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Surveyeah📈 Marketing

How Surveyeah Gathers Valuable Opinions Using IPinfo

Surveyeah conducts surveys and gathers insights from individuals. Businesses, marketing teams, and researchers then use this information to make better decisions, fuel strategic product launches, develop accurate student theses, create targeted marketing campaigns, and much more.

📈 Market position

About Surveyeah

Surveyeah fills an important void for companies or researchers who need feedback from people in specific countries or regions around the world. Since 2014, they’ve expanded to over 120 countries and 5 different continents. Over 2 million survey participants located around the world contribute opinions, information, and insights. As a result, Surveyeah offers highly accurate and pinpointed proprietary insights for strategic companies and researchers.

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    Cecilia Nardini
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🤔 The problem

How to validate geolocation of survey participants

Though Surveyeah gathers opinions from users all over the world, they quickly realized that they needed to verify participants’ locations for accurate survey results. They also needed to check for hidden online identities to prevent fraud and limit their platform for valid contributors.

Recently, we received fraud reports of users that are using VPN for surveys. Since we already integrated with IPInfo for geolocation, it was a natural choice to expand on the existing integration.

Cecilia Nardini
Cecilia Nardini
⏳ The process

Finding the right IP address partner

To ensure accurate focus groups and right-fit survey participants, Surveyeah needed to automatically pinpoint users’ location. However, they had a checklist of criteria for an IP address partner. Ultimately, IPinfo was selected for these reasons:

  • Precise geolocation data
  • Easy integration of VPN data
  • Flexible and affordable pricing options
  • Reliable and helpful customer support

The thing I wanted to underline is that the technical support was very kind, and they replied very quickly.

Cecilia Nardini
Cecilia Nardini
🔬 The solution

Surveys and opinions fueled by IPinfo

Using IPinfo’s geolocation and VPN data, Surveyeah automatically detects users’ locations and pinpoints any masked identities. Even though the team at Surveyeah gathers opinions and answers from participants all over the world, they can detect each user’s country and region, matching them with the correct surveys within seconds. With the ability to pinpoint VPNs, Surveyeah can now ban users with hidden identities from registering for the service. Additionally, they also allow admins to disable the VPN check for certain users to make sure valid contributors aren’t banned unnecessarily.

🎉 The result

Reliable survey results from around the world

By using IP address information to validate survey participants’ location and identity, Surveyeah can gather survey results from around the world. As a result, companies, researchers, marketing teams, and others can operate better and make strategic decisions.

The geolocation data is very precise. We’ve never had any problems.

Cecilia Nardini
Cecilia Nardini

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