IPinfo for advertising technology

IPinfo for advertising technology

The Adtech industry is growing and evolving every day to drive digital marketing campaigns worldwide and generate new business. Connecting with customers and promoting the next big thing means building a rock-solid data-backed foundation, so your team can keep up with the rapidly changing industry.

IPinfo provides the most accurate IP address data, so your Adtech company can offer more robust and comprehensive solutions.

IPinfo works with some of the top companies from the world of Advertising

Over 100,000 businesses and developers depend on us to provide some of the most important data when it comes to Adtech.

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  • Parse.ly
  • Demandbase
  • analyticsIQ

Powerful IP address data to help you pull ahead of the competition and stay there

When it comes to Adtech, strategy is key. Your job is to help businesses get the most out of their advertising efforts, and it's our job to help get you there. IPinfo is the teammate your business needs to develop your reputation as the industry's best. Our accurate IP address data can help you build out your services, track key metrics, and increase conversion rates from start to finish.

IPinfo for advertising technology

Advertising innovation that’s here to stay

Like Adtech, IPinfo is a newer solution that has seen exponential growth and expansion in recent years. We're proud of our status as a newer face in the industry. Our stats mean we're doing something right. We process over 20 billion API requests a month, and we're only getting faster. IP address data is a powerful resource. When that data is as fast and accurate as ours, it's invaluable to Adtech companies looking to enhance their results and bolster their offerings.

Details on location, hosted domains, ranges, and much more

IPinfo for advertising technology

IPinfo's proprietary IP address data sets are the results of a concentrated strategy consisting of constant web scraping, collecting and analyzing data, and daily manual updates. It's how we keep data precise and reliable in real-time.

We supply endpoints that return crucial information on ASNs, companies, domains, rangers, privacy status (VPN, proxy, and Tor), abuse cases, and more. We're constantly improving and enhancing our product. New features are rolled out regularly.

Here are just a few examples of what we can do for businesses in the AdTech space:

Detailed Competitors Research
Detailed Competitors Research

Understanding the competitor's reach is one of the best ways to ensure that you are in a position to stay competitive. Adtech companies can leverage IPinfo Reverse IP API to obtain real-time IP address data, including a comprehensive list of domains that are hosted under an IP address ranked by domain authority.

Track Malicious Traffic
Track Malicious Traffic

Separate true advertising generated traffic from malicious ones with IPinfo's Privacy Detection API. Locate and quantify proxy use, VPNs, and hosting provider connections that can be used to mask one's true IP address and tunnel traffic.

Personalized and Targeted Advertising Campaigns
Personalized and Targeted Advertising Campaigns

IPinfo's IP geolocation API center helps your Adtech business create more personalized and targeted advertisements. Send out location-based discounts to clients. Go even further with the Mobile Carrier Detection API to strike deals with IP to Company API to customize the ad experience for business domains.

An API to expand Adtech reach, customization, marketing, and more

For the advertising technology industry and its clients, IPinfo is an essential tool. Our API can help your Adtech organization reach new heights and get the right ads out to prospects.

Give your business the boost it needs to enhance marketing campaigns, customize the experience, and gain powerful insights.