We're excited to announce the launch of the Free IP Data Downloads!

IPinfo’s newest product features two free datasets: IP to Country and complimentary IP to ASN data. While these two datasets can be downloaded independently of each other, IPinfo’s platform also allows users to download both in one file.

IPinfo’s Free Data Downloads are better than similar datasets offered by other providers for three distinct reasons:

  1. Accuracy
  2. Daily Updates
  3. Unlimited Access

Here’s what this means for our users.

Premium accuracy for every plan

Compared to similar datasets by other IP data providers, IPinfo’s free IP to Country and ASN accuracy ranks the highest in sustained accuracy.

Even though the Free IP Data Downloads are only a subset of IPinfo’s comprehensive database, they retain premium accuracy and unrestricted access to all records within the included fields.

At IPinfo, however, we believe that IP data should be accurate no matter what pricing tier a user chooses.

Ultimately, here’s why accuracy matters in an IP to Country database, even for free versions: If IP to Country accuracy is unstable, then that means city-level IP data is probably even more inaccurate. The result is unreliable use cases due to bad IP address data on this level.

But with IPinfo’s database, you won’t need to worry about data accuracy. We make it a top priority, even for our free plans.

Highest update frequency

As was just mentioned, other providers may downgrade their focus on free datasets, but we put the same priority on accuracy as we do with all our paid plans. We do this by updating our Free Data Downloads every 24 hours.

Other IP data providers only update their free plans once or twice a month, which results in unreliable use cases for users on the free plan.

IPinfo’s IP to Country and IP to ASN data is based on this basic premise: Accuracy matters, even for free plans.

"We invest heavily in accurate data at IPinfo. Our company added nearly 200 traceroute networks to our data validation process in 2022 alone. This investment is just one reason IPinfo is well-known for accuracy. The Free IP Data Downloads provide access to a portion of our 10+ datasets, but the insights are just as accurate as our paid plans.” -  Ben Dowling, Founder and CEO at IPinfo

That’s why every 24 hours our data team and algorithms update the IP to Country and IP to ASN dataset with our five-step data cleaning process. The result is that all our users have access to the freshest IP to Country and IP to ASN datasets on the market for free.

Difference between our open access data and paid data

Full dataset access

Another reason that IPinfo's free data stands out is full dataset access. Other IP data providers reduce the amount of IP address records for free downloadable databases by half as compared to their commercial plans.

The reduction of information is due to the provider assigning IP addresses to a large IP address range (usually /24 subnet). Then they will assign the country location information to all the large IP addresses within that range in bulk to a single country.

But IPinfo doesn’t reduce the number of records available within our free database. While the Free IP Data Downloads are only a subset of IPinfo’s 10+ data types, they retain premium accuracy and unrestricted access to all records within the included fields.

IPinfo’s Free Data Downloads treat each individual IP address individually and provide the highest amount of accuracy when it comes to their location information.

Like all our databases, the Free Data Downloads include all IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, regardless of the pricing tier. Plus, unlike IPinfo’s free geolocation API plan, there are no usage restrictions. Users can download these insights and run as many queries as needed. And you can use this data as much as you like, for as long as you like.

All in all, IPinfo’s Free Data Downloads improve data accuracy with frequent updates and give access to more data than other providers do.

What fields are in the IP to Country database

The IP to Country data can be downloaded separately from IP to ASN data or merged within one single file. When downloaded by itself, here are the fields users receive:

Field NameExampleDescription
start_ip217.220.0.0Starting IP address of an IP address range
end_ip217.223.255.255Ending IP address of an IP address range
countryITISO 3166 country code of the location
country_nameItalyName of the country
continentEUContinent code of the country
continent_nameEuropeName of the continent

And here’s a sample IP to Country download:

IP to Country database sample

When downloaded with IP to Country + ASN data, here’s what you can expect to see.

IP to Country + ASN database sample

What fields are included in the free IP to ASN database?

The IP to ASN database is often used for firewall traffic analysis, cybersecurity analysis, threat intelligence, and a makeshift Privacy Detection solution. As such, it strongly compliments our IP to Country database. This is why it’s also being offered for free.

While this ASN data provides the standard fields for a free database - ASN and AS organization name - it also includes an additional field for further contextualization - AS official website. This can be used to clarify the parent organizations that operate ASNs under different names.

Here are the fields you can expect to see in IPinfo's free IP to ASN database download.

Field NameExampleDescription
start_ip62.235.50.0Starting IP address of an IP address range
end_ip62.235.50.255Ending IP address of an IP address range
asnAS29005Autonomous System Number
nameProximus NVName of the AS (Autonomous System) organization
domainhttp://proximus.com/Official domain or website of the AS organization

And here is a sample IP to ASN download:

IP to ASN database sample

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. All the data is high-quality and completely free.

We only ask users to attribute IPinfo on their website, blog, app, or other use cases when using the Free IP Data Downloads. It’s very simple. Go to your dashboard and click “provide attribution.”

Once you’ve chosen if you want to place attribution on social media or your website, we will provide a snippet for you to add to your website or post on your social account. Here’s the sample snippet for websites:

Example of the IPinfo snippet for websites

And then you’ll add the URL of your website or social post to send to IPinfo.

Example of the IPinfo attribution form

Within 24 to 48 hours, we’ll then validate your attribution and notify you via your dashboard. So what are you waiting for? Go try out the new dataset and let us know what you think!

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