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How InnerHour Promotes Better Mental Health Using IPinfo

InnerHour combines the best of psychology, psychiatry, and technology to provide support and education for individuals struggling with mental health concerns. In the last 5 years, over 10,000 individuals have received care and assistance in their mental wellness journey.

📈 Market position

About InnerHour

InnerHour’s team recognized that someone needed to take action on behalf of all who deal with mental health in India. They discovered that nearly 200 million people in India struggle with mental illness. Not to mention that India’s population accounts for one-third of all depression, addictions, and suicides around the world. InnerHour takes a holistic approach to mental health that includes guided self-care activities, personalized plans, online therapy options, and other resources. They offer assistance to those with mental health struggles via products, services, and apps.

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🤔 The problem

Patients booking therapy appointments outside of India

Along with InnerHour’s growing prominence in the world of mental health came some challenges. One of which is that individuals outside of India wanted to book sessions with Inner Hour’s therapists. Due to regulatory norms, however, they needed to limit their therapy services to patients within India. For instance, when patients outside of India booked an appointment, InnerHour’s team had to manually cancel the appointment. Sometimes these cancellations even led to poor customer experiences. InnerHour’s team realized they needed to limit appointments to residents of India to stay within medical regulations and improve user satisfaction.

⏳ The process

Finding the right IP address partner

To deliver better patient experiences and improve the effectiveness of their team, they knew they needed reliable IP address data. Ultimately, InnerHour’s team chose IPinfo for these reasons:

  • SLA that defined uptime expectations
  • Reliable country location data
  • Reasonable, affordable pricing options
  • Bulk upload options
  • Downloadable IP database
  • Guarantee that IP address data is updated consistently
  • Easy and straightforward API setup

I’ve been using IPinfo for the past three years and it’s been stable so far – no outages, no errors, which solves the major problem with most services. The pricing was very reasonable and effective for me as a startup. I also tried some other free APIs, but there’s no service-level agreement (SLA) so they can take it down anytime and my users would be affected.

Chaithanya Padi
Chaithanya Padi
Chief Technology Officer
🔬 The solution

Geographic restrictions fueled by IPinfo

Using IPinfo’s IP to Geolocation API, InnerHour limited their therapy-booking platform to individuals in India. InnerHour’s team no longer has to cancel appointments for customers based on geography, leading to more efficiency, less frustration, and happier patients. Additionally, all of InnerHour’s other features and content, including self-care resources and apps, are available for users all over the world. They also use geographic IP data to customize content based on users’ location.

🎉 The result

Improving mental health in India and around the world

With IPinfo’s data, InnerHour has been able to improve customer experiences for users in India and those in other countries. Plus, now their team is able to serve these patients more effectively than before. As a result, Inner Hour is making a difference for those struggling with mental health concerns both in India and around the globe.

API integration was so simple. It was just one token and we were good to go. We modify services based on the geolocation of customers, for example customizing content based on the location of the user.

Chaithanya Padi
Chaithanya Padi
Chief Technology Officer

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