- SE-SUNET-20100527






AS1653 SUNET Swedish University Network



Whois Details

inetnum: -
netname:         SE-SUNET-20100527
country:         SE
org:             ORG-SA58-RIPE
admin-c:         NUN6-RIPE
tech-c:          NUN6-RIPE
status:          ALLOCATED PA
notify:          noc@sunet.se
mnt-by:          RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
mnt-by:          SUNET-MNT
mnt-lower:       SUNET-MNT
mnt-routes:      SUNET-MNT
mnt-irt:         IRT-SUNET-CERT
created:         2010-05-27T14:06:35Z
last-modified:   2016-08-25T07:26:22Z
source:          RIPE

organisation:    ORG-SA58-RIPE
org-name:        SUNET/NORDUnet
org-type:        LIR
address:         Kastruplundsgade 22
address:         DK-2770
address:         Kastrup
address:         DENMARK
phone:           +4684418800
fax-no:          +4545762366
e-mail:          lir@sunet.se
admin-c:         FP5207-RIPE
admin-c:         MB40-RIPE
admin-c:         PNI2-RIPE
admin-c:         HE15
admin-c:         RB7694-RIPE
abuse-c:         NUN6-RIPE
mnt-ref:         RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
mnt-ref:         SUNET-MNT
mnt-by:          RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
mnt-by:          SUNET-MNT
created:         2004-04-17T12:04:52Z
last-modified:   2016-08-25T07:27:29Z
source:          RIPE

role:            Nordic University NOC
address:         NUNOC
address:         Tulegatan 11
address:         SE-113 53 Stockholm
address:         Sweden
phone:           +46 8 207 860
fax-no:          +46 8 207 866
e-mail:          noc@nordu.net
e-mail:          noc@sunet.se
admin-c:         RB7694-RIPE
tech-c:          PNI2-RIPE
tech-c:          HE15
tech-c:          FP5207-RIPE
tech-c:          MB40-RIPE
nic-hdl:         NUN6-RIPE
remarks:         +--------------------------------------+
remarks:         | NORDUnet (as2603) fault reporting: |
remarks:         | phone: +46(0)8 20 78 60 |
remarks:         | email: 247@nordu.net |
remarks:         | |
remarks:         | SUNET (as1653) fault reporting: |
remarks:         | phone: +46(0)8 20 78 60 |
remarks:         | email: 247@sunet.se |
remarks:         | abuse: abuse@sunet.se |
remarks:         +--------------------------------------+
abuse-mailbox:   abuse@nordu.net
mnt-by:          SUNET-MNT
mnt-by:          NORDUNET-MNT
created:         2007-04-11T09:47:55Z
last-modified:   2013-11-08T15:09:40Z
source:          RIPE

descr:           SUNET Aggregate
origin:          AS1653
mnt-by:          SUNET-MNT
created:         2010-05-31T11:20:57Z
last-modified:   2010-05-31T11:20:57Z
source:          RIPE

Company Details

We have details for more than 3 companies that use IP addresses within this IP range, including hv.se, his.se, hj.se. To find out more about our company details data contact sales.

Hosted Domain Names

There are 1 domain names hosted across 1 IP addresses within this IP range. To access full domain hosting information with our API contact us for more details.

IP Address Domain Domains on this IP ctv.es 1


IP address ranges, or netblocks, are groups of related IP addresses. They are usually represented as a base IP address, followed by a slash, and then a netmask which represents how many IP addresses are contained within the netblock. This format is known as CIDR. You'll also sometimes see netblocks given as a start ip address, and an end ip address, or an ip address range.

Traffic works its way around the internet based on the routing table, which contains a list of networks and their associated netblocks.