IPinfo + Heroku

Easy access to our industry leading IP address data sets that are optimized for the Heroku platform and suitable for business intelligence, analytics, big data and cybersecurity use cases.

Install IPinfo from the Heroku Marketplace

Features of IPinfo API

  • Powerful, Customizable APIs

    Find much more than geolocation data such as country, region (state), or city. With one of our many APIs, you can view in depth IP data from website traffic - Geolocation, Company, Ranges, Mobile, ASN, Abuse Contact, Privacy Detection, Hosted Domains, and much more.

  • Fast, reliable response times

    We’ve been around since 2013 and we plan on being around for a long time. On average, IPinfo services 600 billion requests a year with 500,000+ businesses accessing this data. Plus, our APIs are built to scale much higher demands while maintaining our 99.9% uptime.

  • Up-to-date, secure data

    Our data is aggregated from multiple sources (some public, some proprietary, some we collate ourselves, etc.) and is updated daily. Plus, designed from front to back with security in mind, all data is secured via 256-bit SSL encryption (HTTPS).

  • Simple, flexible pricing

    Users can choose between Basic (250K lookups, core API), Business (1M lookups, core API + additional data types), Business Plus (2.5M lookups, all data types), Enterprise (2.5+ lookups, custom data). With the option of metered billing, users never get cut off if they reach plan limits.

  • Data for forward-thinking companies

    Our data is used in many industries from Cybersecurity to ABM & Sales Intel, from E-commerce to Governments & Institutions, from Adtech to Fintech. Customers can use this information for data enrichment, content localization, website customization, fraud prevention, better targeting, and threat intel.

  • Easy to integrate

    Access official integrations such as Snowflake Data Marketplace, GitHub, Polarity, Splunk, Maltego, and Graylog (to name a few). Set up quickly with one of our official libraries that include languages such as Ruby, Python, and Node.

  • Built for enterprise scale

    With an enterprise plan, receive customized data types, API responses, higher request volumes, and much more. We don't make you fit in a box. We'll make the box fit around you.

  • Developer level support

    Made by developers for developers. Chat anytime, anywhere with our friendly team of IP data experts located around the globe.