So long, 2022! IPinfo’s ninth year was marked by new growth and strategic planning. As always, we’re thankful for each of our customers and users. Your feedback and support have helped us deliver better products and user experiences in 2022! So from our team to you, here’s a very big thank you!

Data advancements

In 2022, we improved our data in several ways. For starters, we’ve added more probe servers and geofeeds. On the infrastructure side, we’ve also optimized our data-cleaning algorithms. Additionally, we added more proprietary data sources to our database to keep improving our existing insights.

Besides continually improving our data, our team has been conducting research and developing new tools.

How many IPs change location in a year?

Our data team also looked at how frequently IP data changes. We established that IP addresses change with this level of frequency:

  • ​​Daily: 1-2% change
  • Weekly: 7-10% change
  • Monthly: ~20% change

In a day, approximately 0.04% of blocks and 0.32% change city in any given day. The implications of this study are that IPinfo’s policy of updating our database every 24 hours is on target for the best data accuracy.

For data download users, this also means they need to factor in IP address changes when determining download frequency for their organization.

Deep dive into privacy detection data

We also did an in-depth look into our privacy detection database and discovered which VPN providers are most popular. Plus, we were able to find which IP masking services are most common. You can read more here.

The impact of last-digit IP anonymization

For our users with GDPR restrictions, we also conducted a study on last-digit IP anonymization. We discovered that zeroing out the last octet of an IP produces a median difference of 227 kilometers (or around 141 miles).

The implications of this study are this: rather than anonymize an IP’s last digit, IPinfo users would get the best accuracy and the most privacy by using Data Downloads.

In-house mmdbctl tool

We also developed our in-house Open Source utility tool called mmdbctl, which allows you to do the following:

  • Read data of IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6) from an MMDB database file
  • Import data into plain text files such as CSV, TSV, and JSON from the binary MMDB file
  • Export data from flat plaintext files such as CSV, TSV, and JSON to an MMDB file

This tool also helps users run additional operations such as printing metadata from an MMDB file, comparing the difference between two MMDB files, or validating an MMDB file.

Twitter bot

Another exciting feature we developed is our Twitter bot. Tweet the tag @ipinfoio and an IP address, and the bot will respond with the correct data. Go ahead, try it for yourself!

Partnerships and integrations

In 2022, we worked hard with our partners and also improved our integrations to make IP data more accessible.


Snowflake, one of our main partners, brings IP data enrichment to the next level. This year IPinfo was recognized as a leader in Identity and Enrichment in Snowflake’s inaugural Modern Marketing Data Stack.

For those of you in cybersecurity who want to use our data in Snowflake, check out our recent IPinfo and Snowflake webinar. There are tons of insights for cybersecurity users who want to make their IP data more performant in Snowflake.

But here are a few other 2022 integrations, updates, and improvements you might want to check out:


In September, we released our Zapier integration. Now our users can pass IP addresses from Google Sheets to IPinfo and then onto other sheets. They can also integrate with Slack and email apps for more functionality, such as a Slackbot that responds with IP details and parsed IP addresses from emails. To read more about our Zapier release, see this article.


We also released a new Pipedream integration in November. Now our users can build and run workflows using the IPinfo API. Customers can use thousands of open-source triggers and actions across 1000+ apps. Additionally, you can write custom code to integrate any app or API in seconds. Just one more way to make IP data easier to use.


There’s also a new IPinfo integration for Steampipe. It’s an open-source CLI that allows users to instantly query cloud APIs using SQL. Go try it for yourself to query any IP.


Another helpful integration is Supabase. Using your IPinfo token, Supabase helps you retrieve user location based on the IP provided in X-Forwarded-For header in a request.

Team updates

2022 introduced some exciting changes to our team! We welcomed our new COO and CMO along with many other full-time team members. Already, Paul and Claire have been a great contribution to our team!

When it was all said and done, we added sixteen full-time team members this year. Our team grew faster than it ever has in 2022. It’s exciting to see!

Our first team retreat

For the first time ever, we hosted a team retreat in Portugal. Due to Covid and other factors, we’ve never been able to have an annual get-together for our completely remote team.

This was the first time many of us have ever seen each other in person. Even those who’ve worked at IPinfo for 4-5 years hadn’t met other team members until last fall.

“I’ve been working at IPinfo for five years, but this was the first time I’ve met everyone in person. Finally seeing everyone takes the whole experience to the next level!” - Polina Stolpovskaya, Head of Marketing

Along with compiling our plan for the coming years, we also enjoyed some excursions, including boat tours and a trip to a local winery. All in all, the retreat was a great help to our team!

Trademark status

One very noteworthy event is our trademark status. As of 2022, we now own the trademark to IPinfo! We’ve worked hard to achieve this over the last few years.

Our customers

We also want to give a shoutout to some customers who shared their success stories with us this year. Without our loyal users and the feedback they provide, IPinfo wouldn’t be where it is today. So thank you!

We're proud and grateful to get first place in the G2 rating of IP Address Intelligence providers.

We appreciate our users and your support on G2!

Cybersecurity: Panther

As a cloud-native SIEM that provides highly-scalable, real-time threat detection, Panther needs effective enrichment to make sure customers get the context they need at scale. By merging IPinfo’s data with other sources in Snowflake, Panther is providing seamless alert enrichment for their users in 2022.

As a fellow Snowflake partner, IPinfo was an ideal choice for seamless alert enrichment - quickly adding the geolocation and ASN context our customers need to tune detections and accelerate triage. - Joren McReynolds, SVP of Engineering, Product & Design

Adtech: Adcash

​​Adcash is a worldwide advertising platform providing monetization services to publishers as well as campaign management tools and access to supply for Advertisers. They use IPinfo’s Privacy Detection data to develop a proprietary solution that separates legitimate traffic from fraudulent activity. The result? They immediately saw significant increases in profit:

  • 1-3% profit increase for Adcash
  • 1-10% increased sales for CPA advertisers
  • 5-10% growth for suppliers

Adcash is increasing monetization opportunities for their users with IPinfo. Congrats, Adcash!

Fintech: Dupaco

Dupaco needed to decrease fraudulent financial transactions and member alert fatigue. For Dupaco, the strength of its institution comes from educated and empowered credit-union members.

Using the IP to Geolocation dataset, Dupaco can pinpoint the location for every alert members receive. Plus, they use Mobile Carrier data to detect a common denominator for support inquiries. Thanks, Dupaco, for empowering people with knowledge about their account safety!

These are just a few of the success stories we’ve heard this year. We’re thankful for our users and how we can create reliable IP data for their innovative use cases!

Thank you!

This year, IPinfo has had the privilege of fueling more organizations that ever before with accurate IP data. Among them are Fidelity, Lacework, Fortinet, Forter, and many others.

Just like last year, we plan to spend 2023 improving the datasets we already have and adding more user-friendly features. Your feedback and support are valuable assets and have fueled many changes we’ve made in 2022.

As always, we’d love to hear from you in 2023! If you want to drop a few suggestions or say a quick hello, head on over to our contact page. We’ll make sure to share your feedback with our team!

From the whole team at IPinfo, we want to wish you a great year ahead!