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Corporacion de Internet, Sociedad Anonima.


AS262207 Corporacion de Internet, Sociedad Anonima.



Whois Details

inetnum:     190.151.128/22
status:      allocated
aut-num:     N/A
owner:       Corporacion de Internet, Sociedad Anonima.
ownerid:     GT-CISA1-LACNIC
responsible: Danil Harcides Monzon Bojorquez
address:     20 calle 23-60, 01010, Zona 10
address:     -- - Guatemala - 
country:     GT
phone:       +502  40894643 []
owner-c:     DMB2
tech-c:      DMB2
abuse-c:     DMB2
created:     20110516
changed:     20120813

nic-hdl:     DMB2
person:      Danil Monzon Bojorquez
e-mail:      dmonzon@CORPONETSA.NET
address:     20 calle, 23-60, Zona 10
address:     01010 - Guatemala - GT
country:     GT
phone:       +502  40088549 []
created:     20090909
changed:     20120813

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