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Curam🍎 Healthcare

How Curam Stays Ahead of New Risks Using IPinfo

Curam is a health tech platform that has been connecting self-employed carers and care recipients since 2018. With Curam, caregivers are paid more, clients pay less, and the home care sector is improved for all.

📈 Market position

About Curam

In the UK, the home care sector is worth £38B and is dominated by around 8,000 small care agencies and organisations. Because these disparate systems lack the technology to manage their carers efficiently, finding the right caregiver is often difficult, expensive and time consuming.

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🤔 The problem

Matching the right patient with the right carer

Recently, Curam expanded from B2C to B2B. Hospitals and other councils are recognising the need for integrated home care services, and Curam is in a position to help these medical systems hire pre-approved, experienced, verified carers quickly and relatively cheaply. Curam has a unique offering for anyone looking to hire a carer They have nearly 4,000 verified and approved carers on their platform, who are validated through online interviews. With such a large database, the challenge is matching the right client with the right care options. Curam needed a way to efficiently connect job postings with experienced carers and vice versa.

⏳ The process

Finding the right IP address partner

To connect clients with the right carers, Curam recruited a geolocation partner to improve search results. Ultimately they chose IPinfo for these reasons:

  • Accurate data
  • Flexible pricing
  • Easy billing and invoice data

We predominantly use it for localised forms of searching for users to find individual home carers in our database.

🔬 The solution

Connecting individual home carers with clients fueled by IPinfo

Using accurate geolocation data, Curam is now able to map the location of their carers and clients. They can match job listings and experienced carers based on localised data to make the search process more efficient for families searching for carers. They can also refine their search to ensure they’re being matched to carers with the right skills for their needs for example dementia, convalescence or live-in care.

🎉 The result

Customised home care

Using IPinfo’s data, Curam is positively disrupting the home care sector. They match clients and carers based on specific criteria, such as geolocation. As a result, they’re helping clients receive the highest quality of care.

Our tech team have found IPinfo a very easy and cost efficient solution.


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