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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Map of Puerto Rico


1,228,537 (11% pingable)
Router IPs
Hosting IPs
Mobile Carriers
VPN Providers

ASNs in Puerto Rico 108

ASN Name Type ISP, business or hostingNumber of IPs
AS10396DATACOM CARIBE, INC.isp270,336
AS11992Liberty Mobile Puerto Rico Inc.isp110,592
AS16649Interamerican University of Puerto Ricoeducation65,792
AS5786University of Puerto Ricoeducation65,536
AS14979Aeronet Wirelessisp29,184
AS21559OSNET Wirelessisp28,928
AS23114Critical Hub Networksisp22,528
AS11367WorldNet Telecommunications, LLCisp21,504
AS18895Nustream Communicationsisp16,640
AS53764DM Wireless LLCisp15,872
AS30526Neptuno Media, Inc.isp8,192
AS20372Office of Management and Budgetisp8,192
AS40414Optivon, Inc.isp6,144
AS396055FiberX Inc.isp4,096
AS393573Fuse Telecom LLCisp4,096
AS39963IP SOLUTIONS, INC.business3,584
AS395471Data@ccess Communication, Inc.isp2,816

ASN data

ASN details for every IP address and every ASN's related domains, allocation date, registry name, total number of IP addresses, and assigned prefixes.

Useful for Cybersecurity

Important Routers in Puerto Rico

IP Address City ASN JuanAS14638 JuanAS14638 JuanAS14638 JuanAS14638 JuanAS11367 AltoAS14638 JuanAS14979 JuanAS14979 JuanAS14638 JuanAS11367 JuanAS14979 JuanAS14638 JuanAS21559 JuanAS11367 JuanAS21559üezAS14638 JuanAS11367 JuanAS11367 JuanAS30526 JuanAS21559 BajaAS14638 JuanAS11367 JuanAS14638 JuanAS21559

ASN data

ASN details for every IP address and every ASN's related domains, allocation date, registry name, total number of IP addresses, and assigned prefixes.

Useful for Cybersecurity

Top Cities in Puerto Rico

City IPs in City ASNs in City Routers in City Example IP Address
San Juan571,095452,196100.236.182.0
Trujillo Alto48,9391064100.237.221.0
Vega Baja20,021751104.244.181.128

IP Geolocation

Around the globe, industry-leading organizations use IPinfo's geolocation data to create efficient, enjoyable, and secure online experiences for their users. These IP geolocation insights lead to better conversion rates, improved customer satisfaction, and much more with our API that's built for low latency responses.

Useful for Fraud PreventionLocalization

Top Hosting IPs in Puerto Rico

IP Address Hosted Domain Count Example Domain

Reverse IP API

Our Hosted Domains API, or Reverse IP API returns a full list of domains that are hosted on a single IP address. These domains are ordered based on host.io domain ranking.

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Mobile Carriers in Puerto Rico 3

Carrier IP Address Count Example IP Address
Claro Puerto Rico25,600173.228.198.0
Open Mobile25667.215.109.0

Mobile Carrier Detection

Our Mobile Carrier Detection API allows resolution of IP address to carrier, and our database provides information on every mobile IP’s carrier name, country code, and network code.

Useful for CybersecurityData Enrichment

Top VPN Providers in Puerto Rico

Provider pr based VPN IPs Example IP Address

VPN data

Our Privacy Detection API detects various methods used to mask a user's true IP address, including VPN detection, proxy detection, tor, relay usage, or a connection via a hosting provider, which could potentially be used to tunnel traffic, and mask the true IP address.

Useful for Fraud PreventionDigital Media and Entertainment