Telecom ISP 0
AS136582 Babakaya Networking Services Company 0
AS135298 Ankabut Internet Service Provider 0
AS133066 Ariana Network Services Co 0
AS136426 Cloud Consultancy Services 0
AS59295 Afghan Telecom 0


Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) are assigned to entities such as Internet Service Providers and other large organizations that control blocks of IP addresses. This network page, and the organization field that's shown on the main IP address information page and also returned in the geolocation API are based on the ASN.

This page shows ASNs for Afghanistan. See the global ASN report for network, IP address information and whois details for other countries.