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How Adcash eliminates advertising fraud with IPinfo

Adcash is a worldwide advertising platform providing monetization services to publishers as well as campaign management tools and access to supply for Advertisers. With Adcash’s smart-ad technology, media buyers, affiliates, ad networks, and publishers reach global audiences with relevant campaigns.

📈 Market position

About Adcash

Founded in 2007, Adcash has become a leader in their space by developing proprietary technologies that prevent ad fraud and improve their users’ revenue.

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🤔 The problem

Advertising fraud is on the rise

By 2025, ad fraud will likely be one of the largest markets for organized crime. That’s why Adcash developed a proprietary detection system that allows them to separate fraudulent traffic from legitimate viewers. Adcash guarantees close to zero percent fraud traffic for their customers. However, they noticed that they were still eliminating some good traffic, which ultimately decreased the number of monetization opportunities.

I expect that in the next year fraud will be doubled. If we can verify more suspicious traffic, we can improve monetizations for our advertisers. This is a great opportunity for growth for our company and our advertisers.

Yonko Tsonev
Head of IT at Adcash
⏳ The process

Finding the right IP address provider

While Adcash did consider other leading solutions for VPN detection, they found that these other providers weren’t accurate as IPinfo’s Privacy Detection and geolocation data. They found that other IP data providers didn’t improve their fraud detection. Ultimately, they chose IPinfo’s data for these reasons:

  • Better data accuracy than other leading IP data providers
  • Helpful, friendly support that was willing to dig for answers to their questions
  • Very responsive support team
  • Data was easy to integrate

There are just a few other providers that actually serve VPN detection data, but those are completely incorrect based on what I tested and compared. It’s just not true what they’re offering. We tested Maxmind - another data source - but only IPinfo actually had accurate data. Plus, IPinfo is probably better in location than Maxmind. The meetings that we had with the sales team didn’t make us feel like a number. There was good communication. They answered our questions and were willing to dig for more information. Plus, they were quite responsive.

Yonko Tsonev
Head of IT at Adcash
🔬 The solution

Using VPN detection to identify suspicious traffic

VPN detection allows Adcash to separate human activity from non-human entities. Using IPinfo’s Privacy Detection data, they extracted and ran tests on VPN traffic. Then they developed a solution that requires VPN traffic to perform an action verifying whether or not the viewer is a human or not. By separating more suspicious viewers into good or bad traffic, they’re offering more monetization opportunities for advertisers while also eliminating fraud.

IPinfo is really easy to use because it’s easy to integrate with our advertising solutions.

Yonko Tsonev
Head of IT at Adcash
🎉 The result

Adcash increased their profit

They rolled out this new feature for advertisers in 2022. Since then, here’s how they’ve improved revenue for suppliers, advertisers, and Adcash:

  • 1-3% profit increase for Adcash
  • 1-10% increased sales for CPA advertisers
  • 5-10% growth for suppliers
  • 2-5% of all traffic came from VPNs

Additionally, with this solution, Adcash is getting close to 100 percent certain they can verify that traffic represents real monetization opportunities. As a result, they’ve captured more monetization opportunities and increased revenue. In an industry that’s already highly optimized, they’ve increased their profit by 1-3 percent using IPinfo’s Privacy Detection data.

IPinfo was the easiest way to integrate and also offered the most correct data. We’ve seen a clear improvement in our results, and we haven't seen that with other data providers.

Yonko Tsonev
Head of IT at Adcash

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