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How Visitor Queue Powers Superior Lead Generation Using IPinfo

Since early 2020, Visitor Queue has been enhancing its clients’ lead generation capabilities using IPinfo’s Company API. Read on to see how.

📈 Market position

About VisitorQueue

Visitor Queue performs IP address reversal for clients from varied industries, allowing them to enhance their lead generation techniques and convert more website visitors with more accurate information. The company uses several different sources to reverse IP addresses and then filters, cleans, and enriches that data before providing it to B2B clients across the globe.
Founded in 2017, the company now caters to over 5,000 clients. With so many businesses relying on them to help them generate qualified leads and enable sales, Visitor Queue needed to ensure they were using every tool at their disposal to guarantee the accuracy of their data.

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    Nick Hollinger
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    February 2020
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    Visitor Queue
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    IP to Company
🤔 The problem

How do you help your clients turn website visitors into leads?

Until 2020, Visitor Queue relied on Google Analytics for a good portion of their data, however the tech giant made a change to their APIs early in the year that removed two crucial fields for Visitor Queue. That change prompted the team to begin searching for a partner that could play well with their existing tech stack and enrich their data effortlessly.

We have our own capacity to reverse IP addresses and find out which business they belong to, but what we’ve found is that the more sources of data you have, the better.

Nick Hollinger
Nick Hollinger
Co-Founder & CEO
⏳ The process

Leveraging the right tools

Visitor Queue needed to utilize all possible sources to identify the companies visiting their clients’ websites, so that’s exactly what they did.

Working with IPinfo reminds me of how our team works with our clients. We’re agile, we can customize, we can adapt, and we can support our clients at a higher level because we’re a small company and we value every single client that we have coming our way.

Nick Hollinger
Nick Hollinger
Co-Founder & CEO
🔬 The solution

Quality data fueled by IPinfo

Visitor Queue began their search with a vetting process that weeded out companies that couldn’t provide data with the quality they needed and wanted. IPinfo emerged at the top of their list and continues to be one of their preferred data sources.

IPinfo is one of the best services out there. Their data is very good and has allowed us to identify more companies for our clients than we could have without them.

Nick Hollinger
Nick Hollinger
Co-Founder & CEO
🎉 The result

The result? Enhanced data powering quality lead generation for Visitor Queue’s clients

More than happy with their partnership with IPinfo, Visitor Queue is now working on a project that will allow them to host IPinfo’s data set locally to enable quicker access and less data latency. Visitor Queue’s CEO credits the partnership’s success to IPinfo’s flexibility and true desire to work together, from one small team to another.

I’ve loved working with the IPinfo team. Ben has been great. The other team members that he’s passed us on to have worked with us in order to solve issues that larger providers would not have been able to. They’re agile and they can move quickly.

Nick Hollinger
Nick Hollinger
Co-Founder & CEO

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