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Brynes Engineering


AS262256 Servicios Informáticos Hostname Ltda

United States


Whois Details

status:      reallocated
owner:       Brynes Engineering
ownerid:     US-BREN-LACNIC
responsible: Harrison Cunningham
address:     Wild Goose Lane, 3930, 
address:     23058 - Glen Allen - VA
country:     US
phone:       +1 804 2663520 []
owner-c:     FEG44
tech-c:      FEG44
abuse-c:     FEG44
created:     20160601
changed:     20160601
inetnum-up:  200.24.12/22

nic-hdl:     FEG44
person:      Felipe Garcés
e-mail:      admin@INC.CL
address:     Seminario, 687, B
address:     7770266 - Santiago - RM
country:     CL
phone:       +56 2 28401940 []
created:     20140212
changed:     20140806

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