The report below shows ASNs assigned to Lithuania, ranked by the total number of IP addresses currently active on each network. Click on the ASN for full IP address information, whois details and more. You can also view our hosting report to see the networks ranked by how many domain names they host.

ASN Name Num IPs
AS8764 Telia Lietuva, AB 804,864
AS15419 SC Lithuanian Radio and TV Center 250,880
AS21412 UAB Cgates 179,712
AS24852 UAB INIT 177,152
AS49550 UAB Nacionalinis Telekomunikaciju Tinklas 131,072
AS33922 UAB Nacionalinis Telekomunikaciju Tinklas 131,072
AS13194 UAB Bite Lietuva 100,096
AS5522 Telia Lietuva, AB 97,024
AS2847 Kauno technologijos universitetas 88,320
AS39354 UAB INIT 86,016
AS39007 UAB "Balticum TV" 65,280
AS201341 Tesonet Ltd 52,992
AS62282 UAB Rakrejus 50,944
AS15440 UAB "Baltnetos komunikacijos" 45,824
AS21211 Penkiu kontinentu komunikaciju centras, Ltd. 42,752
AS5479 Kauno technologijos universitetas 35,840
AS47583 Hostinger International Limited 33,280
AS25406 SPLIUS, UAB 32,768
AS25190 UAB "Kauno interneto sistemos" 23,552
AS8486 UAB "Baltnetos komunikacijos" 20,480
AS16125 UAB Cherry Servers 18,944
AS29625 UAB Cgates 16,384
AS34120 Verslo Tiltas UAB 16,384
AS34857 SPLIUS, UAB 15,360
AS6769 State Enterprise Infostruktura 15,104
AS203061 IT Proximus, UAB 14,080
AS24877 UAB INIT 13,568
AS43700 UAB Consilium Optimum 12,288
AS61272 Informacines sistemos ir technologijos, UAB 12,288
AS43627 KLI LT, UAB 11,776
AS204390 UAB Magnetukas 10,496
AS41228 UAB NNT 10,496
AS24645 CSC Telecom, UAB 9,472
AS47205 Telia Lietuva, AB 9,216
AS43649 UAB "Rygveda" 8,704
AS61053 UAB "Esnet" 7,424
AS34037 VARDAS.LT, UAB 6,144
AS20846 UAB "Parabole" 6,144
AS50962 UAB Roventa 6,144
AS51388 UAB Marsatas 6,144
AS42549 UAB "Baltnetos komunikacijos" 5,376
AS43463 UAB Biuro sprendimu tinklas 5,120
AS62179 UAB Ecofon 5,120
AS43811 Telia Lietuva, AB 4,864
AS12539 Penki Kontinentai, Ltd. 4,608
AS197225 UAB "Airnet" 4,096
AS24607 UAB Technologiju ir inovaciju centras 4,096
AS201201 UAB Duomenu logistikos centras 3,072
AS59939 WIBO Baltic UAB 3,072
AS205659 Oxydata, UAB 3,072
AS198651 HOSTLINE, UAB 2,816
AS202085 UAB Kvartalo Tinklas 2,560
AS42774 UAB Blue Bridge 2,304
AS44613 Ogmios centras 2,048
AS50610 AB "Lietuvos gelezinkeliai" 2,048
AS39067 ETANETAS UAB 2,048
AS42887 Acme Computer Components CJSC 2,048
AS49602 Private Limited Liability Company "KRENA" 1,536
AS44358 Kauno Technologijos Universitetas 1,280
AS44771 SC Lithuanian Radio and TV Center 1,280
AS202725 ZetaNetas, UAB 1,280
AS15995 AB SEB bankas 1,280
AS199527 UAB Bite Lietuva 1,280
AS201959 Data Bank Group UAB 1,024
AS201400 Serveriai verslui, UAB 1,024
AS59642 UAB Cherry Servers 1,024
AS201096 UAB Eltida 1,024
AS56847 V.Ivanciko individuali imone "Zaibas" 1,024
AS44246 UAB Bitosis 1,024
AS205964 UAB 360 IT 1,024
AS30944 Bendra Lietuvos, JAV ir Rusijos imone uzdaroji akcine bendrove "DKD" 1,024
