Slovakia ASN Summary

The report below shows ASNs assigned to Slovakia, ranked by the total number of IP addresses currently active on each network. Click on the ASN for full IP address information, whois details and more. You can also view our hosting report to see the networks ranked by how many domain names they host.

ASN Name Num IPs
AS6855 Slovak Telecom, a. s. 687,104
AS2607 Zdruzenie pouzivatelov Slovenskej akademickej datovej siete 558,592
AS29208 Dial Telecom, a.s. 260,608
AS15962 Orange Slovensko a.s. 247,040
AS5578 SWAN, a.s. 214,528
AS16160 SWAN, a.s. 112,640
AS8257 Slovanet a.s. 81,920
AS31117 ENERGOTEL a.s. 61,952
AS28952 O2 Business Services, a.s 35,584
AS29405 VNET a.s. 34,816
AS35328 DSI DATA, a. s. 24,064
AS43451 RadioLAN spol. s r.o. 22,528
AS31127 SATRO s.r.o. 21,504
AS8778 Slovanet a.s. 17,408
AS42841 ANTIK Telecom s.r.o 17,408
AS31679 Slovanet a.s. 16,384
AS42005 LightStorm Communications s.r.o. 13,568
AS16006 RUPKKI s.r.o. 11,264
AS39574 Minet s.r.o. 10,752
AS48326 DataNetworks s.r.o. 10,240
AS12905 ACS spol. s r. o. 9,472
AS1902 Deutsche Telekom Pan-Net s.r.o. 9,472
AS49115 E-MAX INTERNET & IT 9,216
AS8290 Slovanet a.s. 9,216
AS43653 PEGO Slovakia, s.r.o. 9,216
AS12508 Rainside s.r.o. 8,704
AS51947 GeCom s.r.o. 8,192
AS57547 Alternet s.r.o. 8,192
AS8620 Tempest a.s. 8,192
AS8887 TESATEL, s.r.o. 8,192
AS6862 GraTex International a.s. 8,192
AS51653 PRESNET s.r.o. 8,192
AS201702 s.r.o. 7,680
AS12426 Slovanet a.s. 6,144
AS201924 ENAHOST s.r.o. 5,888
AS58328 IMAFEX, spol. s r.o. 5,376
AS49044 DIGI SLOVAKIA, s.r.o. 5,120
AS16354 TIMES NETWORKS s.r.o. 5,120
AS58130 rsnet s.r.o. 5,120
AS57710 KOREX networks, s.r.o. 5,120
AS25496 ZSR - ZT Bratislava 5,120
AS29148 SURANY.NET s.r.o. 4,864
AS24744 SiNET Telecom s.r.o. 4,608
AS51013 Websupport s.r.o. 4,608
AS50242 LEVONET, s.r.o. 4,352
AS38949 Trestel SK, a.s. 4,096
AS48689 Webglobe - Yegon, s.r.o. 4,096
AS48133 e-Net, s.r.o. 4,096
AS44631 Condornet, s.r.o. 4,096
AS56933 Datagram s.r.o. 4,096
AS34820 DELTA ONLINE spol. s r.o. 4,096
AS58044 free-zona s.r.o. 4,096
AS6658 NAPRI s.r.o. 4,096
AS21019 S.A. NET 4,096
AS48304 Digmia s.r.o. 3,072
AS56800 LAST MILE spol. s r.o. 3,072
AS29531 VM Telecom, s.r.o. 3,072
AS57248 Wisper s.r.o. 3,072
AS50881 ESET, spol. s r.o. 2,816
AS49798 SnailNet, s.r.o. 2,560
AS25373 National Agency for Network and Electronic Services 2,560
AS48473 Towercom a.s. 2,304
AS44234 Gaya, s.r.o. 2,304
AS56656 Detronics s.r.o. 2,304
AS201603 AIRNET s.r.o. 2,048
AS202830 KBC Group NV 2,048
AS20581 Ing. Jan Mindzak - Maximal Net 2,048
