Securing your IPinfo token on the frontend

We recommend users to put their IPinfo token in their backend or server-side because of security reasons, but for many instances you might need to make the IPinfo API call from the frontend such as — web personalization, localization, ease of use, currency/tax functionalities, country/continent based access etc.

To ensure you can use your IPinfo token on the frontend safely, we recommend using the “Whitelist Referring Domains” safety feature. The referring domains safety feature is accessible from your IPinfo account dashboard.

In the Whitelist Referring Domains section’s input box, insert the name of the website where you will be using your token. If you are using the same token across multiple websites, you can add them one by one in separate lines.

This security feature uses the Referer HTTP Header to ensure your API calls are coming from whitelist domains only.

You can learn more about this feature from this article:

🔗 You shouldn’t put your IPinfo token in the frontend! Or, should you….?

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