How PingPong boosted research accuracy and enhanced their user experience with IPinfo

Since 2017, PingPong has used IPinfo’s Geolocation API to reduce friction for its users and improve the accuracy of its research. Find out how by reading their story below.

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    Zsolt Kocsmarszky (Founder/CEO)
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The Problem

How do you ensure you’re collecting accurate information for your user registration?

PingPong is a user experience research platform that connects companies and researchers building digital products with tens of thousands of testers from around the globe so they can conduct UX research, interviews, and product testing virtually.

While PingPong makes it easy for their customers to take care of all of their remote UX needs in one place, they had a two-fold problem. They relied on their testers to fill out forms with their own information, meaning users needed to select their country from a long drop-down list, and PingPong had no way of knowing whether the information entered was accurate.

With this in mind, the team decided to search for a partner that could solve their geolocation issue in a fast, reliable way.

Since testers need to register on the website and fill out a number of forms, we realized that if we could figure out their country based on their IP address, we could prefill that field and improve the user experience.

— Zsolt Kocsmarszky

The Process

Finding the right API partner

PingPong knew they needed a fast, reliable, and intuitive way to prefill forms on their site. After exploring their options, they realized that IPinfo was the best partner to enable them with location-based data on their site.

PingPong recognized multiple factors that made IPinfo stand out from the rest:

  • Data accuracy
  • Uptime
  • Price

The implementation was absolutely flawless. Getting set up with IPinfo was very easy. From researching providers, to implementation and testing of the API, it took a few hours maximum.

— Zsolt Kocsmarszky

The Solution

Tapping into the power of IPinfo

IPinfo’s geolocation API provides detailed information on exactly where PingPong’s testers are accessing their site from. Armed with this info, PingPong can now pre-populate forms with the tester’s country.

While we’re only using the geolocation API at the moment, it’s been very impactful [for us]. I’ve started thinking about the VPN address detection as well because it would allow us to collect more information and know whether a tester is using a VPN [to mask their location].

— Zsolt Kocsmarszky

The Result

More accurate research data and happier testers enabled by IPinfo

Using IPinfo’s geolocation API has allowed PingPong to:

  • Reduce the time it takes a tester to fill out a form
  • Prevent testers from making mistakes when selecting from the drop-down menu
  • Ensure the accuracy of location data for researchers

Knowing the user’s location and having that property pre-populated in their profile is something that, especially when you’re looking at a longer form to complete, is very useful. It improves the user experience and helps that user complete the form more quickly.

— Zsolt Kocsmarszky

100,000+ companies trust our data

IPinfo helps us identify the location of our website visitors so we can easily pre-fill their geolocation information, providing them with a quicker and seamless user experience.

Zsolt Kocsmarszky

Founder/CEO, PingPong

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