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IPinfo for Account-Based Marketing

Third-party cookies are on their way out, leaving ABM and Sales Intel teams scrambling for another solution to uncover the secrets of anonymous B2B traffic. Luckily, the solution has been there all along. With just an IP address, companies can de-anonymize B2B web traffic by matching an IP address to a company name and domain.

Enhance your web traffic de-anonymization with the power and accuracy of IPinfo’s IP address API and dataset downloads.

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IPinfo works with top ABM companies

We proudly serve ABM companies worldwide looking to enrich their datasets with reliable IP address data. We’d love to help you level up, too.

  • Clearbit
  • Dreamdata
  • 6sense
  • TrueInfluence
  • Daily updated IP address data collection for the latest and most accurate info

    The most powerful solution in our arsenal are our IP address database downloads. Updated daily, our datasets are reliable, accurate, and valuable. Our massive database holds information from companies across the world and we add more every day. Check-in daily to stay up-to-date on IP geolocation, IP ranges, carrier, company data, and more.

    With real-time data collection and a plethora of features from geolocation info to domain resolution, IPinfo API can be combined with data collected from other sources to create a powerfully precise target profile.

  • Uncloak B2B IP Addresses to discover who’s who among the crowd

    Unleash the true power of B2B web traffic records. Leverage our geolocation database and company data to transform traffic into actionable leads. We crawl through terabytes of data to create the most dependable source of IP address information on the web. When Sales Intel and ABM companies use IPinfo, they get accurate information, every single time.

    With exclusive data sources, a trusted reputation, and more than enough power to handle your ABM company’s traffic de-anonymization needs, so you can determine exactly where to aim your next sales target.

We’re proud to serve some of the most recognized names in the industry

Nick Hollinger
Nick HollingerCo-Founder & CEO at Visitor Queue, Visitor Queue

Working with IPinfo.io has been a wonderful experience for us, the IP to Company dataset was the best we tested so far. They are an incredibly professional team that worked with us to solve some customized issues we were having.

Here are just a few examples of what we can do for businesses in the ABM Industry:

  • Downloadable IP address datasets tailored to your marketing and sales needs

    Take your IP address information to the next level with our powerful IP address database solution. De-anonymize your B2B traffic records to extract valuable geolocation, company name, and company domain information that will help enhance your targeting strategy's accuracy. Download the datasets in CSV, JSON, MMDB or a format of your choice, we've got you covered.

  • Enrich your data with the most accurate IP address information available

    Not all data is created equally. There’s something to be said for consistently updated IP address information as a part of your ABM strategy and Sales Intel data collection. When you pair IPinfo IP address information with data collected from other sources, you can leverage our tools designed to uncover hosted domains, geolocation data, company names, and more to create a more complete picture of your next sales target. Transform a simple IP address into a new lead with IPinfo’s datasets.

  • Save time and resources by letting IPinfo do the heavy lifting

    Data mining can be a tedious business that requires entire teams dedicated to collecting data from individual sources. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you want IP address data, our API can deliver it beautifully packaged right to your computer screen. Upgrade your in-house processes and save big by streamlining IP address data collection and delivery. We’ve got you covered with the newest information delivered daily.

  • Get custom data to build on web personalization, marketing, and more

    ABM companies rely on IPinfo’s data. We have proudly served companies looking to bolster their data collection efforts with reliable IP address data. We’d love to help you extract powerful insights from your anonymous web traffic. Strengthen your marketing and Sales Intel strategies with essential insights that you can only gain from IP address data.

Ready to enhance your account-based marketing capabilities with IPinfo’s best-in-class data?