AS39854 6COM s.r.o. 2,048
AS43248 ISPER, s.r.o. 2,048
AS44185 BONET Systems, s.r.o. 2,048
AS49117 DTnet Detva s.r.o. 2,048
AS50128 CNC, a.s. 2,048
AS50953 David Kondicz trading as KONFER networks 2,048
AS56349 IP Net 2,048
AS56747 Nelson Services, s.r.o. 2,048
AS64488 IOPS, s.r.o. 2,048
AS208668 NetSpace s.r.o. 1,792
AS35493 Belnet Snina, s.r.o. 1,792
AS201841 Petit Press, a.s. 1,536
AS60296 Spoje, s.r.o. 1,536
AS202819 DATASYS - s.r.o. 1,280
AS56356 Andrex s.r.o. 1,280
AS197284 Turk Telekom International SK, s.r.o 1,280
AS57801 SK-NIC, a.s. 1,280
AS41318 First Data Slovakia s.r.o. 1,280
AS204948 CARISMA, spol. s r.o. 1,024
AS209429 WaTel s. r. o. 1,024
AS209531 Obecne siete, s.r.o. 1,024
AS209998 ActiveNet, s.r.o. 1,024
AS24791 Direct Development, s.r.o. 1,024
AS206909 News and Media Holding a.s. 1,024
AS206759 Sytra, s.r.o. 1,024
AS30929 GOLEM TECH s.r.o. 1,024
AS205428 DALNet s.r.o. 1,024
AS205168 MAXNETWORK s.r.o. 1,024
AS205164 Szari Solutions s.r.o. 1,024
AS205055 G2 server SK s.r.o. 1,024
AS39455 KALIANT s.r.o. 1,024
AS196900 Axalnet, s.r.o. 1,024
AS44001 Antaree Solutions, s.r.o 1,024
AS204058 Wawahi s.r.o. 1,024
AS44452 netIQ s.r.o. 1,024
AS203446 Extrahost s.r.o 1,024
AS203103 ZemNet s.r.o. 1,024
AS202876 BBNW s.r.o. 1,024
AS49460 Filleck s.r.o. 1,024
AS201997 MCOM-NET s.r.o. 1,024
AS50925 Gemernet s.r.o. 1,024
AS201890 EHS, s.r.o. 1,024
AS200771 Elfa, s.r.o 1,024
AS200355 CadcaNet plus s. r. o. 1,024
AS57716 Skynet Telecom s.r.o. 1,024
AS57788 Ringier Axel Springer Slovakia a.s. 1,024
AS60533 SateliX s.r.o. 1,024
AS60715 Lombard s.r.o. 1,024
AS60791 HGdata s.r.o. 1,024
AS60895 LEKOS s.r.o. 1,024
AS61241 Lomnido, s.r.o. 1,024
AS6803 SWAN, a.s. 1,024
AS208429 Platon Technologies, s.r.o. 1,024
AS208670 BitComp s.r.o. 1,024
AS208882 Automation & Business, s.r.o. 1,024
AS209070 securCom s.r.o. 1,024
AS207095 FORTUNA GAME a.s. 768
AS60829 NEVERNET, s.r.o. 768
AS16367 SALAMON INTERNET, s.r.o. 768
AS58014 ZUTOM s.r.o. 768
AS203933 DataCentrum 512
AS56926 KOMNET, s.r.o. 512
AS59477 LIFEPC, s.r.o. 512
AS34462 DITEC, a.s. 512
AS202564 ITcity s.r.o. 512
AS56572 JUPO spol. s r.o. 512
AS208667 pc3100Plus, s.r.o. 512
AS30898 DataCentrum 512
AS204716 PLAYMAX s.r.o. 512
AS34521 Atos IT Solutions and Services s.r.o. 512
AS39774 PIXEL FEDERATION, s.r.o. 512
AS57051 IT Pro s.r.o. 512
AS48907 Norttel s.r.o. 512
AS56955 Jan Galbac 512
AS204691 PLAYMAX s.r.o. 256
AS42826 S&T Slovakia sro 256
AS204690 PLAYMAX s.r.o. 256
AS204365 ARTOS a.s. 256
AS59548 AXASOFT, a.s. 256
AS47483 GIRO, s.r.o. 256
AS210117 OravaSK s.r.o. 256