AS202998 UAB Goneta 1,024
AS59874 Vinted, UAB 768
AS44198 Valstybes imone Registru Centras 768
AS8892 UAB Skylink LT. 512
AS204057 UAB Duomenu apdorojimo centras 512
AS206029 LTD Attrel 512
AS21031 UAB Elneta 512
AS24825 Lietuvos Respublikos Uzsienio reikalu ministerija 512
AS24984 AB DNB bankas 512
AS35135 Bank of Lithuania 512
AS47609 UAB LTMD Networks 512
AS50065 UAB "Saulenet" 512
AS50256 State Enterprise Agriculture Information and Rural Business Center 512
AS51172 Kauno Technologijos Universitetas 512
AS56413 UAB Proservis 512
AS59821 HyperOps UAB 512
AS30775 UAB "First Data Lietuva" 256
AS41506 AB "Bankas SNORAS" 256
AS42181 Sintagma, UAB 256
AS21420 Swedbank, AB 256
AS21147 If P&C Insurance AS 256
AS50320 Laisvas ir nepriklausomas kanalas, UAB 256
AS203988 ActiveHost RU LLC 256
AS203265 Bertara, UAB 256
AS51719 UAB "General Financing" 256
AS51802 EPS LT, UAB 256
AS13260 SKUBA, UAB 256
AS12587 Aizkraukles Banka AS 256
AS200372 NOIA Network Limited 256
AS200344 OU LITRADA Group filialas 256
AS60121 Uzdaroji akcine bendrove "EOLTAS" 256
AS199232 UAB G4S Lietuva 256
AS61091 "Plius" UAB 256
AS198009 Ashburn International Ltd. 256
AS34842 AB City Service 256
AS34961 UAB GNT Lietuva 256
AS15911 Lietuvos Respublikos Seimo kanceliarija 256
AS35500 Western Union Processing Lithuania UAB 256
AS31114 Fitek LT UAB 256
AS62428 Biuro sprendimu tinklas Ltd. 256
AS210126 DELFI UAB 256
AS209989 UAB "Baltnetos komunikacijos" 256
AS206996 ALORANSA, UAB 256
AS206224 UAB LAT Grupe 256
AS205688 UAB SERVERA 256
AS205686 UAB DPD Lietuva 256
AS47247 UAB CGI Lithuania 256
AS47512 AB Bankas Finasta 256
AS205676 Data Center Experts LTD 256
AS15908 UAB Medicinos bankas 256
AS47929 UAB Baltnetos komunikacijos 256
AS205547 limited 256
AS204967 Advokatu kontora Ellex Valiunas ir partneriai 256
AS8314 UAB "Lrytas" 256
AS210175 Lietuvos Interneto Paslaugu Teikeju Asociacija 0
AS48410 UAB x24 0
AS202622 Adform A/S 0
AS202496 Tesonet Ltd 0
AS209911 Aqua IT, UAB 0
AS209862 Bolerdana 0
AS207049 Duomenu Greitkelis UAB 0
AS33793 UAB Acta iuventus 0
AS206633 Mantas Mikulenas 0
AS135392 UAB HostBaltic 0
AS44642 UAB "TransTeleServis" 0
AS202304 UAB Internetas Vilniuje 0
AS204474 Uzdaroji akcine bendrove G-Networks 0
AS58146 UAB Duomenu logistikos centras 0
AS47341 II Torena 0
AS8516 Telia Company AB 0
AS47573 UAB "Interneto vizija" 0
AS201349 UAB Quadra rubra 0
AS35431 Western Union Processing Lithuania UAB 0
AS16382 UAB INIT 0


Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) are assigned to entities such as Internet Service Providers and other large organizations that control blocks of IP addresses. This network page, and the organization field that's shown on the main IP address information page and also returned in the geolocation API are based on the ASN.

This page shows ASNs for Lithuania. See the global ASN report for network, IP address information and whois details for other countries.