How presenting the right information to the right people improved Bupa’s customer experience

Since 2015, Bupa has been using IPinfo’s Geolocation API to create a more personalized experience for its website’s users, including millions of customers. Find out how by reading the case study below.

Anthony Jaggs, Senior Digital Communications Manager, Bupa


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The Problem

How do you personalize healthcare for millions of customers?

Back in 2015, Bupa—a global healthcare company—set out to create a seamless way for its corporate website to serve relevant product information to audiences in different locations.

The focus on relevant product information was twofold:

First, the lack of relevancy created a disruptive experience for potential customers who had to either search through the site to find relevant products or had to go back to Google to find what they were looking for.

Second, without further personalization, people couldn’t find the right products, which was negatively impacting Bupa’s conversion rate.

Before IPinfo, we didn’t personalize the site. If people landed on it, they would have to identify which country they were coming from, or the country wouldn’t even be displayed. The visitor often ended up navigating through the site or going back to Google to find what they were looking for. This resulted in an unsatisfactory experience for our users.
— Anthony Jaggs, Senior Digital Communications Manager, Bupa

Knowing this, the team decided to redesign the site, but first, they needed an API partner that could solve the geolocation issue in a fast, reliable way.

The Process

Finding the right API partner

While redesigning the site, the Bupa team started searching for an API partner they could trust to help them solve the issue of location-based personalization.

During their search, they were looking for a Geolocation API that was…

  • Reliable — Stable and solid service
  • Fast — Instant, seamless experience
  • Customizable — Simple and no fuss

After some comparison shopping, the team found IPinfo and was pleased to see it met all of their criteria. After reaching out, they felt welcomed and valued by the IPinfo team, which set the relationship off on the right foot.

From the start, the IPinfo team has valued our contribution. The customer service is great—they respond to requests and support tickets and we have an excellent relationship with our account manager.
— Anthony Jaggs, Senior Digital Communications Manager, Bupa

After deciding to move forward, the team set out to build a solution that would fit their exact needs, using IPinfo’s Geolocation API as part of the foundation.

The Solution

A fully customized solution

With so many different types of products and customers, Bupa needed a Geolocation API that could be easily integrated into its system and fully customized to its needs.

To do that, they wanted a simple, straightforward, and reliable API, making it easy to customize with minimum fuss and effort.

This, of course, is one of the main reasons IPinfo was selected for the Bupa website.

Rather than creating complex geolocation systems, databases, and hiring specialized developers, IPinfo provides an all-in-one solution (at a reasonable price), which can be implemented easily by our technical teams.

This meant Bupa could focus on providing the best solution for its users, without having to worry about the technical details.

IPinfo's API is a core part of our website. As a result, we have created a bespoke solution that integrates with our CMS so we can manage the geolocation capability to suit our needs.
— Anthony Jaggs, Senior Digital Communications Manager, Bupa

Not only that but with 20,000–35,000 API requests per day, Bupa needed a fast, robust solution that could handle all of their needs, which IPinfo was able to easily accommodate.

Once the site was ready to go, the Bupa team launched and waited to see how the new website (which included IPinfo’s Geolocation API) would affect their customer experience and product sales.

The Result

The result? Happier customers and a more profitable bottom line

Using IPinfo’s Geolocation API, Bupa now offers an experience that’s fully automated and personalized to every customer who visits its site. This results in a better customer experience, which has led to improved conversions, fewer questions, and less headache for everyone.

  • Customer location is automatically selected
  • A customer sees the most-relevant products instantly
  • Customer spends zero time searching for relevant products
  • Less confusion and lower bounce rates
  • Greater value lent to Bupa’s local websites

100,000+ companies trust our data

IPinfo enables us to demonstrate the value that has in the global purchasing journey. Without it, the website wouldn't be able to fulfill this important role.

Anthony Jaggs
Senior Digital Communications Manager, Bupa

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