AS203480 Quality Unit, s.r.o. 256
AS209250 GlobalLogic s.r.o. 256
AS203122 YellowNET s.r.o 256
AS24727 Slovensky plynarensky priemysel, a.s. 256
AS208259 SamaTech 256
AS49659 SkyToll, a. s. 256
AS51876 COMCRAFT s. r. o. 256
AS200860 Narodne Centrum Zdravotnickych Informacii (National Health Information Centre) 256
AS16142 ING Bank N.V., pobocka zahranicnej banky 256
AS12917 GlobalLogic s.r.o. 256
AS56937 ISDD plus s.r.o. 256
AS198543 MAC TV s.r.o. 256
AS57414 eustream as 256
AS57475 LightStorm Services s.r.o. 256
AS197642 Slovak Telecom, a. s. 256
AS196944 NIC Hosting s.r.o. 256
AS206198 ELVISDK, s.r.o. 256
AS206194 SKY NETWORKS, s.r.o. 256
AS206055 Specure GmbH 256
AS34443 Postova banka a.s. 256
AS34791 Rozhlas a televizia Slovenska Ipo 256
AS209251 GlobalLogic s.r.o. 256
AS35476 Porsche Inter Auto Slovakia, spol. s r.o. 256
AS39456 Llarik s.r.o. 256
AS41591 s.r.o. 256
AS58275 COMP-SHOP s.r.o. 0
AS1922 UAKOM 0
AS35419 VNET a.s. 0
AS207981 ENERGOTEL a.s. 0
AS57606 Proxis, spol. s r.o. 0
AS197555 IP-Net s.r.o. 0
AS42302 METRO Cash & Carry Slovakia s.r.o. 0
AS207437 CHOICE s.r.o. 0
AS60585 SITEL-VSAT sro 0
AS6726 SWAN, a.s. 0
AS210263 SEAL IT Services, s.r.o. 0
AS204749 MARTICO s.r.o. 0
AS208231 DELTA Kosice, s.r.o. 0
AS29401 SuperNetwork s.r.o. 0
AS41899 Slovenske elektrarne, a.s. 0
AS20579 SWAN, a.s. 0
AS48103 Orange Slovensko a.s. 0
AS57865 RSB, s.r.o. 0
AS47867 Stredoslovenska energetika, a. s. 0
AS197411 HERAKLES-NET, s.r.o. 0
AS31230 Slovak Technical University 0
AS209212 Tatry mountain resorts, a.s. 0
AS8597 Porsche Slovakia, spol. s r.o 0
AS202224 booTIS s.r.o. 0
AS21460 MOVYS a.s. 0
AS197398 TES Media s.r.o. 0
AS200907 BONET Systems, s.r.o. 0
AS59538 EBS Services INC 0
AS5628 Slovak Telecom, a. s. 0
AS16295 SWAN, a.s. 0
AS212974 TomaNet s.r.o. 0
AS16317 PEGAS Wireless, s.r.o. 0
AS209356 TP NET Plus s.r.o 0
AS47627 NIX.CZ z.s.p.o. 0
AS59848 Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute 0
AS56814 netNZ, s.r.o. 0
AS8288 SWAN, a.s. 0
AS199392 SatLan s.r.o. 0
AS204580 DATAFOX, s.r.o. 0
AS60606 PRO-ZETA a.s. 0
AS48841 RADIX UNION, s.r.o. 0


Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) are assigned to entities such as Internet Service Providers and other large organizations that control blocks of IP addresses. This network page, and the organization field that's shown on the main IP address information page and also returned in the geolocation API are based on the ASN.

This page shows ASNs for Slovakia. See the global ASN report for network, IP address information and whois details for other countries.