How are overages charged?

Each API plan includes a number of requests. Any requests you make beyond the plan limit (overage requests) will be billed as an additional charge and added to the next month's invoice. We’ll notify you when you're approaching your plan limit and when you reach it. You can disable being billed for any overages via the account dashboard, and instead, opt for your API calls to get rate-limited as you hit the plan limit.

You’ll receive an email notification about your plan when 80% of the request volume has been consumed. Your monthly quota of requests renews on the first day of every month rather than the day you pay for your plan. In other words, regardless of your billing cycle, requests are counted from the first day of the month until the last day of the month.

Overage request pricing

Overages Not Supported
Basic 20$ per 10 000 requests
Standard  30$ per 25 000 requests
Business 60$ per 50 000 requests
Business Plus (legacy) 100$ per 200 000 requests
Pro (legacy)
50$ per 150 000 requests  

Example Charge
Your account has 100,000 overage requests in November on the Basic plan, your next bill (December) will be 99$ + 200$, billed on your monthly billing date.

You can manage your overages on the Dashboard here.

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